WWE Smackdown Lowdown (10/29): Gunther, Liv Morgan, More

After the latest edition of Smackdown, WWE taped a brand new episode of the Smackdown Lowdown.

The show featured Liv Morgan, and more. Check it out:

Smackdown Lowdown (10/29)

-Jackie Redmond welcomes all of the viewers on-board, and introduces everyone to her co-host, Matt Camp.

-The hosts highlight a few moments from the latest episode of Smackdown, and it’s time for the show’s first interview.


Moments after Smackdown, WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther has a few comments for the WWE Universe. Megan asks Gunther about the “message” Gunther sent to Mysterio earlier in the night, the IC champ explains… nothing. Ludwig Kieser tells viewers “I believe his message was loud and clear…” Giovanni Vinci adds “and, next week, it may not be an easy night. If it was easy, anyone could do it. But, Imperium is not everybody.” Gunther closes by saying “you’re [Megan] right. Rey Mysterio is a legend of this sport, but this version of him disgusts me. It’s despicable!” Gunther moves on, and Megan sends the show back to the studio.

**Commercial Break**

-Matt and Jackie highlight a few more matches from Friday night, until Megan chimes in with the next guest.

Liv Morgan

Coming off of the heels of an exciting edition of Smackdown On FOX, Liv Morgan is standing backstage with Megan Morant. Megan asks Liv about her upcoming No-DQ clash with Sonya Deville, and Liv says “Sonya continuously wants to talk about me, so I will continuously do what I need to do to shut her up! And, next week in our No-DQ match, I’m going to show Sonya exactly what I live for. Watch me.” Morgan moves on, and Megan tosses the show over to the WWE Global Headquarters one last time.

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is in the arena with Megan Morant, and the final interview is underway! Megan asks Sami to talk about The Bloodline’s busy night on Smackdown, and Zayn says “well, I am sure some of us may regret certain things we said. Some of us may have said some things that we really should not have said, but we didn’t mean, and it doesn’t matter.” Sami goes on to say “I think things are good with The Bloodline. Things are actually really rosey right now in The Bloodline. The Uso’s are on the verge of becoming the longest reigning tag team champions of all-time, Roman Reigns is about to smash Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, and things are really good. We’re actually about to go to dinner.” Sami exits stage left, and it’s time to put a bow on todays show.

⁃Matt recaps a few other segments from Friday’s Smackdown, until the Smackdown Lowdown comes to a close.

That’s all for this weeks recap of the Smackdown Lowdown. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of your day!