WWE Reportedly Plans On Splitting Up Rey And Dominik Mysterio Soon

WWE legend Rey Mysterio has been a top star in the promotion for years now and he has also been a fan favorite for over 10 years and since his son, Dominik Mysterio, made his debut for the WWE last 2020, he has been booked as a top star as well. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio have been booked as a top tag team in the WWE for several months, but that could be coming to an end soon.

WWE did an injury angle several weeks back on WWE RAW, where Veer Mahaan completely destroyed Dominik Mysterio and Dominik was seen being placed on a stretcher before being taken away in an ambulance. He has not been seen since and the attack by Mahaan is the reason being given for his absence, while Rey Mysterio has also been absent from WWE TV for a number of weeks now because he is receiving more stem cell treatments for the various injuries he has been having.

Despite Rey Mysterio publicly stating that he never wants to do a storyline against Dominik, it looks like that is the direction the WWE is moving towards to. Dave Meltzer mentioned on F4WOnline.com that there has been talk of Rey and Dominik Mysterio not being put as a tag team anymore going forward and they could even be placed in a storyline against each other. WWE shortly teased a storyline where Rey Mysterio was sending Dominik Mysterio out on his own, which hinted at a possible split up, but it was dropped.

There's no word yet on when Rey and Dominik Mysterio will make their returns to the storylines and if WWE will push through with splitting them up when that time comes, but updates will be provided as it is made available. Dominik Mysterio last competed for the WWE on the April 11 episode of WWE RAW when he lost a one-on-one matchup to Veer Mahaan, while Rey Mysterio last competed for WWE at WrestleMania 38 when he and Dominik loss to Logan Paul and The Miz in Tag Team action.