WWE NXT Live Results (2/24/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Oh, I didn't see you sitting there, brother. What's up, brother? Oh? You're here for NXT live play-by-play results, all three of you? Well, then have we got a show for you! Our official NXT preview is packed full of information, in stark contrast to Raw's preview. But before we run the card down, let's get to the best part--your host tonight is the greatest name in live play-by-play action today (eat it, Al Michaels!)) the one, the only, the oft-emulated and plagiarized Mike Hogan! and I'm awwwwweessssooommmmeeee!

We know tonight will see Adam Cole finally addressing his actions of the last two weeks and will, hopefully, give some insight into the state of the Undisputed Era. After a dire warning from GM William Regal, that another failure to show and perform tonight will lead to both a suspension and having his title stripped, Santos Escobar must show and face Karrion Kross (with Scarlett) in non-title no disqualification action tonight. Johnny Gargano will take on Dexter Lumis and maybe we might find out exactly what happened to poor Austin Theory in that panel van last week! We'll also be treated to Xia Li taking on Kacy Catanzaro, and we'll see the Grizzled Young Veterans clashing with Killian Dain & Drake Maverick.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT Live Results (2/24/2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Video Package: Kross, Scarlett and Escobar

We open with a black-and-white video package in which Scarlett uses Tarot cards. She talks of conviction leading to obliteration as we get a series of clips of Legado del Fantasma, specifically Santos Escobar, who's run afoul of Karrion Kross. The package ends with Scarlett uttering "fall and pray," and Kross adding "Tick, tock!"

Non-Title Match: North American Champion Johnny Gargano w/ The Way vs Dexter Lumis

We cut to the Capitol Wrestling Center, welcomed by our usual commentary team, and Dexter is already in the ring. We cut to the back and see The Way as Gargano checks in with Austin Theory a few times, making sure that he's okay and reminding him that he doesn't have to come out there. Theory insists he's fine and makes his way out with the rest of The Way as they ready up for this non-title fight. Gargano is still wearing his Wolverine-inspired jacket and tights from TakeOver: Vengeance Day. The bell rings and Lumis remains still in the ring, staring at Gargano. The in-person crowd alternates chants for Gargano/Lumis as the Thunderscreens (is that what we're calling them?) seem bored. Gargano charges Lumis and gets dropped for his effort, and finally gets a rise out of the digital audience. Gargano goes to the apron and looks to springboard into the ring, but Lumis catches him with a huge right fist that drops him down. Lumis then goes under the ring, and the trio of The Way at ringside look under it for him. Theory tells Gargano twice that Lumis is right behind him in the ring, and Gargano turns in time to eat another big fist. Lumis fights Gargano into the corner. Gargano whips Lumis, looking for separation, but Lumis catches him on a rebound with a Lou Thesz Press! Lumis pounds away at the North American champ before attempting a pin. Lumis lifts Gargano up in a Brainbuster Suplex, holds him, dips Gargano halfway down, hoists him back into it again then drops it! Gargano rolls to the outside to get a breather.
Lumis stares at Gargano with his cold stare for a few before heading outside. Gargano attempts some offense but Lumis shuts it down outside, and whips Gargano into the post. Lumis sends Gargano into the ring and is about to enter when Austin Theory takes a step towards him. Lumis stares Theory down. Hartwell comes up from the other side and Lumis' stare causes her to back down, too. Candice LeRae gets on the apron and dives off onto Lumis, looking for a Hurricanrana. Lumis easily shrugs her off--and the ref doesn't call for a DQ, just asks her what she's doing. Odd. Gargano uses these distractionst o dive out and wipe out Lumis as we go to break! During the picture-in-picture break, Gargano takes control. Lumis is taken into the ring. Gargano uses a variety of working holds in an effort to wear down LUmis' body. Gargano illegally uses the ropes and the ref warns him repeatedly. After about two minutes of this, Lumis attempts to fight his way out of the corner, throwing rights. Gargano takes a few but shuts him down. A kick to the gut drops Lumis. Gargano with a beauitful Side Russian Leg-Sweep for a close two. Gargano pulls Lumis up by the neck and lays him across the middle rope. The ref counts, warning him, and Gargano backs off, jabbing at the ref. The Way approach Lumis from the outside but the ref's attention returns before they can strike. Gargano with a back drop and cover attempt. Gargano with a chin lock as we return from break.
Lumis makes his way to his feet as the crowd chant "Let's go Dexter!" Gargano keeps the lock on, converting to a rear mounted sleeper. Lumis runs back into the corner. Gargano leaps back on with a chin-lock until Lumis drops him down. Lumis starts his comeback, using a series of rights to send Gargano into the corner. Big clothesline by Lumis. Another! Lumis with the Slingshot Suplex! Lumis follows up with Belly to Back suplex followed by a leaping leg drop and a cover for a close two! Gargano and Lumis execute a quick series of roll-ups and an attempted Gargano Escape but Lumis rolls it over into an attempt, which Gargano immediately converts into a pin attempt. Gargano hops up and comes off the ropes, eating an uppercut! Gargano bounces off the ropes and takes another Undertaker-style uppercut! Lumis with a huge spinebuster and a cover attempt! Our commentary team keep focusing on Hartwell apparently making eyes at Lumis. Lumis goes up top. Gargano hopsu p and tries to stop. Lumis punches him off. Lumis off the top, looking for the double stop but Gargano dodges. Lumis goes for another Silence (form of a Urinage, I believe) but Gargano escapes and hits a superkick but can't put Lumis away! The Way work together to distract the ref, an dCandice tries to get a chair to her husband. Gargano hits a step-up Enziguri to Lumis, then hobbles to the corner and pretends his knee is hurt so as to distract the ref. Theory grabs the chair and hops up on the apron as Candice yells at him to hit Lumis with the chair. Theory freezes and smiles at Lumis and talks (we can't hear it, but seems to be trying to talk his way out of it). Candice continues to yell at Theory! Gargano attempts to capitalize on it and charges Lumis, but Lumis senses him coming and sidesteps! Gargano collides with the chair and Theory! Dexter Lumis slaps a sleeper on Gargano! Gargano's fading! The champ is fading! And like that, the champ is out! Lumis wins!
Your Winner by Submission, Dexter Lumis!

Backstage with William Regal and a Box Truck

We see Regal and a Box Truck in the distance (totally not ominous) and asks for someone off camera to let him know as soon as Santos Escobar arrives.

The Commentary Team

Beth Phoenix and Michael Cole's Lex Luthor, Vic Joseph, kindly poke fun at "remote correspondent" Wade Barrett who's literally phoning it in. He claims to be locked in "Dexter Lumis' basement" jokingly.

Video Package: MSK & the Dusty Classic

We get clips of MSK's win in the Dusty Cup, as well as reactions from their family when they won, and several clips of the members of MSK talking. They discuss why they went into wrestling and their motivations. Lovely package, it'll be on the YT or WWE site probably before the night is over.

Backstage Interview with MSK

JK. Before Mackenzie can even finish her question, the NXT Tag Team Champions beat the crap out of MSK and we cut to the arena.

Match: Tyler Rust with Malcolm Bivens vs Leon Ruff

Rust comes out first, with his coach Bivens. We get a clip from backstage of Leon Ruff getting checked out by NXT medical. He's cleared medically to return to action, and as soon as the medic walks off, Malcolm Bivens hops up from behind a desk and antagonizes Ruff into agreeing to fight Rust. We cut to the ring in which Bivens tells us that the you have to take advantage of any opportunity. He calls Leon Ruff the son he never had and never wanted. He promises that Tyler will prove to Leon tonight that Tyler is a "diamond in the rust." Out comes Leon Ruff to cheers from crowd both digital and in person. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott ambushes Leon as he comes out. Swerve drags Ruff to the announcer's table and tells them that he's going to start taking opportunities if he can't get them. He attacks Ruff again then heads up the ramp, all grins. In the ring, Bivens holds up Rust's hand as if he's won.
No Content/No Match

Earlier Today...

We see GM William Regal with Zoey Stark earlier today. He noted her impressive singles debut last week and offered her a non-title match against Io Shirai tonight. We then start an interview with Stark about this, freeze on an odd image of Io Shirai, then cut to the ring as our announcers ignore the technical difficulty.

Backstage with Cameron Grimes

We return from a break to see Cameron Grimes wearing his blue suit, no shirt and top hat. He's watching clips of "the Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase getting people to do different stunts for money. He offers a random person in the back $10,000 to dribble the ball ten times. The person does so, much to Grimes' confusion, and the rando informs him that DiBiase always rigged the games. He walks off with his cash

Medical Update: Kyle O'Reilly

We're informed that KOR will be out at least 6 weeks due to damage suffered last week in the vicious attack by Adam Cole.

Non-Title Match: NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai vs Zoey Stark

Stark readied up in the ring two segments ago. Finally we get to the match, and out comes our Women's champ, Io Shirai! Once she's in the ring we start things off. Shirai and Stark lock up and work on each attempting to gain leverage over each other's arm. Stark rolls through and locks the arm behind Shirai. Commentary build up Stark, highlighting that her second singles match is against the Women's champion. Neither woman establishes control at first. Io finally lands a dropkick that sends Stark into the corner. Stark attempts to fight out of a seated corner position but can't. Shirai with the double knees. Shirai loses control when she attempts a 619 and is caught by Stark. Stark backs up and charges the champ on the apron, but the move-for-countermove continues as Shirai shoulder-blocks Stark! Shirai climbs up top but Stark vaults up and shoves Shirai off the top! Shirai crashes to the ground as we go to commercial
Back from the break and Stark is in charge, dropping the champ with a series of right kicks. Stark goes off the ropes, and Shirai catches her on the rebound, attempting a submission. Stark escapes quickly. Stark with a big knee to the jaw and a close cover. Stark heads out to the apron, leaps up to the top rope and dives off, looking for the 450! Io moves; Stark rolls through, and both women charge and crash into each other with double flying crossbody strikes in an impressive sequence! Both women are down as the crowd claps to cheer them both on! We get replays of the 450 and double-crossbody that took them both out. Stark drops Shirai on the shoulder and attempts a cover but Io kicks out. Stark works Io's shoulder for a moment. Stark kicks Io in the back; Io grabs the foot, works her way to her feet and starts up her comeback sequence! Shirai with a drop and a shoulder charge; a 619 is followed up with a missile dropkick from the champ and a cover for a close two! Stark kicks out! Both women up; Stark with another back drop. Stark is too slow in climbing the ropes, and Shirai runs over to strike Stark. Shirai climbs up top and hits a Super Hurricanrana off the top! Shirai picks Stark up in a double-underhook hold and hits the backbreaker! Shirai covers for a close two, but again Stark kicks out! Stark with a quick recovery and snap German Suplex, with an attempted pin fall. Stark hooks up Shirai from behind, looking for another German, but Io counters and sends Stark into the corner! Shirai with the double knee in the corner and the Over the Moonsault to cover for the win in a great, back-and-forth match.
Your Winner, NXT Champion Io Shirai!

After the Match: Respect & Disrespect

After the match, Shirai and Zoey Stark embrace in a sign of respect...until Toni Storm comes out wearing black. Storm claims that Io will fight anyone but her. Storm reminds her that she kicked her head off last week (metaphorically). Storm claims that Io only pinned Martinez because she couldn't beat Storm (in their triple-threat title match). Io tells Toni she'll face her any time, any place, anywhere. Storm tells Io that if she's serious, she'll go find Regal and make the match happen. She successfully goads Shirai into accepting a challenge as Io yells "You're on, you're on!"

Backstage with Mackenzie and The Way

Mackenzie starts to ask a question but, as usual, Gargano tells her he doesn't have time. He interrogates Theory as to why he didn't just hit Lumis with the chair. Theory claims that Lumis is just misunderstood, and didn't deserve to be hit with a chair and seems endeared to his former kidnapper. Gargano snaps and thinks he's taken a crazy pill because none of this makes sense, and asks Candice to back him up. Candice is in disbelief about Theory and asks Indi Hartwell her thoughts. Hartwell thinks Lumis is kind of hot so... LeRae and Gargano freak out, then demands that Theory go to therapy to fix this. We go to break with a hint of the Xia Li/KC match next!

Outside with Cameron Grimes

We see Grimes outside in an obviously-prerecorded segment as the sun is out. He walks up to three folk sitting on the curb. He shows a bunch of money and tells the young lady in the middle of the trio that if she can dribble the basketball he has ten times, she'll give him a thousand bucks. She asks "like that Million Dollar Man thing?" He gets defensive and tells her "it's not rocket science" and low-key insults her. She stands up and is taller than him. He gloats that she can't dribble the ball ten times for a grand. He counts as she dribbles and around seven, he tries to steal the ball away. She shows off some fancy moves to keep him from stealing it until she gets her ten dribble. She takes his money and tells him not to hate the player, but to hate the game. He yells "damn you, Ted DiBiase" and heads off.

Match: Kacy Catanzaro w/ Kayden Carter vs Xia Li w/ Boa & Mei Ying

The KC's come out first, followed by Xia Li with Boa and the artist formerly known as Ti-Shann (or something for like a week), Mei Ying. Li attacks fast but Kacy slows her with a headscissors take-down. This doesn't last, though, as Xia Li catches Kacy and drops her across the top rope. Xia poses, showing off her form, then takes Kacy into the corner. Kacy tries to shove Xia back, and Xia replies with a series of kicks to the gut. Xia Li pulls up Kacy and hits a snap suplex, covering for two. Xia locks a chin-lock on Kacy as Kayden cheers her partner on from the outside. Kacy works to her feet and escapes the chin-lock. Xia Li and Kacy go back and forth for a few moments. Xia heads to the outside for a breather. Catanzaro dives out but Xia catches her and throws her face-first into the metal grate. Xia looks up the ramp at Mei Ying (the mystery, cloaked person) then notices Kacy's leg on the steel steps. Li stomps on it hard, and the ref comes out to check on Kacy. Xia Li grabs Kacy by the hair, drags her up the steps and along the apron as the ref warns her. Xia takes her inside. The ref kneels to check on Kacy as more come out. The ref uses her discretion and stops the match due to the injury to Kacy's leg. After the match, Xia Li attacks Kacy as officials attempt to help her. We see Li, Boa and Ying up the ramp as they stare intently down at the ring and officials tend to Catanzaro.
Your Winner by TKO, Xia Li!

Outside with William Regal

Regal comes outside, asks "anything?" to a man off camera who answers no. We're told he's still waiting for Escobar. Regal goes inside. That's it.

Video Package: Women's Tag Team Championship

We get a series of clips, ranging from Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez winning the first-ever Women's Dusty Cup, to a sit-down interview with Jax and Baszler. Both teams talk smack about each other as they face off for the titles next week on NXT. Baszler claims that when she left NXT, all she left behind were the scraps. Both teams go on to threaten each other and pump up for the title match next week. I don't think any NXT Women's tag team has ever won the titles.

Outside with Cameron Grimes, Again

Grimes is grumbling as he walks in a suddenly dark parking lot. He's mad that people are trying to get one-up on him. He walks up to a random dude and yells at him to dribble the ball ten times for money. The guy asks him if he means "like that Ted DiBiase thing?" The guy was maybe in diapers when DiBiase was a thing. Grimes snaps and yells at the guy. The guy finally tries to dribble but Grimes smacks the ball, dropping cash and heading off screaming curses at Ted DiBiase.

Tag Team Match: Grizzled Young Veterans vs Killian Dain & Drake Maverick

Maverick & Dain come out first as we cut back to the arena, to their incredibly cheesy music. Hahaha, this match is sponsored by the $1 Menu at Burger King. Out next are the Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake and Zack Gibson. Gibson gets on the mic and says that the bad news is that Wesley Blake of MSK has broken his hand. Drake adds that they were given a hefty fine by Mr. Regal. Both men go on to state that they did the tag team division a favor by taking out MSK for a few weeks, and that the best thing for the tag team division isn't "Shrek and Donkey" (referring to Dain & Maverick); they claim the better team lost in the Dusty Cup; then they proclaim themselves the next NXT Tag Team Champions before getting in the ring. Dain starts off with James Drake, who I'm going to call James for ease of keeping track. Dain starts off by ramming Drake, dropping the young veteran. Dain easily handles James and tags in Maverick. Maverick works the arm of James but loses control. All four men end up in the ring, with Dain cleaning house before launching Maverick over the top rope "looking for Goose," per Michael Cole's suddenly-likable evil clone Vic Joseph, and Maverick crashes into the GYV as we go to break!
We're back and Drake Maverick is cornered in by James Drake and Zack Gibson. Maverick escapes and tags in Dain. Dain hits a big belly to belly on Gibson and James, then throws Gibson and James together. Gibson and James both leap up onto Dain's front and back; the big man holds them both and slams them both down. Dain with a big drop down onto Gibson. Gibson and James attempt a double suplex, but instead Dain suplexes the both of them! Drake Maverick goes up top and dives off, hitting the crossbody on James Drake. Drake and Drake slug it out, with Drake Maverick unloading on James Drake! Drake with a dropkick on James Drake--right to the jaw! James Drake tags in Gibson behind Maverick's back and comes in, taking out the smaller man. Dain hits the ring to defend his partner, punching them off. Dain heads outside and pulls Gibson out, then holds him by the ear until James Drake hits a suicide dive on him! Drake Maverick comes over and hits a Bulldog on Gibson as he comes in the ring. Maverick goes up top and James shoves him. Tag made, the GYV hit the Ticket to Mayhem and pick up the pin as Dain rolls in! Can we never get another match with two Drakes in it ever again?
Your Winners, the Grizzled Young Veterans!

Outside the Arena: Legado Arrives

We cut to the outside again and Legado stand flanking the door of the vehicle in which Santos is supposedly seated in. We go to break.
Your Winners, Grizzled Young Veterans!

Non-Title No-DQ Main Event Match: Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar w/ Legado del Fantasma vs Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett

Kross' music and video starts to play in the arena, but we cut to the outside area. Kross attacks Legado! The match hasn't technically started yet as neither man made it to the ring. Kross and Santos battle along a truck. Santos climbs into the cab of the truck and locks the doors. Kross hits the door with a steel chair, then finds what Vic Joseph calls a "pickaxe" and attacks the door with it. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza attack Kross. Kross fights them both off until Santos Escobar hits him from behind with a trash can. Escobar speaks in Spanish to Kross, then hits him again with the trash can. All three members of Legado gang stomp Kross for a few. THey pull him to his feet, slam him into the truck and beat on him even more. Escobar holds Kross' chin, speaks to him in Spanish, and rams him back into the truck. Again, he holds his chin as his men restrain Kross and again, he shoves Kross into the truck! Yet again, Escobar calls for his men to hold Kross. They do, and Escobar leads them into the arena as his men drag Kross.
Legado pause up the ramp to attack Kross more. Kross fights back, easily battling off Legado. Kross sends Mendoza and Wilde through the plexiglass barricade! The crowd starts a loud NXT chant. Kross locks eyes with Escobar above the carnage and pursues him. Kross grabs Escobar by the neck but Escobar shoves him back. Escobar uses a steel chair to target the left arm. The bell still has not rung yet to the best of our knowledge. Escobar focuses his strikes on Kross' left arm and shoulder. Escobar rams Kross from behind, sending him shoulder-first into the steel steps as we go to a picture-in-picture break!
Back from the break and Escobar is still in control Scarlett is shown on the outside, "unraveling" per Beth Phoenix. Mendoza and Wilde are on their feet. Escobar has Kross outside the ring and sticks a steel chair around Kross' left arm. Escobar shoves Kross into the ringpost, and the chair clamps tight on Kross' shoulder, dropping the former champ as he screams in pain. Escobar sets up a chair and hits the DDT on Kross across it! Escobar takes Kross back into the ring and covers for two. Kross kicks out, gets to his knees and shakes his head no. Escobar with a rolling strike. Kross back to his feet, but Escobar tosses him outside easily. Escobar pulls up Kross but Kross won't stop fighting! Kross sends Escobar into the ring. Wilde and Mendoza attack but Kross fights them off! Escobar hits a suicide dive out of nowhere and levels Kross. Escobar stands on Kross' left wrist, shakes his head then stops the left arm. Escobar continues to stomp and kick Kross' shoulder. Escobar pulls Kross up and sends him into the ring, covering for two while attempting to hold the injured left arm down. Kross kicks out. Escobar holds on, punching and stomping and dropping on the left arm before locking it in a hold. Kross yet again powers to his feet and takes Escobar to the corner. Escobar charges in and hits a Kitchen Sink. Escobar goes for a suplex and connects; Escobar swivels and looks for a Three Amigos. Kross blocks it and hits an overhead belly to belly toss! Wilde hops up on the apron and Kross takes him out, then hits another suplex to Escobar! Santos rolls outside and Kross follows. Escobar charges Kross as he exits. Escobar pulls Kross' injured left arm across the corner of the apron, threatening to ram it on the bar. Kross yanks Escobar into the ring post, turns and hits a big boot on a Legado rear attack, then goes to smack Santos with the steel chair! Mendoza runs and leaps off the stairs onto Kross, but Kross bombs him down! Wilde is dispatched similarly! Kross takes Escobar out of the ring and to the announcer's table, then hits a Saito Suplex through the announcer's table!
Kross takes Escobar inside and hits another Saito! Kross lines up Escobar and hits him with a running forearm from behind, covering and picking up the win!
Your Winner, Karrion Kross!

After the Match

Scarlett joins Karrion Kross in the ring as he holds his arm, grimacing and angrily staring at a downed Escobar as we get replays. Kross continues to hold his shoulder. Up next, after this break: Adam Cole speaks.

Video Promo: L.A. Night

I can't do this promo justice. L.A. tells us essentially that he'll debut when he wants, and every superstar has a golden ticket to getting some of L.A. Night.

Coming Soon on NXT:

Toni Storm will get a championship shot against Io Shirai in two weeks. Next week, Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax defend their Women's Tag Team Championships against Women's Dusty Cup winners Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez.

In the Ring: Adam Cole (And a 9-Minute Overrun)

Cole makes his way to the ring to loud boos from both physical and digital audience. When he enters the ring, he watches replays of his vicious attack on Kyle O'Reilly last week. Finally he speaks. "I uh...I had every intention of coming out here tonight and explaining why I did what I did to Kyle but, gotta admit, after watching that footage I feel sick to my stomach. Yeah, because everybody knows the NXT Championship is very important to me, especially the guys in the Undisputed Era. But I do not like the guy that I've become these last few weeks. Because at first I was pissed off. I was pissed that Kyle got opportunity after opportunity at the NXT championship but continued to fail. But that does not, does not excuse my actions. And after watching that footage, I am ashamed of myself. Kyle, Kyle I know you're sitting at home and you're watching this and I wish so, so badly that we could be having this conversation face to face, man to man, but we can't....and we can't because of me. Kyle, you know me, you know me better than anybody, better than anybody in the world. And you know I hate to admit when I was wrong. And I'm telling you right now that I was dead wrong. Because Kyle, you should be in this ring...but instead I made a stupid, stupid mistake and I hate myself for it. Kyle," he pauses to pace. "Kyle, I am so, so sorry and I'm going to do everything in my power to fix this. But if I can't, damnit, I'm gonna try." He mumbles "I'm so sorry" off the mic. Out comes Roderick Strong.
Strong speaks. "Wow, Adam, wow. Now you feel bad?"? He verbally lashes out at Cole for only feeling bad now, ten days later, ten days after betraying his brothers. He tells Cole that everything's changed now, as he walks to the ring. "This whole thing, this Undisputed Era, this was built on trust. Love. A brotherhood. We would do whatever it took to have each others back, no matter what it was, and just like that you shattered that trust." Strong enters the ring. "Now Adam, I need you to look at me and I need you to understand this. Kyle is gonna heal. You know Kyle. But when Kyle heals, I don't know if I can save you from what he's gonna do to you." And out comes Finn Bálor!
Strong drops his mic and turns to face up the ramp. Strong drops down to talk to Bálor , but Bálor shoves him off. Bálor immediately attacks Cole, beating him down. Strong comes in to pull Finn off but Bálor begins to beat Strong outside against the barricade! Cole runs out to make the save and superkicks Finn, leaving him down. Cole gets in the ring, yelling "Roddy, Roddy you gotta listen to me, I'm sorry--" and catches a clothesline from Strong! Cole looks up in shock as Strong paces, trying to sort out his allegiances. Cole yells "I'm sorry, Roddy, I don't want this anymore. I want things to go back." They both apologize to each other, Cole apologizing for this being his fault and Strong for it coming to this. Cole kneels, weeping in the ring. Strong kneels to comfort his friend, and tells Cole that he loves Cole, and Cole is his brother. He tells Cole again that he's his brother and loves him. They hug it out.
Cole promises to make it right, and repeats that he's sorry repeatedly as they hug. Strong stands and offers Cole a hand up. Cole low-blows Strong! Cole then tells him "You're so stupid, Roddy! You're stupid!" He grabs Strong's UE dog tags and rips them off, then throws them aside and hits a superkick on a kneeling Strong! Cole stands over his former brother as the crowd boos and gives him thumbs down. We end our program.

In Closing

Mama mia, what an exciting end to a solid episode of NXT! The Kross/Escobar match was far superior to what I expected, and the GYV match against Maverick & Dain proved quite entertaining. What lies in store for the Undisputed Era, or what remains of it? Has Austin Theory been brainwashed by Lumis, and will Indi fall for the silent Lumis? Will we see Mei Ying in action, and did anyone action the Easter Egg? We'll find out more next week on NXT!

Y'all stay safe out there and I look forward to seeing you all (and more of you!) Friday Night for SmackDown live!

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