WWE Raw Viewership for Super ShowDown Go-Home Edition

-- Last night's WWE Raw - the last one before Friday's Super ShowDown - was well up in viewership generating 2.405 million compared to only 2.190 million the week prior. A year ago, Raw was watched by 2.53 million and in 2017, almost 3 million people tuned in.

-- On the night, Raw was #1, #2 and #3 on cable but 6th in total viewership. There was also an NHL playoff hockey game on NBC which drew 5.128 million.

-- Hourly numbers are as follows, which shows a really unique trend in that there was not much of a third hour drop off and hour three also outdrew hour one, which is extremely rare.

    Hour 1 - 2.308 million
    Hour 2 - 2.558 million
    Hour 3 - 2.349 million

    8PM: 2,308,000
    9PM: 2,558,000
    10PM: 2,349,000