WWE NXT UK Recap (07/21): Trent Seven vs. Sam Gradwell

WWE recently held the latest episode of their NXT UK brand, which saw Trent Seven battle Sam Gradwell in the show's main event.

Below are the results from the show, courtesy of F4WOnline.com:

- The show opens up with a recap of Mark Coffey beating Noam Dar on last week's episode of WWE NXT UK to become the brand-new WWE NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion.

- Isla Dawn def. Fallon Henley.

- We see Sarray in the UK Performance Center talking about how much she enjoyed the United Kingdom. She then ran into WWE NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura and asked Satomura about a match between herself and the WWE NXT UK Women's Champion. Satomura agreed and told Sarray to be prepared.

- We then see Amale confront Blair Davenport and tell Davenport that she would not get under her skin. Amale then said she would save all of her anger for Davenport in the ring.

- Dave Mastiff def. Josh Morrell. After the match, Mastiff helped Morrell to his feet and fist-bumped him.

- We then get a backstage segment, where Sha Samuels had to pay out all the winning bets for Noam Dar's loss to Mark Coffey from last week. A long line of talent and staff would fall in line to collect. Sha Samuels then said he could not afford food or drink and they had to win the Heritage Cup back. After Noam Dar left, Sha Samuels fell asleep and one final person came to collect and that was none other than WWE NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint. Sha Samuels said he had some more money in the back, then ran away.

- We then see WWE NXT UK Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen at a photo shoot and they accepted a challenge from Mark Andrews and Wild Boar for a WWE NXT UK Tag Team Title Match.

- Emilia McKenzie def. Nina Samuels.

- Andy Shepherd then had a sit-down interview with WWE NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov and his next challenger Wolfgang. They talked about why they respect each other and Dragunov called Wolfgang one of the best wrestlers on the brand. Ilja Dragunov then said Wolfgang is part of a group, but it will be different when he faces Ilja Dragunov alone. Wolfgang then said he will lift the responsibility of being champion off Ilja Dragunov's shoulders. They then had a stare-down to end the segment.

- Trent Seven def. Sam Gradwell. After the match, Seven continued to attack Sam Gradwell's knee, but Tyler Bate appeared out of nowhere to make the save and chased Trent Seven. Trent Seven immediately jumped out of the ring and tumbled over the barricade before scrambling for the exit. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate then had a stare-down as WWE NXT UK came to a close.