WWE Still Hasn't Finalized Rumble Card; Reason Why Asuka/Becky Was Announced

-- On the latest Wrestling Observer Live, it was noted that WWE still hasn't finalized the upcoming Royal Rumble card but officials are set to meet this coming week to make those decisions.

-- This would also be the reason that why WWE prematurely announced Becky Lynch vs. Asuka for the Rumble, before going back and changing those plans. The original idea was for Asuka to defend her title against Lynch but Vince McMahon wasn't happy with the direction of the PPV and wanted to revamp the entire card.

-- This match was expected to be announced during last Tuesday's Smackdown, but Vince's decision went down before the show aired and so it never happened but the production team neglected to remove the advertising off of Main Event. WWE explained the gaffe by putting it all on former GM Paige, who then claimed she tried to sneak in the match before officially getting removed from power.