WWE Performance Center News: Tiffany Stratton, Gable Steveson, Veer & more

-- Below are some news and notes from WWE's Performance Center, as per fightfulselect.com:

  • Tiffany Stratton has been "medically sidelined", which would explain why she's been out of action. (While not stated in the fightful report, Stratton has recently undergone breast enhancement surgery.)
  • Gable Steveson is back training at the PC and has been working practice matches. Despite his medical issues leading to a setback in his progress, WWE officials still have high hopes for his future.
  • Another series of tryouts is tentatively scheduled for November.
  • There are no imminent plans for Commander Azeez.
  • With the change in leadership at the top of WWE, Veer was moved off of Raw and sent down to NXT; currently there are no plans for him to be back on Raw anytime soon.