WWE NXT Takeoff To TakeOver Live Results (9/30/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

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I'm Jamie Rush, filling in once again for my good friend Mike Hogan! Mike is feeling much better, a little birdie told me that you will see him back starting next week! (Though if I know Mike like I think I do, I'm sure he'll make an appearance or two in the comments section!)

Tonight's edition of NXT wraps up qualifiers and continues feuds leading us into this weekend's NXT TakeOver pay-per-view airing Oct. 4th 2020. The black-and-gold brand has a lot in store for us! It's the final stop before NXT TakeOver 31! Tune in to see NXT Champion Finn Bálor go face to face with Kyle O'Reilly, with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels as host, before their massive showdown this Sunday night. Also, TakeOver opponents collide when NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai joins forces with North American Champion Damian Priest against Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano, plus Shotzi Blackheart takes on Dakota Kai. Catch it all tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

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WWE NXT TakeOff To TakeOver LIVE Results (9/30/20)

Show Opening

We are welcomed to Full Sail University for tonight's September 30, 2020 edition of WWE NXT on the USA Network. The commentary team notes that tonight is all about "Champions and Challengers" as we head into this Sunday's NXT TakeOver 31! We waste no time heading right into the action!

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Dakota Kai (w/ Raquel Gonzalez)

Out first with a howl as her entrance theme sounds is the miniature mayhem Shotzi Blackheart as she makes her way to the ring with her army helmet covered lime green hair! Shotzi awaits her opponent inside the ring. Out next is Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez following closely behind. Dakota steps to Shotzi with extra attitude as her gigantic bodyguard buddy stands by her side. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and this first match-up of the evening is officially underway!!

A little trash talk and Dakota with a slap across the face of Shotzi. Shotzi blocks a second slap attempt and drops Dakota to the canvas. Shotzi blocks in the corner and Dakota gets a Waistlock. Shotzi reverses the Waistlock and takes Dakota down for an early pin attempt.

Double-Leg Takedown by Kai, leading into a cover, Shotzi kicks out. Again Shotzi takes control hitting an Atomic Drop. "Welcome to the ball pit!" Shotzi shouts with a double leg drop to the pelvic area of Kai! Shotzi takes Kai back to the canvas for another cover as she attempts to get an early victory in this match-up!

Shotzi side-steps as Dakota comes in strong towards Shotzi on the ropes. Shotzi gets a submission as she lays on the back of Dakota. Dakota counters and goes for an Arm Bar as she manuevers out of the submission attempt. Both women are back to their feet. Shotzi heads into the corner at Dakota and lands a hard Forearm Strike to the face of Dakota. Dakota powers Shotzi into the opposite corner and shoves her boot into Shotzi's face until the referee forces a break.

Dakota again with a boot to the face of Shotzi. Dakota with another pin attempt as she takes Shotzi to the mat, Shotzi kicks out. Dakota pushes Shotzi into the middle rope with a knee to the chin of Shotzi. Raquel heads up to the apron, Shotzi shouts, "I'm watching you" and turns around as Dakota hits a Back-Breaker for a cover and a kick out as we head to the first commercial of the evening!

The match continues picture-in-picture as we head into the commercial. We return from commercial break and Shotzi has regained control of the match-up as she takes Dakota to the mat. Shotzi hits Kai with a dropkick into the corner. Shotzi hits a reverse slingblade out of the corner, then stalks Kai. Shotzi hits Kai with a knee to the head, then a forearm smash and an enziguri. Kai lands on the middle rope and Shotzi hits a senton onto Kai.

Shotzi hits a chicken wing suplex on Kai and covers her for two. Kai crawls to her feet in the corner and Shotzi runs at her, but Kai takes her down with double knees to the face. Kai covers Shotzi for two. Kai picks up Shotzi for a Go to Kick, but Shotzi escapes.

Shotzi dumps Kai to the apron, but Kai kicks Shotzi in the face, sending her to the apron. They trade strikes and kicks on the apron. Kai hits a Scorpion Kick on Shotzi and goes for a pump kick, but Shotzi blocks it and hits a Switchblade Kick, then hits Kai with a Sliced Bread #2 on the apron, but comes down hard on her neck and head on the apron.

Shotzi gets back in the ring and runs the ropes to hit a dive, but Gonzalez trips up Shotzi in the ring. Rhea Ripley comes out and attacks Gonzalez, preventing her from getting further involved. Kai uses the distraction to try and hit a facewash kick on Shotzi, Shotzi side steps and then with a quick roll-up gets the three count pin and win to take the victory for the first match up of the evening!

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart

After the Match

We head into replays of the match's highlights as Shotzi Blackheart celebrates her victory over Dakota Kai.

Backstage Conversation Regarding Cruiserweight Title Via Satellite - Isaiah "Swerve" Scott" and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar

We head into an interview hosted by Tom Phillips with both Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar. Scott says that he has never had a fair shot against Escobar for the title, and he is still the only person that has pinned Escobar.

Escobar says that Swerve is a parasite that he can’t get rid of. He says Scott is a loose end, and Escobar ties up loose ends. He says that he promises to have a fair match with Swerve at TakeOver.

Scott states, "I'm ready to showcase to the world what I am truly capable of." He adds he will show the world that Escobar is a fraud. "Look at what I've done since winning the Cruiserweight Championship" Escobar responds, adding at TakeOver, all his showcasing won't be enough as "What you call a bag of tricks, I call a century of tradition!" Scott responds, "I'd like to see you try!"

Quick Announcement

We are informed Kyle O'Reilly Prime Target, Up Next as we head into commercial break.

Video Package - Kyle O'Reilly

"When I first stepped into a ring, I took to it like a fish to water" O'Reilly begins, stating he felt at home in the ring. He states he put every ounce of his being into wrestling. Even if he was fighting for $5 and never had made it to NXT, he'd still be doing it as it's his love and passion.

Undisputed Era is the best thing that's happened to him professionally and personally. Adam Cole state O'Reilly is one of the best he's stepped into the ring with. "The best thing about Undisputed Era, is it's real" O'Reilly states. He continues stating he's had his sights on Balor for a while, though it sounds cliche. "When I came to America, he was in Japan, when I went to Japan, he went to NXT, when I went to NXT, he had made it to RAW, so the fact this match is happening is one thing, but you put it in the main event at TakeOver and now it's literally all been building up to this Sunday at TakeOver 31!" A series of video clips flash showing O'Reilly's journey from beginning until now.

"If I win the NXT Championship, what will happen with the Undisputed Era is the same thing as Adam Cole winning it, we stick together. That, is Undisputed."

Quick Announcement

Kyle O'Reilly comes face to face with Finn Balor tonight, hosted by Shawn Michaels! We head to commercial break!


As we return from commercial break, a notice appears stating "Following an attack from @CandiceLeRae before the WWENXT #BattleRoyal last week, @TeganNoxWWE_ has suffered a torn ACL.

Backstage Interview - Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae

Sarah Schrieber walks up to Johnny and Candice backstage noting the torn ACL of Tegan Nox at the hands of Candice LeRae. "It had to be done really..." LeRae states. "It's karma, she broke out t.v., she you tear her ACL," Gargano says. LeRae responds, "Fair is Fair." "It just worked out that way, even steven." Gargano states. They are asked about teaming up tonight as the "Power Couple". Gargano states it's their destiny to become the first married couple to become NXT Champions at the same time. "It just starts tonight Sarah, then Sunday, it finishes." Gargano states Sarah did a good job during the interview as Sarah walks off. Then his smile fades as he states, "She did the worst."

In-Ring - Cameron Grimes

Out first is Cameron Grimes "Tell you the truth, I'm not in the best mood right now. Last week, I had all the opportunities. I had every chance in the world. Then it was all taken away. Then it was taken away by the "Gauntlet Eliminator", who thought of that anyway? I can come out here, and CHHHEEEEER up. I can CHEEEER UP. How about this, "The Cameron Grimes Steppin' Stones To The Moon Match" as the crowd boos. Opponent #1, come on down!

Grimes calls for a man named Joey Strong, and Joey Strong comes tumbling out of the back. Ridge Holland appears and beats Joey Strong. Ridge Holland gets in the ring and hits Grimes with a headbutt, then the match starts.

Cameron Grimes vs. Ridge Holland

Holland hits a suplex on Grimes, then lays into him with punches and kicks. He kicks at Grimes until Grimes isn’t moving and he continues to kick at Grimes until the referee calls off the match.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Grimes wins by DQ, but Holland stands tall over a demolished Grimes before walking to the back.

Backstage Interview

Austin Theory is interviewed backstage about his match against Priest. He says that he shouldn’t have been in a match against Damian Priest, but he should have been in the Gauntlet Eliminator. He calls out O’Reilly for taking so long to get an NXT title match and how O’Reilly needs to catch up to Theory.

Video Package - Kushida

We get a video package from Kushida talking about how he is going to beat Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver, and “the new Kushida is vicious.” Kushida is in action after this commercial break.

Kushida vs. Tony Nese

We return from commercial break and out comes Kushida who stands in the ring awaiting his opponent. Out next is Tony Nese who stops at the top of the ramp to count his abs (hopefully he can count that high!). Nese then enters the ring with Kushida. The bell rings and the match begins.

Nese jumps over the top rope hitting a Sling Shot on Kushida off the top rope. Kushida then lands Nese into the post on the floor before returning to the ring. Kushida attempts to throw Nese off the ropes, Nese counters and then Kushida hyper extendeds the elbow of Nese. Nese gets up and goes right back to the left shoulder of Nese, slamming Nese to the canvas.

Kushida then stomps away at Tony Nese who is laid out on the canvas. Kushida hits the Hoverboard Lock and Nese taps!

Winner By Submission: Kushida

After the Match

The arena turns to a violet lighting. From the jumbotron Velveteen Dream begins, "Will the real Kushida please stand up... It doesn't matter which Kushida shows up on Sunday, my friend, the spotlight will be too bright for you too. As for the Dream, he always puts on the best performances under the spotlight. See you Sunday."

Backstage - Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes is holding ice on his face stating, "I don't care about Ridge Holland no way!" as he stumbles around backstage looking for General Manager William Regal. Grimes stumbles upon Dexter Lumis asking if he's seen Regal. Lumis just gives that creepy stare. Grimes calls him a freak and walks off as we head to commercial.

In-Ring Adam Cole

We return from commercial and Adam Cole is in the ring with a mic. Cole says that for the last three years, Undisputed Era have dominated NXT and they have been able to do whatever they wanted. He says that things have changed and people now think they can say whatever they want about Undisputed Era and won’t face any consequences.

Cole says that they are still the same Undisputed Era. Cole calls out Austin Theory for what he said about Kyle O’Reilly. Cole asks Theory to come out and try to say the same things that he said before to Cole’s face.

Theory comes out but won’t come down the ramp. Cole says that Theory can either come down and face Cole now or Undisputed Era will come out and attack Theory.

Theory decides to get in the ring and the bell rings.

Adam Cole vs. Austin Theory

Cole is unleashed and kicks away at Theory in the corner. Cole hits Theory with a pump kick then a Neckbreaker. Theory tries to create separation, but Cole won’t let up. Theory rolls out of t ring and tries to walk away, but Cole catches him with a pump kick outside of the ring.

Cole tosses Theory face first into the apron, then breaks the count. Cole tosses Theory into the steel steps, then back into the ring. Theory tries to grab Cole’s hair, but Cole hits him with an Enzuguri from the outside.

Cole gets back in the ring and kicks Theory, then hits him with a suplex. Theory tries to fight back, but Cole ties up Theory in the corner and hits him with a dropkick. Cole locks in a headlock on Theory.

Theory escapes and runs the ropes, but Cole hits him with an elbow to the face, sending him down to the mat. Cole tosses Theory into the corner. Cole dumps Theory to the apron, but Theory hits a rolling thunder dropkick from the outside onto Cole, and we go to commercial.

We return from commercial break for more back and forth between both men! Adam Cole goes for the Waistlock, then hits a Kick to the side of the face. BackStabber by Cole for the cover and a kickout by Theory. Theory struggles to his feet, assisted by Cole. Cole gets Theory to his shoulders, Theory kicks off.

Punt Kick followed by a Knee to the neck for the cover on Theory who kicks out of the pin attempt at two. Theory out of desperation grabs the foot of Cole who kicks Theory and climbs to the second rope looking for Panama Sunrise. Nearly getting it, Theory waivers but stays standing and hits a Kick to the head of Cole and a Thunder Bomb for a cover of his own!

Cole kicks out at two! Theory looks frustrated. Both men on their knees as they exchange blows until they're both back to their feet. Superkick by Cole as Theory comes off the ropes! The crowd pops! Another Superkick and a Knee to the neck and a shot by Cole for the cover and the three count pin and win!

Winner: Adam Cole!

After the Match

Cole states into the camera... "Kyle O'Reilly was born ready. Nobody deserves a title shot more. On Sunday, at TakeOver, Kyle O'Reilly is going to shock the world, but he's not going to shock me!"

Commercial Break.

Kayden Carter (w/ Kacy Katanzaro) vs. Xia Li

Out first are Kayden Carter (accompanied by Kacy Katanzaro) as they make their way to the ring and await Kayden's opponent for the evening. Out next is Xia Li as her music sounds and the lights turn to a dim red as Li finishes her entrance. The referee signals for the bell and the next match is officially underway!

A back and forth quick roll up cover attempt goes back and forth between Carter and Li. The two return to their feet and Li smiles as the two give a quick dabs out of respect. Carter with a Dropkick for the cover, Li kicks out at two. Li exits the ring. Carter is taken down to the canvas by Li from the outside. Li drags Carter to ringside floor by her feet. Xia returns to the ring and throws up her set as she awaits Kayden's return to the ring.

Li immediately attempts to go for the cover and Kayden gets her shoulder up. Xia hits a Knee and a strike for the cover, a kick out by Kayden. Then again, Kayden kicks out again. Kayden leans in the corner of the ring, Xia lands a strike then takes Carter down. Kacy shouts, "Come on Kayden" from the outside of the ring. Kayden finally gets an opportunity for a cover, Li kicks out. Sunset Flip looking for the cover, and it's a pinning back and forth until finally Kayden hits the three count pin and win!

Winner: Kayden Carter

After the Match

Kayden walks over to Xia Li and helps her back to her feet, but Li shoves Carter to the canvas. Kacy stops Xia from exiting the ring, only to have Xia shake her grip and exit up the ramp. Commentary notes something is off with Xia Li as we head to commercial break.

Shawn Michaels Hosts

Back from commercial and Shanw Michaels is sitting at a table with the NXT Championship on the table. He introduces Finn and O’Reilly and they shake hands, then sit across the table.

Finn says that he has a huge amount of respect for O’Reilly and he is looking forward to their match. O’Reilly says the feeling is mutual.

Michaels asks Finn how he plans to prepare for O’Reilly. Balor talks about how good Kyle O’Reilly is and says the O’Reilly has proven himself all over the world as a singles competitor. O’Reilly talks about how Finn is good at stroking his own ego and how he thinks that Finn is certain to lose at NXT.

Finn asks O’Reilly if O’Reilly will show up “with Undisputed Era” or by himself “like a man.” He says that this Sunday isn’t about Undisputed Era, it’s about O’Reilly. Michaels brings up how O’Reilly winning the NXT Championship could cause conflict between O’Reilly and Cole.

O’Reilly says that he is very different from Adam Cole, but before O’Reilly can finish his thought, Finn says that he is going to slap O’Reilly around. O’Reilly confidently says that he will beat Finn.

Finn talks about how he has been wrestling for 20 years, and O’Reilly says that he has been wrestling for 15 years and 5 years doesn’t make a big difference. O’Reilly says that he shouldn’t be considered the underdog, because Finn has never stepped into the ring with someone like Kyle.

O’Reilly says that he will change Finn’s mind. Michaels gives Finn the final word. Finn says that O’Reilly has everything it takes to be NXT Champion, and O’Reilly would be champion if he was challenging anyone else but Finn Balor.

We are told that the mixed tag team match in the main event will be up next, right after this commercial break.

Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae vs. NXT Champion Damian Priest & Io Shirai

Out first as we return from commercial break is Johnny Gargano and wife Candice LeRae. Next out is the NXT Champion Damian Priest along with Io Shirai. Damian points at Shirai as she makes her way to the stage. They remove their jackets, shout and hype each other then run at the ring. They immediately attack Candice and Johnny before the bell rings.

Candice and Johnny exit the ring as the referee tries to calm things down, Johnny states, "cheap shot". The referee finally signals for the bell. The bell rings and Johnny and Damian start things off for tonight's match-up! Priest with clubbing blows as he treats Gargano like a punching bag. Sidewalk Slam by Priest as Gargano heads over to his corner and Priest tags in Shirai. LeRae enters with her opponent Io.

LeRae talks trash and then strikes Io, then hitting a Knee to the midsection of Io Shirai! LeRae rushes in at Shirai in the corner, Shirai with a high kick. LeRae rolls Shirai for a quick pin attempt. Shirai kicks out and then drops LeRae to the canvas. LeRae slides into a corner and Johnny jumps in stopping Io. Johnny looks into Io's face and suddenly Priest is standing behind Io and hits Johnny.

Priest lifts Io Shirai in a standing position and walks to the ropes where Io takes off and lands on the Garganos at ringside as we head to commercial break!

We return from commercial break and commentary state "The Gargano Way is working". LeRae has controled Shirai throughout the commercial break. Shirai hit the 619 as Johnny jumped on the apron accidentally taking the hit, and LeRae hit the Pendulum Drop on Io Shirai. Back to the current time in the match, Gargano and Priest head in now. Priest with a Clothesline takes Gargano down.

Priest with the Broken Arrow and the cover on Gargano for the two count. Gargano on his knees as Priest lifts Gargano, Gargano slides off Priest and heads into the corner, landing a Kick on Priest and landing Priest face first on the canvas. Enzuguri by Gargano, Shirai tags in. Shirai takes out Gargano and then takes it to LeRae with the Tiger Drive.

Shirai locks in the Crossface as LeRae screams. Gargano pulls Shirai off of LeRae. Priest goes for South of Heaven and Gargano hits a Strike on Priest on the outside. Candice looks for the come up and tries for a quick cover to no avail. Senton by LeRae. Shirai with a Backbreaker, then Shirai heads to the top, Gargano jumps in. Priest hits Gargano, Moonsault by Shirai on Gargano.

Candice hits a Low Blow on Priest. Shirai chases LeRae and hits a hard Stomp on LeRae. Gargano hits One Final Beat for the three count pin and win!

Winners: Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano!

After the Match

We head into replays. Johnny exits the ring and snatches the two titles from the ring announcers and hands one to Candice and they both raise the belts as they look down at an injured Priest and Shirai to close the show.

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