WWE NXT Live Results (May 7, 2024) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

WWE NXT Live Results (May 7, 2024) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

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Your announcers are Booker T and Vic Joseph.

We take a look back at Wes Lee winning the North American Championship and his run as champion and his recovery from injury.

We see Wes in the back being motivated by members of the locker room.

Match Number One: Wes Lee versus Josh Briggs

They lock up and Josh biels Lee but he rolls through. Lee with a side head lock and Josh with a shoulder tackle but he misses an elbow drop. Lee with a crucifix for a near fall. Lee with another crucifix but he connects with forearms and gets a La Magistral for a near fall. Lee goes for a sunset flip but Josh does not go over. Josh misses a stomp and Lee with a wheelbarrow into a jaw breaker and a drop kick to send Josh to the floor. Lee with a pescado but Josh moves and Lee lands on his feet. Josh with a rake of the eyes and he sends Lee into the apron. Lee with a head scissors that sends Josh to the floor. Lee goes to the apron and he goes for a DDT off the apron but Josh catches Lee. Lee gets to his feet and Lee sends Josh into the ring post and then hits a head scissors using the ring post for momentum.

Ivar makes his way to ringside.

Josh catches Lee on a Cardiac Kick and hits a back breaker. Josh with a splash for a near fall. Josh tells Ivar to come into the ring. Josh with a hard Irish whip. Josh with another hard Irish whip. Josh gets a near fall. Josh with an Irish whip and Lee tries to float over but Josh does not go into the corner. Lee lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and he takes Lee down. Josh with a clothesline and he gets a near fall when Lee holds on to the ropes. Josh kicks Lee and hits a running boot to Lee and Lee hangs from the botton rope by his feet before falling to the floor. Josh sends Lee back first into the ring steps. Josh kicks Lee when he gets back in the ring. Josh with a bear hug.

Lee with a punch to try to escape the hold but Josh holds on. Lee with forearms and a knee to the midsection to escape. Josh holds Lee by the hair and Lee punches Josh. Lee with a punch tot he midsection followed by kicks and he runs over Josh's back. Josh sends Lee to the apron and Josh with a hip lock into a back breaker. Josh with a side slam for a near fall. Lee punches Josh and Josh with a boot to the head. Lee with a boot tot he head that staggers Josh. Lee with an enzuigiri and a rolling kick to send Josh to the floor. Lee with a suicide dive and they land in front of Ivar at the announce table.

Josh grabs Ivar to get up and Lee drop kicks Josh into Ivar. Lee pushes Josh into the ring and he goes up top. Lee with a Spiral Tap for the three count.

Winner: Wes Lee

After the match, Ivar and Josh exchange punches at ringside. Lee wtih a senton onto both men.

Oba Femi watches from the HBalKony.

We see Roxanne Parez walking and so was Chelsea Green.

We see Roxanne Parez walking and so was Chelsea Green.

We take a look back at NXT Underground from last week.

We are back and Tyriek and Tyson congratulate Nathan and Axiom on their title defense and they will be champions some day.

Kemp, Dempsey, and Borne show up and point out that they couldn't win their debut.

Charlie says if they get in the ring with them, they will feel pain.

Tyson and Tyriek are up for a challenge.

Karl and Luke enter while everyone leaves. They want them to Too Sweet and Nathan says they are good and they walk away.

Luke says that is why those brothers are going to lose their titles.

Match Number Two: Shayna Baszler (with Lola Vice) versus Karmen Petrovic (with Natalya)

Karmen is ready to go and Shayna takes her time getting out of the corner. Karmen misses a kick and she backs Shayna into the corner. They lock up and Shayna with a clean break. Karmen misses a clothesline and Shayna with a waist lock take down. Karmen escapes and she hits a round kick. Shayna rolls to the floor and Karmen follows. Shayna with a punch and she puts Karmen's arm in the ring frame and Shayna with a knee to the arm. Karmen is sent into the ring and Shayna with a hammer lock and she sends Karmen shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Shayna wraps the arm in the ropes and stretches the shoulder joint. Shayna with a wrist lock as she bends the arm.

Karmen with a rollup for a near fall. Shayna with a clothesline for a near fall. Karmen with forearms but Shayna with a forearm of her own. Shayna is sent shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Shayna with a belly-to-back suplex and she prepares to stomp on the elbow and does it. Karmen with punches and kicks. Karmen with a scorpion kick and a leg sweep followed by a kick for a near fall. Shayna blocks a kick but Karmen kicks Shayna. Karmen goes up top and Shayna with a Kirifuta Clutch and Karmen taps out.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

After the match, Lola does some dancing.

We take a look at Fallon Henley's attack on Thea Hail after Thea's victory.

Kelani says she doesn't know why Fallon did that. She could have talked to anyone. What kind of friend does that? She did everything to not smack Fallon at the combine.

Fallon asks why didn't she do it.

Kelani says she thought Fallon was her friend.

Fallon says she is only about herself and she will be the first North American Champion.

We go to commercial.

We take a look at the NXT Combine where 20 women competed to finish in the top 12. There were nine events in the competition.

They had the 10 yard sled push followed by the 10 yard sprint. The next event was the in ring shuttle.

The leaders were Thea Hail and Kelani Jordan.

Match Number Three: Tyriek Igwe and Tyson Dupont versus Charlie Dempsey and Myles Borne

There is a guest referee and it is Channing Lorenzo because the regular referee is 'unavailable'.

Borne and Igwe start things off and Borne with a clean break but he has some words with the referee. Dupont tags in and they hit a series of double team moves. Dupont with a splash for a near fall. Dempsey tags in but the referee does not allow it because the tag rope was not held. Dempsey tags in and Tyson with a back elbow. Igwe tags in and hits a double stomp to the arm and he gets a near fall. Dempsey with knees and Borne tags in. Dupont tags in and hits a double sledge to the arm off the turnbuckles. Dupont with an Irish whip and he misses a splash. Borne with a drop kick and punch. Dempsey tags in and the referee holds Borne and Dupont with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Charlie with a European uppercut and an octopus. Tyson with a back drop and Igwe tags in and hits clotheslines and splashes. Igwe with a flying clothesline to Charlie and Borne. Igwe gets Charlie up for a power slam and he gets a near fall. Dupont with a forearm to Borne and he sends him to the floor. Charlie with a German suplex while Igwe and Borne fight on the floor. Charlie gets a near fall that took as long as Wrestlemania.

Channing punches Charie and Igwe with a rollup for the three count.

Winners: Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe

Arianna Grace talks about how honored she is to have Chelsea here and the chance to be NXT champion.

Chelsea says she has dealt with horrible locker rooms but she finally found someone almost as perfect as her.

Grace tells Green to win the title for all of the little girls and Georgina. She says she has her Michin problem to deal with.

Gigi says she can't take this and she is done.

Match Number Four: Michin versus Arianna Grace

Grace has some words for Michin and she grabs Grace's hand. Grace with a kick followed by one from Michin and a back elbow. Michin with a drop kick. Michin with a running kick to the chest. Grace sends Michin into the ropes and Grace with shoulders. Grace with a judo throw and a suplex. Grace with an elbow drop for a near fall. Grace works on the arm and takes Michin to the mat for a cross arm breaker but Michin locks her hands. Michin with a rollup for a near fall. Michin with a one arm power bomb. Michin with a clothesline and a thrust kick followed by a drop kick. Michin with a Yakuza kick in the corner and she sets for another one but she is sent to the apron. Michin with a shoulder and she tries for a sunset flip and Grace blocks it and she grabs the ropes. The referee stops the count and Michin gets a near fall.

Michin with a German suplex and Sole Food for the three count.

Winner: Michin

Trick Williams walks in the back.

MetaFour walk in the back with ENVELOPE.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Thea is with Ridge Holland and she thanks him for checking up on her.

Thea says it is great to talk to someone who is dealing with the same thing as her. She says no one thinks she knows what is going on.

Ridge says he hopes his daughter has half the confidence that Thea does.

Lexis King shows up and he tells Ridge this business isn't for anyone. Why are you talking to this loser if you want some wins.

Ridge challenges Lexis, but Duke says he has this and he has no right talking to Thea like that.

Lexis calls Duke the typical Chase U white knight.

It is time for Supernova Sessions with Noam Dar (and MetaFour).

Noam says trick is a skillful act used to deceive someone. He says it is time to bring out their guest and Lash says he is a special guest . . . Trick Williams.

Noam says things are going pretty wonderful for Trick and it must be nice to be him. Noam says he has a special video for Trick's rise.

Oro and Noam do a handshake.

Trick says he is out here for one reason. He wants to see what is in ENVELOPE.

Noam says it will happen when he says it happens. Noam asks Lash to reveal ENVELOPE.

Lash says it is time to reveal the truth.

Jakara tells Lash to snap out of it and stand up.

Lash shows that Noam's foot was under the rope in the match that gave Trick the momentum to win the title. Everything you have done is built on a lie. You are nothing but a no good trick. Noam says he is going to expose Trick.

Trick stands up and he asks if that is it. You brought him out here for a picture in an envelope.

Oro says Trick's title reign is fradulent.

Trick says if Noam wants a title match, ask for it. He will knock that bun off your head.

Noam says Trick is not here to accept reality.

Trick says this isn't the Maury Show and he ain't the daddy.

Noam asks Lash what does he mean by that.

Trick asks Lash if she is going to tell them or is he going to have to do this?

Lash calls Trick 'babe' and she says this isn't the time.

Trick says there is nothing to be scared about. It is about him and her. He wants Lash to tell everyone she calls him Trick Willy Wonka.

Noam with a back elbow to Trick and picks up the title belt.

We are back for the next part of the Combine.

We had the Vertical Jump followed by the broad jump. The final event in this group is the rotational punch.

Michin and Jaida Parker were the stand outs in this part of the combine.

We are back and so is Wendy Choo.

Karmen and Nattie walk in the back and Karmen apologizes for letting her down.

Nattie says it is about finding your edge. She says it is about being aggressive.

Someone congratulates Nattie on her Underground match.

Another person tells Karmen she is hot and Karmen kicks him in the head and Nattie says we need more than that.

Match Number Five: Kelani Jordan versus Fallon Henley

They lock up and they go into the corner. Fallon runs her forearm across the face and Jordan pushes her away. Jordan with a waist lock and Fallon with a standing switch. Jordan with a take down and wrist lock. Fallon with a leg sweep to send Jordan to the mat. Jordan says something to Fallon and Fallon with a forearm and she gets Jordan on her shoulder. Fallon with a shoulder tackle and Jordan with a drop toe hold. Jordan with a Tiger Feint arm drag and a handspring back elbow into the corner. Fallon sends Jordan into the turnbuckles and she kicks Fallon. Fallon with a forearm.

Jordan avoids a forearm and she connects with forearms of her own followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Jordan with a side head lock. Jordan holds on when Fallon tries to send Jordan off the ropes. Fallon with a rollup for a near fall. Fallon goes for a belly-to-back suplex and Jordan lands on her feet and hits a side head lock take down. Fallon backs Jordan in the ropes and pulls Jordan into the top rope. Fallon slides to the floor and she punches Jordan.

We go to commercial.

Fallon with a kick and she sends Jordan to the mat. Fallon gets a near fall. Fallon with a kick to the back and she sends Jordan face first into the mat and follows with another kick. Fallon with a cobra clutch. Fallon with a back breaker and clothesline for a near fall. Fallon has some words for the referee and Fallon misses a splash into the corner. Jordan gets Fallon on her shoulders but Fallon escapes and applies a Cobra Clutch. Jordan uses the turnbuckles to get a near fall. Fallon returns to the Cobra Clutch but Jordan with running forearms and a cartwheel followed by a back elbow. Jordan blocks a kick and hits a step over spinning heel kick. Jordan with a Playmaker and she goes for a handspring move but Fallon kicks her in the midsection.

Jordan runs into a boot and Fallon with a tornado suplex but Jordan sends Fallon to the corner. Jorfan with a waist lock and Fallon holds on to the ropes. Fallon pulls off the turnbuckle pad and she hits Jordan with it. Jordan with a kick and Irish whip. Jordan with a monkey flip and Fallon sends Jordan into the exposed turnbuckle and Fallon with a Shining Wizard for the three count.

Winner: Fallon Henley

Charlie Dempsey says if Tony wants his Heritage Cup match so bad, you will get it. You might be the Don of NXT but they hold all of the power with the Heritage Cup. The Catch Clause makes all of the training useless. Who will you be facing? You will have to wait until next week to find out. How does it feel to have none of the power.

It is time for Part Three of the Combine.

We have the overhead medicine ball throw, which was dominated by Lash Legend. Next was the Iso Mid Thigh Pull. Izzi Dame and Michin had strong performances. The final event was the Conditioning Gauntlet. Ivy Nile had the best performance.

Match Number Six: Lexis King versus Duke Hudson

King with a kick and forearms. Duke with punches and forearms. Duke misses a chop and King with chops and kicks. Duke with punches but he misses a chop again. King with chops and elbows. King with an Irish whip and Duke with a clothesline out of the corner. Duke with a slam and side slam for a near fall. Duke with a chop and he does a U Chop. Lexis has some words for Thea. Duke with a hip toss and a suplex. King kicks Duke from the mat and he sends Duke into the middle rope. King with a kick and elbow to the back of the head. King with a snap mare and elbow drops. King gets a near fall.

King with chops and he chokes Duke in the corner. King runs into an elbow and misses an elbow in the corner. Duke floats over and gets a near fall with a sunset flip. Duke iwth punches to the midsection and face. King with a kick and he clips Duke. King with the running body block and then he goes to the floor to talk to Thea while Thea 'Theas' to him.

Ridge Holland forces King back into the ring and Duke with a punch. King with a super kick and Coronation for the three count.

Winner: Lexis King

After the match, Ridge wonders if he helped or not.

Noam Dar is asked about what happened in the ring and then he is asked about where is Lash.

Je'Von Evans shows up and he tells Oro to calm down. He says he isn't trying to get into their business.

Noam says that Je'Von is the shiny new toy. There is nothing worse to help than to get in their way.

Chelsea Green walks in the back.

Roxanne Perez walks in HALLWAY.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jazmyn Nyx acts like the underdog, but she showed that she is an animal witih no remorse. She broke Jacy Jayne's nose. Where is the suspension? Jacy is recovering from her surgery and the entire WWE Universe is sending their best for a speedy recovery. She says she will take care of Thea Hail.

Thea is Theaing in the back and Ridge Holland apologizes for costing Duke the match. Ridge says he sees his daughter when she sees Thea.

Duke says it was Lexis. He tells him to buy dinner to cover for things.

Riley says a leopard never changes its spots.

Ridge says if he has to earn their respect he will.

Andre and Thea tell Riley they believe Ridge.

Next week, Sol Ruca faces Izzi Dame in a Qualifying Match. Ivy Nile faces Lash Legend in another qualifying match. Tony D'Angelo gets his Heritage Cup Title Match. Je'Von Evans faces Noam Dar next week.

Match Number Seven: Chelsea Green versus Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women's Championship

Perez with a wrist lock and Green tries to roll through but Perez holds on. Green with a drop toe hold and a La Magistral for a near fall. They lock up and Perez backs Green into the corner and Green reverses it. Perez goes to the turnbuckles and Green pats her on the head. Perez with a slap and she leaps over Green. Green misses a bicycle kick and she trips Perez and punches her. Green with a Japanese arm drag and Perez blocks a kick. Green with an enzuigiri and a drop kick. Green misses an elbow in the corner but she sends Perez to the apron. Perez with a leg sweep and she pulls Green tot he floor. Perez sends Green into the apron and the announce table.

Perez sends Green into the ringside barrier. Green gets back into the ring to beat the count. Green with an inside cradle for a near fall. Perez with a Thesz press and punches. Perez with a Jericho cover for a near fall. Perez with a wrist lock and an abdominal stretch. Green with punches and Perez with a side Russian leg sweep and a corkscrew back elbow for a near fall. Perez with forearms and Green goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Perez lands on her feet. Green and Perez exchange forearms until Perez gains the advantage. Green kicks Perez to the mat and Green with a Rough Ryder. Green with elbows and a snap mare and flatlilner.

Green sets for I'm Prettier but Perez escapes and connects with a forearm and drop kick to send Green to the apron. Green drops Perez on the ropes and kicks her in the back. Perez gets a near fall with a Frankensteiner off the turnbuckles. Perez with a running uppercut into the corner followed by a hip. Green sends Perez into the turnbuckles and hits a German suplex. Green goes up top and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. Green sets for I'm Prettier and Perez with a back heel kick and Green avoids Pop Rox. Green with an O'Connor Roll and Green reverses and gets a near fall. Green gets a near fall. Perez with a sunset flip power bomb for the three count.

Winner: Roxanne Perez (retains Championship)

We go to the Most Dangerous Parking Lot In Sports Entertainment and Tony and Luca are attacking Damon and Myles. They drive away.

Charlie enters the Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment oblivious to what just happened.

We go to credits