WWE Set to Make "Major" Announcement Tomorrow Pertaining to NXT UK

-- WWE is scheduled to make a major announcement as it relates to the future of NXT UK on Tuesday. All talent on that brand were informed that there is a mandatory conference call tomorrow but there was no hints given on the details of the call or the announcement. Multiple rumors are making their way around ranging from a new "code of conduct" that would establish protocols on how talent are expected to behave to the return to empty arena shows for the brand (there has been no NXT UK tapings since the pandemic began). There's even some that believe the announcement will be to inform everyone that the brand is closing down, given the multiple wrestlers involved in various sexual assault scandals and allegations.

-- WWE had initially wanted to expand NXT UK (as well as create NXT brands around the world) but with the pandemic wreaking havoc with the company's profits and revenue, WWE has instead reversed course and ended up cutting costs and releasing talent and staff instead.