WWE NXT Live Results (September 7, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Welcome back to the best wrestling of the week, NXT! Your host tonight is the original Wrathchild, "Hollywood" Mike Hogan! We've got a great show lined up for us tonight.

Our official preview set the stage for tonight, and we've got two tag team championship matches as MSK defend the men's titles against Burch & Lorcan, and Shirai & Stark defend the women's titles against Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro. We'll also have a the bachelor/bachelorette parties for Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis (InDex), and a pair of singles matches as Carmelo Hayes battles Santos Escobar and Ember Moon tries her luck with Kay Lee Ray.

What else is in store for us tonight? Could this be the final night of the black-and-gold brand? Will the Batman ever catch the Joker? Find out tonight--same Bat channel, same Bat time!

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE NXT Live Results (September 7, 2021) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Singles Match: Kay Lee Ray vs Ember Moon

Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix welcome us to the Capitol Wrestling Center as they waste zero time in getting to our first match. Ember Moon comes out to a great pop from the NXT Universe. Out next is the longest-reigning NXT UK Women's champion, Kay Lee Ray. KLR comes out to a small boo from the in-house crowd and a louder one from the digital crowd. The bell rings and both women jockey for control. Moon takes an early lead, using a side headlock to her advantage before dropping Kay Lee Ray (KLR) with a shoulder block. Innovative arm drag from Moon followed by a leaping single-leg kick to the face, flooring KLR. Moon looks for a cover but gets nothing. Moon whips KLR into the corner and pursues; KLR hops over the ropes and reverses the move into a top rope-assisted arm yank. KLR takes Moon into the ring. KLR with a unique facebuster followed by a pin attempt. KLR takes Moon into the corner and pulls Moon's left wrist while using her foot to push Moon away.
Ray focuses on Moon's left arm and rotator cuff, per Vic. KLR looks for an arm bar submission. Moon manages to shift, threatening to pin Ray and forcing the break. Moon with a low-angle Hurricanrana. Moon with two clotheslines that floor Ray, followed by a punch and kick combo that stumbles Ray into the corner. Moon with a running splash in the corner. Moon climbs the middle ropes and hits a flying jawbreaker, covering for two. Moon transitions into a modified crossface submission. Ray rolls backwards, putting Moon's shoulders down, but Moon rolls and keeps the submission on Ray. Ray tries to reach for the ropes but is too far. Ray grabs Moon's foot and uses it to put Moon's shoulders down. Moon breaks it then immediately looks to lock in a Triangle choke on Ray! Ray swings away, fighting Moon off. Ray stumbles into the corner and hits a snap move that sends Moon's head into the middle turnbuckle incredibly fast and hard. We go to break.
During the break we're treated to picture-in-picture. Ray continues to control, focusing her assault on Moon's left shoulder and arm. Ray with a variety of working holds, straining Moon's joint. Ray shuts down every offensive attempt by Moon, punishing her afterwards with a variety of moves aimed at cranking Moon's arm back in an unnatural position. Moon finally attempts a roll-up, but Ray kicks out. Ray immediately springs up and lays Moon out with a huge clothesline. Ray again with a left arm underhook lock. Ray drives Moon into the mat and Moon kicks out as we're back from the break. Ray with another left arm hold. Moon sends Ray into the corner, then attempts an inside cradle but Ray kicks out. Ray with a huge slap that drops Moon to her knees. The crowd with dueling chants. Moon is pissed and attempts Ember's Law but Ray nails her with a Superkick. Moon still pops up and puts Ray in a Tree of Woe, then begins kicking Ray in the back of the head as the ref warns her. Moon backs off then runs back in and kicks Ray right in the face. Moon attempts a cover but no joy.
Ray continues to focus on the arm. Moon with a Tornado DDT out of nowhere. Ray and Moon rise, with Ray attempting a suplex. Moon puts on the brakes, then uses a Suplex front toss to send Ray flying to the outside. Moon with a speedy Suicide Dive. Both women back into the ring. Moon looks for the Eclipse. Both women jockey for control again, with Moon taking a lead. Moon bombs Ray into the mat and looks for a cover. The crowd comes alive with a loud "this is awesome" chant. Moon looks for a roll-up; Ray reverses it into an attempt of her own. Ray sets Moon up in a backslide position on her back, spins and drives Moon into the mat, finally picking up the win.
Your Winner, Kay Lee Ray!

Backstage Segment: Burch, Lorcan, Holland & Dunne

The British Invasion (my name, just go with it) are backstage and discuss the tag title match-up tonight between MSK and Burch & Lorcan. The two are instructed not only to win the titles tonight, but to destroy MSK while they're at it. We go to break.

Segment: The Bachelorette Party

We return to a diner where several women are at a table. Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae walk up. Indi doesn't know who some of the women are--and Candice makes a joke about Indi not having any friends--but she welcomes them. She tells the ladies that before Dexter, she was lost. There was one person who guided her and showed her the way, and that person is Candice LeRae. LeRae looks to give a speech and chastises some of the revelers for posting to Tik Tok. Indi's friend is thanked for being present, but tells others at the table that she actually came from America for Disney World. LeRae, after thinking it over, finally realizes that Dexter really loves Indi and she makes a toast to him. Indi wonders what's going on in the bachelor party, and LeRae mentions she may or may not have some "spy gear that I've used in the past." The two women leave the party, off to see what's up with the gents.

Singles Match: Carmelo Hayes vs Santos Escobar w/ Legado Del Fantasma

Out first is Carmelo Hayes to a decent pop from our in-house crowd. Out next is Santos Escobar, joined by Elektra Lopez, Joaquin Wilde, and Raul Mendoza--Legado Del Fantasma. Our competitors ready-up for this match. Both men lock up, with Escobar dominating the change of holds. Escobar sits on the middle rope, holding the ropes open and telling Carmelo to go on to the back--insulting the newcomer after their altercation last week. Dueling "Santos/Melo" chants from the crowd often throughout the match. Hayes hits a beautiful Hurricanrana that sends Escobar to the outside. Carmelo sits on the middle rope, mocking Escobar as he holds the ropes for Escobar and tells him to go on to the back. Escobar takes control and focuses his attack on Hayes back. Santos talks smack while dropping Carmelo with a clubbing forearm. Santos follows it up with several kicks and a rope-assisted choke. Escobar with a textbook DDT, covering for less than one. Escobar attempts another cover, and once again doesn't even get "one." Escobar takes Hayes into the corner and delivers a stiff chop. Carmelo counters a corner charge and takes control, with our commentary team praising Hayes speed and athleticism. Carmelo with a headscissors takedown, a springboard strike and a low-angle snap takedown. Santos takes control by sending Hayes flying out of the ring, and then into the announcer's table as we go to break. Back from the break. Escobar drags Hayes by the feet out of the corner and converts it into a modified Lion Tamer, bending his knee into the small of Hayes' back. Escobar with a cover attempt, garnering a two. Escobar with a leg drop before whipping Hayes into the corner. Escobar with a big corner strike. Escobar backs up to the opposite corner and again streaks across the ring, hitting a rising knee to Hayes' face. Escobar sets Hayes on the top rope and hits an uppercut. Escobar with a Hurricanrana off the top rope! Escobar covers for two, then attempts another cover, again for two. Escobar with elbow strikes to Hayes before locking in a crossface. Escobar traps Hayes left arm between his knees. Escobar gives up on the hold and pulls Hayes up.
The crowd is hot behind both men, with a few vocal folk yelling for "Hit Row" over and over. Escobar take Carmelo to the steel steps, and puts on that modified Lion Tamer/Boston Crab on the steel steps! The ref counts and Escobar takes Hayes in as the ref reaches eight. Escobar covers for two. The crowd fires up again and Escobar stands on the middle rope, talking smack to the crowd. Hayes uses the distraction to attack Escobar. Carmelo with a very unique modified springboard leg drop over a rope-draped Escobar! Escobar heads out to the commentary desk, catching his breath. Hayes attacks him and takes him back into the ring. Hayes with a big running knee. Hayes with very cool and unique cutter, in which he lifts Escobar up as if going for a suplex, then spins his body beneath Escobar to turn it into a cutter. Escobar attempts to fight back. Hayes with a beautiful tilt-a-whirl facebuster, covering for two. Escobar stands on the apron and Hayes makes him pay, hitting a springboard DDT to the outside. Mendoza & Wilde hop on a perpendicular apron and distract the ref. Elektra Lopez scoop slams Hayes! Hayes is sent into the ring as the ref's count hits seven. Escobar with a package driver and pins for the win.
Your Winner, Santos Escobar!

Backstage Promo: the Diamond Mine

Malcolm Bivens promotes the two newest members of the Diamond Mine, Brutus Creed and Julius Creed--the Creed Brothers, best known as the Kasper Brothers--as the duo will be in competition tonight. Roderick Strong welcomes them to the team. We head to a break.

Tag Team Match: The Diamond Mine's Creed Brothers vs Two Jobbers

If they'd tell me their names, I'd not list them as Two Jobbers. This match is short, with the Creed Brothers completely dominating the entire time. The Creed Brothers tag each other in with slaps to the face. The Creed Brothers pick up both opponents and run them into each other. The Creed Brothers remind one of the early Steiner Brothers, wearing traditional NCAA-styled wrestling gear. Both men dominate through the use of brutal suplexes and strikes.
Your Winners, the Creed Brothers!

Backstage Interview: Ember Moon

Moon is asked about her loss tonight. Moon tells us that she's lost so much this year--her tag titles, her tag team partner. She's tired, just tired, and she's tired of feeling this way. She tells McKenzie that she knows what she has to do and we should wait and stay tuned.

Video Promo: Hit Row

WE get a promo from Hit Row. Swerve, title over his shoulder, addresses Santos Escobar. Top Dolla and Ashanti "Thee" Adonis add in, telling the LDF that they dropped Legado like a "ten dollar pinata" before B-Fab puts Elektra on notice after her attack with a pipe last week. Hit Row chime in, stating that if you don't know, now you know.

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark(c) vs Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro are the first time out. Next, our NXT Women's Tag Team Champions make their entrance. Stark comes out first to a new heavy-metal theme, joined quickly by Io whose walk down the ramp makes one wonder if she's been drinking Nakamura's Kool-Aid. The Tag Team Champions pose in the ring. The official announcements are made and we're off! We start with Zoey Stark and Kacy Catanzaro. Both women circle briefly. Stark goes for Kacy, who uses a drop toehold. Kacy with a side headlock. Stark sends Kacy into the ropes, ducks under a strike, and reverses a modified head scissors by rolling to her feet. The crowd chant "we want Io" and Zoey is happy to comply. Io and Kayden are tagged in. Io with a headscissors and Kayden rolls through it. Io, unimpressed, catches Zoey calling for the tag. Io tells Zoey, "I don't need your help." Kayden Carter is quick to jump on this distraction, taking Io down to the mat and slapping on a left arm lock. Kacy and Io spar briefly before Io takes control. Shirai sets Catanzaro up in the corner and hits a unique jaw breaker before we head to a break.
Back from the break. We return to find Stark and Catanzaro going at it. Stark looks for a scoop slam but Kacy escapes. Stark hoists up Kacy and misses Kacy tagging in Kayden. Kayden hits the ring, whipping Stark's face into the mat. Carter takes out Shirai and Stark in the corner, sending the interfering Shirai out of the ring. Carter drives Stark into the mat and looks for a pin. Carter swings a kick; Stark ducks and hits a roundhouse of her own, sending Carter falling across the middle rope. Stark tags in Shirai, who hits a 6-1-9. Shirai goes up top, and the Genius of the Sky hits a nuclear Missile Dropkick, covering for two.
Shirai locks Carter in a crossface in the middle of the ring. Carter struggles to escape but Shirai keeps it in. Carter refuses to tap so Shirai breaks the hold. Shirai whips Carter into the ropes, dropping her on the return with a shoulder. Shirai talks trash to Carter, taking her time as she paces around Carter. Shirai with rights and kicks to Carter, keeping her knelt. Shirai pulls Carter up and whips her into the ropes. Carter grabs the ropes and catches a charging Shirai with a boot to the face. Kacy makes the blind tag and connects with a wheelbarrow moonsault of sorts. Kayden is tagged back in. Shirai immediately hits a brutal suplex release. Shirai toys with Carter, and Stark tags herself back in. Shirai isn't happy with this. Stark with a quick kick and a cover for two. Stark whips Carter into the corner and Carter's elbow connects with Shirai's face. Stark charges in and Carter ducks. Stark hits Shirai by accident. Kacy drops Stark and has a perfect chance to pin--with WWE Legend Beth Phoenix repeatedly yelling at her "pin her!"--but instead, Carter tags in Kacy. Kacy rolls up Stark but Shirai springboards into the ring to break it up. Stark with a modified low-angle GTS that lays Catanzaro out. Stark tags in Shirai, who connects with the Over the Moonsault to pick up the win and retain.
Your Winners and STILL NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Io Shirai & Zoey Stark!

After the Match

Mandy Rose, wearing a face protector, leads an attack with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne on the tag champs. They beat the duo down at the top of the ramp as the crowd boos loudly.

Backstage Promo: Kyle O'Reilly

Kyle talked about his feelings, and how at TakeOver he ended one obsession (with Adam Cole). He needs a new one.

The Bachelor Party

We find Dexter Lumis, Johnny Gargano, a...weird looking referee, Drake Maverick and Odyssey Jones in a limo. They're driving on their way to the bachelor's party. Cameron Grimes joins them and tells them he's taking this Bachelor Party to the moon. Grimes tells Lumis that he'd love to pay for the Bachelor Party and the InDex wedding. He offers a hand in truce, and Grimes accepts it. They head into a go-cart facility. Grimes offers a $10,000 prize to whomever wins. The gents race their go-carts around as LeRae and Hartwell spy on them from afar. The Bachelor Party moves on to Excelsior, an axe-throwing joint. The instructor asks if any of them have experience with an axe. Lumis raises his hand. We next watch as everyone tries to throw hatchets at targets. Only Lumis manages to actually hit, and hits dead center. Lumis takes the time to show Gargano how to hold it, and Gargano hits the bullseye! Dexter gives Gargano a big thumbs up. Drake Maverick and Odyssey Jones are shown at a jump park, with Jones' weight and bouncing sending Maverick bouncing around out of control. They end with a visit to a laser tag park. The party takes on an unidentified team--we'll call them the Green Team--and Lumis silently takes each opponent down with sleepers and chokes. Gargano observes, shrugs and follows Lumis around, shooting everyone's vest that Lumis put to sleep. Our Bachelor Party win and Gargano high-fives everyone. He hesitates with Lumis, however. The zombie ref speaks--and they're all surprised he's Canadian--and Odyssey Jones gently pushes Gargano forward, forcing him to give a high-five to Lumis. Suddenly they magically bond. LeRae and Hartwell show up, happy that their men get along. Gargano asks LeRae if she's been spying again but they end the segment with The Way excited for the wedding--next week live on the newly-rebranded NXT.

Next Week on NXT

NXT debuts its new, more colorful branding next week. We'll have the InDex Wedding and, just announced, we'll have a championship match as Raquel Gonzalez defends her title against Franky Monet. Also, LA Knight, Kyle O'Reilly, Pete Dunne, and Tommaso Ciampa will square off in a number one contender's match for Samoa Joe's NXT Championship.

Singles Match: Mei Ying vs Virginia Ferry

Mei Ying immediately locks on a hold. Ferry gets a neckbreaker in before Mei Ying squashes Ferry in seconds. Blink and you'd miss it.
Your Winner, Mei Ying!

Video Promo: LA Knight

We get a video of Knight driving his car, speaking into the camera. He tells Samoa Joe that his time is up, and this is LA Knight's game. Knight plans on winning a number one contender's match next week to earn a title shot.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: MSK(c) vs Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan w/ Ridge Holland & Pete Dunne

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan make their way out first. Our tag champs, MSK, are out next to a huge pop from the digital crowd and the in-house crowd as well. We get the official introductions, with MSK getting a great pop from a fired-up crowd, and start our match with Nash Carter and Danny Burch. We're reminded that Burch & Lorcan held the tag titles for 154 days and never lost them; instead, they abdicated them due to injury. MSK, we're told, are around 140 days as champions. The crowd with a "welcome back" chant for Burch. Burch and Carter lock up, with Burch taking Carter into the corner. The ref calls for the break. Burch and Carter lock up again, and Burch takes Carter to the mat with a headlock. Burch with rights to Carter's face. Carter powers up to a vertical base and shoves off Burch. Carter uses his impressive speed to dodge Burch's attempted offense and drop Burch with a basement dropkick. Burch manages to regain control long enough to tag in Lorcan.
Carter gets the tag to Lee who comes in quick, taking Burch down and attempting a cover. Lee with a headlock, dragging Burch into the MSK corner. Carter tags in and springboards into the ring. Burch battles Carter back into his corner, and tags in Lorcan. Lorcan and Burch each grab an arm, twist Carter's arms and simultaneously chest chop Carter. Both men attempt another double team move but Carter takes them both out with a corkscrew cross body. Carter sends Burch into the MSK corner and tags in Lee. MSK double team Burch, sending him rolling to the outside alongside his partner as we head to picture-in-picture break.
During the break Carter attempts to work Burch's arm. Burch escapes and fires off forearm uppercuts. Burch with a devastating clothesline that spins Carter in the air like a rag doll. Burch looks for a cover but Carter kicks out. Burch pulls Carter up by the hair as the ref warns, and tags in Lorcan. Burch hands Carter off to Lorcan. Lorcan takes Carter into the corner and hits a chop, followed by a European Uppercut. Lorcan with a Strong Irish Whip that sends Carter crashing into, and bouncing off of, the turnbuckles. Burch is brought back in and locks in a seated sleeper. Carter struggles to maintain consciousness. Burch yanks on the neck, driving him to the mat while converting the sleeper into a side headlock.
Back from the break. Burch maintains control with the headlock. Burch rises, pulling Carter with him, and hits a back body suplex. Lorcan is tagged in. Lorcan toys with Carter, slapping him. Lorcan screams "come on" over and over. Carter attempts a comeback, throwing off rights but Lorcan shuts it down with a snap suplex. The crowd is clearly behind MSK. Burch is tagged back in and beats Carter in the corner with slow, hard rights that stagger one half of our tag team champions. Lorcan is tagged in, then tags Burch in immediately and both men whip Carter into the ropes. Carter puts on teh brakes. Lorcan charges and Carter sends him over the top rope. Carter with a jumping knee to lay out Burch. The crowd cheers for Carter as he slowly crawls across the mat, looking for a tag.
Burch tags in Lorcan and Carter dives, hitting the hot tag to Wes Lee! Lee comes in just as hot as expected, pounding Lorcan into the mat. Lee sends Burch flying out of the ring. Lee with a big dropkick that sends Lorcan into the corner. Lee with a running step-up kick to the face, followed by a reverse suplex. Lee's speed is on full display, as is his agility, as he completely keeps Lorcan grounded. Lee tags in Carter and they hit their as-yet-unnamed double team maneuver, in which one man spins in the air and his partner slams him down into their opponent. MSK clear hte ring.
Carter and Lorcan are legal. Carter dives off the top but Lorcan counters with double knees. Lorcan attacks Wes Lee, knocking him off the apron. Lorcan puts an ankle lock on Carter in the middle of the ring! Lee comes in to aid his partner but Burch locks a crossface on Lee! Both men scream in pain. Carter manages to twist and send Lorcan flying straight into Burch. As we're well into overrun territory, the crowd breaks out in a "this is awesome" chant at the sequence. Lorcan looks for his corner running kicks but Carter counters. Lee makes the tag. Carter holds Lorcan up around his waist and Lee springboards into the ring, hitting a cutter and picking up the win! Excellent match and there's no way I'm doing it justice with this result coverage.
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, MSK!

After the Match

Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland enter the ring as MSK leave, waving goodbye. Holland and Pete Dunne then turn on Lorcan and Burch, beating them down in the ring. Dunne whips Lorcan into Ridge's arms, then kicks the defenseless Lorcan in the head as Holland holds him upside down. The crowd with a loud "you suck" chant repeatedly. Holland and Dunne start to exit the ring. Dunne does, but Holland enters the ring. Holland with a vicious headbutt on Burch as Burch checks on Lorcan. The crowd with a chorus of boos and another "you suck" chant as we end our program.

In Closing

And that wraps possibly the final Black & Gold branded era of NXT. What were your thoughts about tonight's show? Let us know down below. Stay cool in this heat, stay frosty at all times, and stay safe, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown and see you all in the comments section during Matt's excellent AEW Dynamite results tomorrow night, ciao!

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