WWE "Talking Smack" Recap: Billie Kay, Jey Uso, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode Talk

Hello again everyone and welcome to the first Talking Smack Recap of the brand new year! The hosts tonight are the usual duo of Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman. Joining the hosts this morning will be Billie Kay, Jey Uso, and Dolph Ziggler, along with his partner, Robert Roode. Now that we all know what’s on the menu for today, it is time to talk some smack!

Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show, alongside her co-host Paul Heyman. Kayla jokes that her shirt and Heymans handkerchief match, and Heyman corrects her, saying “it’s a pocket square”. Heyman tells us his New Years resolution is to have “higher ranking opponents” for Roman Reigns, “unlike Kevin Owens”. Heyman calls Owens a future legend, but says Owens “is a cockroach that keeps surviving”. Heyman tells Owens that if he comes at the tribal chief, “you best not miss”. Heyman finishes by saying that Owens legacy will be that of someone who went against The Universal Champion, and learned that “the island of relevancy belongs to Roman Reigns”. Kayla begins to quickly recap last nights Smackdown, and mentions Daniel Bryan, which causes Heyman to be triggered. Heyman says we should all be focused on Roman Reigns, and anyone who isn’t focused “isn’t ambitious enough”. Kayla then introduces us to the first guests of the night, Dolph Ziggler and the “glorious” Robert Roode.

Challenge Accepted

Dolph and Roode join the desk, and talk about attacking the Street Profits. Kayla tells them that the Street Profits have accepted a challenge from Roode and Ziggler, and they will have a match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships, next week on Smackdown. Ziggler says the Street Profits have been “skating by”, and Roode questions how many times they have to “be the joke”. Roode continues, and says it’s all about “winning championships, and being at the top of the card”. Kayla asks Dolph how he feels about some stuff the Street Profits said earlier in the night, and Dolph talks about being compared to Shawn Michaels so often. He tells us he and Roode are here to show everyone how good they are, and talks about how he hopes people will compare others to him some day. Heyman chimes in, and tells Roode and Ziggler the attack tonight “wasn’t deserved”, but the heels got what they wanted from the Street Profits. Heyman finishes by saying that the Street Profits will be “on the downside” of the tag team match next week. Kayla wraps up the interview, and moves on to the next guest, Billie Kay.

Will You Be My Partner?

Billie Kay makes her way to the desk, and holds up her resume. Kayla gets right into things, and talks about Kay’s night on Smackdown. Billie says she has “experience and credentials”. Kayla wonders if she is “a bandwagon fan”, since Kay began the segment by supporting Natalya and Tamina, but celebrated with the victorious Riott Squad. Billie tells Kayla she doesn’t like the question, and shows us all her new shirt, “which you can get on shop.com”. Kayla asks Billie about her New Years resolutions, and Kay says she “wants to be a 2 time Women’s Tag Team Champion”. Kay also mentions that she’s been working on being able to do the splits, “so look forward to that”. Kayla ends the interview there, and tells us that Billie Kay will be joining “The Bump” on Wednesday. The show then immediately heads into the next guest, Jey Uso.

Assistant to the Chief

Jey Uso, who has been down since around day one joins the hosts, and he looks upset. Kayla tells Jey he “might not like” some of the questions she has, and Jey tells her to “fire away”. Kayla talks about Jeys’ interference in all of Romans big matches, and wonders who should be credited for Romans success. Heyman interjects, and reminds us how long he has known Uso’s family. Heyman continues, and tells Jey to “plead the 5th”, then starts apologizing for saying anything. Kayla says on Smackdown, Owens was in control of things, “until Roman came out”. She wants to know if Jeys’ success is because of him, or Roman. Jey starts to answer, but Heyman cuts him off. Heyman runs down Kayla for asking that question, and Kayla tries to end the interview early. Jey asks her to please ask the question, and Kayla begins to get upset, asking for “respect”. Jey tells Paul to “chill”, and Heyman turns his back to her. Kayla begins to ask her final question, but she can’t find the words, because she’s feeling emotional. Jey tells Kayla “that’s an excellent question”, and Uso runs down the list of people he’s “got” in recent weeks, finishing by saying “KO... I got you too!”. The interview ends there, and the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks episode of Talking Smack. Join me right here next Saturday morning for more Talking Smack Recaps, right here on Rajah.Com!