WWE Referee Charles Robinson Has Items Worth Thousands of Dollars Stolen

-- WWE referee Charles Robinson reportedly had $55,000 worth of prized memorabilia and wrestling collectibles stolen from his storage unit last month, reports TMZ.

-- Robinson, who is a hardcore collector of these items, had been stashing the items for decades and noticed his unit broken into and his possessions gone on May 28. TMZ notes that some of the items taken include an ultra-rare Evel Knievel stunt cycle toys, collectible "Chucky" dolls, "Friday the 13th" action figures, "Planet of the Apes" lunchboxes and WWF keepsakes. One of the items - a "Jaws" statue valued at $2,400 - ended up on eBay but the seller had taken down the post before he noticed.

-- Robinson has filed a police report, but the culprits have yet to be tracked down. The storage company unfortunately was not able to catch the act on their security cameras and according to Robinson don't seem too concerned in helping him find his stolen items.