WWE Super ShowDown Results: 50-man Battle Royal

- Michael Cole introduces a video package of fans in the arena before the show talking about how excited they are for tonight.

- 50-Man Battle Royal: Most of the wrestlers all come out at once before the match, including Shinsuke Nakamura, Robert Roode and others. The Miz, Cesaro, Samoa Joe, Titus, and Elias have their own individual entrances. As Elias is singing for his entrance, The Miz hops out of the ring and grabs him and throws him in the ring. The opening bell sounds and all fifty men start brawling. Both Singh Brothers are the first two eliminations. Karl Anderson is eliminated next, then Eric Young. Gallows and Slater are out next. Axel, Dallas and Tozawa are eliminated next. No Way Jose gets eliminated next, then Mojo and Kendrick. Gulak gets eliminated next, and then Tony Nese. The Viking Raiders find each other in the melee in the ring and start teaming up on people. The Raiders face off with Heavy Machinery and the AOP and all three teams strt brawling with each other. The AOP throw Tucker out, then the Raiders eliminate Akam and Rezar. We see Titus emerge from under the ring, and it looks like he's been hiding the whole match so far. Titus gets in the ring fresh and starts dropping people. Titus eliminates both Viking Raiders. Xavier Woods eliminates Buddy Murphy, then Joe eliminates Ryder and Hawkins. Rusev and Nakamura team up to eliminate Gable, then Nakamura eliminates Crews. Ricochet eliminates Jinder. Otis drops Rusev and Nakamura, then hits the Caterpillar on them. Rowan hits Otis from behind then eliminates him. Rowan hits the Iron Claw on Xavier Woods then eliminates him. The Usos double superkick Rowan and eliminate him, then The Revival eliminates The Usos. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Wilder and eliminates him, then he does the same to Dawson. Cesaro runs up behind Matt and eliminates him. Cesaro swings Cedric Alexander and then slingshots him over the top rope for the elimination. Sin Car hits hurricanrana on Cesaro, then on Nakamura. Sun Cara eliminates Nakamura, then Rusev eliminates Sin Cara. Rusev gets eliminated next, then Roode gets eliminated. The Miz starts hitting Cesaro and Elias with kicks, but Cesaro ducks one, and then Elias eliminates Miz. Ali and Ricochet take turns beating on Cesaro, but then Joe flattens both Ali and Ricochet. Ali and Ricochet team up to suplex Joe outside for the elimination. Cesaro then knocks Ricochet and Ali out for the elimination. Mansoor then eliminates Cesaro. It's down to Mansoor and Elias. Elias drops Mansoor and it looks like Elias is in control, but then Mansoor superkicks Elias and then back body drops Elias to the outside for the elimination.

Winner: Mansoor

- Mansoor runs into the crowd to celebrate after the match, and he shakes hands with Ali. Byron interviews Mansoor in the ring after the match and asks him how it feels to win the most prestigious battle royal in WWE history, and do it in his home country. Mansoor says he doesn't have words to describe how important this moment is. He talks about his dream coming true, and winning the most historic battle royal in WWE history.

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