WWE NXT UK Recap (07/14): Mark Coffey vs. Noam Dar

WWE recently held the latest episode of their WWE NXT UK brand, which saw Noam Dar defend the WWE NXT UK Heritage Cup against Mark Coffey in the show's main event.

Below are the results from the show, courtesy of F4WOnline.com:

- Oliver Carter def. Teoman. After the match, Die Familie attacked Oliver Carter and Teoman hit Carter with the Evil Eye.

- We then head to the WWE NXT UK Performance Center, where Sam Gradwell was asked about Trent Seven, but Seven suddenly appeared and beat Sam Gradwell down.

- Fallon Henley was then asked about her time in the UK. Isla Dawn appeared out of nowhere and was acting all creepy, but Fallon Henley was having none of it.

- Dave Mastiff then congratulated Josh Morrell on his win last week, but told him he would have to face "The Bomber" next week.

- Wolfgang was then asked about Ilja Dragunov's comments about him last week. Wolfgang said he would take the WWE NXT UK Title from Dragunov.

- Amale def. Stevie Turner. After the match, Blair Davenport stood up at the commentary desk and mockingly applauded Amale before Amale locked eyes with her and began berating her from the ring.

- A referee then approached Noam Dar and Sha Samuels backstage and banned Sha Samuels from ringside for tonight’s main event.

- A clip was then shown from after last week's show, where Sarray and Meiko Satomura came backstage and were greeted by Emilia McKenzie. They talked in Japanese and Sarray thanked Satomura for teaming with her, but said she also wanted to face her next. The WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion accepted and Emilia McKenzie didn't look happy. Nina Samuels then approached Emilia McKenzie for comments, but was blown off.

- Mark Andrews and Wild Boar then talked about wanting to bring the WWE NXT UK Tag Team Titles home and want to face Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

- Sid Scala then announced that in two weeks, there would be a title match between Ilja Dragunov and Wolfgang and next week, Fallon Henley faces Isla Dawn and Trent Seven faces Sam Gradwell.

- Mark Coffey def. Noam Dar in round six to win the WWE NXT UK Heritage Cup. After the match, Mark Coffey celebrated with his newly-won trophy, while Sha Samuels went crazy backstage. Wolfgang and some members of the roster and staff made their way out to celebrate with Mark Coffey. Joe Coffey then returned from hiatus and walked out to celebrate with his brother as the show came to a close.