WWE NXT Live Results (7/15/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

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Welcome back to Rajah.com's NXT Live Results Coverage! According to our awesome copy-paste preview we're in store for one heck of a show! Tegan Nox will battle Io Shirai for the NXT Women's Championship! Will the comeback kid dethrone the girl with the Shiniest Wizard? (Really? That's what they're going with? Okay) We'll also see New NXT Double Champion, Keith Lee, address the NXT Universe. All ten of you better listen up, because it'll be time to bask in his glory! We'll also see Damian Priest taking on Cameron Grimes--will the Priest from the East get retribution, or will it be Grimes Time once again? All this and more, tonight!

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WWE NXT Live Results (7/15/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Show Opening

We get a recap of last week's winner-takes-all Champion vs Champion match, that saw Adam Cole (BAY-BAY!) bring his A-game but it just wasn't enough! Keith Lee took home the win and both belts, becoming the first ever double (singles title) champion in NXT history. We will all bask in his glory, but Johnny Gargano, Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Cameron Grimes, and many others from the roster all have recorded messages stating they're coming for his belts.

In the Ring: Alicia Taylor w/ Keith Lee

Mauro and Beth welcome us, and the announcer/interviewer Alicia Taylor tells us to welcome the North American & NXT Championship titles holder, Keith Lee. Lee put an end to Adam Cole's 403 day, record title run. Lee gets int he ring and celebrates with both belts, letting us bask in his glory as the fans in attendance go wild.

Keith gives the fans a few moments to do their "ooooh, bask in his glooory" chant. He says that is beautiful, like a choir; but there's something enjoyed a little bit more. He asks Miss Alicia to do his intro again, and she welcomes the North American and NEW NXT Champion, Keith Lee. He smiles and thanks her for it. He says he's at a crossroads because he understands that the past few months have been a little difficult, a little trying. We've all had our struggles, difficulties, sadnesses, losses, hurt, pain...but WWE Universe, Keith Lee wants to point something out to us now. He said that there's something so incredibly special that can occur when he stands in this ring. He says he feels it when he stands here with these championships, and now he stands before us as not just the North American champion--and he lays the belt down before him. "Also, NXT champion," and proceeds to lay it down in front of him too. "I want to highlight the fact that I'm not in disbelief, I've not fooled myself; I've celebrated and enjoyed it, but its time to get back to reality." He says there are many in the back who want the same opportunity that Lee himself managed to earn. So he says that this, the double titles, weren't done on its own. Opportunity and chance created this, and he's not a self-made man. He says Tim Brooks was more than a trainer to him, he was like a father and he was there for Keith, and believed in Keith, when no one else was there. Lee says the buck doesn't stop there--he says that the NXT Universe welcomed him with open arms and helped tell the entire world "oh bask in his glory" and now the world does. So he thanks the fans, but that's not the end of it--no, not at all. There's one more person who's been playing a pivotal part in this. Lee doesn't think he realizes it, but Lee saw this person backstage. He said he knows the person is trying to decide what to do with their career in NXT> Lee says he can help with that as he's celebrating. He says he wants to talk to his number one frenemy, Dominick Dijakovic.

Dijakovic comes out. Dijakovic congratulates Keith. He says this is about Lee. Lee disagrees; he feels this is about himself and Dijakovic. He says as he talks about not being self made, the conflict between Dijakovic and Lee helped propel his career. He says that Dijakovic has tested him to his limits and he can appreciate that. So Kieth Lee has a talk with Regal, and had a suggestion that Regal agreed with--that perhaps the first challenger for these championships should be Dominick Dijakovic. The crowd awkwardly begins a "holy shit" chant for three seconds. Dijakovic gets Lee to confirm that he means "these championships." Lee says he does, and he's already in ring gear, so lets do it tonight. Dijakovic says "Keith, honestly, I--" but is interrupted by Lee. Lee says to "Just say yes, baby." Dijakovic smiles and accepts Keith Lee's challenge. They bump fists and talk as Mauro and Tom Phillips let us know it's official tonight. Beth Phoenix runs down the card with Phillips, recapping the preview above. Off to commercials.

Damian Priest vs Cameron Grimes

Back from the break and we catch Damian Priest's "dark archer" entrance. We're reminded that last time these two men fought, Priest wasn't 100% after an ambush by Grimes, and Priest is ready to lay make Grimes his altar boy. Out next is the Carolinian, Cameron Grimes. We're reminded that his leaping double foot stomp is one of the "most lethal moves in wrestling" apparently.

Before the bell, Priest hits Grimes in the face unaware. Grimes up to his feet and the ref calls for the bell and we start things officially. Priest is immediately in control, hitting knee and arm strikes with a furious flurry. He hits his Archer's Bow and utilizes devastating kicks to control things. Priest gets on the apron and sets up a springboard forearm, but Grimes catches him. Grimes then takes control, slowing the pace as he takes the Priest into the corner. He yells "You wanna mess with Cameron Grimes?" then hits a series of knees and elbows before sending the big man into the ropes. Grimes goes up and hits a dropkick, covering for a two.

During the commercial break, which we're getting picture-in-picture, we see Grimes continue to control the pace with blows tot he face. Priest is sent outside and Grimes comes to the ropes, pulling Priest up by the hair to the second rope where he lays in a forearm. He gets on the apron and hits a running kick on Priest, then works the arm and bruises the big man at ringside. Grimes follows Priest into the ropes and again locks in a spinning armbar, and uses it to drive the big man down to the mat. He converts it into an inverted chokehold. Priest powers to his feet but Grimes hits him with a stiff knee, then Grimes uses all his power to send Priest into the corner, and begins to hit seated chokes on the big man until the ref breaks it up. Grimes takes a breather, and Priest tries to get to his knees before eating another kick from Grimes. Grimes pulls the big man up and hits him with a strike, but it only infuriates Priest. Priest begins to hulk up a bit, and he and Grimes exchange blows left and right, back and forth. Grimes goes for a suplex; Priest hits a big Bell Clap and takes control. Priest delivers a massive forehead punch as Grimes comes off the ropes, sending him flying. Grimes manages to hit a desperation forearm clothesline, sending Priest out the rings. Grimes goes for a baseball slide; Priest counters and grabs Grimes, going for the chokeslam. Grimes slips out but Priest hits the Razor's Edge on the apron!

Priest and Grimes exchange blows inside the ring. Priest is up to his feet first and pulls Cameron Grimes to his feet. He locks in a rear side headlock and looked like he was going for a Scorpion Deathdrop but Grimes escapes and hits a crossbody, gets a two. Cameron yells at Priest to get up, yelling that "you're ruining my moment and you're not gonna stop Cameron Grimes 'cause I'm going to the moon!" During this he's slapping Priest. Finally Priest has had enough. Priest hits The Reckoning off the second rope, and covers for the win.
Your Winner, Damian Priest

Thatcher Promo

Thatcher talks about beating Oney Lorcan. He then shows an arm bar to a student, which makes them tap. He says sometimes you have to teach them a lesson and apply a little more pressure, and wrenches the trainee's arm even more for a few moments. He then recaps his lesson, telling them that not only did he win the match, he left an impression. We're treated to stills of him wrenching Oney's arm back from their recent match, and then we go to commerical.

Shotzi Blackheart vs Indi Hartwell

Out first is Shotzi Blackheart, followed by the Australian, Indi Hartwell. We get some chatter from the announcers in both defense and condemnation of Robert Stone. The bell rings and Shotzi dominates for the most part, showcasing her agility with a headscissors and some springboard work. Hartwell dodges a running dive, then hits a huge kick of her own. Hartwell dominates for a few moments, and tries to get her first win off of a simple right hand punch. Hartwell with a backpress and pin attempt. Sideslam by Hartwell and another pin attempt. Now Hartwell puts her boot in Shotzi's upper back, and wrenches her arms back. We're told Hartwell began training in 2016 when she was 19, and has spent the last four years training. They build her up as the next big thing very generically. Blackheart finally fights back and hits a discus elbow to the face, a straight hand chop to the chest, an elbow to the back, and hits a step up knee in the corner followed up with a DDT. Stone has the ref distracted; Blackheart climbs up the top rope but Aliyah comes out of nowhere and shoves Blackheart off the top rope. Indi Hartwell runs over and hits a form of the big boot and covers for the win! Indi picks up her first win!
Your Winner, the "Australia Sparkplug" Indi Hartwell

After the Match

We're treated to replays and told how the Robert Stone Brand (aka he and Aliyah) are growing and more threatening than ever before. For those not watching, imagine a mediocre at best wrestler being paired with, oh, David Cross' character from "Arrested Development" as her manager. Commercial break.

Backstage Interview w/ Tegan Nox

Tegan says she wants to be in the likes of Molly Holly, and tonight's her night by winning a women's title Molly Holly never fought for. She states tonight's her night.

Promo: Legado del Fantasma

We see PabloSantos Escobar and his minions having drinks, toasting to the end of Drake Maverick. They then talk about Febreeze and how last week the duo wore out the masks of the Conquistadores that have been used in the WWE for decades. They accuse them of mocking lucha libre culture. Escobar puts over his men, then says they're going to build an empire. He says sometimes you've got to tear things down to build them back up. The trio then toast to the Legado del Fantasma.

Keith Lee's Big Win Recap

We learn that tonight's match against Dominick Dijakovic is for both belts. We then get a promo video showing Keith Lee's winning last week and a bunch of tweets and articles, as well as the ticker-tape celebration. We then get a graphic for the match coming up next, as Lee puts both titles on the line against Dijakovic. Commercial break.

Double Title Defense: NXT Championship & North American Championship: Keith Lee(c) vs Dominick Dijakovic

Out first is Dominick Dijakovic. He does his little Brock Lesnar bounce and makes his way out tot he ring, hyped up. Loving his Beavis & Butthead haircut. Out next is the double champ, the big man, the person without the limits who wants us to be awashed in his honor, Keith Lee.

Ding ding goes the bell, and both men pace the ring. We're reminded by Beth that they've been to hell and back together and have had many matches since 2016. Both men lock one hand then the other and do a test of strength, which quickly leads to Dijakovic down to one knee and Lee having the strength advantage and leverage. Dijakovic keeps trying to get to his feet but is forced back, leading to him bumping the ropes and having the ref break the hold. Both men applaud each other and take a moment, then lock up again in a test of strength. Lee takes the advantage early with his raw strength, and despite Dijakovic's attempt to gain leverage, he's backed into the corner. They then roll along the top rope as each man switches places and takes the advantage, until the ref breaks them.

Both men look at each other, nod, and fist bump as a sign of respect. Again they lock up but Lee immediately backs Dom into the ropes. They come off the ropes and Lee backs Dom to the other side of the ring's ropes, and then at the ref's instructions, they come off the ropes. Lee forces Dominick down to the mat and goes for the "Hulk Smash" but Dijakovic knows Lee, and dodges it. Both men to their feet after a series of failed attempts by Lee. Dijakovic extends a right hand to shake; Lee hesitates but shakes his hand, and yanks Dijakovic over into a headlock. Dijakovic reverses it and gets a neck lock on Lee while Lee gets him in a bear hug position. Lee sends Dijakovic into the ropes, and Dijakovic rams Lee but Lee won't budge. Dijakovic then rebounds off each set of ropes and shoulder blocks Lee but Lee won't budge. Dijakovic again goes for a handshake, but hits a huge chest chop on Lee instead. Both men laugh about it before Lee hits a big bear paw chop across the chest. Lee goes up to the second rope, his back to the ring, and Dijakovic gets up sooner than he expected, picking the big man up and setting up for his finisher. Lee escapes, though, and Dominick laughs and holds up his fingers indicating he was this close to hitting it. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Dijakovic has Lee kneeling and he's choking Lee out. I thought they banned choke holds. Lee powers to his feet and breaks the hold, only to eat a trio of forearm smashes to his upper back. Dijakovic locks in for the suplex, yells "it's time to fly, Keith!" but can't get Lee up. He smacks the back with his free hand as Lee tries to break the grip. Lee breaks it, and holds on to Dijakovic's left arm, pulling Dominick to his feet as he keeps knocking him down. Lee hits a huge pounce that sends Dijakovic outside. Dijakovic is leaning on the barrier, trying to catch his break, and Lee runs around the ring. Dijakovic moves, and Lee hits the breaks barely in time. Lee pursues Dijakovic into the ring, and Dijokovic gets Lee down and attempts a cover. Both men are slow to their feet, and climb up in opposite sides of the ring. Dijakovic charges Lee but Lee catches him and lays Dijakovic's feet on the second rope, then hits a spinning slam and covers for a two. Dijakovic kicks out.

Lee sits Dijakovic up on the top turnbuckle. He then climbs up, and Dijakovic hits two punches to the gut, followed by several headbutts that send Keith Lee off the turnbuckle and down to the mat. Dominick stands up top and hits a blockbuster off the top rope! Dijakovic comes within half a second of becoming the new double champ! Cyclone boot by Dominic for another two! Dijakovic makes his way to the corner and sits on the top turnbuckle, removing his elbow pad. He waits for Lee to stand and dives off for a flying bionic elbow, but Lee catches him. Lee hits a one arm slam. Lee picks Dijakovic up in a one-armed Fireman's carry and hits the Big Bang Catastrophe for the pin and the win!
Your Winner and STILL NXT/North American Champion, Keith Lee!

After the Match

We get replays after the match, and Lee standing tall with both belts. Lee lays down both belts and helps Dijakovic to his feet. Both men embrace and Dominic congratulates Lee. The lights go out, but then a sole overhead spotlight comes on, showing Scarlett in silhouette. We then see her walk down the ramp to the ring, a light illuminating Lee. The crowd beats rhythmically on the glass. Scarlett pulls her satchel up and dumps it in the ring. Its contents--the hourglass of sand, shattered, basically saying "times up." We're told Timothy Thatcher is in action, up next after this commercial break.

Backstage w/ Dominic Dijakovic

He's rubbing his neck and says Keith Lee is on a completely new level than he used to be. He says that he saw Scarlett out there, and Kross is a good fighter but he's not on the same page as Lee. He's interrrupted by Kross who speaks to him in a foreign language. Dominic says "well, do it!" and both men lock up, backing out into the hallway, where Kross suplexes Dijakovic over some stuff setup in the back. He then says "tick-tock!" and walks off.

Timothy Thatcher vs Denzel Dejournette

Thathcher remains calm as the jobber of the week new grappler makes his entrance. We're told that Dejournette (pronounced Day-jor-net) is a Greco-Roman specialist. He utilizes his training to ground and grapple on Thatcher. Thatcher and Dejournette exchange grapples for about a minute before Thatcher locks in an arm bar, then hits a hammering fist to send Denzel to the ground. Denzel breaks out of an attempted crossface. Denzel locks a sleeper in on Thatcher, but Thatcher slides out and grabs the right leg. Denzel repeatedly throws left kicks at Thatcher in an attempt to escape, but Thatcher hangs on and locks in the single leg crab, causing Denzel to tap fast.
Your Winner, Timothy Thatcher

After the Match

Thatcher isn't done, and locks in the single leg crab again. The ref tries to break it up but can't. BUT SUDDENLY OUT COMES ONEY LORCAN WHO CHASES OFF THATCHER NOW THROW 'EM UP. Commercial break.

Earlier Tonight

Robert Stone is trying to tell Killian Dain that he was run over by a tank, and babbling on about that. Aliyah comes up and holds a poster made by Dexter Lumis, and that enrages Dain. Dain grabs Stone and insists that he make a match happen. Next week we'll see Killian Dain take on Dexter Lumis, and we'll see Kross vs Dijakovic

Main Event: NXT Women's Championship: Io Shirai(c) vs Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox comes out first, and we have to hear for the 47th time tonight about her comeback story, and how this is her first title shot ever, etc. She's wearing a cheap brown jacket, leading the announce crew to compare her to Captain Marvel. Mm kay. Io Shirai is out next. Totally love this darker look and techno music for her.

The bell rings and Io is quick to engage, wanting to waste no time in getting this match started. We're reminded that Io Shirai has an aerial style, and the five-inch-taller Tegan Nox has a more technical style. That's put on display as Tegan utilizes her technical skills to keep Io in a variety of holds and attempted submissions. They're moving slow and it almost feels as if they're putting on a class of how to do technical wrestling, for the student-audience. Kind of odd. Io and Tegan both use holds to attempt pins but get nothing of it. Both women to their feet and they're still sloooowly applying holds, and slooowly reversing them. Tegan now with a side headlock (surprise!) and Io continues to roll them around the ring as both women attempt to gain leverage. Now Tegan's side headlock has slipped to a side waist lock, and Io has Tegan in a side headlock. They break the holds and exchange arm drags, then exchange roll-ups. The announcers question whether Tegan Nox has the ability to carry the title as champion long term.

Both women continue the slowed pace, exchanging a hit, more pace-slowing locks. We go to commercial. Even the crowd seems placated in this match.

Back from the break and Io Shirai is in total control. Mauro calls her the "Joshi Judas." Tegan Nox makes her way to her feet and stands up, whipping Io into the corner and following. Io springboards off the middle rope but Tegan catches her attempt at a cross body, turns it into a fallaway slam, and gets a close two! Shirai manages to take control and hits a lateral suplex, covers, but the count is broken by Tegan grabbing the ropes. Io moves over and stands on Tegan's hands still holding the rope until the ref forces the break. Shirai locks in a head crank. Nox back up to a vertical base, and attempts a roll-up. After the break, Shirai is quicker to her feet and hits a big kick. Shirai uses the ropes to choke Nox. Io scoop slams Nox and rebounds off the ropes, going for a elbow splash but Nox moves. Nox rolls up Shirai but again, Shirai kicks out. Shirai uses chest kicks and chops to weaken Nox. Shirai scrapes Nox's face along the ropes til the ref stops her. Shirai comes inc lose and Nox shoves her back. Nox fights to her feet and throws a right. Shirai returns the right. Tegan with another right. Side note: if I call her Negan, it's a typo. Derp. Io lays out Nox with a strike to her liver, followed by stomps. She then rolls Nox over and stands on her hair as the ref counts. Io comes in close and Nox hits a big uppercut. Nox off the ropes, but Io hits a big flapjack and gets a two. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Io is still in charge. Tegan rolls to the outside for a breather but Shirai follows her and hits her with a series of strikes. Shirai tries to whip Tegan, but Tegan sends Shirai towards the steps. Shirai manages to get a leg up and put the brakes on. Io sends Nox into the steel steps, then pursues for a basement dropkick against them but Nox moves and Shirai hits the steps instead. Nox sends Shirai in as the ref is close to counting them both out. Shirai hits the tiger buster, but her knee gives out on her and she can't cover. She holds her knee for a few. She does eventually make it over to cover but only gets a two. Io hits the Shirai German Suplex with a bridge but only gets a two. Io is going up top, slow due to her knee, but Nox shoves her and traps Io in the Tree of Woe. Nox hits a cannonball and covers but only gets a two due to Io grabbing the bottom rope.

Frustration is setting in on the face of Tegan Nox, and both women get to their feet and exchange chops. Nox hits a series of clotheslines. Nox avoids Shirai charging her in the corner and hits an uppercut. Shirai is seated in the corner. Nox hits the cannonball! Nox goes up top and waits for it...then dives off and hits a cross body, getting a two! Negan pulls off a glove, channels her "inner Lady Kane" per Mauro, and hits a beautiful chokeslam for their height. She covers but only gets a two!

Both women slow to their feet. They've finally picked the pace up and made this into a match! Nox hits two running corner moves. Io gets the upperhand and sets up, then delivers on, the Tiger Feint Kick (the 619). Io goes up top and connects off the top rope, but Nox gets a shoulder up right at three! This one is not over yet!. Both women are still slow to their feet, and the ref checks on both. We're reminded that Tegan has surgically repaired knees, and Io's knees are weak from the match. Io goes for the tiger roll but Nox kicks the leg out from under her. Nox lifts up Io and hits the butterfly underhook face plant. Nox up top and hits the Molly-Go-Round! Tegan covers, one, two, no! Nox in the corner, sets up the Shiniest Wizard, and charges but eats a wicked palm-strike uppercut that resounds through the arena and lays Nox out. Io goes up top and hits her famous moonsault, getting the pin!
Your Winner and STILL the NXT Women's Champion, Io Shirai!

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