WWE "Talking Smack" Recap: Sonya Deville, Apollo Crews, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode Talk

Kayla welcomes us to the show, and she’s joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman. Kayla talks about Adam Pearce becoming the next challenger to Roman Reigns title, and Kayla tells us that “due to interference” Jey Uso will take on Shinsuke Nakamura next Friday. She also talks about the new tag team champions, Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode, who will join the show later, as well as Apollo Crews. Kayla also tells us Sonya Deville will join the show, then talks about the Royal Rumble match, and tells us about Bianca Belair and Bayley making their declarations for the match. After bringing us up to speed on everything going on, she asks Paul if he has anything he would like to say to her, after what went down last week. Paul tells Kayla he forgives her, and he apologizes. Paul says he understands how it is “working next to me”, and tells her to get over herself. Heyman tells Kayla that even though he’s the special counsel, he is gonna “advocate” for Jey Uso, and calls what Kayla did “unprofessional” and “gossip”. Heyman tells Kayla to move on with “her” show, and Kayla says “we’re not doing this this week”. Heyman asks to get Renee Young on the phone, and tells Kayla to “take the tone out of your damn voice”! It just got really awkward in here... Kayla shakes her head, and the nights first guest makes her way to the desk.

Dressed To Impress

Sonya Deville joins the show for the first time since her return, and she’s here to talk about it. Sonya tells us 2021 is “going to be the year of Sonya Deville”, and Kayla asks about Sonya stepping into an authoritative role. Sonya tells Kayla she “wants to make Smackdown a good place to work”, and that’s all she will tell us about that. Kayla calls Sonya "aggressive", then corrects herself and says Sonya is “a leader”. Heyman scoffs at Kayla, and laughs at her for “saving herself”. Kayla moves the interview along, and asks Sonya about last weeks backstage segment. Sonya starts to berate Kayla, and Kayla starts getting upset. Kayla turns things over to Heyman, who tells Sonya she’s “the best dressed on Smackdown”. Heyman and Kayla start to bicker again, and Sonya leaves. After that, the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions make their way to the desk. Boy, everyone is so chippy tonight! Let’s see if it continues.


Spoiler alert, it continues. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode boast about their big win, and Ziggler mentions that he saw the profits had a big celebration planned for tonight, but that’s canceled now. Kayla and Heyman start to argue again, and this show is off the rails. Kayla presses forward, and implies that the Street Profits weren’t 100% tonight, after Roode and Ziggler attacked them last week. Dolph and Roode take offense to that, and Dolph tells her that “the two of us have to make our own opportunities”. Heyman takes the side of the champs, and reminds Kayla that he told the champs he didn’t support the attack, but he “understood their strategy”. Dolph and Roode start to conduct the interview themselves, and the glorious one says he feels “fulfilled”, after accomplishing what they set out to do. Dolph and Roode finish by saying the Street Profits were handed the titles, and imply that they earned them. Roodes music plays them off, and the last guest on the show, Apollo Crews, makes his way to the desk.

Make Money Not Friends

Apollo seems dejected after being defeated earlier tonight, and Kayla cheers him up, telling Apollo “we know what’s ahead for you”. Apollo replies, and says he’s feeling alot of emotions, and talks about how he “thought he had it won”. Apollo continues, and tells Kayla “this is where I’m supposed to be”. Apollo feels that he let himself and his family down, and that Big E “beat me fair and square”. Apollo mentions that him and Big are good friends, but he “demands” a rematch for next week, and he’s not here to make friends. Heyman jumps in, and gives Apollo some tough advice. Heyman tells Apollo he’s right about him and Big E not being friends, and that even though it was a double pin, “you still pinned the champion”. Heyman continues, and says Apollo and Big E should be co-champions, until it can be “undisputed”. Heyman mocks Apollo for thinking about his friends more than winning, and uses some tough words to grab Apollo’s attention. Apollo starts to look more and more infuriated, and Heyman takes it even further, saying “your children know Dad was a loser tonight”. Heyman says he doesn’t think that isn’t true, and he knows Apollo is a winner, but he’s to nice. Heyman closes by saying “your not here to make friends, your here to make money”, and tells Apollo to go win his title “like a man”. Apollo looks on, speechless, and the show fades to black.

Wow, this mornings show has been full of emotions. While I’m certain the stuff between Heyman and Kayla happened in the name of kayfabe, it has certainly feelt like a shoot. Anyways, that’s all for this weeks show! Join me next Saturday morning, for a brand new edition of the Talking Smack Recap, right here on Rajah.Com!