WWE NXT Live Results (7/22/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Welcome back to another edition of NXT Live Results Coverage here on Rajah.com! When it comes to live, detailed, quickly-refreshed sports results, tonight's reporter is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be! I'm Mike Hogan, bay-bay! And tonight's results will be...undisputed!

Jeff's NXT Preview earlier today let us know that Dominik Dijakovic will take on Karrion Kross tonight! The killer Kross is on the hunt for Keith Lee and won't let anyone stand in his way! Also, Shotzi Blackheart will take on Aliyah of the Robert Stone Brand. We'll also see Michael Myers Dexter Lumis going one on one with a babysitter Killian Dain! And lastly, William Regal will make a huge announcement. Will it suck as much as Tony Khan's did? Only one way to find out--tune in tonight!

Enough of the small talk, let's get hardcore!

WWE NXT Live Results (7/22/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener: William Regal

Regal welcomes us to NXT via Zoom. He reminds us that, two weeks ago, Keith Lee defeated Adam Cole to become the first NXT Double Champion. He tells us that Keith Lee wants to address us.

Keith Lee then comes on and mentions that "Killer" Tim Brooks, his trainer, helped set him on this journey fifteen years ago. Lee says that blood, sweat and tears all prepare you on your way. And when opportunity struck, he became the NXT Champion in addition to the NXT North American Champion. He says that life is about opportunities and while some call him limitless, he will not be limitiing others. He'll continue to defend the NXT championship but, at this time, Keith Lee will be relinquishing the NXT North American championship. The caveat: as many people as possible have an opportunity to win the NA championship.

We cut back to William Regal, who announces that we will have a series of triple-threat matches, starting tonight, and the winner will advance ot NXT Takeover 30 on August 22nd in a ladder match to crown the new North American champion!

Dexter Lumis vs Killian Dain

Introduced first is Dexter Lumis, truly one of the most uniquely-gimmicked characters in NXT today. His intense, unblinking stare and Stranger Things retro theme really add to his character. Out next is the beast of Belfast, Mr. Nikki Cross, Killian Dain!

The bell rings and Dexter sloooowly stalks around the ring, staring at Dain. Dain closes the gap and both men lock up. Dain sends himself into the ropes and hits a shoulder takedown on Lumis. Again, another shoulder tackle. He goes for it a third time but freezes when he sees that Lumis is there, propping himself up from the mat, staring at Dain. Dain pulls him to his feet and hits a European uppercut, then whips Lumis towards the ropes. Lumis slides down and out the ring, and stares at Dain. Dain runs and slides out, but Lumis slides in at the same time. Lumis stands in the ring, staring at Dain. Dain grabs Lumis' feet and drags him under the bottom ropes. Dain tries to dominate, throwing Lumis around the ringside area, but every attacks ends with Lumis staring creepily at Dain. Dain slides in the ring to break the ref's count. Dain works Lumis against the barricade before sending him onto the apron and slamming forearm after forearm into him.

Dain goes into the ring, but Lumis takes control briefly. We go to commercial with picture in picture. Dain has taken control, and is keeping Lumis grounded to the mat. Dain's applying a variation of the camel clutch. Dain works Lumis with various stretches and holds. Back from break and the announcers tell us that they've heard that the Robert Stone Brand is behind this match; they also tell us they think Lumis sought this match out. Dain lays multiple strikes into Lumis but Lumis takes them all, staring at Dain. Lumis seems unphased. Dain rips off his shirt and charges at Lumis, only to be intercepted by Lumis. Lumis now in full control.

Lumis takes Dain to the corner and pound away. Lumis hits a wonderful belly to back suplex, kips up straight into a leg drop. Wow, impressive sequence. Lumis with a wicked spinebuster. Lumis goes up top and goes for the senton, but Dain avoids. Dain sends Lumis into the corner and hits a cannonball. Killian Dain with a powerbomb followed by a rapid elbow drop and cover, but Lumis kicks out! Cheers are spreading through this crowd faster than covid-19!

Rapid sequence of reversals and momentum changes. Dexter was going up for a move; Dain charges and runs up the ropes to fight him. Dain sent flying back; Lumis hits a senton but Dain no-sells and hops back up. Lumis immediately locks in a side sleeper on the big man, and keeps him down on the mat. Dain can't escape; Dain is out.
Your winner by TKO, Dexter Lumis!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Roderick Strong

Roderick Strong will be in a triple threat match later tonight to get a shot to fight for the North American championship. Strong says the last few weeks have been strange. He says that Keith Lee never gave Roderick his rematch. He's then interrupted by Bronson Reed, who says the Undisputed Era has had plenty of chances and shots. Johnny Gargano then interrupts Bronson, and says that he's going to win the North American championship and calls Bronson "thick boy."

Ever-Rise (Chase Parker & Matt Martel) vs Breezango

Out first are the tag team of Ever-Rise, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Suddenly, the Mountie's music plays! Breezango are seen at the top of the ramp, wearing Mountie-inspired tops and hats and their music finally kicks in. They make their way to the ring as elaborate as ever. Meanwhile, Beth Phoenix talks about her beaver and Mauro continues it by calling them "eager beavers."

As soon as the bell rings, Breeze and Parker lock up. Breeze dominates a series of quick reversals and holds. Breeze sends Parker outside. Matt Martel is on the apron, trying to start a chant. Breeze comes over and superkicks him off the apron. Parker hits Breeze from behind, and tries to rip off his Mountie top. Parker tags in Martel. Martel works over Breeze for a couple of minutes until Breeze can escape and tag in Fandango. Fandango is hot and quickly sends Martel all over the ring. Breeze is tagged in and Breezango hit a Supermodel Kick; Breeze covers and gets the win. We're told that Breezango remain in contention for the tag title hunt.
Your Winners, Breezango!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Dominick Dijakovic

Mackenzie points out last week that when Dominick and Kross encountered each other, it didn't go well for Dominick. He says that last week his head nearly got bashed in, but he's ready for this week, and walks off. We go to commercial.

Aliyah w/ Robert Stone vs Shotzi Blackheart

The Robert Stone Brand is out first, with Stone in a boot limping behind Aliyah. She poses on the top turnbuckle to a mix of cheers and boos. I believe her outfit is new, but the music is the same. Out next is Shotzi Blackheart, driving a miniature tank to the ring. She rams the steel stamps right next to Robert Stone, nearly running them into his "injured" foot. Shotzi yells "welcome to the ball pit!" at the camera before getting in the ring, mounting a ringpost and yelling again.

The bell rings and these women waste no time taking it to each other. Shotzi takes immediate control, laying in fists and taking Aliyah down to the ground. Shotzi grabs both of Aliyah's legs, spreads them, yells "welcome to the ball pit!" again and does a dropping headbutt to Aliyah's crotch or abdomen. Aliyah heads outside; Shotzi follows. Stone distracts Shotzi, allowing Aliyah to attack her from behind and take control. The action heads back into the ring. Aliyah slams Shotzi's face into the middle turnbuckle then hits a perfect snap suplex with a floatover, into a northern lights suplex for a two count. Impressive move!

Aliyah locks Shotzi in a modified camel clutch. Shotzi slips out of it, hits the Oklahoma Roll. Aliyah avoids any pin attempt. Aliyah sends Shotzi into the corner; Aliyah charges, Shotzi leaps over her and runs to the corner hitting a splash of her own. Shotzi with a running kick to the face, a spinning backfist, a kick to the middle and a backdrop. Shotzi covers but only gets a two! This is a really good match! So if Tomasso Ciampa is the Blackheart, is Shotzi Blackheart the Champa?

Shotzi lets Aliyah to her feet and locks on a double chicken wing. Aliyah escapes and sends Blackheart to the mat, trying a pin. Ref gets to "two" then notices Aliyah's feet on the upper rope. Ref breaks it. Quick sequence of events that ends with Aliyah on the mat. Stone gets on the apron but Shotzi hits him and sends him to his injured ankle. Shotzi runs up top and hits a diving senton for pin and the win!
Your Winner, Shotzi Blackheart!

After the Match

We get replays before Shotzi gets back in her little mini tank. Shotzi runs over Robert Stone's injured leg and woops and hollers, only to be hit from behind by Mercedes Martinez. Martinez stares at her, then Robert Stone, as she heads up the ramp and leaves. We're reminded that the North American qualifying triple threat match is up next! Commercial time!

North American Qualifier: Johnny Gargano vs Bronson Reed vs Roderick Strong

Out first is Johnny Gargano, still rockin' his Jack(ass) Swagger and darker theme. The NXT North American belt is on a pedestal at the top of the ramp. We're reminded that Gargano is a triple-crown winner and a one-time North American Champion. Out next is Bronson Reed, who comes from the land down under. His entrance is easily a tenth of Gargano's. Shock...the system! Representing the Undisputed Era, out next is Roderick Strong!

The bell rings and the big man Bronson Reed starts out hot. Reed sends the other two out. Gargano and Strong ringside decide to work together and hit the ring together "on three." Johnny counts to three and both men rush, then stop at the last second, and each say "I knew you were going to do that!" The ref yells at them to get in the ring. Reed comes over and stomps on Gargano's hand, then yanks Roderick Strong into the ring. Reed manhandles strong. Gargano comes in and attempts a hurricanrana but Reed converts it into a bomb. Strong comes in and tries to take advantage as Gargano is in a corner. Reed picks Strong up in the fireman's carry; Gargano charges him and Reed catches Gargano. Strong wiggles free and chops Reed from behind, causing Reed to drop Gargano. Strong attempts an Olympic Slam but has zero luck in moving the big man. Gargano comes in for a superkick, but Reed ducks and Gargano hits Strong, sending him from the ring! The big man hits a hard chop and sends Gargano from the ring as we go to commercial!

Back from break and we see Bronson Reed is still in control. The big man has Strong down in the ring and Gargano is outside. Reed bounces off the south ropes and charges towards top of the ring, ready to go flying but is, instead, ambushed by Roderick Strong! Strong takes Reed into the corner and beats on him until the ref breaks it. Gargano in the ring and mounts the second rope, raining fists down on Reed until the ref breaks that. Strong again raining blows in the corner until the ref forces the start. After a quick pause, Gargano and Strong take turns hitting chops on Reed in the corner. Reed begins to fight out of the corner until Strong hits a knee, taking the big man down. Strong and Gargano both pick up Reed and go for a double move, but Reed ducks back, causing Strong to hit Gargano. Strong tries to go for a Sunset Flip on Reed but can't; Gargano grabs Strong's feet, pulls them between Reed's legs then yanks up and back, forcing Strong's face to ram into Reed's crotch. The big man writhes in pain, out to the floor. Gargano and Strong immediately engage with each other. Strong charges Gargano but Gargano hits a springboard spear. After a quick exchange, Strong is setting Gargano up for a submission but Reed hits the ring. Reed gets in position and takes them both out. The fast pace continues. Reed is taken down; Strong and Gargano both wind up brawling outside until Reed goes airborne and hits a top rope crossbody onto them at ringside and we go to break!

Back from the break again and Strong and Gargano are down as Reed stands tall. Strong is up first and hits a few strikes. Reed sets Strong up on the top rope. He then picks up Gargano, walks over and snatches Strong off the top rope and hits a double Samoan drop! Reed takes Strong to the top rope and seats him upon the top turnbuckle. Reed hits a big fist, nearly knocking Strong off his perch. Reed attempts to climb, but Gargano attacks him from behind and hits a windmill fist. Reed down/squating against the ropes. Gargano climbs the ropes and tries to get Strong up. Reed comes over and instead gets Gargano in the Electric Chair! Reed yells "get 'em, Roddy!" as Roderick repositions on the top turnbuckle. Looks like they're going for the Doomsday Device! Roderick Strong dives but Johnny turns the Electric Chair into a 'rana, spiking Reed face first into the mat! Roderick Strong out of nowhere hits a jumping knee strike on Gargano! Strong covers Reed. Out of nowhere, Gargano hits a superkick to Roderick Strong to break the pin attempt! All three men are down!

Reed is up on the apron. Strong hits a few right fists into him. Gargano, at ringside, comes up behind Reed. Gargano slides underneath/between Reed's legs and attempts to bomb him but he can't move the big man. Roderick Strong rebounds off the opposite ropes and rams Reed, assisting Gargano in hitting a wicked ringside powerbomb to the floor. Reed is down, groaning in pain. Roderick and Gargano engage in the ring. Roderick Strong hits a big side suplex. Gargano and Strong counter each other. Gargano with a running seated kick. Gargano picks up Strong and hits the Lawn Dart in the corner. Strong to his feet; Gargano lunges at him but Strong catches him and hits the Powerbreaker! Gargano rolls to the apron. Strong comes over to grab him. Gargano hits a step up enziguri, then hits the springboard elbow drop! Gargano covers Strong. One, two...and Bronson Reed comes flying off the top rope out of nowhere, hitting a devasting splash and covering for the win!
Your Winner, Bronson Reed!
Bronson Reed is the first official entrant in the North American Championship Ladder Match at next month's Takeover!

Timothy Thatcher vs ONEY LORCAN

We get a rematch from last week, which saw Thatcher take the win over Lorcan. Just like last time, this is a very clinical match and exhibits catch wrestling style pretty good. Thatcher is in firm control early on, working Lorcan's left shoulder for the first couple of minutes. Finally, Oney gets some distance and hits some hard chops before Thatcher shuts him down with a beautiful belly to belly suplex. Thatcher is quick to latch on to Lorcan, utilizing a couple of different neck and shoulder locks. Lateral press for an attempted pin but its broken. Both men to their feet. Thatcher hits a fast suplex and covers for a two. Thatcher immediately locks in a neck stretch, then slides down Lorcan's body and sets up the legs, rolling back and locking in the Bow and Arrow. Lorcan tries to escape, and Thatcher rolls it up into a pin attempt.

Lorcan gets to his feet but Thatcher nails a European uppercut, then several hammer strikes. Lorcan fights back and lands three punches; whips Thatcher into the ropes and hits a European uppercut of his own. Lorcan lunges, hitting another! Thatcher slides outside and pulls Lorcan outside. They grapple at ringside; Lorcan sends Thatcher into the ring post, and Thatcher hits his left shoulder hard. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Oney Lorcan is in the corner as Thatcher stretches his neck and the ref counts. Ref breaks it up. Thatcher takes Lorcan into the middle of the ring, drops him to all fours and locks in a neck/shoulder stretch. Thatcher drops several forearms across Lorcan's back. Lorcan finally gets some separation, heads up the turnbuckle and dives off to hit an exploding European uppercut. Lorcan slaps on a double wristlock on Thathcer. Thatcher escapes and as Lorcan clings to Thatcher's left wrist, Thatcher hits several right slaps/chops. Lorcan sends Thatcher to the mat and grabs his right leg, locking in a single leg standing crab. Lorcan breaks it and locks in his own take of a Fujiwara arm bar! Thatcher reaches over and grabs a fish hook (finger hooking in Lorcan's mouth) and yanks it back until Lorcan is forced to break the hold. The ref was out of position and didn't see the dirty move.

Both men to their feet and exchanging chops. Lorcan goes for a double wrist lock; Thatcher grabs his own wrist hand to try to block it. Lorcan still attempting that wrist lock; Thatcher tries to move his arms behind his back to break it. Lorcan won't let go though. Thatcher drops down to the mat. Lorcan has that left arm locked in; Thatcher pivots and rolls over, causing Lorcan's lock on Thatcher's arm to be used against him as Lorcan ends up with his shoulders on the mat! Thathcher gets the cover and the win!
Your Winner, Timothy Thatcher!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie, Robert Stone & Aliyah

Stone immediately sends Mackenize away. He's whining about his foot being run over. Mercedes Martinez walks over and says she wants someone to handle the contracts, get her the big matches, and deal with all the crap she doesn't have time for. Stone agrees and says he's her man. Martinez threatens to break both of his legs if he oversteps. She agrees. Mercedes Martinez has joined the Robert Stone Brand. We're heading to commercial break but our main event is up next!

Back from the Break

We have a video package of Finn Balor, and he says he's coming for the belt and warns anyone in his way. We are then told that next week will see Timothy Thatcher vs Finn Balor vs Dexter Lumis in a North American Championship Ladder qualifying match.

Main Event: Dominick Dijakovic vs Karrion Kross

Scarlett is out first doing their usual black & white "fall and prey" thing. Then the music picks up, the lights flicker hues of orange and red and Kross poses in the ring with Scarlett on all fours. Very unique entrance and worth seeing. Out next is Dominick Dijakovic who's entrance is...ya know. It's okay. Ehhh.

The bell rings and both men square up in the middle of the ring. They lock up. Dijakovic has the height advantage but both men maintain the lockup, moving about the ring, until they mutually break it. The crowd pounds the barricade in appreciation. Both men lock up again and despite Dijakovic's height advantage, Kross goes low, forcing the taller man off his leverage and takes him into the corner. Kross with a hit to the gut, sending Dijakovic to a knee on the mat. Kross locks in a front facelock and keeps cranking it; Dijakovic low-runs and rams Kross' back into the corner but Kross won't let go. Again, Dijakovic rams him and again, Kross won't let go. Dijakovic finally powers to his feet and lifts Kross up, setting up the Feast Your Eyes but Kross floats over and reverses it. Kross goes for a side waist lock but Dijakovic uses it to his advantage, raining blows down on Kross and sending Kross from the ring!

Dominic pursues Kross outside. Kross takes control. Kross sets up a huge fist, but Dominick ducks and Kross nails the barricade! Both men take the action back into the ring. Dijakovic charges but Kross kicks him. Kross with a right. Kross hits a beautiful, absolutely beautiful DDT spike. We go to commercial.

Back from the break. During the break, picture in picture showed Kross in complete control. He used a variety of holds to slow down the pace of the match. Kross hit a textbook guillotine neckbreaker. Kross with a side headlock on a grounded Dominick Dijakovic. Dijakovic manages to roll to the side, forcing Kross' shoulders down, but Kross rolls back before the ref hits three. He continues to hold that side headlock on even as Dijakovic gets to his feet. Again, Kross takes Dominick down to the mat. We come back from the break with Kross still keeping Dominick's right arm between Kross' knees as he wrenches that neck and works the left arm. Dijakovic gets a hit in, then another, and works to his feet but Kross shuts it down with an explosive Doomsday Saito! Kross moves in and looks for the Kross-Jacket submission but Dijakovic shrugs him off. Dijakovic picks him up but Kross escapes. Dijakovic hits a hard right hand, sending Kross into the corner. Kross back to his feet and closing the distance. Dijakovic immediately comes up swinging, hitting right after right after right. Dominick Dijakovic locks in a front facelock and suplex tosses Kross! Dijakovic hits a sitout chokeslam and pins! Kross kicks out at three! This is the first time Kross has shown any weakness!

Kross rolls to the outside Dominick Dijakovic hits a tope! Dijakovic pulls Kross up, but Kross sends Dominick into the steel steps. Kross grabs the bottom rope and uses it to push down as he stands on the neck of Dominick who's on the floor. Dominick's head is between the steel steps and the ringpost. Kross charges and kicks the steps, sandwiching Dijakovic. (The camera should have been in a different position as we could clearly tell Dijakovic's head and neck were behind the ringpost, not between it and the steel steps.)

Dijakovic appears out. Ref is counting. At 8, Kross sends Dijakovic into the ring. Kross comes in the ring and positions Dijakovic in the middle of the ring. Kross straddles Dijakovic's stomach, pins his left arm to the mat, then lays in several right fists. The ref keeps yelling at Kross to cover up (Dominick). Keith Lee comes down to ring side. Kross stares at Lee, and hits Dijakovic once more before standing up and facing Lee. The ref asks Dominick if he wants to stop it, to which he keeps grunting "no" over and over. Kross mounts Dijakovic; Dijakovic tells Lee "it's on me. It's on me. It's my call." He refuses to give up. Kross with a hard right fist. Dijakovic rolls to his stomach and is trying to crawl to the corner that Keith Lee is standing by. Kross grabs Dominic up, pulling him to his knees. Kross yells "are you watching? Look at it, Keith, look at it!" Kross locks in a sleeper. Dijakovic is fading fast. He refuses to give up, though. Kross keeps telling Lee to watch. Finally Dijakovic collapses. He's out. Ref calls for the bell.
Your Winner by Submission, Karrion Kross!

After the Match

Keith Lee immediately gets in the ring, forcing Kross to break the hold and flee the ring. Lee checks in on Dominick and Kross stares daggers into Lee, according to Mauro. Scarlett and Kross exit the ring and we fade to black.

In Closing

A really, really good set of matches. The tournament is setting up even more quality matches, building to a six man ladder match that should be excellent. Alright, folks, I'm out! Y'all stay safe out there. See you all this Friday for Smackdown!

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