WWE NXT Live Results (August 31, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back, Rajahmaniacs, to our live results coverage of tonight's NXT! Your host tonight is the natural disaster magnet, "Hurricane" Hogan! We've got a great show lined up for us tonight.

Our official preview is up, and tonight we can expect four singles matches as well as new NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov's first appearance as NXT UK Champion. Ciampa and Holland are set for a brutal battle, while the 6'7" Duke Hudson takes on Kyle O'Reilly. We'll see the Diamond Mine's Roderick Strong's open challenge, which has been answered by Ikemen Jiro.

We'll have all this and more tonight on NXT. So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT Live Results (August 31, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Singles Match: Mandy Rose w/ Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jane vs Sarray

This is Mandy Rose's first match since returning, per Wade Barret and Tom Phillips evil mutant, Vic Joseph. This is a new faction that's gonna go places. Rose has new music by the by. Sarray is out next to a decent pop and we're ready for our first match of the night! The crowd is hot behind both women with a lengthy dueling chant. Rose takes control early on with a traditional wrestling takedown. Rose mocks Sarray, doing push-ups on Sarray's back. The crowd throughout the match continues dueling chants. Sarray hits a long-angle dropkick to floor Rose. Sarray looks for a Fisherman's Suplex but Roes counters. Sarray goes for another Fisherman's, but Sarray converts it into a submission. Rose breaks it. Sarray with a roundhouse to drop Rose, and attempts a few pin falls for twos. Sarray climbs to the top, sizes up Rose, and looks for a top rope diving body splash. Rose rolls out the way and mounts-and-pounds Sarray before she can recover.
Dolin and Jayne watch from ringside as Rose stomps Sarray down into a corner. More, louder chants from the NXT crowd. Rose with a suplex of her own and yet another failed pin attempt. Rose with a unique neck wrench, pushing her knee into the back of Sarray's neck while cranking back on the chin. Sarray struggles, throwing rights into Rose as she battles to her feet. Rose shoves Sarray to the ropes. Sarray looks for a running cross body but Rose catches her and converts it into a Fallaway Slam, followed by a kip-up! Rose with another unique submission, again focusing on Sarray's neck, pulling her chin about as far right as a human chin can turn. Sarray eventually rolls through to break it. Sarray with a reverse STF/chin-lock submission with Rose right by the ropes! The crowd hotly chants for Rose, who shoves a thumb into Sarray's eye without the ref noticing. Both women stand in the ring and exchange rights. Sarray with a clubbing right that drops rose, and a few right forearms to stun Rose. Sarray tells Rose to "come on" and Rose slaps her. Rose runs off the opposite ropes and right into a dropkick from Sarray! Sarray follows it up with another dropkick right to the face, sending Rose outside. Gigi and Jacy quickly grab a towel and place it over Rose's face, then escort her to the back as the ref counts her out. Odd.
Your Winner by Count-out, Sarray!

Singles Match: Duke Hudson vs Kyle O'Reilly

Duke Hudson is out first for this match, and is billed at 6'7". Mild reaction from the in-house crowd and from the digital crowd. Out next is Kyle O'Reilly comes out next to a huge pop and lost the denim jacket and stupid sunshades. O'Reilly is praised highly by Hall of Famer and NXT Commentator, Beth Phoenix, as he makes his way into the ring. Huge pop from the digital crowd when he enters the ring. Both men ready up and we have our bell. O'Reilly has kinesiology tape on his left ribs. Hudson goes after it immediately. Hudson toys with O'Reilly, but the new-comer's arrogance gets him in trouble as O'Reilly leaps on the big man's back and locks in a sleeper. Hudson breaks it with a blow to the ribs. Hudson's leg is wrapped by O'Reilly but breaks free. Hudson picks O'Reilly up and throws him into the corner then hammers the ribs. Hudson with a spurt of offense, hitting a running knee. Hudson whips O'Reilly into the ropes and hits another big knee. O'Reilly struggles briefly for position and slaps an Abdominal Stretch on Hudson. Hudson flips him off, over his shoulder. Hudson whips O'Reilly into the corner and mocks O'Reilly's air guitar shtick. Hudson spreads O'Reilly's legs and stomps him on the stomach, then pushes down with his foot in a power submission attempt. O'Reilly refuses to give in. O'Reilly fires off a flurry of strikes but can't follow through as his ribs are impacting his ability greatly. O'Reilly with a step-up kick but Hudson counters with a big rib-breaker across his knees (wrong side of ribs, though Kyle sells it) as we go to a break!
During the break Hudson continues to focus his attack on O'Reilly's ribs. Hudson locks in a powerful Abdominal Stretch, yanking O'Reilly and putting all that pressure on his injured left ribs. O'Reilly refuses to give in and after several long moments, O'Reilly escapes. Kyle fires off some knees to Hudson, but Hudson lays him out almost immediately. Duke once again takes Kyle into the corner and throws a big right into the ribs. Duke follows Kyle around the ring, this time using a raising knee to the ribs. Hudson lays out O'Reilly and hits a standing elbow drop. Hudson physically holds O'Reilly's hands aside as he pummels the injured ribs with stiff rights. Hudson with a series of working holds, all designed to work the ribs and wear down O'Reilly. O'Reilly counters a hold but Hudson throws him back into it.
Back from the break. Hudson continues to use working holds. Kyle screams in pain but reverses the hold, only to have Hudson reverse it again himself. O'Reilly starts his comeback sequence, and uses his O'Reilly combination of strikes and kicks to drop Hudson. O'Reilly with a running forearm to Hudson in the corner. O'Reilly with an arm breaker, followed by a Dragonscrew takedown! O'Reilly runs off the ropes and right into a double axe handle strike from Hudson. Both men regain their footing simultaneously. Hudson charges O'Reilly in the corner, but Kyle counters with a big boot. Kyle slaps a side sleeper on Hudson. Hudson is fading...and then stands up, holding Kyle, and rams him into the corner. The fans with loud boos. Hudson lifts O'Reilly in a Lawn Dart position over his shoulder, and hits a high kick that hits O'Reilly in the face. Hudson looks for a cover after an overhead release suplex for a close two. The crowd tries to fire up O'Reilly. Hudson isolates O'Reilly on the apron and attacks with big forearms. O'Reilly counters a third attempt with a rope assisted Dragonscrew--ouch! O'Reilly with another! O'Reilly climbs the turnbuckles and hits a diving knee drop on Hudson's knee. O'Reilly quickly slaps in a leg bar submission and Hudson taps!
Your Winner by Submission, Kyle O'Reilly!

Previously on NXT: InDex

We return from a break and get a short video that highlighted the recent proposal from Indi Hartwell to Dexter Lumis. Their 'wedding' is in two weeks, on September 14th! As usual, Phoenix is an InDexer but Barret is not fond of them.

In the Ring Promo: New NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov

This is Dragunov's first appearance as NXT UK Champion, per the WWE, and the Czar is ready to talk about toppling the Ring General himself, WALTER, at TakeOver 36. Curious what the NXT UK show/roster think of that. Dragunov limps to the ring and is welcomed by several big chants, including "you deserve it." Dragunov smiles and speaks after a few moments of taking it in. "I wanted you all to see that I'm, uh, still alive!" He smiles and laughs as the crowd applauds, then chants loudly "please don't go!" Dragunov tells us he feels more live than he's ever felt before to a big pop. Dragunov tells us that he feels like a man who's just survived the most intense battle of his life. The crowd is HOT for Dragunov, and he smiles often and has to pause to let them get their chants out. Dragunov tells the NXT Universe he likes it here, and we'll see more of him again, but now he's got to show the world the will, passion, soul, and struggle that goes into being the NXT UK Champion. Dragunov asks who's willing to go through war to take his title away, and gets a nice pop and chant. "Guys because as you all saw, the Ring General has fallen. Long live the Czar!" Great pop reaction as Dragunov tells the NXT Universe not so much as "goodbye" as "see you later."

Backstage Interview: Kay Lee Ray

Ray is asked about her appearance in NXT, and what makes her think she has the right to just come in and demand a title shot. She's asked about the various Superstars of the women's roster, and runs them all down, picking apart them and any shot they may deserve. Ray proudly brags that her recent stint as NXT UK Women's Championship was the longest in seventy years (we're counting the year or so NXT UK was shuttered during the pandemic, apparently). We go to break.

Backstage Interview: Carmelo Hayes & Legado Del Fantasma

Carmelo is asked about his title opportunities thanks to winning the Breakout Tournament contract. Carmelo speculates on which title he wants when Elektra and LDF walk up. They tell him that the North American title is Santos' territory and to stay out of his way.

Tag Team Match: Imperium vs Drake Maverick & Grayson Waller

Wooooo, Imperium in the house. And a tag match! As Imperium comes down to the ring, we get a backstage promo from Drake Maverick and the newly-debuting Grayson Waller, who's hyped up for the match despite Maverick's attempts to caution the youngster. We start with Waller and Aichner. Aichner takes control straight out the gate and battling the youngster to the Imperium corner. Marcel Barthel tags in. Waller throws a few punches but Marcel takes him into a corner and hits stiff chops. Aichner and Maverick come in. Maverick uses his speed to drop both members of Imperium in the ring with dropkicks. Marcel charges Drake, and Maverick yanks the rope down, sending Marcel pummeling to the outside. Waller tags himself in and Drake objects. This distraction allows Marcel to pull Drake out of the ring and attack him. Both members of Imperium quickly position Waller and hit the Imperium Bomb to pick up the easy win.
Your Winners, Imperium!

Backstage: the Way

Gargano paces back and forth until suddenly, Dexter Lumis appears behind Johnny, scaring him. Gargano tells Lumis to "just be normal" repeatedly after Indi Hartwell implores Gargano to give Dexter a shot. We go to break.

Backstage Promo: Pete Dunne, Ridge Holland, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Dunne warns Ciampa that tonight, he steps into the ring with the big man Holland.

Backstage: During the Break

We get a short video clip of Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne as they flee Sarray's room, having beaten down the Superstar.

Singles Match: Johnny Gargano w/ InDex vs LA Knight

Gargano makes his way out in his Wolverine-themed blue-and-yellow gear. InDex accompany him and freak him out when they both slither in the ring, in front of him, posing as he poses. Gargano constantly talks to Hartwell and gestures to Lumis, off mic. Out next is LA Knight, without a mic for once. Johnny gets loud cheers and chants; Knight gets a great heel reaction from the crowd without even being on the mic. Both men ready up and we're set! The crowd starts us up with a "LA Sucks" chant. Knight with a scoop slam. Knight trash talks InDex then the crowd. Hot crowd behind Gargano as he fights back, taking Knight down and locking onto the head. Knight attempts to escape but Gargano continues to reposition, keeping a hold locked in until Knight powers out of it and crashes Gargano down. Knight with a side headlock--and a huge "you suck" chant from the crowd--and sends Gargano into the ropes.
Both men run off the ropes, with Gargano ending the sequence with a headlock takedown. Knight reaches the ropes and the ref forces the break. Knight takes control now, hitting Gargano around the ring. Knight with a whip. Gargano counters with a Hurricanrana, followed by an arm-bar takedown. Gargano locks the arm and rolls, getting a near fall. Gargano with another hot chant from the in-house crowd. Gargano takes Knight into the corner and chops his chest. Knight throws a right kick back, and Gargano fires off another chop. Knight with another kick. Gargano unleashes a flurry of chops to Knight's chest as the ref counts a warning. Gargano with an arm breaker, the wrist held and arm twisted for another arm breaker. Gargano goes to the well one time too many and Knight escapes, taking Gargano down with a back elbow off an Irish whip.
Gargano follows Knight to the outside. The crowd really, really, really is pissed at Knight. The crowd with vigorous, loud chants throughout the night--nice to see such a hot crowd in the WWE. Gargano toys with Knight outside the ring. Back in the ring, Knight takes control with a suplex. Knight with another suplex. Knight with a running knee to Gargano's jaw in front of InDex, taunting them. Knight with a springboard shoulder block that drops Gargano. We head to break.
Back from the break. Knight is still in control and wrenches Gargano's neck in front of InDex. Vic Joseph informs us that Knight maintained control the entire commercial break, and has done most of his office directly in front of InDex. Knight with a big swing. Knight drops Gargano with a leaping neckbreaker (think RKO, but the guy's facing backwards). Knight takes Gargano into a corner and throws his shoulders into Gargano's gut. The crowd with dueling chants for the first time in this match. Gargano chops and punches out of the corner. Gargano whips Knight into the ropes but Knight counters a back drop with a face slam to the mat. Crowd with a "you still suck" chant, haha. Gargano fights back with a rolling kick. Gargano with a running forearm in the corner followed by a middle-rope Flatliner/DDT! Crowd's hot again for Johnny. Knight rolls outside. Gargano sizes him up and looks for a suicide dive, but Knight leaps up with a shoulder to block him. Gargano's now on the apron. Knight looks to capitalize but Gargano fights him back, gaining enough separation to hit a springboard spear for a close two!
Gargano takes Knight into a corner and climbs the middle turnbuckles, throwing slow fists as the crowd chants with each strike. Knight counters after five, throwing Gargano off. Knight with a pin attempt. Knight with a..uh..pop-up, inverted Lawn Dart cutter. Innovative offense, as the broadcast calls it. Knight looks for a BFT but Gargano shoves him off and looks for a submission. Gargano rolls position, trying to get the pin but Knight escapes. Gargano looks for the One Final Beat springboard DDT but Knight catches him with a right. Instead of crashing to the floor, Lumis catches Gargano and sets him down gently. Gargano is pissed, for some reason, until Lumis shoves him aside--preventing a surprise attack from behind by Knight, who puts on the brakes and tells Lumis he has no quarry with him. Lumis extends an arm towards the ring and Gargano bends under the top rope, extending a hand out for a high five, but Knight blocks it and connects with the BFT to pick up the win!
Your Winner, LA Knight!

Backstage: MSK & GM William Regal

MSK tells the cameraman they're sorry to bother him in the bathroom but they need a cameraman. They head down the hall and knock on GM Regal's office door. MSK inform Regal that they'd like to give Lorcan & Burch a title shot. Wes Lee points out that Lorcan & Burch didn't lose their titles, but instead had to abdicate them due to injury. MSK continues, pointing out that they've never fought Lorcan & Burch and they're fighting champions. Regal commends the young men on their integrity and agrees--next week, they'll defend their titles! We go to break.MSK tells the cameraman they're sorry to bother him in the bathroom but they need a cameraman. They head down the hall and knock on GM Regal's office door. MSK inform Regal that they'd like to give Lorcan & Burch a title shot. Wes Lee points out that Lorcan & Burch didn't lose their titles, but instead had to abdicate them due to injury. MSK continues, pointing out that they've never fought Lorcan & Burch and they're fighting champions. Regal commends the young men on their integrity and agrees--next week, they'll defend their titles! We go to break.

Short Promo: Mei Ying

We're informed that Mei Ying will have her NXT match debut next week, and our commentary team speculate Ying is not happy with Boa losing recently.

Singles Match: Jessi Kamea w/ Franky Monet & Robert Stone vs NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez

We're told that Kamea has "rebranded herself" in the "Franky Monet mold." Out next, to a huge pop, is the NXT Women's Champion who wears a vinyl coat reminiscent of Edge's back in the day. The crowd actually does a short Robert Stone chant. As the match starts, the champion takes control through sheer power. Raquel slams Kamea into the top turnbuckle. Kamea attempts to fight out of the corner but Raquel hits a sidewalk slam, followed by a middle-rope elbow drop for a close two. Kamea exits to the apron to catch her breath. Gonzalez looks for a running Big Boot but Kamea dodges, and Gonzalez's foot is stuck on the top rope. Kamea kindly helps free it by using the top rope to snap the leg back. Kamea with a short burst of offense, but a rolling kick is countered with a dropkick from the chant. The Champ with an inverted bomb. Gonzalez with a rear waist lock, but Kamea breaks free with a stomp to the foot and an Enziguri. Raquel rebounds off the ropes and clocks Kamea in the jaw. Raquel hits her finisher, the Chingona Bomb, to pick up the win. After the match, Monet entered the ring and stared at the champ.

Backstage Interview: Wade Barret with NXT Champion Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe, our first-ever three-time NXT Champion, sat down with Wade Barret to cut a short interview. Joe set the standards for those who want to come after his title.

Singles Match: Roderick Strong w/ the Diamond Mine vs Ikemen Jiro

Back in the CWC, Roderick Strong comes out with Diamond Mine--and new additions the Creed Brothers, formerly known as the Kasper Brothers. Jiro is already in the ring. The bell sounds and Strong aggressively goes after Jiro, using knees and fists to fight him into the corner. Strong attempts a lift but Jiro escapes and taunts him. Jiro with a headscissors takedown and Strong rolls to the outside. Jiro with a leap over the top rope, landing on his feet as Strong moves. Strong sends Jiro into the steel steps. Strong maintains control and uses a back breaker for a quick pin attempt. Strong with a headlock and fists to Jiro before an improvised, grounded abdominal stretch. Strong talks smack to Jiro. Jiro fights to a vertical base and throws a right. Strong with a knee. Jiro counters a whip with a back elbow and heads up the ropes, only to have his legs chopped out from beneath him by Strong! Jiro gets a second wind and uses his speed to take the upper hand. Jiro dodges a splash in the corner. Jiro with a springboard moonsault for a close two. Jiro with an inside cradle for another near fall. Jiro looks for a Superkick but Strong counters with a jumping knee, followed by another, unique backbreaker. Strong hits a second one of the new, un-named finisher, and picks up the win to loud boos.
Your Winner, Roderick Strong!

Backstage Interview: Cameron Grimes

Grimes is interviewed about last week's events, in which Ted DiBiase exchanged Grimes' Million Dollar Belt for a replica. The Grizzled Young Veterans walk up and call him the million-dollar redneck. They mock his replica title and tells Grimes he could be the North American champion next week if he wants. Grimes asks them if they need a loan and pulls out a big wad of money. He takes the replica title, pointing out its significantly heavier than the usual, and drops

Singles Main Event Match: Tommaso Ciampa w/ Timothy Thatcher vs Ridge Holland w/ Dunne, Lorcan & Burch

You will not survive! Out first is the original Blackheart of NXT, Tommaso Ciampa, to a great pop. Ciampa walks in circles in the ring, eager to get his hands on Holland. Ridge Holland is out next with his "Four Horsemen of the UK" or whatever you want to call them. The digital crowd with big boos, but the in-house crowd is kind of quiet until his name is announced. The crowd starts with a "Ciampa's gonna kill you" chant as Ciampa and Holland lock up. Ciampa with a side headlock takedown. Holland powers to his feet and shoves Ciampa back into the corner, hitting a pair of European uppercuts. Holland with a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex toss. Holland stomps Ciampa and kicks his back, forcing him to the apron. The ref warns Dunne & Co. at ringside to stay back. Ciampa comes back in and takes the lead, flooring Holland. Ciampa with a running knee to a seated Holland in the corner. He talks smack to Dunne & Co. and they block another running knee by dragging Holland out. Ciampa follows outside and battles Holland by the announcer's table. Ciampa rolls in and out of the ring to break the ref's count at eight. Ciampa slams Holland on the announcer's table, his head hanging off the front, then backs up. Ciampa charges and hits a running Field Goal kick to Holland's face! Burch & Co. attempt to get involved, distracting Ciampa long enough for Holland to hit a huge overhead suplex as we go to break!
During the break Holland maintains control. Holland hits a big rib breaker across his knee and looks for a cover. Holland begins to focus his strikes and kicks on Ciampa's lower back. Holland twists the neck of Ciampa until Ciampa hits a jawbreaker reversal. Ciampa takes Holland into the corner and looks for a whip; Holland counters with a strong Irish whip that sends Ciampa bouncing out of the corner from the speedy impact. Holland and Ciampa battle for control back and forth throughout the break, with Holland having the upper hand for the majority of the break. Holland changes tactics, attacking Ciampa's left wrist and stomping on it. Holland toys with Ciampa as the picture-in-picture break ends.
Back from the break. Holland takes control once again. Beth Phoenix notes that Dunne, Lorcan & Burch have tried repeatedly to influence the outcome of this match. We're informed that Timothy Thatcher is out indefinitely. Holland with a blow to Ciampa's lower back that staggers the former champ. Holland whips Ciampa into the corner and follows it up with a corner running splash. Holland whips Ciampa into the opposite corner as we hit overrun territory; this time, however, Ciampa explodes out of the corner and takes it to Holland. Ciampa sends Holland into the corner and rapid-fires fists to the big man. Ciampa with a rising knee strike to Holland's face. Ciampa sets Holland up, runs off the ropes, rebounds off the opposite and sends Holland straight to the mat with a big clothesline. Holland recovers and hits a big Alabama Slam. The ref stops to check on Ciampa, but Ciampa waves off the ref. Loud "you suck" chant from the crowd to the British Brock Lesnar. Holland looks for a cover but only gets two. Both men are slow to their feet. Holland with a forearm to the small of Ciampa's back. Another, dropping Ciampa to his knees. Ciampa counters a third attempt with a back elbow strike. Both men begin slugging it out in the ring to "yays" and "boos". Ciampa begins machine gun-firing fists into Holland, bludgeoning the big man to his knees. Holland with a strike to Ciampa, who fires one back. Ciampa with a huge show of strength as he lifts Holland up to hit the Air Raid backpack drop. Close cover but Holland recovers. Holland and Ciampa brawl to the apron. Ciampa with multiple chest slaps to Holland. Holland with a big left. Holland attempts to lift Ciampa but Ciampa escapes, sliding into the ring. Ciampa gets Holland strung across the middle rope and pummels him with multiple knees. Ciampa with a Willow's Bell! Ciampa covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Tommaso Ciampa!

After the Match

Ciampa has no time to relish in his victory as Lorcan, Burch and Dunne attack him. Lorcan and Burch restrain Ciampa for Dunne until MSK make their way out! MSK wipes the floor with Lorcan & Burch, then slide in the ring to protect Ciampa. Dunne and Holland exit the ring and gather with their allies up the ramp. The crowd chants for MSK for making the save. Ciampa and MSK stare down Dunne, Holland, Lorcan & Burch as we end our show.

In Closing

Yet another excellent episode from the for now Black & Gold brand. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay cool in this heat, stay frosty at all times, and stay safe, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!

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