WWE Raw Talk Full Recap (9/20): Jeff Hardy, Doudrop, More

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Raw Talk Recap! After the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE taped another edition of Raw Talk, which can be seen on Peacock and the WWE Network. Check out the full show below.

Raw Talk

⁃ The show kicks off with footage from Raw, where Roman Reigns defeated Bobby Lashley and Big E.
⁃ In the studio, Scott Stanford and Matt Camp cover the Raw Talk Headlines, until Matt pitches the show to Raleigh, North Carolina.


After defeating her former partner Eva Marie on Raw, Doudrop joins Kevin Patrick backstage in Raleigh. Kevin kicks off the interview by asking Doudrop what she meant when she said “the Eva-loution is over!” Doudrop explains “so Eva Marie has treated me like garbage, and that’s twice I’ve kicked her ass. As far as I’m concerned, the Eva-loution has ended.” Kevin throws Raw Talk back over to Scott and Matt, who sends the show to an ad break.

⁃ Scott announces the rest of the guest on today’s Raw Talk, and the show heads to a break.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ On the other side of the break, more highlights from Raw are aired.
⁃ Matt and Scott cover a few more moments from Monday Night Raw, until Matt sends Raw Talk back to Kevin in Raleigh.

Nikki A.S.H & Rhea Ripley

The new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions make their first appearance with the gold, and they’re backstage with Kevin Patrick. Kevin fires away with questions, and asks how the new champs are feeling. Ripley says “I feel fantastic.” Nikki adds “I’m over the moon.” Kevin points out that the pair are an “unlikely duo,” and Rhea explains “yeah i wasn’t really there for it in the beginning, but she really did grow on me. I learned to respect her and I’m happy we are holding the Tag Team Championships together.” Nikki adds “we’re just like chocolate and peanut butter!” Kevin wonders if the duo is like pineapples on pizza, and wants to know what’s next for Rhea and Nikki. Rhea tells him “defending these titles against every single team and conquering them all.” Nikki says “Boom. Zap. Kapow. We will beat everyone!” Kevin throws the show over to Matt in the studio, who has an update on the rest of the show.

⁃ Matt and Scott share their opinion on the match between Randy Orton and AJ Styles, and Raw Talk is sent to one last break.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ The show returns from the break, and more footage from Monday Night Raw is shown.
⁃ Matt and Scott share a few thoughts on, until Scott hands the show back to Kevin for one last interview.

Jeff Hardy

The newest addition to the United States Championship match at Extreme Rules joins Raw Talk, and he’s standing by with Kevin Patrick. Kevin begins by asking Jeff how he’s feeling after his big victory over Sheamus, and Hardy explains “I am out there with the stars. I mean, I’m evolving with my face paint and my matches, and I’m just looking forward to keeping it going.” Kevin follows up by asking Jeff if he has any memories of defeating Jinder Mahal for his most recent United States Championship reign, and Jeff says “I remember beating Jinder, and I became a Grand Slam Champion. That was a cool thing my career consists of. I’m 44 years into life and still looking forward to what I do, so Im super stoked!” The final interview comes to a close, and Kevin sends Raw Talk back to the WWE Global Headquarters for a few final thoughts from the host’s.

⁃ Matt and Scott put a bow on all on the action from Monday Night Raw, and Raw Talk fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks Raw Talk Recap! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day everyone!