WWE Superstar Currently Filming Reality Show About House Flipping

Ahead of WWE Survivor Series Wargames, WWE Monday Night Raw Superstar Bobby Lashley broke the news that he's currently working on a television project. Check out the comments from Lashley's chat with Sidewalks Entertainment host Lori Rosales below:

“A big thing that I’d love to do is, I love to flip houses,” Lashley said. “And I love to work with real estate, so I’ve been doing a lot with that. And we’ve been actually filming a reality show that kind of deals with me my team, how we put together different flips and go from place to place. And showing some of the guys that I’m in business with, and some of the young athletes and some of the young professionals how to get into the real estate world. So we’re playing with that a little bit.”

Bobby Lashley will battle Austin Theory and Seth 'Freakin' Rollins for the WWE United States Championship in a Triple Threat match on Saturday.