WWE Reportedly Still Trying To Get "Stone Cold" Steve Austin For WrestleMania 39

-- It has been reported multiple times that WWE made several attempts to get Stone Cold Steve Austin to agree to another match at this year's WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles but talks always seemed to fall apart for one reason or another. Two wrestlers that were pitched to Austin included Brock Lesnar, which Austin turned down due to a lacklustre monetary offer, and then came an offer to wrestle Roman Reigns, which he also reportedly either ignored or declined.

-- Fightfulselect.com reports that WWE has not abandoned the idea of having Austin wrestle or appear at WrestleMania despite there being less than a month before the event. The latest report suggests that WWE has come up with even more pitches and one name that WWE has thrown out there as an opponent is LA Knight though it's unknown where Stone Cold's feeling on that stands.