WWE SmackDown Live Results (12/18)

The December 18th edition of WWE SmackDown took place at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California.

- This week's broadcast opens up with Shane McMahon addressing the entire roster in the backstage area. Shane mentions the entire McMahon family starting RAW fresh last night, and the wrestlers seem to boo at the mention of RAW. Shane says it's time for a fresh start, and that includes on SmackDown, and he wants the wrestlers to reach up and grab the brass ring. Shane rallies the troops, and then Shane says he wants to thanks their former General Manager Paige. Paige steps up and Shane thanks her on behalf of the entire roster. Shane says Paige isn't going anywhere, just her role is changing. The wrestlers chant "thank you Paige."

- Becky Lynch comes out to the ring and gets on the mic. Becky calls out Ronda Rousey, and demands a match against her. Becky continues trashing Ronda and calls her a Roddy Piper cosplayer. Charlotte comes out to interrupt. Charlotte says it was her opportunity that was stolen, and Becky needs to get in line behind her. Asuka comes out to interrupt, and she says they need to recognize that she is the Champion. Charlotte and Becky both get in Asuka's face and call her out over the way she won. Vince McMahon's music hits and the WWE Chairman comes out to the stage. Vince wishes everyone a Happy Holidays to start off, and then he congratulates Asuka on the Women's Championship win. Vince says he takes issue with Becky Lynch coming out here angry and complaining, and he says no one owes her anything. He says Charlotte needs to stop complaining too. Vince then says Asuka is going to defend her Championship tonight, and then Vince introduces Naomi. Naomi gets on the mic and says Charlotte and Becky had their opportunities, and she wants the Women's Title. Vince says it's a match, and it starts next.
- Asuka (c) vs. Naomi: Charlotte and Becky are at ringside to watch this Women's Title match. The opening bell sounds and Asuka and Naomi trade holds in the opening moments. The first minutes are mostly a stalemate until Naomi connects with a kick. Asuka blocks a kick and applies an ankle lock. Naomi escapes and hits a full-nelson bomb for a pin attempt. They trade some pin attempts and arm holds until Asuka connects with a series of kicks. Asuka applies an abdominal stretch until the ref calls for the rope break. Asuka talks some trash to Charlotte and Becky, and Naomi takes advantage of the distraction with a back suplex on Asuka. The fight spills out to ringside and Naomi springboards off the fan barricade and kicks Asuka in the face. Back in the ring, Asuka fights back with strikes of her own. Naomi kicks Asuka in the head and drops her, then Naomi goes up to the top rope. Noami goes for a moonsault, but Asuka gets her knees up to block it. Asuka looks for the Asuka Lock but Naomi fights out and hits the flying hip attack. Naomi springboards off the top rope, but Asuka catches her and seems to hit a knee to the face. Asuka applies the Asuka Lock for the win.
Winner & still Women's Champion: Asuka
- The Miz is backstage knocking on The McMahon Family locker room door. Vince opens the door and compliments The Miz on his manly knock. The Miz asks if Shane is around, and he starts telling Vince about his vision of being the best tag team in the world with Shane. The Miz says he's a worthy partner of Shane, and he wants Vince's blessing. Vince says he doesn't give blessings, but The Miz can have a chance to prove himself tonight. Vince says he's going to find a partner for Miz tonight, and two opponents, and Miz can show off his tag team skills. The Miz starts thanking Vince, and Vince slams the door in his face.
- Still to come: Samoa Joe's apology to Jeff Hardy
- Rusev and Lana do an interview backstage. Rusev talks about how great and handsome and athletic he is, and how he could sell parts of his beard online for millions of dollars. Rusev makes fun of a picture of Shinsuke Nakamura wearing a blue jump suit, and says he looks like Sonic The Hedgehog.
- Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring and high-fives the fans around ringside. Jeff gets on the mic, and talks about his demons in the past and just being thankful of be alive every day now. Jeff says he wants to hear Joe's apology face to face, and he calls out Joe. Joe comes out, and he's got a mic. Joe says this isn't an apology, it's something they should have doe a long time ago - an intervention. Joe says everyone knows Jeff's demons are going to come back for Jeff, especially around the Holiday season. Jeff says he's never going back there, and him and his demons see right through Joe. Jeff says Joe attacks other peoples' weaknesses to cover up his own weaknesses - like being in WWE for two years and not winning one championship yet. Joe lunges at Jeff, but Jeff kicks him and hits the Twist of Fate. Jeff heads to the back while Joe recovers in the ring, and Joe doesn't look happy.
- Still to come: Mustafa Ali & AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan & Andrade Almas

- The Miz & Mandy Rose vs. R-Truth & Carmella: Before the match, Truth cuts a brief promo about winning the Mixed Match Challenge. Truth refers to Mandy as Maryse, and then the match starts off. Carmella and Mandy start off, and Carmella takes control with a dropkick. Truth and Miz tag in, and Truth clotheslines Miz to the outside. Truth and Carmella then have a dance break. Mandy Rose tries to hit a cheap shot on Carmella, but Carmella dodges it and kicks Mandy down. The distraction leads to Miz running in from behind and hitting the Skull Crushing Finale on R-Truth for the three count.
Winners: The Miz & Mandy Rose
- We see a promo video for Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery, Nikki Cross and EC3.
- The Usos come out to the ring and they get on the mics. They call out The Bar for a Tag Title shot, but instead of The Bar, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows come out. Anderson gets on the mic and says they see the same thing week after week - The Usos, The New Day, and The Bar. Anderson takes issue with The Usos having a rap battle last week, and they haven't been on SmackDown since August. Gallows says they aren't going to sit on the sideline anymore, it's time to clean the slate and clean house. The Usos tell them to step up, and Anderson and Gallows hit the ring.
- The Usos vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson: Gallows and Anderson start off strong in this one as they trade frequent tags and take turns beating on Jimmy Uso. Gallows misses a big boot in the corner and he goes down. Jey and Anderson get the tags, and Jey cleans house. Jey hits a series of strikes on Anderson and then the Samoan drop. Jey misses a splash in the corner, and Anderson fires back with a kick and a neckbreaker for a two count. Anderson comes in and hits a chokeslam powerbomb for a two count. Jimmy and Jey trade tags now and double team Gallows. They knock Gallows outside and Anderson tags in. Jey looks for a suicide dive on Gallows, but Anderson cuts him off with a kick to the head. Jey gets tied upside down with his foot in the ropes, and it looks like his leg might be a little sore after that. Back in the ring, is limping and Anderson leaps off the middle rope for a neckbreaker on Jey. Jey tries to come back with a Samoan drop, but Anderson escapes and Gallows tags in. Gallows boots Jey in the face for a two count. Jey kicks Gallows away, then Jimmy tags in and brings the fight to Gallows. Jey rolls outside and is selling his knee that got tangled in the ropes. Anderson tags in and misses a shot on Jimmy, which leads to Jimmy superkicking Anderson and then kicking Gallows off the apron. Jimmy goes up top, but then The Bar's music hits and distracts him. Jimmy hits the splash off the top on Anderson, but then Sanity hits the ring and starts attacking both the Usos and Gallows and Anderson. The Bar is out on the ramp now, and they look confused by Sanity's assault. Sanity continues the assault all over ringside, and then they turn their attention toThe Bar on the ramp. Eric Young yells at them and then Sanity keeps walking past The Bar and to the back. Cesaro and Sheamus hit the ring and they start beating down The Usos, Gallows and Anderson, who are already down. Sanity watches from the ramp as The Bar continues the assault at ringside on The Usos.
Winners: No contest
- Shinsuke Nakamura cuts a pre-taped promo on Rusev, where he shoves some footage of Rusev on Total Divas. Nakamura says Rusev is no championship contender, and he's not a star here in WWE, he's a Total Diva.
- We see AJ Styles in the locker room giving Mustafa Ali a pep talk before their tag match tonight.
- Next Week: Rusev vs. Nakamura; Hardy vs. Samoa Joe; and Shane McMahon will be a guest on Miz TV.
- We see a pre-taped promo from The New Day for their year in review special on the USA Network.
- WWE Champion Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring and gets on the mic. Bryan says he destroyed the Yes Movement, just like the fans are destroying the very planet that gives them life. Bryan says the people of Fresno, California are the guiltiest of all. Bryan says Fresno is #1 in California for pollution. Bryan says they should be thankful they have someone to teach them how to live - him.
- Daniel Bryan & Andrade Almas vs. AJ Styles & Mustafa Ali: Almas hits a spinning back fist to AJ in the opening moments to take control of this one. Almas continues the offense until AJ finally connects with a dropkick. Ali tags in for the double team on Almas, then he tosses Almas down. Almas brings Ali into the corner, then Bryan tags in and lays into Ali with a series of strikes. Bryan slaps Ali across the face and then applies an abdominal stretch. Ali dodges a shot in the corner, then nails Bryan with a kick to the head. Bryan rolls outside for a breather and Ali looks for a suicide dive, but Almas lays on the ropes to blog it. Ali kicks Almas off the ropes, then he hits a suicide dive on both Almas and Bryan at ringside. Back in the ring, Almas turns things around, and now he and Bryan take turns beating on Ali. AJ finally gets the hot tag and hits a flying clothesline on Bryan. AJ beats down Bryan and then goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Bryan dodges it. AJ grabs Bryan and locks in the Calf Crusher, but Almas comes in and breaks it up. Almas tries to DDT Styles, but AJ reverses it and dumps Almas outside. At ringside, Ali hits a hurricanrana on Almas. Back in the ring, Bryan misses a shot in the corner, and AJ puts the boots to him. AJ looks for the Styles Clash, but Bryan escapes and kicks AJ in the face. Bryan charges at AJ, but AJ boots him in the face. AJ leaps to the middle rope and hits the moonsault into a reverse DDT on Bryan. Ali gets the tag and hits a spinning DDT on Bryan. Ali goes up top, but Almas runs over and interferes. AJ takes out Almas with a Phenomenal Forearm, and then Ali hits the 054 on Bryan for the three count.
Winners: Mustafa Ali & AJ Styles
- AJ raises Ali's hand in the ring as SmackDown goes off the air.