WWE NXT Live Results (August 24, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to the best wrestling of the week, NXT! Your host tonight, to the chagrin of many, is the best play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, "Hollywood" Mike Hogan! We've got a great show lined up for us tonight.

Our official preview set up a big six-man tag match between Hit Row & Legado Del Fantasma. We're set for the NXT Breakout Tournament Finals as Odyssey Jones fights Carmelo Hayes. We'll also see Timothy Thatcher in action against Ridge Holland.

What else is in store for us tonight? We're about to find out tonight on NXT. So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT Live Results (August 24, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Outside the Arena

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett, and Vic Joseph welcome us to our program. We watch a limo pull up outside and here comes the new Million Dollar Champion, Cameron Grimes, as well as the one and only Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. We get still photos from the match at TakeOver between Grimes and LA Knight.

In the Ring Promo: the Million Dollar Champion Cameron Grimes & Ted DiBiase

Grimes comes out to a strong pop and celebrates with his belt at the top of the ramp. Both men eventually make their way out to the ring. Both men get mics and prepare to speak as the crowd chants "to the moon!" DiBiase tells Cameron that when he first showed up, everyone wanted to know what he was there for. But in time, everyone discovered that DiBiase was looking for someone worthy of being the Million Dollar Man and champion. He tells Grimes that quitters never win, and winners never quit and Grimes has never been a quitter. He admires that Grimes has the physical and mental qualities to be a quality candidate. Grimes tells DiBiase that when Ted first showed up, "you drove me absolutely bonkers!" Ted tells Grimes he was testing Grimes. Grimes is glad, as he admits that he was distracted by wealth and riches--none of which gave him what he needed to "be something." And as Grimes served as butler to LA Knight, Grimes was determined that there was no way in hell he'd let the Million Dollar Man become a butler. Loud pop and chant for Grimes. "But as I stand out here celebrating with the Million Dollar Man, I have a question Ted....Where does Cameron Grimes go now?" DiBiase tells him the only place he can go--to the moon. Grimes music plays and DiBiase shoots money out into the audience--money with Grimes' face on it.

Singles Match: Timothy Thatcher w/ Tommaso Ciampa vs Ridge Holland w/ Pete Dunne

Ridge Holland comes out first to a mediocre reaction, accompanied by Pete Dunne. We head to break. When we return, Thatcher comes out with Ciampa and new music. Thatcher wastes no time in ripping off his track jacket and getting in the ring. The bell rings and both men lock up. The two push each other around the ring until they break the lock. Thatcher with a series of forearms and uppercuts; Ridge repays the kindness with a series of his own. Thatcher with a European Uppercut then picks the leg, taking Holland to the mat. Thatcher looks for a leg submission but Ridge escapes. Holland with a big forearm that floors Thatcher, followed by a rope-rebound body slam. Holland covers for one. Thatcher, unable to get to his feet due to Holland's presence, begins turning on the mat and throwing kicks. Holland absorbs them then connects with a strike. Thatcher gets a "Thatcher's gonna kill you" chant and starts to fire back. Multiple forearms and blows from Thatcher. Thatcher rebounds off the ropes and Holland shuts his offense down with a big shoulder block that sends Thatcher flying. Thatcher to his feet, and both exchange blows. Thatcher drops Holland and covers but barely gets a one. Thatcher looks for a submission, pressing his shin in Holland's elbow. Thatcher continuously modifies the hold, impressively transitioning between holds. Holland breaks free with sheer strength, and walks, rubbing some feeling into his left elbow. Holland with a rear waistlock on Thatcher, but Thatcher grabs Holland's left wrist and looks for a submission. Thatcher with an uppercut. Thatcher looks for the Fujiwara but Holland hits a devastating clothesline that sends Thatcher rolling to the floor. We head to break.
During the break, Holland maintains control. Holland uses power submissions in an effort to wear down Thatcher and covers for two. Holland works a sleeper into a side headlock. Thatcher breaks free and throws uppercuts. Holland fires back with one of his own but Thatcher gets off three more shots before Holland sends him to his knees. Holland kicks Thatcher in the face. Thatcher with another uppercut! Holland and Thatcher alternate right forearms for several moments as we return from the break. Thatcher drops Holland and immediately latches on to Holland's left ankle--the one he injured earlier this year--and locks in a single-leg crab. Holland looks for the ropes but Thatcher drags him towards the center of the ring. Holland with kicks to free himself. Thatcher takes a chop to the chest and leaps up, looking for a kick, but Holland swats him down like a fly. Holland quickly finishes off Thatcher, picking up the win.
Your Winner, Ridge Holland!

After the Match: Returns and Brawls

Holland attacks Ciampa while he checks on Thatcher. Ciampa fires off a volley of blows that back the big man into the corner. Pete Dunne hits the ring, as well as a returning Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. The four men easily dispatch Thatcher and Ciampa, though the duo get their fair share of licks in. Dunne backs his faction up the ramp as medical personnel check on Thatcher.

Backstage Interview: Dexter Lumis & Indi Hartwell Set the Date

After a video package showing their recent engagement, the couple are asked about a wedding date. As usual, Lumis remains absolutely silent. He lifts up an invitation and sets the date for Saturday September 14th.

Tag Team Match: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne

The "Tik Tok tag team" nickname is now being applied to Catanzaro & Carter and they make their way out. Dolin & Jayne come out together, wearing matching outfits. We start off with Gigi and Kayden. Kayden with a quick roll-up for nothing. Tag to Kacy. They send both opponents to the outside and threaten a double suicide dive but hit the brakes, taunting their opponents. Back in the ring, Dolin takes control and sends Kacy into the corner. Tag to Jacy. Jacy with a Cannonball on Kacy after Gigi hits one herself. Jacy takes down Kacy and taunts her, slapping her and trash talking. Tag to Gigi. Dolan with a pullback shoulder block, followed by a pullback high knee. Dolin tags in Jacy, who holds Kacy and the duo hit a double-team move. Kayden Carter gets the tag and fires up, taking down Dolin and Jacy. Carter with a low-angle hip bash and a pin attempt. Dolin tags in Jacy and whips Kayden into the ropes, clotheslining her before exiting the ring. Kayden tags in Kacy and the duo hit a double-team move, then just quickly pick up the win.
Your Winners, Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter!

Backstage Interview: NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez

Raquel is asked about TakeOver. Gonzalez says she knows Kai, and doesn't think this is over. She then refers to Kay Lee Ray, stating she knew Ray was coming across the pond at some point. Franky Monet, Robert Stone & Jessi Kamea walk up. Monet puts Gonzalez on notice, threatening to take her title.

Singles Match: Valentina Feroz vs Kay Lee Ray

We get a short video, packed with highlights from KLR's tenure as 600+ day NXT UK Women's Champion. When we return from a commercial interruption, Valentina is already in the ring. KLR makes her way out. The fans chant for KLR as the bell rings and both women lockup. Valentina is speedy and quickly looks for a rear lock. Ray with an arm breaker. Valentina with an impressively agile spot in which she...uh...cat rolled around the ring. Ray isn't impressed and hits a suplex. Ray with a pop-up faceplant. Ray with strikes to Valentina and a pin attempt. Ray pulls on Valentina's hair and the ref warns her. Ray takes Valentina to the corner and hits a hard chest chop. Feroz fires off two fists but Ray absorbs them and drops Feroz to the mat with a single clubbing blow. Ray whips Valentina into the corner but Feroz counters Ray's charge with a kick. Feroz runs off the ropes and right into a Superkick. Ray hits the Gory Bomb to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Kay Lee Ray!

Backstage: Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne

Both women are looking a bit ramshackle backstage. Mandy Rose approaches them and tells them that if they never want to feel like this again, they should follow Rose and never look back. The women shrug and follow Rose off-camera.

In the Ring: NXT Champion Samoa Joe

The first-ever three-time NXT Champ makes his way out to a loud pop from the crowd. Joe gets a mic. "At NXT TakeOver 36, I stood across from the most dominant champion in NXT history. At TakeOver 36, I walked down Karrion Kross, I beat him up, and I now stand before you the first ever three-time NXT champion." Crowd with Joe chants throughout this. Joe states that tonight should be about celebration, but Joe didn't come for a celebration. "To be the NXT Champion is to be the king in the land of savages. And in the land of savages, there is no time to celebrate." Joe notes that the handshakes when he arrived were a bit colder and the stares were a bit bolder. "So I've come out here to answer one simple question. Who amongst you is willing to stop staring and come out here and actually face me? The time is now, the Champ is waiting." Enter Pete Dunne. The crowd with a loud "Bruiserweight" chant as Dunne makes his way to the ring with his pretty little man bun. The crowd cheers alternating for both men. Dunne speaks. "You've stood face to face enough times with me to know the truth. I mean, to be honest with you, I don't care how many times you've held that title. You're not the baddest around here. So tell you what, do me a favor. Head to the back, go fetch your GM Regal, and make the match. And Joe, don't make me provoke!" Enter LA Knight! "It's Knight time, and every day is the right time! Hey Joe," Knight goes on, "those chills you got going down your spine? That's called fear, pal, because right now what you're looking at is...the million dollar megastar." Knight tells Joe he's there to be his first challenger which "coincidentally means I'll be your last challenger because that NXT title" is mine. Knight starts to enter the ring and Dunne threatens him. Enter Kyle O'Reilly. KOR comes out and cuts a promo, trying to make a case for contendership. Ridge Holland attacks KOR from behind. Ciampa hits the ring in support of Samoa Joe, forcing Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland to back up the ramp.

Outside the Arena: Cameron Grimes and Ted DiBiase

Grimes escorts Ted to his limo. Grimes states that Ted's legacy is the belt, and gives Ted the belt. Ted tells Grimes that he's worthy of it, and hands him back a belt. Grimes notices it's lighter than it should be and, when flipping it over, discovers it's official WWE merchandise. Ted DiBiase drives off laughing as Grimes says "damn you, DiBiase" with a smile. We go to break.

NXT Breakout Tournament Finals Match: Odyssey Jones vs Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes is out first for the finals of this match. We're reminded that the winner gets a future shot at an NXT title of their choice. Think of it as the NXT Rookie Money in the Bank. The crowd supports Hayes but Odyssey Jones gets a bigger pop as the big man comes out to a hot crowd for him. Jones is definitely the fan favorite in this arena. We get announcements and heights & weights--Jones is only 6'0? Really?--and the bell rings. Dueling chants for Hayes and Jones, but Jones' is bigger. Both men jockey early on for power, with Jones being the more powerful man but also a good sport, allowing Hayes out of the corner. Jones gives Hayes a moment to rest and offers to shake his hand. Hayes shakes it and pulls Jones forward, looking to ambush Jones, but Jones swat's Hayes down and uses an overhead neck-gripped. Hayes uses his speed and manages to stagger Jones briefly, but fails to follow up successfully as Jones once again smacks Hayes down to the mat easily. We go to break.
Back from the break. Hayes focuses his assault on Jones' left leg. Jones with a big toss into the corner. Hayes continues to use his speed to lock in a rear naked choke. Hayes repositions it to a side headlock sleeper and Jones begins to fade. The Capitol Wrestling Center with a hot "lets go 'melo" but a more bigger "Odyssey" cant. Jones finally breaks free. Hayes with a jumping knee. Hayes with a headscissors take down. Hayes with a pin attempt but Jones pops him off. Hayes charges Jones, who counters it into a massive shoulder breaker. Jones crawls across the mat and Hayes rolls out of the ring to buy himself a reprieve. Hayes heads up on the apron and kicks Jones in the side of the head to back the big man up. Jones staggers, then charges Hayes in the corner. Hayes moves and Jones' left shoulder rams into the post. Hayes goes up top and hits a top rope scissor kick! Hayes, who's slightly busted open at the bridge of his nose, is perplexed as Jones begins to recover. Hayes looks for a second top rope scissor kick but Jones dodges it. Jones drops Hayes and covers, but just before three Hayes is able to pivot and shift so Jones' shoulders were down, and Hayes steals the win as Jones is in shock. After the match, Hayes made sure to get Jones' attention before he left so they could shake hands in a sign of respect.
Your Winner, Carmelo Hayes!

After the Match: Contract Presentation

Carmelo Hayes stands at the top of the ramp, where General Manager William Regal presents Carmelo Hayes with the contract for a shot at a title of his choice. Hayes is asked about who he chooses; Hayes first gives a shout out to Odyssey Jones. Jones then states it's too early to choose. But when Carmelo takes aim, Carmelo doesn't miss.

Backstage Promo: Pete Dunne, Ridge Holland, Oney Lorcan, & Danny Burch

Dunne claims he's the one who deserves a shot for the NXT title. Lorcan & Burch point out that they didn't lose the titles and deserve a title shot of their own. Ridge Holland then promises to put a damper on Ciampa's day. We go to break.

Singles Match: Boa w/ Mei Ying vs Xyon Quin

The Tian Sha faction, so to speak, make their way out. Xyon Quin is already in the ring. Boa uses multiple kicks and fists to hammer away at the newcomer. Boa gets a "message" from Mei Ying and the distraction helps Xyon steal the win in this short match.
Your Winner, Xyon Quin!

Video Promo: the Diamond Mine

Malcolm Bivens cuts a promo on Kushida, telling him that next week he's going to have a fight on his hands. Behind him, Roderick Strong and others work out and practice grappling.

Six-Man Tag Main Event Match: Legado Del Fantasma vs Hit Row

Hit Row are the first ones out to a great pop. Next comes Legado Del Fantasma wearing lucha masks and ring gear! Santos Escobar leads Wilde and Mendoza to the ring where all three pose, remove their masks and place them respectfully on the mat. They then throw their jackets at Hit Row and attack them before the bell. LDF clear the ring and focus on Top Dolla. Wilde and Mendoza restrain Top Dolla and Santos Escobar runs off the ropes. B-Fab grabs his foot, distracting him long enough for Swerve and Ashanti to drag Wilde and Mendoza out of the ring. We're left with Top Dolla and Santos Escobar in the ring, so the ref calls for the bell. Top Dolla dominates through sheer power. Santos quickly tags in Wilde and Top Dolla assists Wilde with entering the ring with a choke toss into the ring. Adonis is tagged in. Adonis with an impressive Monkey Flip that sends Wilde from one corner to the diagonal opposite. Wilde manages to tag Mendoza but Ashanti wastes no time taking down Mendoza. Ashanti sends Mendoza to the outside and attacks Wilde after the blind tag. Hit Row stand strong in the ring as Legado recover and we head to break!
During the break Ashanti continues to maintain control as Santos Escobar comes in. Escobar with a kick but Ashanti catches the foot and makes him hop on one leg as Ashanti backs to his corner. Swerve takes the tag and leaps over the ropes, crashing into Escobar's leg. Swerve with a rolling neckbreaker. Swerve takes Escobar to the corner, plays to the crowd--and pays for it when Escobar escapes and chops his legs out from under him. Escobar charges Swerve and gets a back elbow for it. As he distracts the ref, his teammates grab Swerve by the hair and hit a mat slam. LDF use quick tags to keep Swerve in their corner, each man tagging in just long enough for a strike or two. Finally Mendoza comes in to fully engage with Swerve. Mendoza attempts a backslide pin but gets two.
Back from the break. LDF manage to isolate Swerve in their corner and once again utilize the strike-and-tag tactic. This time, each man charges Swerve in the corner, smashing their body into his and his into the ringpost while simultaneously tagging in a partner. This goes on for quite a few seconds until Escobar changes tactics, hitting a nice stalling suplex. Wilde is tagged in and hits a splash for a two-count cover. Wilde locks the neck and gator rolls on the mat. Wilde allows Swerve to rise and hits a snap swinging neckbreaker. Mendoza comes in and battles Swerve against the ropes. We're in overrun territory! Swerve fights back enough to drop Mendoza. Mendoza tags Wilde who barely manages to stop Swerve from tagging out. Swerve with a big shove then runs over to attack Mendoza & Escobar on the apron. Swerve with teh hot tag to Top Dolla. Dolla hits a massive splash on Escobar in the corner after a huge suplex. Dolla with a sidewalk slam on Escobar. Top Dolla rebounds off the rope, does a jig over Escobar, and leaps up to hit a dropping elbow for a close two.
Wilde & Mendoza hit the ring to help their leader but Top Dolla catches each man as they dive at him. Top Dolla has two men on his shoulders in a fireman's carry, and catches Escobar as he leaps at him--holding escobar in a front carry. Top Dolla slams all three men into the ring. Escobar looks for a tag but his corner is empty! Escobar fights back against Top Dollar. Escobar gets a tag to Wilde as Adonis comes in. Wilde and Mendoza with quick tags, double-teaming Ashanti "Thee" Adonis and looking for the pin. The ref begins to lose control as Hit Row hit the ring, taking out Mendoza. Swerve takes the hot tag from Ashanti as Escobar takes the tag from Mendoza. Swerve and Escobar collide in the center of the ring, swinging blows. Swerve with a rolling Flatliner before climbing up the turnbuckles. Mendoza and WIlde try to interfere, and Adonis and Top Dolla take them out at ringisde. Swerve flies and hits the 450, getting a very close two. Swerve looks for a single-hand chokelsam but Escobar escapes. Escobar heads to the outside. Swerve runs along the apron and kicks at Escobar, who catches his leg and yanks him down to the floor. Santos sends Swerve in the ring and B-Fab uses the distraction to shove Escobar into the ringpost. She stands over Escobar, talkign smack, until Elektra Lopez shows up and attacks B-Fab with a foreign object (looks like a nightstick). She tosses it to Swerve in the ring, and the ref immediately chastises him for having a weapon. The distraction helps Escobar roll up Swerve, picking up the win!
Your Winners, Legado Del Fantasma!

After the Match

Legado celebrate up the ring and stand alongside Elektra. The odds are now even between these two factions.

In Closing

That wraps up tonight's NXT broadcast. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay cool in this heat, stay frosty at all times, and stay safe, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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