WWE Royal Rumble Results: 30-Man Royal Rumble Match (Update #2)

...continued from Royal Rumble Update #1.

The 30-Man Royal Rumble match is still in progress. We join the match below at entrant number 11.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

As The New Day members soak up the elimination of Zayn, the countdown clock appears again and out at number 11 is John Morrison.

Ali eliminates Woods and Big E. is pissed! He walks over and clotheslines the hell out of Ali, eliminating him in the process as well.

The countdown clock appears again and when it ticks down, out comes Ricochet as entrant number 12. The guys brawl in the ring a bit and then countdown clock hits.

When it counts down out comes Elias as entrant number 13. He and Ricochet go to work on each other, with Elias getting the better of the exchange. Elias takes out Morrison as well and now goes to work on Carlito as the commentators run down some of his past Rumble stats.

Carlito hits a nice dropkick on Elias but then walks into a big shot from Elias in return. Elias follows that up by eliminating Carlito. The commentators agree that Carlito getting eliminated already "is not cool." Regardless, the action continues!

The countdown clock appears and when it counts down, out at number 14 is NXT Superstar Damian Priest. Priest makes a big impact right off the bat before he focuses his attack on Morrison. He takes it to Morrison and then turns his attention to Elias. Priest eliminates Elias. Now he goes back to work on Morrison as we see a split-screen shot of Randy Orton being tended to by doctors in the backstage area. The commentators point out that "The Viper" has not been officially eliminated, although it appears his night is over.

After the latest ten-second countdown clock appears, "Mr. Money In The Bank" himself, The Miz, emerges as the number 15 entrant. Miz comes out and heads over to the DJ set-up for Bad Bunny. Miz, still upset at his offer being turned down by Bad Bunny, smashes the DJ set-up and breaks it.

Now The Miz makes his way down to the ring. He hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Big E. and now we see Miz and Morrison join forces to start taking it to everyone. They double-team Ricochet and then Dolph Ziggler, however they haven't eliminated anyone yet. Everyone is down and selling except The Miz and Morrison.

They notice that Bad Bunny is making his way out so Miz and Morrison sit on the middle rope to invite him in. As officials hold Bad Bunny back, Priest comes up from behind Miz and Morrison and he eliminates them both. Now Bad Bunny heads into the ring and climbs to the top-rope. He comes flying off and hits Miz and Morrison with a top-rope splash onto the floor.

As officials make Bad Bunny head to the back, the countdown clock appears and when it counts down, out comes Riddle as the number 16 entrant. Nakamura and Riddle duke it out for a bit and then the countdown clock appears again.

When the clock ticks down coming in at the number 17 spot is Daniel Bryan. The fans break out into a "Yes!" chant as Bryan hits the ring with a ton of energy, diving onto and throwing kicks at any-and-everyone in sight / reaching distance. Priest nearly eliminates Edge, however The Rated-R Superstar hangs on.

And entering the Royal Rumble at number 18 is "The Big Red Machine" Kane. Kane makes his 18th Royal Rumble appearance in the number 18 spot. Kane comes out with his mask on and immediately starts chokeslamming everyone in the match as the commentators talk about some of the many Royal Rumble records held by Kane.

Kane eliminates Dolph Ziggler and seconds later, chokeslams Ricochet onto the apron outside the ropes to eliminate him as well. Kane turns around and Daniel Bryan notices him and says it's great to see him. Daniel Bryan out-stretches his arms to his former Team Hell No buddy and they meet in the middle for a big hug. Kane then makes Bryan pay and hits him with a chokeslam.

Priest walks up to Kane and the two go nose-to-nose. Kane blasts Priest with a big shot and then hoists him up for a chokeslam. Priest escapes and peppers Kane with leg kicks before eliminating him. Priest is making a great showing for himself thus far in the Rumble match this evening.

The countdown clock appears and when it counts down out as entrant number 19 is royalty himself, King Corbin. Seconds later, the night for Shinsuke Nakamura is wrapped up as he is eliminated. The countdown clock appears and coming out at number 20 for his first-ever Royal Rumble match is Otis. The final segment of the 30-Man Royal Rumble match can be found on the update #3 page.


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