WWE NXT Live Results (8/12/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Welcome one and all to the farm-league show going toe to toe with the flagship show of AEW, N-X-T! Reporting to you live from a crappy laptop in a power outage is the host with the roast not being cooked in the oven, Mike Hogan!

We're in for one heckuva show, folks. Opening our show will be Karrion Kross taking on Danny Burch in what will most assuredly be a close match! Will Burch crucify Karrion or will time run out on Danny? Also announced for tonight are Bronson Reed vs Damian Priest in a tease of the upcoming TakeOver XXX Ladder match for the vacant North American Title. SPeaking of, Kushida takes on Cameron Grimes and an Opponent TBD in another TakeOver XXX Qualifier. We'll see Santos Escobar in non-title action against Tyler Breeze. We'll get treated to an Adam Cole/PatMcAfee confrontation. The Bay-Bay of NXTay will have some choice words for the man who caused a distraction, leading to the UE losing their chance to win back the tag team titles. And we'll also have the debut of Johnny Gargano & Candice Lerae's pet puppy. Sounds truly riveting! AEW stands no chance in tonight's ratings!

All this and much, much more, tonight on NXT!

WWE NXT Live Results (8/12/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener: Recap From Last Week's Main Event

We open our program with a video package from last week's main event match, when the Undisputed Era took on the current NXT tag team champions, Imperium. McAfee spent the entirety of the match insulting Cole while Adam stood in hearing distance, leading to a confrontation between the two. The confrontation caused a distraction, leading to Imperium taking advantage and retaining their tag titles.

Karrion Kross vs Danny Burch

Immediately after the package, we're treated to Scarlett who comes out to lead the way for Karrion Kross' noir entrance. The crowd cascades a chorus of condemnation at Karrion Kross as he roars in the ring and the lights come up. Out next is the British Burch.

As soon as the bell rings, Danny and Karrion begin slugging it out. Burch didn't wait for the bell and pummels Kross, sending him from the ring. Burch makes the mistake of following, and Kross two-hand chokeslams him at ringside. The ref continues to count as Kross continues to punish Burch at ringside until the ref gets to eight. Kross takes it back into the ring and maintains control. Burch attempts a comeback with a few punches, leading Beth Phoenix to comment "Burch still has a little life in him!" Kross slams him down and yells "not anymore he doesn't!" Kross continues to dominate, hitting an exploder suplex followed by several powerful blows and a beautiful German suplex. Burch gets to his feet and attempts to fight back, hitting his own German Suplex on Kross.

Burch locks an arm bar on Kross but Kross escapes after a few moments and hits a series of back drops and a Doomsday Saito. Kross destroys Burch with yet more suplexes and German suplexes, finishing Burch off finally with a Kross Jacket. Kross gets the win!
Your Winner, Karrion Kross!

After the Match

Kross doesn't have much time to celebrate the win as Keith Lee comes out and takes up place in the middle of the ring as Kross and Scarlett are at ringside. Lee tells Kross that Kross likes to say this is on Keith Lee, but Lee says it's all on Kross. He calls Kross a little bitch, then tells us that he's begged, pleaded and cajoled William Regal to give them a fight at TakeOver XXX. Lee pulls out a contract and says all it needs is "your punk-assed name on it." Scarlett takes the contract from Lee to Karrion, and a fan yells "sign it in blood!" Karrion signs it and Scarlett takes the contract back to the ring, either kissing or licking it, and slides it in. It stops at Lee's feet. Scarlett rejoins Kross up the ramp, Lee retrieves the signed contract from his feet and opens it, only for a "virgin fireball" as Mauro calls it, to go off in his face. Some kind of small incendiary device went off in Keith's face. Several officials run down with a towel to check on Lee as he growls in pain. An official tells him to "keep breathing." Lee exits the ring, wanting to go up the ramp and engage with Kross but he can't see anything, and the refs and officials surround him. Kross and Scarlett look on menacingly from the top of the ramp as Lee is escorted out a side exit. He heads to the back, leaning against a blue lift as the medics continue to check on him.

We go to a split-screen view of Lee in the back with officials, as the show must go on.

Drake Maverick vs Killian Dain

Drake is out first, excited for his match. Mr. Nikki Cross, aka Killian Dain, makes his way down to the ring. In the back, Lee is sitll having his face wrapped with a towel. I'm not sure if the medical staff are trying to smother him or what.

The bell rings and we go back to fullscreen, as Drake jukes to the right, then the left, trying to avoid the big man Killian Dain. We go to commercial.

During the commercial break, we alternate between the match and the backstage area. Lee is taken to an ambulance while Drake battles for his life. Drake takes Dain to the corner and tries to stomp a hole into the big man. Drake attempts to use his agility to stay out of the bigger Dain's hands, but Dain eventually catches up with Drake and makes him suffer. Dain uses hamhock fists to ground the pint-sized hero. I feel like Pat McAfee tonight! Dain keeps Drake grounded for about two minutes, then sends Drake into the corner. Drake dodges a charge and takes advantage. He gets Dain down to his knees and delivers a flurry of kicks as Dain gets back to his feet. Drake continues with fists, and bounces off the ropes but is caught by Dain. Drake escapes and hits a step up enziguri, staggering Dain back. We see Lee in the ambulance being driven off just as the Undisputed Era pull up. All four men look miffed and enter the building.

Back from the break, we cut back to the ring for all the action. Maverick goes flying off the top turnbuckle onto Dain at ringside. Both men are winded as the ref counts. At six, Dain rolls into the ring and at eight, Drake climbs onto the apron. Maverick makes like Top Gun and flies high, dropping the elbow onto Dain! Suddenly, the Undisputed Era hit the ring and attack both men!
No Contest: Double Disqualifcation

After the Match: The Undisputed Era in the Ring

The UE beat the tar out of both men like it's going out of style, culminating in them sending both competitors to the ringside floor. Cole gets on the match and runs down the social media feud that's been happening all week. Cole challenges Pat McAfee to show up next week on NXT and confront him man to man.

Last Week: Breezango/Legado del Fantasma

We see clips from last week when Santos Escobar and his men attacked Breezango, kidnapping Fandango and eventually dragging him out to the ring, where they beat down both members of Breezango. Later tonight, Tyler Breeze will attempt to get...dare I say it...retribution on the Legado! We go to break.

Video Promo: Kushida

Kushida speaks in his native tongue as we see clips of his NXT career. He touts his successes as of late and promises to advance tonight and win the North American Championship at TakeOver XXX.

Santos Escobar vs Tyler Breeze

Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze, makes his way down to the ring. As soon as he enters, the Legado del Fantasma makes its way out, escorting the NXT Cruiserweight champion Santos Escobar! Santos sends his men to the back, saying he's got this, and this non-title match begins!

As soon as the bell rings, Escobar takes it to Tyler Breeze. Escobar dominates for the entire start of this match, beating Tyler Breeze like a snitch caught wearing a wire. Escobar delivers a wicked dropkick, then spends over a minute repeatedly taunting Breeze into trying to rise, only to kick him back down to the mat. Escobar finally lets Breeze to his feet long enough to send him back to the mat. Escobar continues to talk trash. Finally, as Escobar attempts to pull Breeze to his feet, Breeze hits a desperation dropkick and sends Escobar out of the ring. Breeze follows, only for Escobar to hit a running chopblock, taking out Tyler's knee. Escobar hits a military press drop on the apron and we cut to commercial as Escobar stands proudly over Breeze at ringside.

Back from the break, Santos remains firmly in control. Tyler Breeze attempts a comeback but the Legado return to ringside, causing the distraction that allows Escobar to hit a pumphandle driver and get the win.
Your Winner, Santos Escobar!

After the Match

Legado del Fantasma stand tall over the fallen Breeze. An injured Fandango, one arm in the sling, hits the ring and attacks but the numbers are not with him. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott hits the ring and sends the heels out, making the save.

Video Promo: Dakota Kai/Io Shirai

We get a vignette plugging the Kai/Shirai feud. We're reminded that Kai outsmarted Rhea Ripley last week to win the number one contendership for the NXT Women's Championship. After Kai promises to take out Shirai at TakeOver XXX, we go to commercial. I'm running one commercial break behind so bare with me, brothers!

Mia Yim vs Indi Hartwell

Both women start things off strong, locking up. Hartwell takes control early before both women feud over control. The match is full of slow down and suplexes. Sorry for the truncated coverage, brothers. Nothing special happened in the match until the end. Yim takes control for the final time, nailing a German suplex before locking in a new submission move this reporter has never seen. Yim was seated on the mat, with her legs locked around Indi's neck, forcing Indi's face into the mat. Yim then took Indi's left arm and cranked it up and away from Yim, back and behind Indi's own back, and the 24 year old tapped immediately!
Your Winner by Submission, Mia Yim

Video Promo: Finn Balor

Balor runs down his reputation and accolades and says Cameron Grimes and whomever the third man will be in their triple threat doesn't stand a chance against the Prince.

Damian Priest vs Bronson Reed

We return to what should be a stellar match. Both men make their entrances and start things off right away. Both big men square up. Bronson uses his quick speed, defying his size, to make an impact before the Priest from the East Coast runs him over. Priest locks on a shoulder lock, slowing the pace down drastically.

Reed finally manages to escape, and Priest nails a shoulder tackle but Bronson doesn't budge. Reed nails a shoulder tackle, knocking Priest back. Priest nods his head and slaps Reed. Both men exchange blows. Priest in the corner; Reed comes charging but Priest steps aside. Priest takes control, hitting powerful blows and going for a suplex. Reed slips around, waist locking Priest. Both big men struggle; Reed gets the advantage. Priest slips outside as we go to commercial break.

Back from the break, and we see the two big men exhibiting their agility. Bronson floors Priest and hits the standing senton. Priest recovers and goes for the Flatliner, but can't get the pinfall! Priest is frustrated. Priest goes flying off the ropes onto Reed. Reed posts up in the opposite corner; Priest makes his "archer's shot" movement and runs, hitting a splash. Priest tries to suplex Reed but it's blocked. He goes for it again, but it's blocked. Finally Priest gets the big man up and hits the Broken Arrow for a close two! Reed kicks out! Reed is fast to his feet and hits a brainbuster. Both men are down and take a few moments to recover. On their feet, they both exchange blows. Priest hits a 360 Roundhouse, staggering Reed. Priest goes for another springboard int he corner but Reed counters it mid-air into a slam! Reed goes up top, diving off the top rope for the Tsunami Splash but Priest moves! Priest grabs Reed and goes for The Reckoning but is immediately rolled up by Reed for the win! We get highlights of the match afterwards.
Your Winner, Bronson Reed!

Video Promo: Io Shirai & Dakoa Kai Feud 2

It's Io Shirai's time to cut a promo. We see clips of her career and she reminds us how she took out Shayna Baszler and other NXT Superstars. Shirai tells Kai in English at the end that "you are not in my head, you've just pissed me off!" We're reminded again that in two weeks, at TakeOver XXX, Shirai defends against Kai. Up next: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter take on Aliyah and Mercedes Martinez of the Robert Stone Brand! Commercial break.

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez

The dual KC's take on the Robert Stone Brand in tag team action. KC2 (my term) come out first, as Mauro compares them to a Cardi B/Megan Thee Stallion video. He didn't elaborate, so...yeah. Out next is the Robert Stone Brand! Before I could even type it, Mauro says Mercedes Martinez's new entrance and gear is "straight out of Mortal Kombat." Stone gets on the mic, telling us that the Robert Stone Brand has been "el fuego" and explains to us that means "on fire." He says that the RSB has been on a roll lately and tells Kacy that she's been hanging out with the wrong people. He tells her to lose the loser, meaning her partner, and Kacy stomps his leg, sending him out the ring.

The bell rings and we're starting things with Kacy and Carter double teaming Aliyah. Kacy goes for an immediate cover but Aliyah kicks out. Kacy tags in Carter who delivers a superkick and hits a drop, covering for two. Carter is sloppy and ALiyah tags in Martinez. Martinez and Aliyah hit a double team move similar to a 3D on Carter and cover, only for Kacy to hit the ring and break it up. We go to commercials.

Back from the break and Mercedes is beating Carter around the ring. Martinez takes Carter into the corner and attempts to stomp a mudhole in her. Mercedes pulls her up and takes her back to the heel corner, letting Aliyah tag in. Martinez slams her down and Aliyah gets cocky, delaying her pen attempt and allowing Carter to kick out at two. We're reminded by Mauro that Mercedes Martinez has taken Aliyah under her wing as of late. Mercedes dominates for the next minute, and we go to a commercial pretty quickly after the last.

Back from the break and the Robert STone Brand is in firm control. We see some frustration between Martinez and Aliyah. Kacy is tagged in. Mercedes dominates, ending the match with an Air Raid slam followed by a pin for the win.
Your Winners, the Robert Stone Brand's Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez

After the Match

Rhea Ripley's music plays almost immediately and the former NXT Women's Champion hits the ring. She's got unfinished business with Martinez and plans on getting her ounce of flesh! Rhea takes it to Martinez but Aliyah and Martinez have the numbers advantage. Martinez works over Rhea until Shotzi Blackheart makes the save!

At the Gargano's

We see Candice reading a story book to their pup, and Candice has a psychotic moment in which she insists she's not evil. Gargano breaks her trance and asks her what she's reading. He's up on a ladder, in a blue tracksuit and caught in a blue light, putting up decorations. He has his own camera-staring psychotic moment and says that you can't have a TakeOver without Johnny TakeOver. He says Regal was right in putting in a clause that will allow Gargano to take on Ridge Holland next week for a shot in the North American Ladder Championship Match at TakeOver XXX. He comes down the ladder--he wasn't hanging decorations, but "fixing the house." He says the next time he climbs a ladder, he'll be leaving with gold. He and Candice head up their very narrow staircase. Up next after the commercials will be our main event, the North American Qualifier triple threat match!

Triple H: The Evolution of the Game

We get an advertisement for a vinyl coming out this Tuesday that features all of HHH's themes to date and includes a nifty vinyl patch.

Video Promo: Timothy Thatcher

We get another video package of Thatcher training whomever is around the ring, and exhibits that high-held ankle lock he does, which he converts into a laying leg lock. He tells his students to learn to adapt.

Next Week:

A six man tag of Legado del Fantasma vs Fandango, Tyler Breeze and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott
Adam Cole confronts Pat McAfee face to face
Johnny Gargano takes on Ridge Holland, and Finn Balor takes on an opponent TBD next week in Qualifier matches for the North American Championship Ladder Match.

North American Qualifier Triple Threat: Cameron Grimes vs Kushida vs Mystery Opponent

Kushida is out first followed by Cameron Grimes. We go to commercial before finding out who the mystery opponent is.

Back from break and lo and behold, the mystery opponent is the Velveteen Dream! The show ran a bit late and this match is fast paced. The veteran Velveteen makes an impact early on. All three men take turns being in control. Velveteen delivers the stiffest kick I've seen in a long time. Attempted rollup by Grimes but only gets a two. The video feed cuts out--again, sorry for the technical difficulties--and when we come back, Dream's sent Grimes from the ring. Kushida attempts to mount offense and Marty McFly's all around the ring before Dream catches him and shuts him down. The match concludes when Velveteen has Kushida locked up in a submission, and Cameron Grimes attacks him from behind. Grimes sends Dream out of the ring and pins Kushida, stealing the win.
Your Winner, Cameron Grimes

After the Match

We're reminded that Velveteen Dream was not pinned or submitted so he'll take on Finn Balor next week in the second-chance qualifier. Velveteen stands over Kushida then slaps him repeatedly. Dream exits the ring, coming unhinged, and smacks the barricade. He comes back in the ring and continues his assault on Kushia, hitting a superkick. He poses in the corner and in the ring to boos. Suddenly, Finn Balor comes out and stands face to face with the Dream in the middle of the ring. They're squaring off next week and Balor raises both arms, making finger guns and holding them in the Dream's face as we end our program.

In Closing

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope you all enjoyed your stay! Sorry for the technical difficulties tonight. Hit me up on Twitter (link below) if you want to say howdy or hurl insults. See you all Friday for Smackdown live, here on Rajah.com!

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