WWE "Talking Smack" Recap: Apollo Crews, Reginald, And Kalisto Talk

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the Talking Smack Recap! Tonight’s guests on the show are Apollo, Reginald, and Kalisto. As usual, the show is hosted by Kayla Braxton, along with Paul Heyman, so let’s get down to business!

Kayla kicks off the show by welcoming the viewers to the ThunderDome, and someone is already at the desk. The first guest of the night is Apollo Crews, whose acts on Smackdown are called “disgusting”, by Kayla.

Apollo Crews

Kayla gives a medical update on Big E, and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you what big words she used to describe it. Apollo gets a chance to explain, and tells the hosts... nothing. Kayla wonders if he feels “remorse or regret”. Apollo responds by saying... nothing. Kayla wonders if it was “a moment of weakness”. Apollo says... nothing. Paul Heyman interjects, and tells Kayla the questions are “inappropriate”. Heyman moves his attention to Apollo, telling Crews he wanted “the focus and spotlight”, and now he has it. Heyman wonders if Apollo “couldn’t take it anymore, or if this was this premeditated”. Heyman goes on to say that Apollo “made a decision from which you can never turn back”. Heyman closes by asking Apollo “when did you make the decision”, and Apollo smiles, nods, then leaves. Heyman seems stunned, and says “I’ll pass that along to your tribal chief”.

After the segment, Kayla asks if Heyman can “read minds now”, to which Heyman responds “can you read my mind”? Kayla tells Heyman that she can’t, and the hosts begin to recap Smackdown. Heyman begins to poke fun at the WWE Universe, saying he knows what Roman told Edge, “but you don’t”. Kayla reminds him the show is “called Talking Smack, not Talking Heyman”. Heyman begins to rant about Roman Reigns, and Kayla says “it’s also not called Talking Roman”. Kayla then brings on the next guest, Reginald Thomas.

Reginald Thomas

So he has a last name now? Ok. Reginald makes his way on to the show, and this is his first time. Reginald says he’s “pretty excited” about being there, and talks about his match on Smackdown. Kayla tells Reginald that he seems interested in Sasha Banks, but he assures Kayla that “my loyalty lies with Carmella”. Kayla wonders why Sasha should trust him, and Reginald responds, saying “there is no games. I work for Carmella”. Reginald tells Kayla “you’re forcing this thing, there is nothing there” when talking about Sasha. Kayla responds by asking what his assessment is of Banks and Belair, and he says “there’s nothing to assess”. Reginald begins to talk about himself, and he tells the hosts “I’m very excited for my future”. Kayla asks Heyman if he has any “words of advice” for Thomas, and he does. Heyman formally introduces himself to Reginald, and looks over his “biography”, before tossing it. Heyman calls Reginald “highly educated”, and then starts talking about Roman Reigns again. Reginald says whatever Reigns said to Edge “wasn’t for us to hear”, so Heyman hugs him. Heyman talks up Reginald for what he said, and runs down Kayla for disagreeing, as Reginald walks away. After he walks away, the last guest of the night appears, and that man is Kalisto.


Kalisto makes his way to the desk, and Heyman says a few words in Spanish. Kayla mentions to Kalisto that she heard he “has some news for us”, and he does. Kalisto tells the hosts “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I’m ready to talk”. Jey Uso walks in, and tells him the show just turned into “walking smack, so get out of here”. Uso sends a message to everyone in the elimination chamber match, and says “we know what it’s gone be”. Heyman begins to talk, and says this weekend “is a rare opportunity to see a once in a lifetime Champion defend his championship”. Heyman continues, and says that “the entire complexion of WWE can change this weekend”. Heyman tells us “there is no Talking Smack, Smackdown, Raw, or NXT without Roman Reigns”. Heyman says we have “the juice, the stroke, the power around here”, and if we want to see that then we should watch on Sunday. Heyman gives a countdown for the show to go off air, and it ends there.

That’s all for this weeks episode of Talking Smack! Join me next Saturday morning, for an all new edition of the recap, right here on Rajah. Com!