WWE Raw Superstar Hypes The "FInal Version" Of His Ring Gear

During his recent chat with Complex Unsanctioned, former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Omos hyped the "final version" of his wrestling attire. Omos also discussed his current pairing with MVP, and more. Check out the highlights below.

On his current manager, MVP:

“It’s been amazing. He has such an immense amount of knowledge and has been able to teach me a lot and guide me, ‘Hey big guy, we do this here, relax here, slow down.’ Being a manger, he’s able to see things I can’t see and give me feedback because he’s watching it like you guys are watching at home. He’s been extremely helpful.”

On the "final version" of his wrestling attire:

“Wait until you see the final version. What you see is just the ‘okay, I can work in this, it looks good on TV, it shows my build’ but the final version, especially y’all being comic book fans, you are going to love it. Figured it was time for a change and time to level up. I was able to get away wearing jeans, just being a big guy, but I want to be immersed in this company and present myself as a threat, so it was time for an upgrade.”