WWE Smackdown on Fox Season 2 Premiere Results (10/16/2020) - the ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Welcome one and all to Fox's Season 2 Premiere of Friday Night Smackdown! We've got a lot in store for us tonight! We learned last night that Daniel Bryan is set to return at tonight's season premiere event. It'll be his WWE ThunderDome debut.

We'll also see The Street Profits defend their Raw Smackdown Tag Team Championship against Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode. In case you missed it, the New Day were drafted to Raw and the Profits were drafted to Smackdown and decided to simply swap titles. Those who keep records of title reigns are going to love that.

As reported here earlier today, we've had more matches announced for tonight. Roman Reigns will defend his Universal Championship against Braun Strowman in Strowman's final match on Smackdown, as he was drafted to Raw. The New Day will have one final match both as a trio, and on Smackdown, against Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro & Sheamus as Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston were drafted to Raw. Big E will remain on the blue brand. Jeff Hardy will face Lars Sullivan in what should be a very physical match. Lars has a beef with Jeff Hardy, and the Freak can't wait to give Jeff a taste of the Freak's hardcore style. Will the high-flying Hardy escape with a win or will Lars Sullivan pound him into submission?

All this and more, tonight on Smackdown live!

WWE Smackdown Season 2 Kickoff Show

We start things half an hour earlier tonight in the ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Michael Cole, the voice of Friday Night Smackdown, joins us with Hall of Famer Booker T. For the Kickoff Show, here are the highlights:

Kickoff Show Highlights:
  • Michael Cole sends us off to Paul Heyman, the representative of the "Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns, who's awaiting in the back. Heyman cuts a promo informing us that he's not Roman's manager, he's his adviser. He then takes insult at the thought that anyone expected the Universal Champion to be present on a kickoff show.
  • The new Smackdown Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits, are in the back and hype tonight--we'll see or hear from Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, and many others
  • Terry Bradshaw & the NFL Fox Sunday crew promote the Srowman/Reign Universal championship match
  • Michael Cole mentions this will be the first time the Universal title will be defended on Smackdown
  • Rene Young apologizes for being unable to be at the ThunderDome, but she's happy to introduce us to a video package that sums up the previous year of Smackdown on Fox. Rene then says she's intrigued to see how Seth Rollins pans out on Smackdown.
  • Michael Cole & Booker T talk to Seth. Cole asks if he'll be the Friday Night Messiah; Seth says it doesn't have the same ring. Booker compliments Seth's beard, and asks what's next, and Seth promotes himself.
  • George Kittle and David Ortiz cut quick promos, with Ortiz holding up a championship replica belt and taunting Booker T to come for him. Booker T responds that he's easy to find in the ThunderDome.
  • Kayla interviews Braun Strowman backstage. He's wearing a blue sparkly velvet suit jacket over a black shirt with a big gold chain. Strowman reminds us that Reigns has been his greatest advisary and they bring out the best--and worst--of each other. He promises to be standing as champ when it's all over with.
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin joins the all-star cast of Big Noon Kickoff, starting tomorrow morning.
  • Stephanie McMahon & HHH join Booker T and Michael Cole. Cole asks what will happen if Strowman wins the Universal title and takes it back to Raw with him. They get to babbling about cats and shit, and then HHH says he doesn't know. HHH calls the draft a reset for stars who couldn't make it as a big name, who may here such as Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens. Yes, he said that. A waste of 3 minutes with irrelevant banter. HHH does say that he feels Rhea Ripley will someday headline WrestleMania and praises Bianca Belair and her physicality.

WWE Smackdown on Fox Season 2 Premiere Results (10/16/2020) - the ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

ThunderDome Intro

We get the new, updated Smackdown video showing all the new stars who've joined the roster, and the introduction to the ThunderDome by Michael Cole. It's time for the season premiere of Smackdown! Pyro fires off in front of the SD logo and Cole & Graves welcome us to the hottest show in all of entertainment. The virtual audience is all cheers and not a single Klansman in sight this time! Cole and Graves repeatedly tell us that the landscape has changed over the last seven nights. We see the entire Smackdown locker room on the stage.

In the Ring: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie welcomes us to the season premiere of Smackdown. Triple H reminds us that season premieres are often exciting and full of surprises. He promotes the Universal Championship and the virtual crowd boos both competitors. Stephanie promotes the New Day's final match, against the Bar 2.0. Triple H then tells us that Jeff Hardy will dance against the "super freak, the super freak" and does a little jig as he sings it. Steph asks if he's fighting Rick James, but he corrects her. They point out many of the new faces on Smackdown, suck as Kevin Owens, Aleister Black, Sami Zayn, etc etc. The entire roster is still at the top of the ramp as they're basically all introduced one by one. They promote the Smackdown Tag Team Championship match tonight, too. Ziggler & Roode attack the Street Profits, and the entire locker breaks into a brawl. Owens & Black slug it out; the New Day fights the Bar 2.0; KO hits a cannonball senton off the apron onto a group at the ringside. Montez Ford goes flying high over the top rope and takes out Ziggler & Roode. Sami gets ready to sneak attack someone when the Freak, Ryback Lars Sullivan comes out. He hammers Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins; Lars rams Kalisto; Sami flees as Apollo Crews and Chad Gable try to double team the Freak. Lars isn't fond of that, and lays them both out with his big fists. Jeff hits the ring and goes for a Twist of Fate but the Freak escapes the ring, avoiding any repercussions. We go to commercial break.

Match: Jeff Hardy vs "The Freak" Lars Sullivan

We're back from break and both men are in the ring. We're told that Jeff Jarrett will join us later tonight. The bell rings and Hardy runs, hitting a jumping kick but the Freak catches his leg. Leg attempts to do a leaping back kick to free himself but apparently hurts his knee. The Freak charges in, ramming Jeff hard. The Freak mounts Hardy, pounding his face. Sullivan shoves Jeff's head between his legs, lifts him up and hits a tossing powerbomb. The Freak lays on top of Hardy but only gets a two. Sullivan goes up top and dives, looking to hit the diving forehead but Hardy avoids it. Hardy attempts to take advantage of the Freak, who's stunned from faceplanting the mat. Hardy pulls Sullivan up and attempts to shove the Freak up high but his knee gives out! Hardy goes up top and hits Whisper in the Wind, and covers but only gets a one! Sullivan powered out faster than two dudes with one sock. Hardy is up but is reeling; he's selling the injured knee. Hardy rolls outside. Sullivan stalks Hardy around ringside, lifts Hardy and pounds him hard into the apron! Sullivan sends Hardy in and pursues but Hardy hits a quick Twist of Fate! Sullivan kicks out at one! Hardy goes up top but the Freak is quicker than one would expect, and grabs Hardy by the throat. Lars hits a toss, the Freak accident and pins Jeff to the mat, getting the pin.
Your Winner, "The Freak" Lars Sullivan!

In the Ring: the New Day

After a quick promo recapping the card, we get straight to Cole mentioning that this the New Day have been together for over six years. After the break, the New Day take a moment to address the WWE Universe and the forced split. Kofi gets emotional and thanks the fans for reminding them of so many great moments. Xavier reflects back on the night that they won two back-to-back triple-threat matches to win the tag team champs. All three members reflect on various highlights, including Kofi's big WrestleMania moment. Big E talks about sitting down in small towns like Macon, GA and Jackson, MS (hometown, represent!) and how it's been nice to be amongst the fans. Kofi reflects on when Xavier Woods and Big E approached him so they could make special moments together. They continue to go over memories, ending with a "New...Day Rocks!" chant from the virtual fan.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso, Sheamus, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

Soo...Charly asks what it's like to be the men to take on the New Day in their fairwell match. Sheamus is excited to take on the New Day, Cesaro too, and Nakamura says this is the end of the new day. Now they finally come out to the match.

Match: The New Day vs Cesaro, Sheamus & Shinsuke Nakamura

The New Day are already in the ring. The Sake Bar or whatever they're called come out as Cole and Graves promote this big six man tag team action next, after these commercials.
Back from the break and the bell rings right away. Nakamura and Xavier Woods start things off. This is the first time Woods has competed in a year. Nakamura locks in a working hold, attempting to slow down Xavier Woods, but Woods counters it. Woods attempts to get to his corner but Nakamura blocks him. Woods escapes again, tagging in Kofi. Kofi hits the ring and takes down Nakamura. Nakamura hits a kick to the face, stunning Kofi, and allowing himself to tag in Cesaro. Cesaro comes in and both men hit a double team toss up slam on Kofi. Cesaro attempts to take control but Kofi quickly nails Cesaro down and tags in Big E. Xavier Woods is tagged in immediately and lifts Big E up onto his shoulders, then Tosses E down onto Cesaro. Xavier can't maintain control, though, as Cesaro recovers and lays him out. Cesaro tags in Sheamus, who immediately pummels Woods with a European uppercut and big rights. Sheamus lifts Xavier up over his shoulder but Woods escapes, rebounds off the ropes and nails a big knee. Woods tags in Big E.
Big E lifts up Woods, and powerbombs his teammate onto Cesaro! Cesaro gets to his corner and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus clears house in the ring, and quickly tags in Cesaro, who immediately tags in Nakamura--the purpose being to allow them to hit a three-man bomb on Kofi at ringside! They send Kofi into the ring and Nakamura covers, but Kofi kicks out. Nakamura tags Sheamus who immediately tags Cesaro, and the former Bar double-team stomp Kofi down into their corner. Cesaro gets a bit cocky and leaves an opening for Kofi. Kofi tries to fight out of the corner and makes it to mid-ring, but Cesaro puts an end to his offense quick. Cesaro tags in Sheamus and holds Kofi, letting Sheamus hit two big kicks to the gut. Sheamus tags in Nakamura who stomps away at Kofi. Tag made to Cesaro. They're seriously tagging each other in rapid fire to keep themselves fresh and Kofi in their corner. Cesaro looks to go for a buckle-bomb but Kofi ends up sitting on the top turnbuckle. Cesaro approaches and Kofi strikes him as we go to commercial.
We're back from the break again and Kofi's fighting back. He attempts a cover on Sheamus and only gets a two. Kofi hits the SOS on Sheamus and both men are down! Both crawl towards their corners, and both make the hot tags. Big E and Cesaro are legal and hit the ring fast. Big E is on a roll, man handling Cesaro easily including a big leaping Lou Thesz Press followed up with a running senton. Big E fires up the crowd, waiting for Cesaro to rise, setting up the Big Ending! Cesaro senses it coming and avoids it, back dropping Big E. Cesaro hits a running uppercut to Big E in the corner. Big E is sent into the opposite corner--the New Day corner--and Cesaro pursues. Xavier Woods makes the tag and comes in, taking Cesaro down. Xavier Woods charges Cesaro and runs right into a big uppercut. Cesaro tags in Shinsuke, who keeps Xavier grounded with his Strong Style. Nakamura misses with a big right, and Xavier goes to make a tag but Kofi and Big E are still down. Kofi crawls onto the apron and gets the tag in. Cesaro and Shinsuke are at ringside with Xavier, apparently having pursued him. Kofi and Big E in the ring, E holds the top rope down so Kofi can go airborne! Kofi takes out Cesaro and Nakamura at ringside. Kofi goes up top but misses an attack inside the ring. Cesaro, Nakamura and Sheamus are quick up to their corner. Cesaro is legal, and hits the King of Swing on Xavier. The ref is losing control as all six men are hitting the ring, hitting signature moves. It ends up with just Sheamus and Kofi in the ring. Sheamus wastes time yelling in Kofi's face, and Kofi makes him pay for it. Kofi makes a tag to Xavier, who immediately tags Big E so that they can utilize the five-second rule to hit another double team. Big E with a big slam, covering Sheamus and picking up the win!
Your Winners, the New Day!

After the Match: the Sun Sets on the New Day

Big E huddles with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, and tells them that he can't thank them enough for everything. He tells them they're his brothers, and all three men embrace. Woods, Kingston and Big E hold hands up in the air in victory one last time. We're told by Cole that we'll have a contract signing between Sasha Banks & Bayley for their match at Hell in a Cell.

Backstage w/ Kayla, Otis & Sami Zayn

Otis is asked about his feelings that Tucker was drafted to Raw. Before Otis can even answer, Sami shows up and says he'll be glad to answer for Otis. He then verbally runs down Otis, telling him that he lost Tucker to Raw, he lost Mandy Rose to Raw, and then says that there are winners like him, and then there are losers like Otis. Otis smacks Sami, laying him out.

In the Ring: Daniel Bryan & Others

Daniel Bryan makes his ThunderDome debut, coming out in a casual-Friday suit as the virtual crowd and piped-in crowd all chant "yes! yes! yes!" We're heading to commercials and get a promo for Raw's season premiere this coming Monday. Back from the break and Daniel's got a mic. We're reminded that Hell in a Cell is only a week from this Sunday. Back to DB, though. We see Brie Bella participating in the "yes" chant via the ThunderDome screen with their little kid on screen with her. Daniel finally speaks, and tells us that he's seen the ThunderDome from home but seeing the faces of fans in person...he loves being inside the ThunderDome. He says that he loves his time at home, so much so that he got a seat on the ThunderDome audience for his wife and daughter. But with that said, he couldn't wait to come back and experience this. He then runs down the card, much like all those who have come before him have done tonight. Bryan says that on top of all of that, he got to meet the new mix that will be here on Smackdown for the next year. He's excited to see people like Bianca Belair, the Riott Squad, people that he's excited to fight in the ring like Kevin Owens, Apollo Crews, and Aleister Black. He reiterates that he can't wait to get into the ring with these men when Seth Rollins makes his way out with a mic.
Seth says it's been so long since he's seen Daniel Bryan, and he's glad that Brie let Daniel off daddy-duty so he could come out and play tonight. Seth says that Daniel forgot the most important acquisition in the draft--the man who's going to lead Smackdown into the future--"me." Seth calls himself the savior of Smackdown and then asks Daniel which side of history does he want to be on because, when it comes to the greater good, you're either with Seth or against Seth. He says that someone with Daniel's greater intellect would surely want to stand beside him and help mold Smackdown into his vision of the future. Daniel replies, saying that he wants to save the planet and make Smackdown as good as it can be. DB says that Seth's vision is dumb, and laughs, calling it dumb again. Seth laughs and says "you don't mean that, Bryan." DB insists over and over that it's dumb despite Seth's reiterations that its not. Seth snaps and floors DB with a right, then pulls off his jacket and stomps on Bryan. Seth sends DB into the ropes and looks for a big lariat, but DB ducks under, rebounds off the ropes and takes Seth down! Bryan begins nailing Yes Kicks but Seth rolls out the ring and attempts to escape up the ring...until Rey & Dominick Mysterio come out!
Rey and Dominick back Seth up to the ring, then corner him in the corner. Daniel leaves the ring and Seth gets ready to fight when suddenly, Buddy Murphy's music hits and Murphy hits the ring! Seth grins as Murphy lines up with him against the Mysterios...for about five seconds. Murphy attacks Seth and pummels him in the ring, chasing him out of the ring. Murphy comes to the Mysterios and extends a hand to Rey. Dominick and Rey both back out of the ring, refusing to shake his hand, and both men back up the ramp.

Tag Team Championship Match: The Street Profits(c) vs Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

The Street Profits come out as red solo cups rain down. We get a picture-in-picture that shows a video promo by the Street Profits who tell us they've shown up to show off, and it's going to be glorious...."nanana, never mind that. It's the season premiere and the Street Profits are hot and we want the smoke!" We go to commercial. Back from the break and Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode are already in the ring.
Ziggler and Dawkins start things off. Dawkins with a clothesline on Ziggler. Dawkins off the ropes again, leap frogging over Dolph before taking Ziggler down. Ziggler tags in Roode, who stomps away at Dawkins in the corner. Roode hits a beautiful suplex on Dawkins and covers for a two. Roode immediately pops up and runs over to slug Ford, knocking him off the apron. Roode with a butterfly face plant on Dawkins then tags in Ziggler. Both men hit a double team maneuver on Dawkins. Montez Ford hits the ring and tries to fight both men off his partner, but Roode and Ziggler corner him and continue to slug away. The ref calls for the bell. Ziggler and Roode hit a double team spine buster into the Zig-Zag on Dawkins. Ford goes up top and hits a double cros sbody onto the heels to end things. There's no announcement so I'm taking it as a double-DQ due to both teams violating the five-second tag rule.
No Contest

Contract Signing: Sasha Banks & Bayley

Sasha Banks makes her way out first. Cole reminds us that Banks has been in two Hell in a Cell matches whereas Bayley's never been in one. Sasha poses on the apron as we go to commercial. We return from the break and see Bayley at the top of the ramp, wearing her belt and holding a steel chair in hand. Michael Cole can't help but remind us of her daily count--368 days--as Bayley's surpassed the one year mark. Adam Pearce is in the ring as both women sit at a desk set up in the middle of the ring. He points out that this is the first time the Smackdown Women's Championship has been defended inside Hell in a Cell. He tells Sasha that, as the challenger, she can sign first. She does and says she can't wait to take on Bayley. Bayley babbles off about how she's been a champion for 370-something days, "or something like that, right Michael Cole?" Bayley goes on to say that Banks was just waiting to turn on Bayley, and Sasha is just mad that Bayley beat her to the punch. Sasha stands, taking offense, stating that if she wanted to turn on Bayley (she has), she'd have done it years ago (she did). Sasha takes credit for bringing Bayley into the WWE and runs down all the times she's been by Bayley's side, and takes credit for helping Bayley become the longest reigning Smackdown Women's Champion of all time. She says that at HiaC she's going to end Bayley because she's Sasha Banks and her name is bigger than Bayleys title. "And come Hell in a Cell, when I walk out with the Smackdown championship, that's just going to be icing on the cake." Bayley refuses to sign the contract, and leaves the ring ala Roman Reigns a month ago. Banks calls her a coward and tells her to run away "you coward just like the coward you are." Banks reminds Bayley that at HiaC, she can't run or hide. We go to commercials.


Next week, Friday Night Smackdown will air on FS-1.

Main Event, Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns(c) vs Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman makes his way out first, putting on his knuckle gloves as steam fires off from the side of the ramp. Braun's definitely rocking his "Big Show junior" look. Strowman flexes and poses, angrily looking down the ramp as he awaits the champ. Out next is the "Samoan Tribal Chief" and current Universal Champion, Roman Reigns! Paul Heyman escorts Roman out. Reigns takes his time coming down to the ring, posing with the belt before carrying it backwards over his shoulder. Braun looks a bit more fit and leaner. Roman is seriously, seriously taking his sweet damn time coming down to the ring. He's possibly attempting to defeat the Undertaker's "longest entrance ever" title. Both men are finally in the ring. Roman ignores Braun and hoists his title up high as Braun mean-mugs him. The official announcements are made and Braun gets the deluxe package as they mention his Greatest Royal Rumble championship, and all his WWE accolades. The announcer then runs down Roman Reigns' accolades as a Royal Rumble winner and five-time world champion. Both men jaw at each other as Jey Uso watches on a small monitor in the back, nodding his head as Strowman and Reigns continue to make faces at each other before we go to a commercial break.
The bell rings and both giants lock up. It's a test of strength as both men jockey for control. Roman manages to knock Braun out of the ring. As Strowman climbs up to the apron, Roman hits a Superman Punch, knocking Stromwn to the floor again! Strowman tries to get up and gets hit by Roman again on the apron. Braun makes his way into the ring as we see Jey Uso watching on the monitor. Roman rains fists on Braun. Reigns is shoved back into the corner, and Braun charges in--only to eat a big right uppercut from Reigns! Strowman is taken down and Roman covers, getting a two. Roman gets on the apron and waits for Braun to come at him, then Roman drops down and pulls the top rope with him, sending Braun outside again. Roman slugs Braun outside the ring as the ref counts. Roman heads into the ring and back out to break the count, then slams Braun's head into the announce table. Braun hits Roman with a knee to the midsection and tries to get some separation. Roman goes up top and dives off, only to be caught by Braun and slung across the announce table! The ref counts as Braun waits in the ring for Roman to get up. Braun slips out and runs, ramming into Roman and sending him flying down as we go to commercials.
We're back from the break and find Strowman in control. Braun grabs Roman and sends him flying. We're told Goldberg's in the virtual audience, watching this match. Stromwan takes Roman down and covers but only gets a two. Strowman stands over Roman as Roman is slow to get to his feet. WE can see Keith Lee in the ThunderDome audience, too. Braun charges Roman in the corner but Roman dodges it. Roman goes for the Superman Punch but Braun catches him by the neck and yells something about making Roman fly, then lifts Roman up in powerbomb position and slams him down on his face. Braun stands over Roman and yells "I'm not finished with you!" Strowman hits a chokeslam and covers Roman, only getting a two. We see Braun rolling in pain on the mat, and the replay shows that Roman's arm was between Braun's legs and during his kickout, he clubbed Braun in the junk. Roman hits a big spear as Strowman gets up, and covers but only gets a two!
Roman waits in the corner, setting Braun up for another spear but Braun deflects Roman into the corner! Braun picks up Roman for perhaps a belly to belly or exploder suplex, but Roman locks an arm around Braun. Roman locks in the guillotine submission! Braun runs him into the corner but Roman won't let go. Braun falls down and Roman still won't break the hold. Braun's forced to tap.
Your Winner and STILL Universal Champion, Roman Reigns!

After the Match: Jey Confronts Roman

Jey's music plays and the Uso comes out immediately. Roman looks upset and confused and constipated all at the same time. Braun is slowly starting to rise in the ring. Jey stares daggers at Roman and Roman tells Jey to watch this. Roman hits another spear to a reeling Strowman, flooring the big man. Roman mutters something to himself and then tells Jey "you wanna come on, my friend? C'mon, get your ass down here." Jey slowly walks down the ramp, approaching his cousin and opponent for the Hell in a Cell event in just 9 days. Roman gets a steel chair. Roman tells Jey "You want me to make an example of you? This is how we eat, this is how we take care of generations of our family. I don't want to do this to you. i'm giving you another chance. I don't want to do this to you. If i can do this to him, imagine what I can do to you!" Roman then begin to beat a downed Strowman with the chair, hitting him once, twice, thrice. Refs come in to protect the downed Strowman. Roman shrugs most of them off and they back out of the ring. Roman hits Strowman again with the chair, and again, and again. Jey climbs the apron as Roman tells him to come in. Roman drops the chair and sys he doesn't need that, he doesn't want none of this, he doesn't want to hurt Jey. He wants Jey to understand that Jey is embarrassing the family and tells him that "the simple fact that you're trying to take my place...makes no sense." Roman tries to plead with his cousin to pick up the chair and swing it (attack Braun). Roman kicks the chair over to Jey. Roman tells him if he wants to take a shot at Roman he can, and Roman turns his back to his cousin while extending his arms. Jey picks up the chair but drops it back down. Roman smiles, turning, arms outstretched to embrace his cousin when Jey slugs Roman! Jey hits Roman again, knocking him down. Jey picks up the chair and begins to beat on his cousin, beating on the Universal champion! Officials come in to hold him back, and Roman hops up and spears the restrained Jey, laying him out. Roman holds his arm and blames Jey for having to do this to him. Roman's music plays us out!

In Closing

And that does it for the second season premiere of Smackdown! I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay safe, stay frosty, and see you all Monday for Raw's season premiere!

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