WWE NXT UK Recap (10/28): New Champion Crowned

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. This edition of the show is centered around an NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship defense, so let’s get down to it.

NXT UK (10/28/21)

⁃ The opening intro kicks off this week’s NXT UK, followed by a video package that hypes the main event.
⁃ In the studio: Gallus make their way down the ramp, and Mark Coffey is in the opening singles contest.

Mark Coffey w/ Wolfgang vs. Rohan Raja w/ Teoman

The referee calls for the bell, and both men tie up right away. After a quick stalemate, Coffey scores a takedown on Raja, followed by an arm drag. Coffey controls the early portion of the match with an arm bar, until Rohan stands up, and transitions into a hold of his own. Mark breaks free, and grabs a side headlock, before running the ropes. After Mark misses on the rebound, Rohan turns things around with a big slam, and follows up by sending Coffey to the outside. Wolfgang steps in to check on his partner, and Teoman makes his presence felt, while the action moves back into the ring. Raja continues to punish Coffey in the corner of the ring, and lands double knees to the chest of Coffey. Rohan tries a quick cover, and keeps the pressure on Coffey with an elbow lock, as Mark winces in pain. Coffey breaks free, and we have a hockey fight!
Coffey eventually slows things down with a big forearm shot, and quickens his pace, before nailing Raja with a huge suplex, followed by a pin attempt. Rohan kicks out on instinct, and manages to get back to his feet, before nailing Coffey with a backstabber for the close near fall. Both men look to close out the match, as Coffey ducks a move from Rohan. Coffey follows up with a thunderous running elbow strike to the back of Raja’s head, and makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Mark Coffey

⁃ After The Match: Teoman and Rohan beat down Gallus, until several officials run out to make the save.
⁃ In The Back: NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Tyler Bate is shown warming up with his Moustache Mountain teammate, Trent Seven.
⁃ A Word From The GM: NXT UK Assistant General Manager Sid Scala talks about the issues between Symbiosis, Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter, and Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff. Scala announces that each team will square off in a three way tag team match soon, with the winner earning a chance to compete against Pretty Deadly for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship.

*commercial break*

⁃ During The Break: Charlie Dempsey checks in for an interview, but he’s interrupted by Wolfgang. Wolfgang shouts for Teoman, and storms off.

Myra Grace vs. Amale

The opening bell sounds, and it’s time for women’s division action! Grace and Amale kick things off with a tie up, and Amale quickly scores a takedown. Amale gains control of the match by grabbing the arm of Myra, and goes to work with ground and pound offense on Grace, until Myra scores a surprise roll up attempt. Grace keeps her foot on the gas, and looks to land a running knee strike in the corner, but Amale steps out of the way. Amale capitalizes on the mistake from Myra, and unleashes a vicious assault on Grace, until Myra briefly stops her. Amale goes back on offense, and grinds Myra down with a submission hold, as Blair Davenport is shown watching from the stage. A distraction allows Grace to transition into an offensive attack, as Davenport looks unimpressed on the ramp. Amale turns the tables on Myra, and sends her into the ropes, before planting Grace with the Homebreaker for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Amale

⁃ In The Back: Noam Dar prepares himself for the main event, as Sha Samuels offers up words of encouragement.
⁃ Earlier Today: Nina Samuels plays a few mind games with Aleah James. Nina invites Aleah to join her on The Nina Samuels Show, but James declines.

*commercial break*

⁃ In The Locker Room: Flash Morgan Webster tries to slap Rampage Brown. Brown catches the hand of Webster, and tells Flash “if you wanted a match, all you had to do was ask.”

Danny Jones vs. Charlie Dempsey

The contest kicks off at a rapid pace, as both technicians try to take each other down. Dempsey scores the first takedown, and grand a single leg submission hold on Jones, who eventually breaks free. Dempsey switches gears, and lands a stiff suplex on Danny, who is able to get up quickly. Jones fires up, and hits consecutive strikes on Dempsey, until applying a headlock. Danny changes to a bow and arrow hold, and keeps it in tight until Dempsey breaks free. Charlie locks on a nasty standing arm bar, and Danny muscular his way out, sending both men into the corner. Jones and Dempsey trade shots in the corner, until Charlie scores another takedown, and makes a cover for a close two. Charlie keeps the pressure on Danny with a reverse chin lock, and changes to a side headlock, always Jones to hit a sidewalk slam on Dempsey. Charlie somehow manages to hang on to the the hold, and nails a butterfly suplex from out of nowhere, followed by a crossface submission hold. Jones scratches and claws for the ropes, but Charlie forces a tapout for the win.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey

⁃ Announcement Time: On next week’s episode of NXT UK, “The Fashionista” Jinny will take on “The Final Boss” Meiko Satomura, with the NXT UK Women’s Championship on the line.

*commercial break*

⁃ Back From The Break: A promo package highlights some of the sorcery Isla Dawn has going on, until Noam Dar enters the studio.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship

Tyler Bate(c) w/ Trent Seven vs. Noam Dar w/ Sha Samuels

Round 1

The official calls for the match opening bell, and two of NXT UK’s brightest stars are set for battle! The opening round begins at a very slow pace, as Bate and Dar try to feel the other out. A grappling exchange breaks out, and Bate gains a slight early advantage, forcing Dar to head to the ropes. Noam brings it back to the center of the ring, where both men trade submission holds. Neither Superstar is able to gain the upper hand over the other, and they separate again, as the feeling out process continues. Dar and Bate lock horns for a third time, and Noam stomps the foot of Bate, allowing “The Scottish Supernova” to land a take down on Tyler. Both men stand back up, and have a face off for a moment, as time ticks down on the round.

Round 2

After a word of advice from their assistants, both men go straight back to work on each other, and attempt to grab a submission hold. Each man struggles to find grip for a moment, until Bate takes Dar down, and locks on a working hold. Noam regroups, and grabs a wrist lock on Bate, followed by a takedown. Dar changes the pace, and runs the ropes, but he runs right into a shoulder block from Bate. Noam shakes him off, and both men start to pick things up, until Noam slows things down by taking out the knees of Bate. Tyler springs up on adrenaline, and both men run the ropes, but there’s a meeting of the minds! Bate and Dar shake off the contact, and time runs out on the round.

Round 3

The third round begins just like the other two rounds, as both men exchange moves back and fourth. Dar sends Bate to the outside of the ring, and tosses Tyler into the steel steps, before rolling back to the inside. Bate goes on the chase, and runs straight into a Nova Roller for the 1-2-3.

1-0 Noam Dar

Round 4

Noam Dar launches out of his corner to begin the round, and tries his best to go up 2-0, in order to win the title. Dar unleashes several strikes on Bate, until Tyler attempts to stop him. Bate stuns Dar, and heads to the top rope, before crashing down with an elbow strike. Bate follows that with a hip toss on Dar, but Noam almost rolls through to steal the match. Bate quickly sets Dar up for the Tyler Driver, and puts Dar away for the 1-2-3.

Tied 1-1

Round 5

A tied contest enters the fifth round, and both men are looking worse for wear. Dar gains control of the early portion of the match with a nasty attack on the knee of Bate, and follows up with a stiff elbow shot, dropping Bate to the mat in the process. Dar tries a cover, and Bate powers out, then makes his comeback. Tyler hits several consecutive strikes, and nearly wins the match with a roll up, but Sha Samuels causes a distraction. Dar capitalizes, and blasts Bate with a thunderous knee strike for the 1-2-NO! Dar and Bate have a brief exchange, until Tyler catches Noam in a leg lock. Bate keeps the pressure on, and both men swing away at each other on the mat, as another round comes to a close.

Round 6

The sixth and final round of the contest kicks off, and niether man is able to stand up straight. A vicious exchange breaks out, until Bate plants Dar on the top rope. Bate helps Noam off of the turnbuckle with an avalanche suplex, which sends Dar rolling to the outside. Samuels checks on Dar, and Bate leaps onto both of them, before rolling Noam back into the ring. Bate sets up for the Tyler Driver, but Noam rolls through. Bate quickly sends Noam a stiff forearm shot, followed by a suplex that has both men grounded. Pretty Deadly makes a run in, and heads straight for Trent Seven. Dar nearly wins the match via roll up, as Trent fights off Pretty Deadly. Dar works on the leg of Bate, and after slight confusion, the referee calls for the bell.

Winner AND NEW NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion: Noam Dar

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night: Noam Dar

Match of the Night: Tyler Bate vs. Noam Dar

That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of your day!