WWE Raw Talk (5/9): Theory, Sonya Deville, More

After the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE taped a brand new episode of Raw Talk.

Monday night’s episode of Raw Talk featured WWE United States Champion Theory, an appearance from Sonya Deville, as well as a visit from Team RK-Bro. Check it out:

Raw Talk (5/9)

-Jackie Redmond welcomes all of the viewers on-board, and introduces everyone to her co-host, Matt Camp.

-The hosts highlight a few moments from the latest episode of Raw, and it’s time for the first interview.


Moments after Seth “Freakin” Rollins interrupted his United States Championship defense against Cody Rhodes, Theory is backstage with Sara Schreiber. Sara asks Theory for his reaction to the “brutal” attack by Rollins, and Theory tells viewers “Seth is a man with a plan, but that plan has nothing to do with me.” Theory goes on to say “when it comes to the American Nightmare, he’s good, but he’s not as good as the youngest United States Champion in WWE history.” Theory exit’s stage left, and Raw Talk moves on to the next segment.

**Commercial Break**

-Matt and Jackie highlight a few more matches from Monday night, until Kevin Patrick chimes in with another guest.

Sonya Deville

After being informed that she had been relieved of her duties on Raw, former WWE Official Sonya Deville is in the locker room, and she seems very upset. Kevin asks Sonya for her reaction to the news, and Deville says “I didn’t get fired… I didn’t get fired, I didn’t get fired!” Kevin points out that Sonya is “clearly distraught right now,” and Deville screams “leave me alone! Go!”Kevin thanks Sonya for stopping by, and Raw Talk returns to the studio.

-Matt recaps a few more segments from Monday Night Raw, and throws the show over to the arena for the final time.

Team RK-Bro

After a busy night on Raw, WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Riddle are backstage with Sara, who asks Team RK-Bro about the show. Orton tells viewers “we did it. The Raw Tag Team Championship are stil around our shoulders.” Riddle adds “we should have came out victorious at WrestleMania Backlash, but at the end of the day, we are going to unify these Tag Team Championships.” Orton continues “I gotta say, I might have to have you (Riddle) go back to to your finisher… you’re stealing my thunder here!” Team RK-Bro moves along, and Sara tosses the show over to the WWE Global Headquarters one last time.

-The hosts share a few final thoughts on last night’s Raw, until Talking Smack comes to a close.

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