WWE Raw Viewership Slips as NFL's Monday Night Football Returns

-- Last night's WWE Raw viewership went head-to-head against the return of the NFL's Monday Night Football and as expected, viewership dropped to an average of 1.687 million viewers, down from last week's 1.762 million. In the 18-49 demographic, Raw scored a 0.49 rating to place 5th on the night, up from last week. The early football game between the Steelers and Giants, which mainly went against Raw, was watched by an average of 10.762 million with a 3.62 rating. The second game between the Broncos and Titans went against less than an hour of Raw and generated an audience of 7.697 million and a 2.92 rating in 18-49 and these numbers are well below what the NFL pulled in for last year's MNF season debut. The hourly figures for Raw are below, showing a fairly significant hour-over-hour decrease.
* Hour 1 - 1.812 million
* Hour 2 - 1.734 million
* Hour 3 - 1.521 million