WWE Raw Results From American Bank Center In Corpus Christi, TX. (June 17, 2024)

The fallout from WWE Clash At The Castle: Scotland goes down tonight.

WWE Raw returns this evening, Monday, June 17, 2024, from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, as the road to WWE Money In The Bank 2024 begins.

On tap for tonight's three-hour WWE on USA Network program is Dragon Lee vs. Carlito, Xavier Woods vs. Karrion Kross, "Main Event" Jey Uso vs. Finn Balor vs. Rey Mysterio and IYO SKY vs. Zelina Vega vs. Kiana James in a pair of Money In The Bank qualifying matches.

Featured below are complete WWE Raw results from Monday, June 10, 2024. The following report was written by Rajah.com reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) as the show aired live on the USA Network from 8-11pm EST.

WWE RAW RESULTS (6/17/2024)

"WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together," complete with the QR code production glitches, get us started. We then shoot into an elaborate video package looking back at the WWE Clash At The Castle: Scotland premium live event from over the weekend.

Seth "Freakin'" Rollins Returns To Kick Off This Week's Show

As soon as we settle inside the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX., we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme song of Seth "Freakin'" Rollins. The crowd nuts as the former champion makes his way out in fancy attire, as always, for an unadvertised surprise return to kick off this week's show.

He talks about how good it feels to be back as the fans do the "Whoa-oh-oh!" sing-along for several seconds after his music dies down. Pat McAfee is overheard off-mic at the desk at ringside telling Rollins how good it feels to hear that. Rollins says it feels good to be back. He's back for one reason, to get back the championship he created. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

He says Money In The Bank is coming up soon and he knows how to climb a ladder pretty good. Before he can continue, the theme for the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion hits and out comes Damian Priest. He says he's being serious when he says he wanted to be first to come out and welcome him back. He says he looks good.

Priest tells Rollins he originally wanted to cash-in and beat him for the title. He says he just wanted to tell him that man to man. After some more back-and-forth between the two, Priest flat out offers Rollins a shot at the title at WWE Money In The Bank. Rollins accepts. It appears official for Toronto.

Chad Gable vs. Braun Strowman

Backstage, Chad Gable and Alpha Academy are in the office of Raw G.M. Adam Pearce. Gable talks matter-of-factly about how he is ready for his next shot at the Intercontinental title. Pearce tells him he's got to earn his way back from the back of the line. He can start that tonight. He heads out to the ring for our first match of the evening.

As he settles in the ring, we shift gears and head into a pre-match commercial break. When we return, Braun Strowman's theme hits and out comes who McAfee calls "One big son of a b*tch," as always. Cole laughs and says, "Good luck, Chad!"

While Strowman beats Gable down early on, he keeps turning to Alpha Academy at ringside and telling them Gable is a bully and they don't have to put up with him. Strowman yells at Gable and calls him a bully, but as he does, Gable slaps an armbar on Strowman over the ring ropes.

He looks at Alpha Academy while holding the hold upside down and says, "That's how you do it, you idiots!" Strowman slams him out to the floor to escape. As Gable crashes and burns at ringside, we shift gears and head into a mid-match commercial break.

When we return, Strowman does the run around the ringside spot before hitting a big slam on Gable in the ring to finish him off for a relatively easy victory. After the match, Gable yells at Alpha Academy. Otis pushes him down for slapping Akira Tozawa and bullying Maxxine Dupri, but then backs off and walks away with them. Gable is left alone in the ring yelling, "But we're a family!"

Winner: Braun Strowman

WWE Money In The Bank Qualifying Match
IYO SKY vs. Kiana James vs. Zelina Vega

Pat McAfee does the telestrater routine with the footage of Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan from last week, as well as of Finn Balor pocketing Liv's room key.

Back live, Damian Priest questions him about it, but he insists he was just getting it away from Dom-Dom. Priest mentions him having a Money In The Bank qualifying match and wants to know where his head is. Balor says he plans to win and cash-in -- on Cody Rhodes.

Back inside the arena, IYO SKY's theme hits and she heads to the ring for the first of two Money In The Bank qualifying matches for this evening. As she settles in the ring, we shift gears and head into a quick pre-match commercial break.

When we return, Kiana James and Zelina Vega each make their way down to the ring. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. After some brief back-and-forth action, we head into a mid-match advertising time out.

When we return, Liv Morgan comes out wearing Dominik Mysterio's purple cow vest, which has her room key tucked in the pocket. The distraction sets IYO SKY up for her Over The Moonsault finisher off the top-rope for the win. With the win, she qualifies for the Women's Money In The Bank ladder match.

Winner and QUALIFYING for Women's Money In The Bank: IYO SKY

Sami Zayn Has Bron Breakker & Sheamus Eyeing His Title

A lengthy video package airs showing Bron Breakker's vicious streak and savage attack of Ricochet, who left in an ambulance last week. Back live, the theme for Sami Zayn hits and out comes the WWE Intercontinental Champion. As he heads to the ring, we head to another commercial break.

When we return, Zayn talks about how he can relate to Otis and the Alpha Academy, because he was in The Bloodline and only left when he was ready. He says he knows Otis will do the same when it's time. As he continues talking, the theme for Bron Breakker cuts him off.

Breakker tells him he's on his list and he's next, because he's taking his Intercontinental Championship. Sheamus' theme hits and out he comes. He says as long as I-C title opportunities are being handed out, he wants one, too. He says he has had his sights set on the title for five years and will do anything to get it.

Bron speaks up and is offended that Sheamus came out, stood in front of him and talked to Zayn like he's not even in the ring as well. Sheamus says he knows Breakker is on the run of a life now, but he's just the new kid. He tells him to get to the back of the line behind him if he wants an I-C title shot, or he'll make him.

Zayn slowly walks over as Sheamus and Breakker are in an intense face-to-face, which is a funny visual, which he played pretty well. He says it looks like he's not needed here, so what he's gonna do is head to the back, find Adam Perarce and get a match made.

He says Corpus Christi doesn't wanna see Breakker and Sheamus talk things out, they want to see them fight it out later tonight. The fans cheer and he heads to the back to end what was a pretty damn good segment.

Dragon Lee vs. Carlito

A video package airs to show the history between Dragon Lee and Carlito, with Carlito sneak-attacking him and pretending he had nothing to do with it until footage of this surfaced after the fact. Back live, Dragon Lee makes his way out to the ring accompanied by Rey Mysterio and other members of the LWO.

As he heads to the ring for our next match of the evening, we shift gears and head into a quick pre-match commercial break. Back live, Cole and McAfee set up a video package from this past Saturday's WWE Clash At The Castle: Scotland PLE, which shows Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn winning the Women's tag-titles in their home country.

Backstage, Jackie Redmond is standing by with the new women's tag champs. She asks if they have come down off of their high yet. They say they have not. They say the hard part starts now because they'll take on and take out anyone who tries to get their hands on their titles. Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark walk up and have words with them.

In the arena, Carlito's theme hits and out he comes accompanied by JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio of The Judgment Day. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one. Dragon Lee charges across the ring and leaps at Carlito, getting the early offensive jump on him.

On the floor, Carlito takes over and then stops to taunt Rey Mysterio. This momentarily lapse in judgement and focus results in Dragon Lee taking back over and slamming him off the ring apron to the floor at ringside. We head to a mid-match commercial break on that note. When we return, we see the match still in progress.

The two end up on the floor, where Liv Morgan comes out again in Dom's purple cow vest. She confronts him up against the ring apron as he gets uncomfortable. Zelina Vega runs over and starts brawling with her as the LWO brawls with Dom-Dom. Dragon Lee heads to the top to do something, but JD trips him up and Carlito hits a back-stabber for the win.

Winner: Carlito

Drew McIntyre Quits

We see the video package explaining what went down at WWE Clash At The Castle: Scotland premium live event with CM Punk costing Drew McIntyre the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in front of his home country crowd. We see the digital exclusive of Jessika Carr giving CM Punk the referee shirt, presumably unknowingly.

McIntyre is shown heading towards the ring as we head to a commercial break. When we return, Chad Gable comes in the Alpha Academy locker room yelling at Otis, Akira Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri until he realizes what they're doing, which is packing bags. Otis tells him they're done and they walk off.

Gable says he's gonna win Money In The Bank and do something Otis never could do, which is cash it in and become world champion. Back inside the arena, Drew McIntyre's theme hits and out comes "The Scottish Warrior" not looking happy.

We are shown footage of after the PLE of McIntyre going on a rampage on Corey Graves and others after his loss in Scotland. Cole says he was fined for his actions. McIntyre settles in the ring as fans loudly chant "CM Punk!" McIntyre lightly chuckles off-mic.

Under his breath he says, "CM Punk....man, screw this company. I can't do this anymore. I quit." He drops the mic and exits the ring as the lights in the arena dim. He storms up the ramp as we abruptly head right back into commercial break. The last image we saw, however, was Adam Pearce running out and begging with Drew not to end things like this.

That last little part made it obvious that it was a storyline. Back live, we see McIntyre talking backstage at Gorilla position with Paul "Triple H" Levesque. McIntyre again simply says he quits and storms off with Pearce again following by his side pleading with him to come into his office and talk.

Dakota Kai & Kairi Sane vs. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance

Back inside the arena, we hear the theme for Damage CTRL and out comes the duo of Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai. They settle into the ring, where we see their opponents, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance, already waiting for them. The bell sounds and off we go with women's tag-team action.

Kicking things off for their respective teams are Chance and Sane. We see Chance start off strong, but Sane and Kai begin to take over. We see Lyra Valkyria show up at ringside and this one is quickly over, as Carter and Chance hit Life of the Party for the victory.

This was a fast, pretty pointless match here. You could call it a time-filler, if it actually filled any time. After the match, we head to another commercial break after seeing Bron Breakker lacing up his boots in his locker room.

Winners: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance

Bron Breakker vs. Sheamus

When we return from the break, we see highlights of Seth "Freakin'" Rollins' return in tonight's opening segment, and the confirmation of his match against Damian Priest for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the upcoming WWE Money In The Bank 2024 premium live event in Toronto.

Backstage, IYO SKY is shown with Damage CTRL. She isn't happy about them losing just now and talks about how she's gonna make some changes. She also vows to once again win Women's Money In The Bank and go on to cash-in and become women's champion. Back inside the arena, Sheamus' theme hits.

Pat McAfee loudly proclaims it "FIGHT NIGHT ...baby!" as "The Celtic Warrior" makes his way out to the ring for another banger. The theme for his opponent plays and out comes the very promising future mega-star for WWE, Bron Breakker. The bell sounds and we're officially off-and-running with this one.

Breakker starts off strong, but Sheamus turns the tide when running him shoulder-first into the ring post. He hits an Irish Curse back-breaker and then clotheslines him out to the floor. Breakker starts to take overe again. He takes Sheamus up and over the commentary desk after leaping from the ring to the floor.

On that note, we shift gears and head into a mid-match commercial break as this hard-hitting contest continues. When we return, we see Breakker getting worked over by Sheamus until Ludwig Kaiser interferes out of nowhere. The ref calls for the bell. Breakker takes out Sheamus. Officials march him off. He turns and takes out everyone and shoves Zayn, who was at ringside during the match.

Winner: No Contest

Damian Priest Walks Up On Liv Morgan & Dominik Mysterio

Backstage, Dom is asking if anyone has seen his vest. Up comes Liv Morgan still wearing it. She tells Dom he can have it if he takes it off her himself. She says she'll help get him started and zips it down half way. As Dom slowly reaches his hand up to unzip it the rest of the way, we see Damian Priest walking in the background with his head down.

He looks up and says something in Spanish and tells Dom to get his stuff and go. He tells Liv to leave the poor guy alone because he wants nothing to do with her. She laughs and says she thinks he wants everything to do with him. Priest says oh boy as we head to another commercial break.

WWE Money In The Bank Qualifying Match
"Main Event" Jey Uso vs. Finn Balor vs. Rey Mysterio

It's main event time!

But first, when we return, Karrion Kross challenges either New Day member to a match next week. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods respond. Cole and McAfee promote CM Punk in his hometown for Friday's SmackDown.

On tap for next week's Raw in Indianapolis, IN. is Braun Strowman vs. Chad Gable vs. Bronson Reed in a men's Money In The Bank qualifying match, Lyra Valkyria vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane in a Women's Money In The Bank qualifier.

From there, we see "Main Event" Jey Uso backstage with a bunch of fans with him. The single-camera shot follows Uso as he cuts a promo walking through the building as he makes his way out to the ring for our final match of the evening.

Out come the fireflies as Uso makes his way to the ring. As he does, we shift gears and head into a pre-match commercial break. When we return, the theme for Finn Balor hits and out comes The Judgment Day member.

Rey Mysterio's iconic tune hits last and the leader of the LWO makes his way out. The bell sounds and it's time to find out which of these three will be the first to qualify for this year's Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match. After some early back-and-forth action, we shift to a quick mid-match break.

Back from the break, we see things pick up and after a few more minutes of back-and-forth action, we settle into yet another mid-match commercial break. This week's show wraps up when we return. We've still got some time left. Expect a massacre, folks.

When we return, we see Braun Strowman come out to chase The Judgment Day members at ringside to the back after they get involved just as Rey Mysterio is getting close to the win. Balor hits Coup de Grace on Rey, but Uso quickly follows that up with an Uso Splash to Balor for the win. Uso qualifies for Money In The Bank.

Winner and QUALIFYING for Men's Money In The Bank: "Main Event" Jey Uso


After the match, Uso celebrates with the fireflies in the crowd when his music cuts off. The lights go out slowly but surely throughout the arena as ominous music plays. We see a smoky spotlight at the entrance with a somewhat blue light shining through. One piano note is playing over and over again, similar to Bray Wyatt's old theme.

Slowly but surely we see something going on in the fog. Someone, presumably Sister Abigail, begins crawling towards a lantern, like the one Bray would carry. She smiles and points behind her and the camera passes through the curtain, following the fog. We see the White Rabbit as a fully grown character with a sledgehammer that has "HELP" written on it.

We see the Gorilla position is decimated with bodies laid out and flashes of light and splattered blood, like a murder scene from a horror movie. We see someone who looks like Bray Wyatt sitting cross-legged on a desk. We see who looks to be Erick Rowan in a gas mask. Chad Gable is shown with blood pouring out of his head. Bo Dallas, dressed up exactly like Bray Wyatt, starts walking as we hear a loud "Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!" chant in the building.

He walks past the massacre and through the curtain out into the arena as the single piano note grows louder and more intense. We hear thunder and then we see the whole group of Bray Wyatt-style characters standing side-by-side as the piano note continues to grow louder. One kneels down and picks up the lantern.

They hold it and all pose together as we hear audible gasps from the crowd. This was so well done it's scary. They yell, "We're here!" and blow out the lantern for a CHILLING end to Raw. Immediately iconic stuff. Immediately. That's how this week's show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!