WWE NXT UK Recap: 1/7/2021

The show begins with the usual opening video package, and Andy Shepherd welcomes us to the B.T. Sports arena. The announce team tells us things are starting off with a huge match, and Jinny makes her way to the ring. She’s followed by her opponent, Piper Niven, and this is going to be GOOD!

Number One Contenders Match For The UK Womens Championship

Jinny vs Piper Niven

The bell rings, and Piper immediately goes to work on Jinny. Jinny briefly takes control of things, but the much bigger Niven quickly turns that around. Niven and Jinny take the match to the outside of the ring, and Niven continues to beat up Jinny. Jinny begins to fire up, and takes the match back into the ring. Jinny reverses course, and rams Niven into the ring post, before rolling her back into the ring for a pin attempt. Jinny begins to ground and pound Niven, and follows up by locking in a submission hold. Jinny continues to work over Niven with some big strikes, and goes back into another submission hold. Niven powers out of the hold, driving Jinny into the mat, forcing “The Fashionista” to release the hold. Joseph Conners makes his way out, and no one is sure why. Jinny and Piper begin to exchange blows, until Piper hits a big suplex, followed by a cross body, and makes a quick pin attempt. Jinny goes to the outside, and Piper chases her. Niven tries to hit a rolling senton off of the apron onto Jinny, but Conners jumps in the way, taking the blow for Jinny. This allows Jinny to take control of the match, and they head back into the ring. Conners makes his way back to his feet, and trips Piper up as she tries to slam Jinny. The distraction allows Jinny to roll-up Niven for the pin, and the win, giving Jinny number one contenders status, in a slightly underwhelming match.

Winner: Jinny

After the contest ends, the announce team wonders what just happened with Conners and Jinny, calling it “bizarre”. Pretty Deadly appear on the screen, and they have a few words for Gallus. They tell us they have the NXT UK Champions chasing them, and “it’s almost as if we planned it”. The show then heads to the first ad break.

Back from the break, Tyler Bate talks about coming up short against A-Kid, during their Heritage Cup match a few weeks ago. Bate says he’s gonna get better, and shares a motivational quote he likes. Bate says “pro wrestling chose me”, and he knows he needs to “go deep within”, and let everything fall into place. Sam Gradwell is shown watching the promo from his cell phone, and he wonders if this is “supposed to be inspirational”, before scoffing, and walking away. A video package for Noam Dar starts to play, and we head back into the studio.

The Supernova Sessions

Noam welcomes us to the first Supernova Sessions of 2021, and talks himself up, saying “new year, same me”. He talks about his goals for the year, and introduces us to his guest, “Ben Carpenter”. It’s actually Ben Carter, and Dar gets straight into the interview. Noam wonders if carpentry runs in Bens’ family, and Ben corrects Dar on his name. Dar whisper yells at a stage hand for telling him the wrong name, and he needs a moment to collect himself. “The Scottish Supernova” wonders why Ben is here, and Ben tells him he “wants to face the very best the industry has to offer”. The interview gets interrupted by Jordan Devlin, who says he has a question for Dar. Devlin asks how he could have Carter on the show before him, and runs down Carter. Devlin says he is a great Cruiserweight champion, who always defends his title, and Dar mocks him for being the “interim champion”. Carter interjects, and talks up Devlin, before challenging him to a match for the Cruiserweight championship. Devlin accepts the challenge, and tells Carter to face him tonight. Carter says he wasn’t supposed to make his debut until next week, but he’s ready to fight, and NXT UK Assistant GM Sid Scala makes the match official for tonight’s main event. Dar thanks his guests for joining, and tells his stage crew to “play that funky music”, as the segment ends.

Once the segment wraps up, the announce team hypes up the match, and talk about next weeks UK Championship match between WALTER and Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid. After that, Kay Lee Ray talks about Jinny, and tells her that the championship belt “belongs to Kay Lee Ray”. The show then heads to another ad break.

Once the show returns from the break, replays of the handicapped match that saw Jack Starz and Levi Muir defeat Saxon Huxley are shown. Huxley attacked the duo after the match, and “Bomber” Dave Mastiff made the save. Up next, Mastiff makes his way to the ring, and he’s dressed to compete.

Dave Mastiff vs Saxon Huxley

The bell rings, and the two big men tie up. They battle all around the ring, exchanging blows, until Mastiff takes Huxley down with a knee to the gut, and makes two pin attempts. Huxley recovers, and hits a Thesz press on Mastiff, then pounds on the “bomber”. Huxley remains in control of things, and hits a big drive-by kick on Mastiff. Huxley goes to the top rope, and takes down Mastiff, before pinning him. Dave kicks out, and Huxley continues to work over Mastiff. Mastiff locks on an arm hold, until Mastiff begins to fight out of it. Mastiff turns Huxley inside out, then begins to take control of the match. Mastiff tosses Huxley across the ring, and makes a cover. Huxley kicks out, and Mastiff attempts a suplex. Huxley fights him off, but then takes a huge clothesline, before falling into the corner. Mastiff hits a rolling senton in the corner, and covers Huxley for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Dave Mastiff

The show then goes to another ad break. When the show comes back from the break, a video package airs, hyping WALTER vs A-Kid for next week. They share their thoughts on the match, as highlights of both competitors are shown. The video package recaps how the match between the two got set up, and a graphic tells us the match is next week. The match should most certainly be an early Match of the Year candidate! Also next week, Sam Gradwell will take on Tyler Bate. After that, Ben Carter makes his way to the ring, and it’s time for the main event.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Ben Carter vs Jordan Devlin(C)

The bell rings, and they begin to feel each other out. Devlin takes control of the match, working over Carter with a few different holds. Carter tries to fight out, but can’t manage to escape the wrist lock. Carter eventually breaks free, and starts to gain momentum. Carter grounds Devlin with a headlock, and the two make their way back to their feet. A huge drop kick sends Devlin to the outside, and Carter attempts to follow up with a dive, but Devlin cuts him off with a big slam, and quick pin attempt. Carter kicks out, but Devlin remains in control with a leg drop. Carter shows some fight briefly, but Devlin continues the offensive attack. Devlin uses some dirty tactics, and tries to frustrate Carter. Devlin stands on Carter’s hair, and then his face, but Carter to starts to fight back once again. Carter gets a roll-up on Devlin, but Devlin kicks out, and follows up with another big slam, before making another quick cover attempt. Devlin starts to look proud of his work, allowing Carter to strike him, and take control of the match, by delivering a drop kick. This sends Devlin into the corner, and Carter follows it up with a monkey flip attempt, but Devlin catches him, and sends him to the outside. Devlin goes on the chase, and rams Carter into the steel steps. Devlin hits a lateral press for the cover in the ring, and Carter kicks out of a close near fall. Devlin starts to trash talk Carter while he’s down, and Carter makes his way back to his feet. They both run the ropes, and jump into each other ribs first. Carter tries to go on the attack, but Devlin avoids it, and they go to the outside again. Carter hits a big move on the floor, and Devlin rolls back into the ring. Carter immediately follows it up with a spinning takedown, and drives Devlin into the mat, before attempting another pin. Devlin kicks out yet again, and Carter almost had him. Both guys start to feel the effects of the match, and Carter goes to the top rope. Carter misses the attempt, and Devlin hits a standing Spanish fly for another close near fall. Devlin sets up for the Devlin Side, but Carter reverses, and hits Code Red for the 1-2-NO! The match continues, and Carter goes to the top rope once again. Devlin blocks the attempt, and locks on an Irish Cloverleaf. Carter briefly makes it to the ropes, but Devlin holds on to him, pulling him back into the middle of the ring. Carter makes it to the ropes again, and Devlin is forced to release the hold. Devlin strikes Carter with a few more kicks to the face, and hits the Devlin Side for the 1-2-3, to retain his title.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Wow, What a showing by the newcomer Ben Carter. Replays of the match are shown, and Nigel closes it out by asking “America are you listening”. Andy reiterates Nigels question, and the show fades to black. That’s all for this weeks episode of the black and gold brands show. Join me next Friday for another NXT UK Recap, right here on Rajah.Com!