WWE Raw Viewership Once Again Sinks to All-Time Record Low

-- Fresh off setting a new futility record last week for the least watched non-holiday WWE Raw in history, last night's show once again "surpassed" that mark, generating a new low 1.842 million viewers. That's a 4% drop week over week and the only two shows it beat were two shows that aren't really fair comparisons - the Christmas week show in 2018 (1.775 million) and the Christmas week show in 2019 (1.835 million). At this rate, Raw is approaching dangerous territory and if the current trends continue, we could be seeing an all-time, all conditions low soon.

-- On the night, Raw was still #1, #2 and #4 in the 18-49 demographic with a 0.56 rating, but in total viewership it was at the number 23 spot. The hours are below, which shows that the episode came in at below 2 million for the first hour before gradually decreasing over the remaining hours two and three.

    * Hour 1 - 1.940 million
    * Hour 2 - 1.866 million
    * Hour 3 - 1.720 million