WWE NXT UK Recap: (4/15/2021)

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. Tonight’s show is centered around a matchup of former tag team partners, and it’s time to get down to business!

NXT UK (4/15/21)

⁃ The show begins with the usual opening video package, and Andy Shepherd welcomes the viewers the B.T Sports Studios.
⁃ Once Andy finishes talking about what went down at NXT UK Prelude, Saxon Huxley is already in the ring, and he is in the first match.

Nathan Frazer vs Saxon Huxley

The bell rings, and both men tie it up. Huxley immediately tosses Frazer aside, and Nathan tries to keep away from him. Frazer remains on the attack, and both men go into the corner, until Frazer turns the tables. Nathan begins to use his quickness, until Saxon catches him, and slams him into the mat. Huxley follows up with an elbow, and misfires, allowing Frazer to take control briefly. Huxley catches Frazer in the ropes, and ties him in the tree of woe to deliver a boot. Huxley turns up the volume on the attack, and tosses Frazer around the ring like a rag doll. Nathan rolls through a toss, and begins to make a comeback, but can’t avoid a big boot from Saxon. Huxley hooks a leg, and tries to put away Nathan, but he kicks out at two. Huxley connects with an elbow after forcing Frazer to run the ropes, and locks in a submission hold. Frazer shows signs of fight, until Huxley slams him into the mat again. Saxon starts to work on the back of Frazer, and he’s in full control. Huxley runs Frazer into the corner, where Frazer uses innovative offense to stop the attack. Frazer begins to come alive, and runs all around the ring, before sending Huxley to the outside. Frazer hits a crazy torpedo style dive through the ropes, and sends Huxley into the barricade. Both men roll back into the ring, and Frazer continues to quicken the pace. Frazer heads to the top rope, and hits a dropkick, before going up top once again. Nathan comes crashing down with a frog splash, and puts Huxley away for the win.

Winner: Nathan Frazer

⁃ Once the segment comes to a close, an interview from “earlier this week” is aired, and Sha Samuels is angry about Trent Seven.
⁃ After a commercial break, its time for another edition of The Supernova Sessions.

The Supernova Sessions

Noam Dar welcomes everyone to his show, and he says “two is better than one”. He announces that next week he and Sha Samuels will face Mustache Mountain, and introduces his guests, Gallus. The former NXT UK Tag Team Champions make their way onto the show, and they argue about who sits where. Dar tells Gallus they look fresh, and he wonders where they have been. Mark Coffey says they have been “training”, and Wolfgang explains “we’re focused on Gallus goals”. Joe Coffey chimes in, and says “we’re gonna go on a rampage”. Eddie Dennis interrupts the show, and says Gallus “got involved in our business”. Eddie lays down a challenge to Joe Coffey, before The Hunt attacks Gallus from behind. Noam relaxes and smiles while everyone fights around him, and he tells the DJ to “play that funky music” to end the segment.

⁃ After the sessions wrap up, Sam Gradwell is shown trying to get into the Performance Center “earlier this week”. Dave Mastiff answers the front door, and locks it.
⁃ When the show comes back from an ad break, Mustache Mountain is shown talking “earlier today”. Bate says he’s still going for the Heritage Cup, and Seven tells him to focus on next weeks tag team match.
⁃ When the quick appearance from Bate and Seven comes to a close, Isla Dawn makes her way to the ring, and she’s in a singles match.

Isla Dawn vs Emilia McKenzie

The match gets underway, and both women tie up immediately. They grapple all around the ring, and into the corner, until the ref causes separation. They tie up again, and Emilia hits a few arm drags. Dawn stops a third attempt, before being slammed into the mat again. Dawn begins to get herself together, and lands a few kicks in the corner on McKenzie. Dawn picks up the intensity, and hits a backdrop driver on Emilia. McKenzie tries to create separation, but she gets caught with a kick right in the gut. McKenzie gasps for air, and Dawn tries a cover, before locking in a nasty submission hold. McKenzie tries to stay in the match, and breaks free briefly, before landing a drop kick. McKenzie remains on the offensive, and goes to the top rope, before jumping off and nailing a spear. Emilia attempts a cover on Isla, and Dawn starts to heat back up. Dawn hits a fisherman suplex, and scores a close near fall on Emilia. McKenzie tries to make one last attempt at victory, and follows up with a slam and a cover attempt, but Dawn reverses pressure for a roll up. McKenzie kicks out, and both go onto the corner. Dawn hits McKenzie with a kick in the face, before nailing a belly to back suplex for the win.

Winner: Isla Dawn

⁃ When the women’s segment comes to an end, another women’s star appears. “The Fashionista” Jinny sends a message to Dani Luna, and calls her “a small fish in a big pond”, before laying down a challenge for next week.
⁃ NXT UK makes its way back from a quick Peacock plug, and Andy announces that Eddie Dennis will take on Joe Coffey next week.
⁃ A segment from last week is shown, where Aoife Valkyrie left a feather on the stage for Meiko Satomura.
⁃ Satomura is shown running into Valkyrie, and she simply tells Aoife “I know what this means, I accept”.
⁃ Once the rapid fire appearances come to a close, Ashton Smith enters the studio for a match.

Ashton Smith vs Jack Starz w/ Piper Niven

Clips of Starz training are aired before the match, and the bell rings to start things off. Starz goes for a takedown, and Smith shakes him off. The much larger Smith grabs a waist lock on Starz, until Jack reverses, and takes Ashton down. Both men stand back up, and Smith hits a powerful shoulder tackle, after running the ropes. Smith tries to stay in control of things, but gets caught with a few consecutive strikes from Starz. Smith counters a strike, and locks on a submission hold to ground Starz. Smith hits another shoulder tackle, and nearly pulls the arm of Starz right off. Ashton counties to overpower Starz, and hits a huge clothesline, before trying a pin. Starz manages to kick out, and Smith lands a punishing blow to the lower back right away. Smith his a big slam, and tries another cover, but Jack keeps fighting. Smith hits a forearm across the chest of Jack, and applies a lateral press pin, but Starz won’t go away. Jack starts to come to life, but gets caught in mid air, before escaping. Smith catches him once again, and catapults him over the top rope, and to the floor. Piper tells Starz “show me what your made of”, and Jack goes back in for more. Smith continues to fish out punishment, until Starz makes a comeback. Starz flips out of an attempt by Smith, and rolls up Ashton for the 1-2-3, earning his first one on one victory in NXT UK.

Winner: Jack Starz

⁃ Once the action inside the studio comes to a close, a video package recaps the story between Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.
⁃ When the black and gold brand returns from a final ad break, Kenny Williams makes his way to the ring, and he’s in the main event.

Kenny Williams vs Amir Jordan

Jordan calls for the bell, and they get off to a hot start. Both men exchange blows briefly, but Jordan fights through, and gains the early advantage. Both men go to the floor, and Jordan remains in control of things. Kenny tries to run Jordan into the steps, but Jordan reverses, and whips Williams into the steps instead. They go back into the ring, and Jordan turns up the volume on the attack, before trying a quick cover. Williams kicks out, and he gets thrown to the outside once again. Jordan quickly rolls him back in, and misses an attempt, which allows Williams to come alive. Williams kicks Jordan to the floor, and the ref starts the count. Williams stops it, and joins Jordan on the floor. Both men head back in the ring, where Kenny tries a pin, but Amir kicks out. Williams hits a kick across the face of Amir, and tries another cover, but Jordan is still in it. Kenny locks on a shoulder hold, and once again tries a cover, but Jordan continues to show signs of fight. After two more cover attempts, Williams begins to get angry, and he can’t put Jordan away. Williams tries yet another pin, and the defiant Amir Jordan will not quit. Kenny hits a suplex, and rolls through for a kick to the chest, before making another failed cover attempt. Kenny takes the back of Jordan, and goes to work on the shoulder again, before locking in a straight jacket. Kenny runs Jordan onto the corner of the ring, and lands a few strikes, before mounting Amir on the top rope. Williams hits a palm strike to the jaw, and tries a suplex, but Jordan throws him off. Amir follows up with a dropkick, and unleashes a flurry of offense. Jordan finally makes a pin attempt, but Williams kicks out. Jordan heads up top, and nails a senton for a very close nearfall. Jordan hoists Williams up on his shoulders, but he escapes. Amir powers up, and nails an enziguri, but Kenny rebounds off of the ropes with a lariat, and both men go down. They both make it back up, and exchange big blows, until Williams plants Jordan face first with a sit out wheelbarrow slam. Williams unties the turnbuckle covers, and the distraction allows Jordan to get a roll up. Williams missies a mule kick to the lower regions of Amir, and Jordan nearly puts the match away with a roll up. Williams tries to remove the pads again, and finally tosses Jordan gave first into the exposed turnbuckle. Kenny catches Amir off the rebound with a spike into the mat, and puts his former partner away for the win.

Winner: Kenny Williams

The announcers put over the win for the seemingly re-energized Williams, and the show fades to black

Now it’s time to hand out a couple of awards:

Superstar of the Night- Jack Starz

Match of the Night- Kenny Williams vs Amir Jordan

That’s all for this weeks show! Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend everyone!