WWE NXT UK Recap: 2/18/2021

The show kicks off with the usual opening video package, and the commentary team of Andy Shepherd, along with Nigel McGuinness, welcome the viewers to the show. Tonight there will be a Heritage Cup Championship match, and it is the first match of the night!

Heritage Cup Championship

A-Kid(c) vs Sha Samuels

The first round starts, and both men charge at each other. They tie it up, and Samuels grounds A-Kid. Kid reverses, and locks in a hold of his own. They both stand up, and try to gain the early advantage. A rope break causes Kid to let go of a hold, so Samuels locks in one of his own. Samuels tries two pin attempts, but they both stand up once again. After another rope break, Samuels slams Kid into the mat, and follows up by throwing him shoulder first into the ring post. Samuels locks on the Butcher’s Hook, and Kid taps out!

Samuels leads 1-0

Round 2 kicks off, and Kid charges at Samuels, but misses a drop kick. Samuels begins to go to work on Kid, beating him all around the ring. Samuels ground and pounds Kid, and scoops him up for a massive slam. Samuels applies a pin, but Kid kicks out. Kid starts to fire up briefly, but Samuels takes him back to the mat, and hits a few big right hands for good measure. Samuels remains in control, until Kid begins to wake up again, and locks in a sleeper hold. Samuels forces a break, but Kid reapplies the hold. Samuels slides to the outside, so Kid follows up with a dive, and time runs out on round 2.

The 3rd round bell rings, and they take a slower approach this time. Kid lands a kick to the knee, and eventually a roll-up attempt, followed by another. Samuels goes back to reigning down strikes on Kid, until Kid gets up. Kid begins to fire up with a few big strikes, before a final blow allows Kid to try a cover, and pin Samuels to tie it up.

Samuels and A-Kid are tied at 1-1

The fourth round gets under way, and both men are wearing down. Samuels avoids a roll up attempt, but gets caught with a suplex. Kid misses an attempt on the corner, so Samuels floors him with a big slam. After Samuels tries a pin, Kid kicks out, and Samuels looks to stay on him. Kid lands a surprise strike, and tries a pin, before changing to an arm bar. Kid then goes to the top rope, and gets caught with a dive, so Samuels powers kid into the mat for a near fall. Samuels tries a pin again, before locking in the Butcher’s Hook, as time runs out on the round.

The 5th round begins, and Kid quickly locks in an arm bar on Samuels. Samuels fights out, and locks in the Butcher’s Hook, but kid fights out. Kid heads into the corner for a running attempt, but Samuels catches him with a power slam once again. Samuels tries the hook, but Kid reverses, and locks in a nasty submission hold! Samuels taps out, and A-Kid scores another fall!

Winner, AND STIIILLL: A-Kid(2-1)

After the match, a video package hypes the upcoming colossal collision between Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey. Once the video package wraps up, the show takes an ad break.

On the other side of the break, a video package plays, showing clips of NXT UK Champion WALTER, as he talks over it with a commanding voice. The show returns to ringside at the B.T. Sports Studio, where the next match is ready to take place.

Josh Morell vs Ben Carter

The bell rings, and both men tie up. Carter reverses pressure on a hold from Morell, and then they both exchange flippy moves. They both regroup, and Carter takes down Morell. Carter begins to work over the right arm of Morell, until Morell backflips out of the hold. Carter takes Morell down, and applies a hold, but Morell fights out. Morell locks on another hold, and the back and fourth continues with a submission hold from Carter. The pace picks up, and Carter runs the ropes, but he gets caught with a surprise roll up. Morell chases Carter into the corner, and Carter sidesteps, causing Josh to run into the turnbuckle. Carter hits a suplex right away, followed by a cover attempt, and a submission move. Carter continues the hold on the neck of Morell, until Morell escapes. Morell applies a brutal bow and arrow, but Carter escapes the hold, and returns the favor on Morell. Josh works out of it, and falls to the mat, so Carter tries a pin. Josh kicks out, but gets caught with a powerful drop kick, and has to kick out of another pin attempt. Josh goes on the attack, and they run all around the ring, until Morell takes Carter down, and tries a pin. Josh quickly goes to the top rope, but misses a diving attempt, before rolling through, and getting taken down by Carter. Carter urgently goes to the top rope, and lands a frog splash for the win.

Winner: Ben Carter

Once the match is finished, Joe Coffey is shown warming up. The show then moves over to an “earlier today” segment, where Meiko Satomura and Kay Lee Ray made an upcoming encounter official. Satomura and the NXT UK Women’s Champion will face off in two weeks, with the title on the line. After that, the show goes to a break.

When the break is over, a video package highlights the rivalry between Nina Samuels and Xia Brookside plays. They will face off next week, and if Brookside loses, she will have to carry Samuels bags for a month. When the package ends, the show moves to “earlier this week”, where Tyler Bate is working out at the Performance Center. Bate says he is “ready for new challenges”. The show then heads back into the studio for a women’s division match.

Aleah James vs Dani Luna

Both women tie up, and Luna pushes James into the corner. They come back to the center of the ring, and Luna remains in control. James runs the ropes, and gets hit with a shoulder block from Luna. Dani follows up with a few strikes to James while she is down, and then hits a suplex. Luna tosses James with a release suplex, and picks her up again, but James reverses. James gets a roll up, but Luna kicks out, and keeps the pressure on. James briefly fires up, and tries a cover, but has no luck. James continues, until she gets caught with a straight right hand from Luna. James shakes it off, and lands a strike of her own, before heading to the apron. Aleah makes a leaping attempt at Luna, but Dani catches her, and hits a thunderous sit out power-bomb for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Dani Luna

Once the match wraps up, Jinny and Joseph Connors send a message to Piper Niven. Connors says Jinny will “tear Piper apart piece by piece”. Viewers are then taken to the back again, where Rampage Brown is warming up. The show then heads to the final ad break of the night.

When the ad break comes to a close, a video package reminds us about the upcoming NXT Tag Team Championship meeting between Gallus and Pretty Deadly. The match is taking place next week, and is sure to be a dandy! Viewers then have a look at the “tale of the tape” for tonight’s main event, which basically says both men are mountains.

Joe Coffey vs Rampage Brown

The bell rings, and this one should be physical! They quickly tie up, and try to gain the early advantage. Both men struggle to over power the other, and start to run the ropes. Coffey gets driven into the canvas by Brown, who follows up with some big chops. Coffey briefly lands chops of his own, but Brown takes him to the mat. Brown follows up with a kick to the side of the head, and tries the Doctor Bomb. Coffey reverses, and starts to make it rain fists on Brown. Coffey runs Brown into the ring, and catches him with sidewalk slam off the rebound, before trying a cover. Brown kicks out, but Coffey remains on the attack. Coffey works over a grounded Brown, and rips at the ear in the process. Rampage makes his way to his feet briefly, but Coffey takes him down once again. Coffey tells Brown “this is my kingdom”, and continues to be in control of the match. Coffey locks on a straight jacket submission hold, and simultaneously drives his knee in the back of Brown. Coffey tries to take Brown down with lariats, but Brown hits one of his own, and both men go down. They make it back up, and trade massive fists momentarily. Brown then hits a slam on Coffey, and tries a desperation pin. Brown begins to look frustrated, and Coffey begins to fire up, but runs into a boot from Brown. Brown follows up with a takedown, and an immediate suplex for good measure. Brown applies a cover, but Coffey kicks out. Rampage runs the ropes, but gets caught by Coffey, who release German suplex’s Brown across the ring. Both men go down again, and both look drained. They begin to exchange shots again, until Coffey throws Brown once more. Coffey goes into the corner, and hits a splash, followed by a European uppercut, and another suplex. Brown rolls into the opposite corner, as Coffey sets up for the big shoulder tackle. Coffey connects, but Brown instinctually rolls to the outside. Coffey charges at Brown, who side steps him, causing Coffey to run into the steel steps at full speed. Brown rolls Coffey into the ring, but Coffey goes to the top rope, and hits a splash. Coffey tries a pin, but the injured arm causes an improper pin. Brown kicks out, and follows up by hitting the Doctor Bomb, pinning Joe Coffey for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Rampage Brown

In the closing moments of the show, Andy and Nigel briefly recap the previous match. Both men have a stare down, before shaking hands, and ending the night on a high note.

Now it’s time to hand out some awards:

Match of the Night: Sha Samuels vs A-Kid

Superstar of the Night: Rampage Brown

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