WWE NXT Super Tuesday Live Results (9/01/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Hello there, welcome to WWE NXT Super Tuesday here on Rajah.com! I'm your brother by another mother, Mike Hogan. There's no time to waste, so let's get to it!

As our preview informed us, we'll see Breezango & Isaiah "Swerve" Scott taking on Legado del Fantasma in a six-man street fight. We'll see the Aus-zilla Bronson Reed getting jiggy wit it with Timothy Thatcher as well.

And don't forget--the NXT Championship is on the line tonight in the first-ever 60-minute four-way Iron man match! Former champs Finn Bálor, Tommaso Ciampa, Adam Cole & Johnny Gargano are sure to put on one hell of a match!

Enough gabbin', let's get down to it!

WWE NXT Super Tuesday Live Results (9/01/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener: Recap From Last Week

We open with a video package from last week, showing Breezango winning the tag titles, Santos Escobar retaining his cruiserweight title, Karrion Kross abdicating the throne (relinquish the title) and William Regal setting up tonight's main event!

Six-Man Street Fight: Breezango & Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs Legado del Fantasma

We're wasting no time in getting to our first match of the evening! Beth Phoenix, Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett discuss how cool, suave and the Legado are and are both excited about tonight's match. Legado calmly make their way out to the ring. Out next are their opponents, Breezango who strut out and pose with their tag titles, and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott!
The instant the bell rings, both teams clash. Mendoza flies out of the ring to take out the dastardly good guys. Legado set up a table and continue to keep Breezango grounded as their leader, Santos, slugs it out ringside with Swerve. Mendoza and Wilde toss chairs and a trash can and its lid into the ring. We now have our teams pairing off. Tyler Breeze hits a backstabber on Wilde in the ring; Swerve takes control over Mendoza and Fandango is slugging it out on the other side of the ring with Escobar. Fandango whips Escobar into a ladder, then gets in the ring and puts the ladder over his head. He spins around, knocking down Legado as the fans cheer him on.
In the ring Fandango and Tyler Breeze take control. Fandango gets in a unique position to catapult Wilde's face into Mendoza's crotch. Fandango goes for a pin but only gets a two. Fandango goes outside and gets a fire extinguisher, and Tyler Breeze uses it on all three members of Legado! We go to break with Breezango & Swerve in adamant control of the ring.
Back from the break and we get clips during the commercial where Legado regained the lead and hit a triple trash compactor. Swerve is fighting Wilde & Mendoza in the ring all by himself as Breezango are down. Swerve hits a rolling attack on Wilde then goes out onto the apron, runs and takes out Mendoza. Escobar comes up from behind and knocks Swerve off the apron, then runs coast to coast and hits a suicide dive on Swerve, smashing him against the barrier. Escobar laughs and grins as he walks around the ring. Wilde & Mendoza are beating and kicking Breeze down on the entrance-side of the ring.
Without warning, Imperium hit the ring and begin beating the crap out of Breezango. Imperium is actively working with Legado and now the heels have a five-on-three advantage. But it's all legal in a Street Fight. An electric lift rolls up with Swerve and Fandango on top! Both men leap onto the five heels, taking them all out! Breeze gets to his feet and helps clear the ring. Breezango mount different corners and dive out of the ring, taking out Imperium and Wilde & Mendoza! Swerve moves into the ring and stands behind an unsuspecting Escobar. Swerve hits a face planting slam, and picks up the pin!
Your Winners, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott & Breezango!

After the Match

We get replays of some of the excitement and high spots, and see Swerve back up on the electric lift, celebrating. We go to break.

Video Package: Candice LeRae/Tegan Nox

Tegan narrates a video package, showcasing their friendship from her days in training until recently. Tegan still feels that they can be friends because they're like sisters, and sisters will fight for each other. She still hopes that she can work this out.

Candice LeRae vs Kacy Cantanzaro

As Candice comes down to the ring, Vic asks Beth about her input and recalls that she had issues with Mickie James back in the day. Beth hopes that they can work this out. Out next is her opponent, Kacy Catanzaro accompanied by her tag team partner Carter. The commentary team all build up Kacy Catanzaro. The bell rings and this one is under way!
Candice LeRae is quick to aggression as this one starts. Candice with a hard strike to the face. Candice sends Kacy out of the ring and Carter comes over to check on her. Candice takes her back in the ring and hits a snap suplex. Pin attempt but no joy. Candice with a head drop and a series of strikes. Candice charges Kacy in the corner but Kacy gets the boot up, stunning her aggressive opponent. Kacy tries to follow up with a move off the middle and a pin but gets two. Candice drops Kacy to the mat and puts a boot on her back, pulling her up by the hair before bow stomping her into the mat. Candice drops and rolls her over, picking up the easy win.
Your Winner, Candice LeRae!

After the Match: Candice on the Mic

Candice watches as Kayden Carter checks on Kacy Catanzaro. She gets a mic and says that after watching the Tegan Nox video, and seeing Kacy & Kayden's friendship, she's given it some thought. She says if Tegan wants to hash it out, then dinner's on her. She sets down her mic and we go to break.

Promo: Rhea Ripley

Rhea opens up saying the name of Mercedes Martinez. She then tells us she's tired of the Robert Stone Brand sticking its faces in her business. She doesn't just want to rip Martinez limb from limb, she wants to do it in a steel cage.

Bronson Reed vs Timothy Thatcher

Bronson Reed, aka Auszilla (I'm not calling him Thicc Boi), is the first to make his way out. He reaches out and claws the air a few times on the way to the ring and in the ring. The crowd is firmly behind him. Vic Joseph praises Bronson Reed's performance in the North American ladder match at TakeOver XXX. Out next is Timothy Thatcher, who is all business and wastes no time getting ready. Ding ding goes the bell so we're off!
Thatcher moves in but Reed slams him down. Thatcher attempts to lock in a rear lock but Reed fights it, and then begins to hit Thatcher around the ring with big right fists. Thatcher hits a giant forearm in an attempt to take control, but Reed clubs him down to the mat. Reed pounds on Thatcher and as Thatcher regains his footing, Reed knocks him back down. Thatcher begins to sit up and Reed hits a running senton, dropping all 350 pounds on Thatcher. Both men to their feet. Reed hits a huge clothesline that floors Thatcher yet again, but then favors his left forearm. We see in a replay that he may have hit his forearm a little awkwardly. Thatcher starts to fight back and locks in a forearm wrench as he has Reed seated on the mat. Reed forces his way to his feet and this causes Thatcher to change topics. Thatcher and Reed exchange punches until Reed hits a big forearm, flooring Thatcher again. Reed uses the top rope to leap up and splash down on Thatcher. Thatcher rolls outside the ring but the big man runs from middle of the ring, dives through the middle ropes, and takes out Thatcher at ringside!
Reed is favoring the arm again. Reed sends Thatcher into the ring. The ref squats to check on Thatcher and doesn't see Reed as he's ambushed at ringside! Out of nowhere is Austin Theory! He attacks the big man and sends him into the ring before running off. Thatcher takes advantage of the downed Reed and locks in a submission, putting pressure on that injured left forearm, and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Timothy Thatcher!

Up Next

We see our competitors for the Iron Man match as they're getting warmed up or fired up in the back, including Cole with the Undisputed Era. We go to commercials, so go get your snacks and take your bio breaks because our main event is up next!

Promo: Mercedes Martinez

Martinez answers Rhea's challenge, and says she'll fight her in a cage next week.

Main Event: 4-Way 60-minute Iron Man for the NXT Championship: Finn Bálor vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano

We're informed of the rules of an Iron Man match as Johnny Gargano comes out first. No Iron Man-themed ring wear this time. The crowd boos him relentlessly. Out next is Adam Cole (bay-bay!) who comes out to applause mixed with boos. Finn Bálor is out next, making finger guns at everyone. Out last is Tommaso Ciampa. Everyone takes a corner except Ciampa, who stands in the middle and stares at them all as we go to commercial.
We're back from break and it's time for our match to start! The ref calls for the bell and all four men eye each other. Finn starts to go for Gargano, but he flees from the ring. Ciampa hits a big boot on Cole and begins to stomp away at him in the corner. Balor attacks Ciampa from behind, but Ciampa sends him into a corner, too, and begins to punch Finn down into the mat. Ciampa moves back to Cole to continue his attack and Finn interjects, attacking Ciampa then Cole. Ciampa is back to his feet and sends Finn out to through the ropes. Gargano attempts to sneak attack Ciampa but Ciampa counters and hits a big knee, sending Gargano outside. He then hits Finn as he tries to return to the ring. Ciampa goes outside and hits a running knee on Finn, then hits another on Gargano. He approaches Cole, who's rising to his feet ringside. Cole motions for Ciampa to "bring it" and backs up, around to the other side of the ring. Ciampa attacks Cole, punching him down. Finn moves in and attacks Ciampa then Cole. We're reminded this is the first 60-minute Iron Man match in over a decade. Finn and Ciampa move into the ring and fight. Ciampa with a snapmare on Finn, then locks in a weardown chin clamp.
Ciampa strikes Finn then locks in the rear chin clamp, pressing his knee into Finn's back. Ciampa hits Balor in the gut when he rises. Cole's in and tosses Ciampa outside, then moves in on Balor who kicks him in the midsection and follows it up with a boot to the face. Finn Balor drapes Cole over the middle rope and presses a knee into his shoulders, choking him til the ref breaks it. Balor takes Cole into the corner and hits multiple shoulder thrusts into his gut before attempting a pin, getting one. Gargano attempts to come in and Balor clubs him off the apron. Balor returns to Cole, but Cole begins to fight back with strikes to the midsection. Balor off the ropes, sunset rolls over Cole and hits a seated dropkick. Gargano comes in and attacks Balor, then Cole. He moves back to Balor and uses a leg to choke him in the corner as the ref warns him. Gargano picks up Balor and chops him hard, then hits a neckbreaker and finger bangs Balor, mocking his finger-gun taunt. Gargano moves to Cole, hitting a knee drop and pins for a close two. Cole kicks out!
Gargano twists Cole's arm, then does a step-over arm wrench, focusing his attacks on Cole's left arm. Cole reaches a rope but we're reminded there's no rope break. Gargano makes the UE hand gesture, taunting Cole and sticking out his tongue. Gargano pulls Cole up and locks Cole's left arm between Gargano's right thigh and calf, attempting to exploit that sore left arm. Cole escapes and hits a clothesline. Cole leaps up and hits a wicked neckbreaker. Cole can't follow up as his arm is bothering him. Balor is up in the ring so Cole moves to him, attacking him in the corner, snapmaring him down and locking an rear sleeper. Gargano and Ciampa are still down ringside. Cole converts the move as Balor rises and hits a dropping neckbreaker, covering for two. Ciampa rolls into the ring and Cole immediately kicks him, stomping him back out. Cole grabs balor and whips him from one corner to another then charges in. Balor gets his feet up, countering Cole. Balor whips Cole. Balor goes for the double stomp on Cole! Ciampa rushes in but Balor hits the guillotine. Balor locks in a rear chin lock on Ciampa as we go to commercial break.
Back from the break and Gargano is working Cole over in the corner. Gargano checks his mouth and says something about his tooth, then sends a flurry of fists into Cole, beating him down. He stops to check his jaw again before going for the Irish Whip. Gargano charges up the corner but is intercepted by Cole before his plan could materialize! Cole hits the fireman's carry into a neck breaker and gets a close two pin count. Cole goes up top and leaps, going for the Panama City Sunrise but Gargano ducks. Balor is in but eats an enziguri; Ciampa hits the ring and takes him out and all four men are down with 42 minutes left on the clock. We're reminded that the winner of this matchup becomes a two-time NXT champion and there's only two two-time NXT champions in the company, Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura. I seem to recall Cole being a two-time champion, too.
Cole and Ciampa are up. Cole's seated on the top rope. Balor is up and knocks Ciampa out of the ring, then punches and chops Cole, keeping him on the top rope. Balor goes up and attempts a suplex but Cole blocks it. They struggle until Ciampa comes in and slips under Balor's legs, sending both Balor and Cole flying down! Gargano grabs Ciampa's legs and drops him to the mat, then yanks him back and crotches him on the ring post! Gargano moves into the ring and starts working on Balor. Big right hand from Gargano, and another, driving Balor into the corner. Gargano with a chop on Balor. Gargano drapes Balor's left arm around the top rope, then drives his left shoulder into Balor and keeps pressure on, trying to take Balor's air away. Gargano chops Balor, then lifts him onto the top turnbuckle. Gargano picks Balor over his shoulder and runs forward as if he's going for the Lawn Dart but Balor escapes and hits the 1916, getting a very close two. Balor sets it up and hits the Shotgun Dropkick on Gargano! Balor goes up top and dives for the Coup de Grace but Gargano rolls out of the way! Ciampa is in and immediately catches and takes down Balor, pinning but only picking up the two! We go to picture-in-picture commercial break!
We're back from break and Gargano has been working on Cole while Ciampa's been working on Balor. Ciampa and Gargano stare each other down, giving Cole and Balor time to get up to their feet and throw the former DIY members out of the ring. Cole puts up the "two sweet" hand sign and tries to talk Balor into teaming with him against Gargano and Ciampa. Balor's having none of it and attacks Cole, then moves outside and drives Ciampa into the time keeper's booth. He moves around the ring and runs, attacking Cole and Gargano at the same time outside the ring. Balor sends Cole in and hits the Coup de Grace then covers for a pinfall!
Balor:1, Ciampa: 0, Cole: 0, Gargano: 0
Balor stands in the ring as Gargano and Ciampa get to their feet outside the ring. Balor twists and turns as both men threaten to come in. Gargano hits the ring and Balor takes it to him, taking time out for a moment to strike Ciampa and keep him out of the ring. Balor with a big chop on Gargano, then a scoop slam. Balor bounces off the rope for a expeditious elbow drop, covering for a two. Balor locks in a seated headlock on a prone Gargano. We're at 32:30 left in this match. Ciampa re-enters the ring and Balor drives him to the mat next to Gargano, then alternates using rope-assisted stomps on each man. Gargano folls out of the ring as Cole climbs the apron. Balor throws a shoulder into Cole's stomach, knocking him off the apron as we go to commercials! During the break, Ciampa takes control. Cole's sent out of the ring. Balor and Ciampa clash. Daddy wants his Goldie back! Ciampa with a toss suplex and an attempted cover. Ciampa pulls Balor up and is setting up his finisher when Cole interferes. Cole dives off the top rope and Ciampa leaps up, hitting a jump kick to knock Cole down in mid-air! Ciampa lines up Cole and Balor and hits a drop on both men. They each roll out of the way. Gargano comes in and Ciampa hits a lung crusher, then attempts a cover but gets nothing. Gargano rolls out of the ring as Ciampa focuses on Balor. Ciampa with a pin attempt but nothing. Ciampa hits a big back breaker and covers for two. Balor rolls out to the apron as the ref checks on him. Ciampa is the lone man in the ring, laying on his back as every one of our competitors takes a moment to catch their breath. We see Ciampa slowly making his way to his feet in the ring as his opponents are all floored outside the ring.
We're back from break! Ciampa rolls outside and attacks Cole. He positions Cole with his torso under the ring and prepares to hit a catapult, but Balor saves the day by diving out of the ring and onto Ciampa! They both go in the ring. Ciampa hits the Fairy Tale Ending and goes to cover, but Gargano comes in! Gargano sends Ciampa outside and covers Balor, stealing the pinfall! Gargano pins Balor!
Balor:1, Ciampa: 0, Cole: 0, Gargano: 1
Cole hits the ring and drops Ciampa, then hits the Last Shot for a two count. Cole pulls Ciampa to his knees and runs to the ropes, going for the Shining Wizard but Ciampa is faster and clotheslines the rebounding Cole! Ciampa pulls Cole up, positions him for the Fairy Tale Ending but Cole escapes and hits a superkick! Balor out of nowhere with the Slingblade! Balor goes for the Shotgun Dropkick but Superkick by Gargano! Cole hits the Panama Sunrise on Gargano and pins for a point!
Balor:1, Ciampa: 0, Cole: 1, Gargano: 1
Cole is alone in the ring with Gargano, who's trying to crawl to the ringside. Cole grabs Gargano; Gargano grabs the ring apron and tries to hang on as Cole drags him to the middle of the ring. Cole pulls Gargano up and goes for the Last Shot but is sent to the outside. Ciampa covers Gargano, attempting to steal the pin but only gets a two. Cole's heading back to the ring so Ciampa runs over and attacks him on the apron. Gargano is up; Ciampa sends Gargano to the apron and hits a double draping DDT on both Gargano and Cole! Gargano is out, hanging on the middle ropes! Ciampa hits the Fiary Tale Ending and pins Adam Cole for a point!
Balor:1, Ciampa: 1, Cole: 1, Gargano: 1
We're nearly forty minutes into this matchup and as the announcers keep repeating, we're back to square one as it's a tied game. Balor comes in the ring and is the only one on his feet as Gargano, Ciampa and Cole are all crawling around in the ring, attempting to get to their feet. They all use the ropes to get up as the crowd is fired up, chanting "fight forever" and other crap I can't understand. All four men are on their feet and pair off. Balor and Cole exchange slow punches, as do Ciampa and Gargano. They each take turns punching each other. Balor sends Cole out and Ciampa hits a huge chop that forces Gargano out of the ring. Balor and Ciampa square up in the center of the ring and begin exchanging powerful blows. Outside the ring, Gargano and Cole slug it out. All four men are spent and giving it their all. Balor off the ropes with a clubbing arm; Balor and Ciampa collide, clotheslining each other down. Cole and Gargano take each other out with simultaneous superkicks at ringside. All four men are down again.
In the ring, Balor and Ciampa are up. Ciampa with a strong Irish Whip on the Irishman into the corner, then covers but gets one; Ciampa covers again, and again, and again, attempting to get the pin. Ciampa pulls Balor up and takes him to the corner, hitting a chop so hard it drops Balor to the mat. Ciampa then runs off the ropes and hits a big knee to face. Ciampa sets him up in the corner and again hits another running knee strike. Balor rolls down and out of the ring. Cole attempts to come in but Ciampa catches him on the apron, knocking him off. Ciampa heads outside the ring.
Ciampa sees Gargano getting up and takes him out, then continues to flatten everyone outside the ring. He sits on the apron and pats himself on the back. We're told we have just above 17 minutes left. Gargano takes Cole to the apron, then stands him on it. Ciampa lifts Cole up partially but Cole clubs his back. Ciampa again attempts to lift Cole but Cole clubs his back. Cole with a hard right foot that sends Ciampa rolling into the ring. The crowd is pounding on the barricades, all fired up. Cole goes up top but Ciampa closes the distance and chops Cole to stop whatever he has planned. Ciampa climbs to the middle rope and punches Cole. He lifts Cole up and gets him over his back--is he going for the Air Raid drop?--but Cole fights him off and drops Ciampa to the mat! We go to commercial!
During the break we see Balor take out Cole then focus on Ciampa. Balor locks in a modified Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Ciampa is writhing in pain but he won't tap. Cole comes in and attacks Balor, then grabs Ciampa and rolls him up but only gets a two! Ciampa doesn't get a breather, though, as Cole locks in a Figure Four of his own! Ciampa's reaching for the ropes but remember--there's no rope break! Ciampa uses his upper body strength to scoot himself back, closer to the ropes. The ref keeps checking on Ciampa as Cole has the Figure Four locked on good. Ciampa again lays back, attempting to roll over and reverse the move but Cole cranks back and forces Ciampa to sit up again. Cole yanks on the leg but Ciampa is saved by Gargano! Gargano knocks Cole down and then locks in an STF on Ciampa! Ciampa's hand is wavering, he can't take much more of this! Balor comes in and attacks! Balor lays out Cole, then kneels over him and hammers his face in. Balor then begins to attack each opponent, chopping them in different corners.
Back from the break and Balor is going from corner to corner still, chopping everyone. Balor attempts a cover on Gargano but gets two. Cole is kicked out of the ring by Balor. Balor attacks Ciampa, and begins to work on his left knee. Balor moves to Gargano and kicks him repeatedly in the small of the back until Gargano rolls out of the ring. Balor locks in a single-leg crab on Ciampa and, again, Ciampa's in a submission!
Balor breaks the hold. Balor awaits his rise, then hits the Sling Blade! Balor hits the Shotgun Dropkick and climbs up top. Gargano up to the apron to attack Balor, but Balor fights him off! Balor goes for the Coup de Grace but Ciampa rolls out of the way! Gargano with a superkick to Balor, then one to Cole! Gargano is the only man standing in the ring now. He sizes up the situation, runs to the right and rebounds off the ropes, diving out of the ring onto Ciampa! Gargano gets back in and runs across the ring, diving through the opposite side's ropes to take out Cole! Gargano is back into the ring and runs to the north side, diving for Balor--but Balor caught him! Balor attempts the 1916 but Gargano blocks it! Balor attempts again and Gargano uses the momentum to twist, spring around and hit a tornado DDT on the ringside floor! We go to break as Garagno and Balor are both down at the ramp!
During the break Gargano strikes Balor at ring side. He grabs him by the right arm and pauses, holding his own head. Gargano runs into the ring and collides with Cole, eating a superkick! Cole covers but only gets a two. Cole's frustrated. Cole and Gargano are both to their knees. Cole's talking smack to Gargano but we can't hear it because of the commercials. Whatever it is, it upsets Gargano and he attacks Cole with a series of fists. Gargano gets up into position in the corner.
Back from the break and the action continues seamlessly. Gargano goes for a superkick but Cole dodges, Cole attempts a superkick but Gargano dodges. Gargano locks in the Gargano Escape. Cole can't escape but Ciampa lends a helping boot to Garagno. Cole and Gargano are sent to the outside. Ciampa follows and begins attacking all three opponents as each attempts to rise. Ciampa with a suplex on Cole on the outside floor. He move sto Gargano and punches him in the face. Ciampa tosses Balor into the barrier.
Three Minutes Left, Match Still 1-All
Ciampa works on Gargano now, and drops him throat first. Ciampa sends Gargano into the ring and covers but Cole pulls him out by the leg as the ref is about to hit three! Ciampa fights off Cole then attempts to cover Gargano but Balor pulls him out and they slug it out. Ciampa takes down Balor, then Cole. Ciampa comes in to pin Gargano but Gargano with an inside cradle for a very close two! Ciampa is up to his feet and rubbing his left knee. Ninety seconds left. Ciampa is looking down at Gargano. He pulls Gargano to his feet. He takes Garagno into the corner. Sixty seconds left.
Balor:1, Ciampa: 1, Cole: 1, Gargano: 1
Ciampa takes Gargano to the corner. He struggles to get him up and climb the rope. Samoan drop off the top rope, but Balor attacks Ciampa and goes up top, hitting the Coup de Grace. Balor covers with 15 seconds and picks up a pin!
Balor:2, Ciampa: 1, Cole: 1, Gargano: 1
Ten seconds left! Cole from out of nowhere with the Last Shot and pins Finn, getting a pinfall!
Balor:2, Ciampa: 1, Cole: 2, Gargano: 1
TIME HAS EXPIRED! SCORE: Balor:2, Ciampa: 1, Cole: 2, Gargano: 1
Your Result: A Tie! Final Score: Balor:2, Ciampa: 1, Cole: 2, Gargano: 1

In the Ring: William Regal

William Regal comes out. As the match ended with a tie, William Regal says that Adam Cole will face Finn Balor next week on Super Tuesday 2. One pinfall, one man will leave with the title!

In Closing

Mama mia, what a contest! One of the better Iron Man matches in recent years. We'll find out who our NXT champion is next week on NXT Super Tuesday 2! Everyone stay safe, have a great week, and see you all in the comments section--and again Friday night for Smackdown!

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