WWE Talking Smack Recap (12/19) - KO & Heyman Talk Title Match, Pre-Taped Rock Interview, more

Talking Smack- 12/19/2020
Recap by- Andrew Hatcher, Rajah.Com Reporter

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Talking Smack Recap! The usual hosts Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman are joined tonight by Booker T. The guests on the show will be Bayley, the "untouchable" Carmella, Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits, and Kevin Owens.

Kayla opens the "special edition" of Talking Smack, alongside co-host Booker T, and the two give a few thoughts on tonight's Smackdown. Kayla begins to talk about what happened between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens, and Booker talks about being reminded of the Rocky movies. A graphic airs showing tonight's guests, as Paul Heyman stands in the background looking angry. Heyman finally makes his way to the desk, and begins to cut a promo. Heyman hypes the upcoming match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens at TLC, calling Reigns "a very dangerous man". Heyman continues by saying that Kevin Owens will "fail to replace the head of the table". He finishes by telling Owens that he will learn to fear Roman Reigns "from his hospital bed". Kayla tells Heyman that was "powerful", and introduces us to the shows first guest, Carmella.

Carmella talks about being confident lately, and how Sasha wasted her champagne earlier tonight. Booker talks about not liking Sasha Banks, and questions Carmellas in ring IQ. She goes on to run down her career accolades, telling Booker to get his facts straight. Carmella says she outsmarted Sasha tonight, and she will become a 2 time Smackdown Women's Champion on Sunday. Kayla wishes Carmella luck, and sends the show to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Fox Sports Analyst Jay Glazer interviews the Rock. Rocky talks about starting his career in WWE, and we see clips of his early Nation Of Domination days, where he had one of his first chances to cut a live promo. "The Brahma Bull" continues by saying that he got one chance, and he made everyone know what he was capable of that night. After that, Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits join the show.

They talk about retaining their titles earlier in the night, and how their not surprised they won. Booker asks Heyman what he thinks about the Street Profits, and Heyman gives them high praise saying "no one can compare to them". He continues by saying he is a "huge fan" of the Street Profits. Sami Zayn interrupts, and Kayla laughs at his "Sami Awards". Sami says he should have three awards, as the Street Profits wonder how he lost at his own award show. Sami tries to blame the production crew, and Booker says he has no idea how this happened. Everyone laughs at Sami, and The Street Profits tell him they would win all the awards, if they had their own show. Sami then shares a message to Big E, telling him "this is not over, and heads will roll". Sami storms off, and Kayla reminds us the Slammys will be happening this Wednesday. The show then heads to another commercial break.

On the other side of the break, Sasha Banks is interviewed by Fox's Charlotte Wilder. Sasha recaps "The Year of Sasha Banks", and clips of each of her big wins are shown. Sasha closes by saying what she wants to do next "is become the "CEO of WWE". Kayla welcomes us back to the desk, and transitions into recapping the main event from earlier tonight. Booker asks Heyman about Reigns being privileged as a kid, and talks about how Kevin Owens came from nothing. Booker relates to Owens, and tells Paul that Owens upbringing could be a problem for Roman on Sunday night. Heyman says Booker is right about all of that, and wonders how far it will push Roman. Heyman continues by going over Romans past year, and says Roman will "push the limits" of what he can do on Sunday. Kayla asks Heyman if he wants to be here during the Kevin Owens interview later, and Heyman jokes that if things get out of hand, Booker will cover for him. Kayla tells us Bayley will be the next guest, and send the show to another ad break.

The show returns, and Bayley joins the desk. Bayley talks about her win over Bianca Belair, and denies calling Bianca "overrated". Booker says he's never been "the biggest fan" of Bayley, but he likes her now. Booker says the match between her and Belair was "goott", and a win like that over an opponent like Belair proves alot for Bayley. Heyman tells Bayley she should be Smackdown Women's Champion, and co-host of Talking Smack. Kayla tells Bayley her chair "is filled". Kayla questions what it means to Bayley to be a role model. Bayley calls Bianca the "annoying-est", and Belair knows she has to go through Bayley to get to the top. Bayley continues by saying Bianca had "googly eyes" the first time they met, and she remembers thinking "not today kid". More replays are shown from the conclusion of Friday Night Smackdown, and the show heads to an ad break again.

Once the show comes back from the break, Kevin Owens makes his way to the desk. He goes right to Heyman, and takes Kaylas seat, respectfully. Owens tries to shake Heymans hand, but Heyman declines. Owens threatens Paul, and says "it's a respect thing". Paul shakes his hand, and Owens tells him to listen, then Heyman can talk. Owens continues, telling Heyman that he's told a lie. Owens declares that Heyman is scared, because he's followed KO's career for a long time, and he knows what KO can do. Owens tells Heyman he will sacrifice anything "besides his own family", to win the Universal Championship again. Owens continues, saying he needs Paul to tell Roman that "on Sunday he is in trouble". Owens finishes by saying that besides winning the Universal Title, "beating Roman Reigns is the most important thing". Owens looks at Heyman, and smirkingly states that he actually lied to Heyman "because I'm not gonna let you say anything back to me". Heyman simply nods, and they shake hands again. Theres a stare off, and Owens asks for a favor. Owens asks Heyman to call him after he wins the title on Sunday, "if he wants to talk". Kayla wonders if Heyman is ok, and she sends the show to the last ad break of the night. After the break, TLC predictions!

The show returns for the last segment of the night, and Kayla, along with Booker, go over their thoughts on each match happening at TLC. They question what a firefly inferno match is, and Booker picks Randy Orton to win. A dejected looking Heyman has no words. Booker and Kayla talk about Drew McIntyre vs AJ Styles. Booker picks Drew as the winner of the match, and Kayla wonders what Heyman thinks. Again, no comment. Booker picks Carmella to win against Sasha, and an irritated Heyman once again declines to comment. Kayla then asks Booker about the main event of TLC, and Heyman looks even more upset, before yelling "thanks for your help". Kayla thanks us all for joining, and the show fades to black.

That's all for this weeks extended episode of Talking Smack! Not sure if there will be a show next week or not, because of Christmas, but if there is I'll be here to give you the scoop, right here on Rajah.Com!