WWE Superstar Creates Patreon Account, Includes Three-Tier Pay System

WWE star Elias has been out of action since June with a torn pectoral muscle, with the company airing a hit-and-run angle with Jeff Hardy on SmackDown to write him off television. The injury is was reportedly set to keep him on the shelf for a few months.

In the meantime...The Drifter has created a Patreon account for his loyal fan-base, which include a three-tier pay system that includes things like special merchandise, access to all videos and photos to comment on, some social media perks and more. Check it out below, or click here to view his full Patreon profile.

$5 a month:

This Tier gives you access to all videos, pics, and comments on the feed.
I will be:
- documenting my rehab as I heal from a torn pec & get back into the ring
- cover songs
-original music
-following my journey to making a second album
-gym videos
-traveling vlogs
-and stories from my career and life.

$20 a month:

Submit questions for Q&A.

Elias will follow you on twitter.

Once a month I will live stream to answer 10 questions (submitted by you), a match watch along, a Walk With Elias, or discuss various upcoming projects.

Here we can brainstorm as to what creative projects we should tackle next!

Follow On Twitter.

$75 a month:

Receive a signed Elias 8x10 (can be made personal).

Join here and be in the running for an autographed RING-WORN piece of merch. One winner every month.

Submit Song Requests.

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