WWE Talking Smack Recap (9/25) - Guests: Rey Mysterio, Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan

After last nights edition of Smackdown, WWE taped their latest episode of Talking Smack. The show featured Bianca Belair, an appearance from Liv Morgan, as well as a visit from Rey Mysterio. Check it out:

Talking Smack (9/25)

Matt Camp welcomes everyone to the show, and introduces viewers to his co-host, Sam Roberts. Matt and Sam cover a few of the highlights from Smackdown, until Matt throws things over to Kayla Braxton.

Liv Morgan

Ahead of her match against Carmella at Sunday's Extreme Rules, Liv Morgan sends a message to her opponent. Kayla begins by asking Liv about Sunday's match, but Morgan immediately cuts Kayla off, and says "Carmella... I hope you're watching this, because this is your official warning... I'm gonna make Extreme Rules the worst night of your life." Kayla pitches the show back over to Sam and Matt, who sends the show to an ad break.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ On the other side of the break, a few clips are shown from last nights Smackdown.
⁃ Sam tosses things back over to Kayla in the arena, where one of the Mysterio's is standing by.

Rey Mysterio

After an argument between himself and his son Dominik, Rey Mysterio stops by for a chat with Kayla. Kayla kicks off the interview by asking Rey how he feels about Dom being "resistant" to help from his father, and Rey says "I'm a bit confused with this whole situation. I am just trying to guide him. I wish I could get some personal advice about this. I might understand if someone told me to step back. I'm just really confused." Kayla follows up by asking Rey how he feels about Dom's work as of late, and Rey explains "he's been doing incredible, How growth has been amazing... I'm just being a father that nitpicks. I want him to be great and that's why... maybe I am picking to much at him." Kayla sends Talking Smack back to the studio, where the show heads to another commercial break.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ Matt recaps a few more segments from Friday's Smackdown, and hands the show back over to Kayla.

Bianca Belair

Kayla makes her presence felt one last time, and she's backstage with Bianca Belair. Kayla fires away with questions, and asks Bianca how she feels ahead of her Smackdown Women's Championship match at Extreme Rules. Bianca says "I'm feeling great, and I stand by everything I said on the ring." Kayla asks about the words Becky Lynch had for Belair on Smackdown, and Bianca explains "all I can say is Becky holds into this 26 seconds thing. At Extreme Rules, we will see if she can go past 26 seconds. I will be walking out as Smackdown Women's Champion!" Bianca moves on, and Kayla tosses the show over to the WWE Global Headquarters one last time.

⁃ Matt and Sam share their final thoughts on last night's Smackdown, until the show comes to a close.

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