WWE Reportedly Discussing Possible Partnership With MLW

-- In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that WWE is in discussions with Major League Wrestling (MLW) about a potential partnership that would be designed to get some of the lesser-used NXT talents additional work, especially on TV. The talks have been fueled by WWE being unhappy at their reputation that they are unwilling to work with other wrestling promotions and are said to be looking for a deal with MLW that would be similar to the agreement they used to have with EVOLVE and to some extent with ECW in the 90s. No doubt AEW's partnerships with IMPACT and NJPW have contributed to WWE's opinion of public perception as well as the general unhappiness of many talent who are signed and then rarely or in some cases, never used. This change in mindset was noted to be more of the sweeping changes that new President Nick Khan is bringing into the company.

-- It was also added that the idea of WWE/NXT creating their own EVOLVE-like group is also still a possibility with any potential show airing on Peacock. The company filmed a pilot on that earlier but thus far hasn't gone anywhere.