WWE NXT UK Results (10/12/2020) - Tyler Bate Makes Surprise Return

WWE NXT UK- 10/12/2020
Recap by: Andrew Hatcher of Rajah.Com

Welcome to the WWE NXT UK recap show! Tonight's episode will feature an NXT Cruiserweight Championship Challenge, the first episode of Noam Dars' new talk show, as well as a match for the NXT UK Heritage Cup. The announcers for tonight's show are Nigel McGuinness, along with Andy Shepherd, and with that we head straight into the show.

The show kicks off with NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin standing in the ring. He welcomes us to the show, and says "this is the home of the one real Cruiserweight Champion". Devlin tells us tonight is the beginning of the Cruiserweight open challenge. He goes on to say that if anyone wants to try their luck against the "Irish Ace", then come out to the ring. Oliver Carter makes his way out to the ring, and we have our first contest of the night.

Devlin begins the match by chopping Carter down, while quoting Denzel Washington. The two battle back and fourth, until Devlin flips carter into the ropes, injuring the ankle of Carter. Devlin would go on the attack, keeping Carter grounded for a long period of time. Things take a turn when Devlin attempts to stand Carter up, but Carter catches him with a suplex. Carter remained on the attack, eventually knocking Devlin to the outside. Carter pushes Devlin back into the ring, and catches him with a kick to the face, before making an attempt at a pin. Devlin kicks out at 2, and heads for the corner to climb the ropes. Carter catches Devlin with a top rope hurrican-rana, and a kick to the back of the neck, before gaining a close near fall. Carter would follow up by planting Devlin on the mat, but the impact takes a lot out of both men. This would allow Devlin to regain the advantage, and hit a huge poison-rana on Carter. A rejuvenated Jordan Devlin would then hit the Devlin Side for the 1-2-3, and retain the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

After the match, we're taken to the NXT UK Performance Center, for an interview with Jinny. Jinny is asked about Piper Niven. Jinny says last week Niven disrespected her, but she's gonna come for her when Piper least expects it. She's says she "has tamed animals in a park before", and she will tame Piper Niven too.

Back from a commercial break, a video package is aired for NXT UK. Some of the superstars of the brand show us around the streets of London, and we're told the "successful" UK Brand is back in action.

Next up, Noam Dar hosts his brand new talk show, "The Supernova Sessions". Noam says hello, and welcomes us to his brand new show. He says it'll be a "timeless classic", and he's gonna ask questions no one else will ask. Dar further states that he is going to "prove there's levels to the game, and I am at the top". Noam goes on to say that "with this microphone, I own this island". The Scottish Supernova then welcomes the guest, the first ever NXT UK Heritage Cup winner, A-Kid. Noam says bonjour, A-Kid says he speaks English, and he's happy to be the guest. Dar says when Kid came to NXT UK, Dar became his mentor. He goes on to say that he's the reason Kid is Heritage Cup Champion. He says from now on, Kid will be "A-Man". He tells "A-Man" to thank him, and Kid says Tyler Bate helped him the most. Dar wonders who Bate has ever beaten, and is quickly interrupted by Tyler. Dar makes fun of Tyler's "Big Strong Boy" nickname, and wonders if that's what Kid calls him "whenever he eats all his vegetables". Nate corrects Dar, and says "that's what my mom calls me". Bate says he wants to congratulate Kid for winning the cup, and says he wanted to be part of the tournament. Dar says "those are fighting words", and questions if Bate thinks he can beat Kid, like Tyler did before. Noam tells them they should have a match tonight, and they'll see who is the student or the master. The two agree to the match, and Noam sends us away with some "funky music". Nigel McGuiness says "James Corden eat your heart out", and the show heads to a commercial break.

Once the show returns from the break, The Hunt walks into NXT UK Assistant General Manager Sid Scala's office. They tell him they want a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, and Scala tells them they aren't the number one contenders. The Hunt then make a few threatening faces at Scala, and he tells them he will talk it over with NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint.

Back in the arena, Xia Brookside makes her way to the ring. Brookside is taking on Isla Dawn in a regular singles match. The bell rings, and the two women tie up to begin the match. Both struggle to gain the advantage for a bit, but Brookside begins to come alive. Isla Dawn briefly gains control of the match, grounding Brookside, but Xia kips up, and breaks free from the hold. The two run the ropes, and Xia hits a big drop kick on Dawn. Xia looks to remain in control, but Dawn kicks her in the midsection, and locks in a submission hold. Isla Dawn remains on the attack, delivering brutal kicks to the chest. Dawn suplexes Xia into a pin attempt, but Xia kicks out. Brookside begins to fire up, eventually hitting a hurrican-rana. Xia continues the momentum, and hits Broken Wings on Dawn in the corner. Xia pushes Dawn out to the floor, and follows it up with a baseball slide onto Dawn, who stood at ringside. Both women are outside the ring now, and someone brings out suitcases. The distraction allows Dawn to throw Xia back into the ring. The quick moment of separation allows Xia to run the ropes, and hit a drop kick on Isla, as she re-enters the ring. Nina Samuels appears on the screen, and she's calling for Xia. She tells her "Brooksides are only worthy of carrying my bags". The second distraction allows Isla Dawn to hit Xia from behind, before slamming her to the mat with a lateral press, allowing Isla Dawn to pick up the win. The announcers question what this means for Xia and Nina, and the show moves to the back of the arena again.

Sid Scala is shown talking about the current state of the NXT UK brand, when someone comes storming out the trainers room. Scala runs to check on the situation, where he finds two performance center trainees down on the ground. He tells the cameras to stop filming, and calls for help.

Once the show returns from a commercial break, we're shown a graphic for a confirmed match between The Hunt and Gallus. That match will be for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, and will happen next week!

Next up, we're shown a graphic for the rules of the NXT UK Heritage Cup match that will be the main event. There will be six- 3 minute rounds, with a 20 second break between each round. The match will be 2 out of 3 falls, and a fall can be decided by pinfall, submission, or count-out. If there is a tie after 6 rounds, the match will go into "sudden death" rules.

When the show returns to the ringside area, "The Big Strong Boy" Tyler Bate makes his way to the ring, and he's followed by the holder of the NXT UK Heritage Cup, A-Kid. The participants in the match get a championship match style introduction, and the ref explains the rules. The bell rings for round one, and things start off slowly. They both struggle to gain the advantage, exchanging holds, and grounding each other. They both stand up, and lock hands for a test of strength. Bate escapes, and looks to gain the advantage with a submission hold. Kid reverses the hold, and both jostle for position. Kid nearly gains the upper hand, but time runs out on round 1. The second round begins, and they both continue to feel each other out. They match each other hold for hold, until Bate grounds Kid. Bate attempts another submission hold, but this allows Kid to roll through and reverse the pressure. They make their way back to their feet, and Bate hurls Kid across the ring. Kid jumps back on the attack, and applies a submission hold. The pace starts to pick up a little, but Bate takes Kid down again. Bate continues his momentum, but time runs out on the second round. The 3rd round of the matchup kicks off, and they begin exchanging holds once again, though clearly getting tired. Bate remains in control of the match by working on the arm of Kid, but Kid runs Bate into the corner. Kid follows up with a shoulder tackle, knocking Bate off of his feet. They both run the ropes for a bit, and Kid eventually catches a German suplex. Kid goes for another German, but Bate lands on his feet. Kid runs at Bate, but misses, and Bate catches Kid with a rollup for the 1-2-3. This gives Bate the 1-0 advantage heading into the fourth round. Round four kicks off, and the two are showing signs of wearing down. Things start heating up when Kid starts showing frustration. He strikes Bate, and that lights a fire under Bate. Bate begins to wrench on the neck of Kid, but Kid takes him to the mat. Kid then suplexes Bate again, attempts a pin, and follows it up with a sleeper hold. Bate backs Kid into the corner to break the hold, but Kid remains in control, locking the hold back in. Bate once again fights out, but Kid locks in an arm bar. He continues the hold, and Bate nearly reverses into a pin attempt. Bate picks Kid up with the armbar still locked in, and slams Kid into the mat, but time runs out on the round. Round 5 begins, with Bate still holding a 1-0 advantage. The two guys tie it up once again, and Kid attempts a pin. Bate kicks out, and both guys exchange holds briefly. A-Kid gains the advantage from out of nowhere, leaps onto the top rope, and hits a massive DDT on Bate for the 1-2-3. The match now moves into round six, with both guys knotted at 1 a piece. The sixth and final round starts off, and Kid continues his momentum. Kid begins to taunt Bate a bit, and then lands a few palm strikes. Bate stops Kid, and nearly knocks Kid out of the ring. But then grabs him, and holds Kid in the air, before trying to suplex Kid. Kid blocks the attempt, and okada rolls Bate up for the 1-2-NO!! Kid remains in control, and hits a kick to the side of the face of Bate. Kid follows it up with a diving attempt, but misses, allowing Bate to lock in a brief hold. Kid reverses it once again, and briefly attempts a pin, before deciding on a submission hold. Kid couldn't lock it in, and Bate roles out of the hold into a pin attempt. Kid reverses the pin attempt, and holds on for the 1-2-3, to retain the NXT UK Heritage Cup. Both guys shake hands after the match, and the show fades to black with A-Kid holding up the cup, as the commentary team talks about Kids reign as the cup holder.

That's all for this weeks episode of NXT UK. Tune in next week for an all new edition of the black and gold brand's show!