WWE NXT Live Results (8/5/2020) - Full Sail University, WInter Park, FL

Welcome back one and all to Rajah.com's NXT Live Results Coverage! I'm your host, Mike Hogan and just like a bad case of the clap, you can't get rid of me!

Jeff reported earlier this morning that we've got a loaded show with five matches already announced! Imperium will defend their NXT Tag Team Championship against the Undisputed Era. We'll also see Keith Lee take on Cameron Grimes. Will the North Carolinian cocky Cameron conquer the charismatic Lee? Or will he bask in his glory? Rhea Rhipley puts her new blonde 'do to the test when she takes on dark Dakota Kai in a Number One Contenders Match! Move over, Commander Riker, because there's about to be a new Number One! The "Aus-zilla" Bronson Reed will take on fellow Aussie, Shane Thorne tonight. Is Shane looking for a Deathwish from the Aussie Mechanic Bronson? Or will he be a "Thorne" in Reed's side? We will also see Damian Priest, Oney Lorcan & Ridge Holland in tonight's North American Triple Threat Match Series. Who's going to advance to the Ladder Match at TakeOver XXX to face Bronson Reed and Dexter Lumis, as well as two more opponents TBD?

We'll answer all those questions and more, tonight on NXT Underground NXT! Oh and hey, Matt Boone, my NXT results coverage won the Rajah ratings war against your AEW coverage, 118 to 107. BOOYAH! How ya like them apples, brother?

WWE NXT Live Results (8/5/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener: Last Week Recap

We start tonight's program with a video package covering the events of last week: Keith Lee called out Karrion Kross while shutting down Cameron Grimes; Dexter Lumis advanced to the North American Championship Ladder Match at TakeOver XXX; the Undisputed Era returned to form after months of mediocrity.

Number One Contender Match: Rhea Ripley vs Dakota Kai

The winner of tonight's match will be the next to take on NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai! Out first is Rhea Rhipley rocking a mixed black and blue outfit to go with the new hairstyle debuted last week. The kiwi captain of Team Kick comes out next.

The bell rings and we get things started. Kai locks in a side headlock and attempts to do a hip toss, but Rhea blocks it. Kai grabs Rhea and drops her to her knee, then slaps her and laughs. Rhea, however, is not amused and stands up, hitting a pair of ripcord clotheslines before nailing a standing dropkick that sends Kai into the corner. Rhea throws her shoulder hard into Kai's midsection in the corner. Kai tries to escape but Rhea catches her in another corner, yells "you wanna taunt me?" and chops her hard. Rhea lets Kai wander to another corner and repeats, yelling the same thing and going for the chop. Rhea hits a big vertical suplex and covers but only gets a two. Rhea and Kai alternate running into the ropes, each attempting to gain the upperhand, but Rhea drops her to the mat and picks her up--using her incredible power to lift Kai sky high and slam her on her face.

While Mauro points out the rivalry between New Zealand and Australia, Rhea and Kai slug it out until Rhea gains control. Rhea slams Kai into the mat and locks in a waist scissors lock in the middle of the ring. The ref checks on Kai, who's screaming in pain. Kai throws a back elbow, and another, and attempts to get free only for Rhea to roll them over and keep it locked in. Rhea hammers Kai with several forearms. Rhea rolls onto her stomach, maintaining the lock and forcing Kai's shoulders down for a two. Kai escapes. Rhea clotheslines Kai back to the mat and does a sloppy cover for a one. Rhea pulls Kai back to her feet, and Kai nails three right hands before Rhea stops her offense with a kick.

Kai slips out the ropes; Rhea ends up outside ringside and Kai hits what Maura calls an electric chair drop (she runs along the apron and leaps onto Rhea). We go to commercial, picture in picture. Both women take the fight back into the ring. Rhea hunches down in the corner, setting Kai up, but Kai counters and delivers a staggering blow. Kai attempts a roll up but gets two. Kai works Rhea down on the mat and uses the bottom rope to help choke Rhea until the ref breaks it. Kai takes Rhea into the corner, runs across the ring and rebounds back to hit a leaping high knee to the chin. Kai covers but only gets a two. She looks frustrated. She kneels behind a seated Rhea, grabbing Rhea's arms and crossing them across her body so as to use Rhea's own arms to choke her. Kai attempts a pin but gets two. She looks pissed, and slaps the back of Rhea's head repeatedly. Rhea's attempting to get to her feet but takes a forearm then a running knee from Kai. Again, a pinfall attempt and again, Rhea kicks out. And, again, Kai locks in the same hold as before. The ref is checking on Rhea as the crowd is seen pounding on the barricade to fire her up. Both women on their sides, the hold still in place, before Kai sits up and slams Rhea's face into the mat. She covers for two.

Back from the break and Kai locks in a kneeling side neck wrench. Kai rolls them over and attempts a pin, but Rhea kicks out at two. Kai attempts the switch kick but Rhea delivers a back kick, dropping both women to their knees. Rhea starts her comeback, hitting a lariat, then a cravate, then a series of knees followed by a basement dropkick to the back of Kai's neck. Rhea picks Kai up in the Electric Chair and drops Kai on her face, covering for a two. Kai latches onto the middle rope as Rhea tries to pull her back. Both women to their feet; Kai nails a kick to the back of Rhea's head and Rhea counters with a series of body shots. Kai hits the Scorpion Kick, stunning Rhea, but gets cocky and yells at Rhea. Kai off the ropes and eats a pop up drop, landing on her face. Rhea grabs Kai's hair and yells at her, calling her pathetic before setting up the pumphandle. Rhea goes for the Riptide but Kai reverses it in midair into a DDT! Beth Phoenix and Tom Phillips are impressed. Kai takes too long after the move, and Rhea hits a big boot. Rhea locks in the Prism Trap and lifts Kai up high, but Kai manages to escape. Both women are in opposite corners. Kai pulls runs a half circle across the room to hit the Helluva kick. Kai takes Rhea up top and attempts a superplex. Kai is sent flying, and as the ref checks on her, Mercedes Martinez attacks Ripley from behind! The ref didn't see it! Kai gets her up and hits the GTK (Go-To Kick) and covers for the win!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Dakota Kai!

After the Match

After a minute's worth of replays, we cut back to the ring. Mercedes Martinez attacks Rhea Ripley then backs up the ramp. Tom reminds us that Rhea's business with the Robert Stone Brand isn't over. We see the Undisputed Era, all wearing nice, colorful suits, outside. We go to commercial.

Earlier Today: Pat McAfee & HBK

We're shown a clip of the two talking, but hear nothing except Tom hyping the fact that they spoke.

Bronson Reed vs Shane Thorne

Aus-zilla is out next and we're told that the fans gave him the nickname "Thicc Boi" so he's embraced it. Out next is his fellow Aussie, Shane Thorne. Fun fact: our first two matches have featured three competitors from Australia and the fourth from it's little neighbor, New Zealand.

To start the match, Shane talks trash, constantly calling Bronson "big boy." Bronson hits a few hard blows, but eats a dropkick that sends him to the outside. Thorne immediately hits a tope on the big man at ring side. They fight outside, exchanging a few blows, until Reed hits a big Full Nelson slam on the apron. Reed goes up top as Thorne rolls into the ring, but Thorne is quick up the ropes to confront him. They struggle at the top until Reed shoves Thorne. Thorne flips back across the ring and lands on his feet, charges the corner and strikes Reed, then charges again and hits a running senton that topples Reed into the middle of the ring. Thorne sets up in the corner and hits a Shining Wizard, covering for two. Both men to their feet. Thorne hits a couple of clotheslines but can't take Reed down. He delivers a pair of chops to no effect, and both men begin clubbing each other. Thorne goes off the ropes and Reed counters with a big clothesline. Reed hits the Death Valley Driver then climbs up top, diving and connecting with the Tsunami. He covers and gets the three!
Your Winner, Bronson Reed!

Outside the Arena

Fandango and Tyler Breeze are walking towards the arena when they're ambushed by El Legado del Fantasma. The luchadores beat down both men before throwing Fandango into their vehicle and kidnapping him as Breeze tries to chase after them briefly on foot. We then get hype for tonight's North American Triple Threat Series match and go to commercials.

Mackenzie w/ the Robert Stone Brand

Mackenzie approaches the trio outside the arena and asks them about their attack on Rhea. Robert Stone says that Rhea may be done with the RSB, but the RSB is not done with her. He laughs and they all walk off.

North American Qualifier: Damian Priest vs Oney Lorcan vs Ridge Holland

Our competitors all make their way to the ring as we get ready for this triple threat qualifier! This is Ridge Holland's NXT debut. We're reminded that he's never been pinned or submitted in one-on-one competition in NXT UK, and that he had a reputation in Rugby for being too dangerous. The bell rings and we start this with all three men squaring off!

Damian Priest starts things by taking both of the other competitors out. He wraps up Oney Lorcan but Ridge takes him down and sends him outside. Very fast paced action. Lorcan goes high to both men on the outside. The action comes back inside. Lorcan flies off the top rope but Ridge Holland catches him mid flight and hits a suplex. Lorcan rolls out as Priest comes in. Holland hits a big suplex on Priest that floors the big man, and we go to commercial!

Back from the break and we see Priest and Holland both on their knees, slugging it out. They make their way to their feet and exchange blows. Holland hits big uppercuts and strikes as Priest hits punishing forearms. Lorcan makes his way into the ring by diving off the top turnbuckle, taking out both men. We're told that we'll learn more later tonight regarding the status of Dexter Lumis for the ladder match at TakeOver 30. Lorcan hits a backstabber and covers but Holland kicks out. Priest attempts a spinning kick but Lorcan catches him and turns it into a submission. Priest shoves Lorcan back but Lorcan comes right at him again, striking him and getting a two. Oney comes off the ropes and leaps, but Holland sends Lorcan flying across the ring with a huge shoulder thrust as Lorcan was in midair. All three men are keeping a solid, fast pace. Holland attempts a cover but Lorcan comes flying in to break it up. All three men are slow to their feet.

Lorcan and Holland are up first; Lorcan punches Holland but Holland slugs him down to the mat. Lorcan looks pissed and comes up, hitting chops followed by a running European uppercut. Holland back to his feet and Lorcan hits another running European uppercut! Priest attempts to capitalize but Lorcan dazes him. Lorcan comes in hot, only to eat another big hit from Holland. Priest comes up behind Holland and sends him from the ring, then hits the Reckoning on an unsuspecting Lorcan, picking up the win!
Your Winner and Advancing to the NA Ladder Match, Damian Priest!

After the Match

Priest makes his way up the ramp to where the NA title is on a podium and points at it, grinning. He'll be facing Bronson Reed, Dexter Lumis and two other opponents to be determined. We head to break!

Keith Lee vs Cameron Grimes

Out first is the cocky Carolinian, Cameron Grimes. Keith makes his way out next. Grimes circles behind the big man as the ref sets the belt aside and the bell rings. Keith Lee immediately walks to Grimes and Grimes backs up into the corner, bending over and yelling, causing the ref to intervene. Grimes slips outside the ring but after a short ref count, comes back in. Grimes holds a hand out like he wants to test of strength but again gets into the corner and yells for the ref. He slips outside the ring and yells at Keith Lee that "you've got one more time to get in my face" and jaws off at Lee. Lee backs up across the ring and hasn't said a word. He gives Grimes space to come back in.

Lee and Grimes finally make contact; Grimes gets a foot up on the rope as Lee grabs him, forcing a ref break. Grimes grabs Lee's head in the middle of the ring and throws a few hands into Lee but with no effect. Lee grabs Grimes by the head, sends him into the ropes and knocks him down to the mat on the rebound. Grimes tries to slither to the outside but Lee grabs his foot and drags him back in. Grimes kicks Lee in the head and goes off the ropes, again attempting a shoulder tackle but is sent to the mat by Lee. Lee sends Grimes into the corner so hard that Grimes pulls an HBK and flops over the ring post and lands on the outside. The ref counts as Grimes rolls in pain. Lee exits from the left side of the ring and runs around Strowman-style, but eats a chopblock from Grimes! Grimes goes up top and hits a moonsault off the top rope onto Lee at ringside, taking the big man down. We go to commercials.

Back from the break and Lee is dominating Grimes. He hits a big chop then hits a cross body and covers for two. Lee picks Grimes up for a huge Last Ride-type powerbomb but Grimes escapes mid-air and attempts a rollup. Lee kicks out and comes in for a clothesline but Grimes ducks under and hits a back rollup, using the ropes for leverage. He gets two and Lee is back to his feet fast. Grimes hits a big kick then goes up top, only to be caught mid-air by Lee. Grimes escapes and hits the Collision Course for a two. Grimes gives it all he's got, folks, but the Champ is proving his nickname as the Superman of NXT (that won't incur a lawsuit I'm sure). Lee gains control and after a short, slow set of clubbing strikes, hits the sitout powerbomb, gaining the pin for the win!
Your Winner, Keith Lee

After the Match

The lights dim and we hear Scarlett talking in a foreign language. An audience member yells for subtitles. We cut to Kross who is somewhere backstage. He tells Lee that "all of this is on you" and the camera pulls out to see bodies strewn about backstage. No clue who. Kross says "tik tok," an obvious comment alluding to his love of the app that's about to be banned. We then cut elsewhere backstage and we see the Undisputed Era backstage getting prepared for their tag match. We go to commercials.

Back from the Break: Metallica, Update to NA Ladder Match

We're treated to a clip of the video for Metallica's "Moth to the Flame" as we're told that this will be the official song of NXT TakeOver XXX--and it's off their upcoming S&M 2 (Symphony & Metallica 2) album. We see Regal's comments regarding the remaining two opponents for the North American Championship Ladder match: Dexter Lumis suffered an ankle injury in his win last week and will not be cleared to compete. Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor both filed complaints regarding not being submitted or pinned in their respective triple threat matches. They will join the two others not pinned or submitted in their triple threat matches and there will be two singles matches over the next two weeks, to determine who will advance to the Ladder match at TakeOver XXX. The message was a bit vague; we do not know who will fill in for Lumis at this time. Sorry for any confusion.

Legado del Fantasma

The trio come out, dragging Fandango with them. Santos Escobar gets on the mic to say that he's tried to explain the importance of Lucha Libre culture and that it's not just for marketing purposes. He goes on to say that some people refuse to show the respect, such as Breezango. He and his men take Fandango into the ring. Santos says that at Great American Bash, Breezango mocked Lucha Libre culture, they spit in the face of their ancestors, including his famous father. he yells down at Fandango that the disrespect stops now. He yells for his men to "get him" but Tyler Breeze runs in. Unfortunately, the three-on-one odds are too much and they take Breeze down fast and hard. Fandango is dragged and laid upon Breeze. Escobar says that if "Swerve Scott" speaks his name again, this will be his fate, and it'll be the fate of anyone who speaks his name disrespectfully. We then cut to a video package showing the UE's dominance of the NXT tag team division since 2017, set to the Imperium theme.

Announcer's Table

Pat McAfee joins the announce table and comments that he's back in the good graces of the Undisputed Era. Still to come, our main event will be a tag team title match between Imperium and the Undisputed Era

Tegan Nox vs Indi Hartwell

Tegan is out next, followed by another Aussie, Indi Hartwell.

The bell rings and Indi Hartwell immediately begins screaming "did you know I beat Shotzi Blackheart? Did you know that? Aren't you impressed?" We're reminded that it was her first win here in NXT. Tegan isn't impressed, however, and slaps Indi. Indi quickly takes control, tossing Tegan down and locking in a chinlock. Tegan makes it to her feet and throws a right into Indi once, twice, thrice. Indi sends Tegan off the ropes and back elbows her down to the mat. Indi covers for a two, then locks in another chinlock. The ref checks on Tegan. Tegan tries to get to her feet but slips. Again, Nox gets to her feet. The women gain separation and Nox runs into a big boot to her face. Indi covers but only gets two. Nox mule kicks Indi off of her in the corner, then drops to the mat and pummels Indi's face while putting on a partial lock of her own. Nox follows Indi into the corner and attempts to stop a mudhole into her, then hits a cannonball. Indi rolls to the middle of the ring but Nox immeidately hits her with the Shiniest Wizard and gets the win. McAfee comments "knee..to..mouth" as if this were a Shinsuke fight. We get replays after the match.
Your Winner, Tegan Nox!

Backstage: Imperium

Backstage, Marcel and Fabian hype themselves up for the match before heading off camera with their belts as we head to commercials.

North American Tournament Update

We've learned that Kushida will square off against Cameron Grimes and a mystery opponent next week in a triple threat North American Championship qualifying match.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Imperium(c) vs The Undisputed Era

Imperium make their way out first in their usual fashion. Out next are all four men of the Undisputed Era. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly will be representing the UE. Pat McAfee is still at ring side commentary and states he's been a fan of the UE since he saw Kyle O'Reilly coming out, strumming the title "he used to have" as he made his way to the ring.

Kyle O'Reilly starts things with Fabian Aichner. They start out exchange blows and kicks. This is Kyle's first action in some time. Kyle still has the dark hair with the red beard. During the start of this match, Pat still makes sly comments about the UE. Kyle takes Fabian into the corner and rapid-fires off a few punches before tagging in Bobby Fish. Fish pulls Fabian to his feet and hits several Muay Thai knee strikes. Aichner catches Fish coming off the ropes and hits a back breaker, then locks in the arm and begins working it over. He twists and spins around, locking the left arm in from behind. Keeping the arm locked in, he tags in Marcel Bartel who comes in and continues working the same left arm of Bobby Fish.

Pat keeps talking smack about Adam Cole, and Tom reminds him that Adam Cole is standing less than twenty feet away. Beth Phoenix takes issue with the personal things Pat's saying about Cole, and Pat comments "I'm not trying to offend the great Beth Phoenix." He keeps jawing on until she says "Okay, I'm done with this, I'm out." Meanwhile Imperium has slowed the pace. They keep Fish isolated throughout the first act of this match, keeping him from even coming close to making the tag to Kyle O'Reilly. Imperium utilize tags to set up a double move (a variant of a sidewalk slam) and continue to keep Bobby isolated. We go to commercials, picture in picture style.

During the break, Imperium keep up the series of tags as they continue to alternate pummeling Fish with fists and working his arm. Finally, Fish strikes Marcel after a tag and attempts to fight out of the corner before Aichner sends him back to the mat. We're back from the break and Aichner has Fish in a neck lock. Cole is staring daggers at the announce table and Pat keeps talking crap about Cole while saying he's "just joking." It's just he and Tom at the announcer's table now. Fish finally gets the tag to Kyle. Kyle comes in and takes out Aichner on the apron and uses his martial arts combo to take Marcel off his feet. Kyle hits a running leaping kick int he corner to Marcel. Fish is still down at ringside; Imperium both are in and Kyle fights them both off, eventually sending Fabian from the ring. Kyle hits a dragonscrew on Marcel, then goes up to the top turnbuckle and goes flying! Kyle lands on Marcel and immediately locks in a leg submission! Marcel's screaming in pain but is closer to the UE corner than his own. Fish goes up top and hits a diving headbutt onto Marcel while he's still in the hold! Fabian comes flying over the ropes, dropping all 230 pounds of his weight onto Kyle to break the hold. We cut to ringside--Adam Cole comes over to confront Pat and tells him that he can hear him, and Pat needs to chill out. Adam starts to return to ringside when Pat calls him "an angry elf." Cole throws Pat's drink into his face and tells him to do something. HBK, HHH and refs come out to keep them separated. We cut back to the ring where Fish is the legal man. He's distracted by what's going on at ringside, allowing Imperium to hit him from behind, hit a double team finisher and steal the win.
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Imperium!

After the Match

Cole and Pat are separated, but Pat comes over and says that nothing is ever going to change and, quote, "For the rest of your life you're going to be an itty-bitty, short little bitch!" Cole flips out and scrambles across the announce table, yelling "I'll kill you!" He's held back by refs, down to the desktop, and McAfee comes over and NFL punt-kicks him hard, leaving him out cold. HHH quickly interjects, sending Pat away. Pat yells something about them being "very very unprofessional" and we end our program.

In Closing

Well there you have it, the UE are denied their fourth tag team championship and Pat McAfee hits his own punt kick on Adam Cole! Hope you all have a great night and I look forward to seeing you Friday for Smackdown!

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