WWE TLC Results (12/20/2020) - Thunderdome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

WWE TLC 2020 has arrived!

The final pay-per-view special event of the year for WWE goes down now from the new-and-improved WWE ThunderDome II structure set up inside of Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

With the Kickoff Show now underway, the event has begun streaming across WWE digital platforms, as well as live via the WWE Network.

Join us here throughout the evening for live WWE TLC 2020 pay-per-view results coverage. Featured below is our ongoing coverage of the show.


The Kickoff Show is now underway, as we shoot to the panel consisting of Peter Rosenberg, Booker T, Charly Caruso and Jeff Jarrett.

The foursome have some playful opening banter and then they begin running down some of the action on tap for tonight's show.

After some initial talk, the panelists send things to the first elaborate video package, which breaks down the showdown for the Universal Heavyweight Championship between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens.

When they return, all four panelists take turns weighing in on the main event of tonight's PPV, giving their thoughts on the rivalry and the match tonight in general.

From there, we're sent to a quick commercial break, which focuses on the first-ever Firefly Inferno Match tonight between "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. When we return, the panelists send things to a video package for the Sasha Banks vs. Carmella feud.

MVP Interview About Tonight's TLC Tag-Title Match

Once the Banks-Carmella package wraps up, the panelists debate who will come out on top in their showdown tonight and then Charly Caruso introduces MVP.

MVP is shown via split screen and he begins doing the "BRING 'EM OUT" beginning of the T.I. song, to which Caruso follows up by nearly singing the next line about a gun in your mouth. She cut herself off, though.

Anyways, I digress!

They talk to MVP about The Hurt Business and he talks about The New Day acting like clowns but noting he can't discredit their level of success and how they are exceptional at what they do in the ring. He says every new day must end at night and tonight, the only new anyone will be talking about are the new tag-team champions -- The Hurt Business.

Following the MVP interview, the broadcast is sent to a quick commercial break. When we return, we see a big Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles graphic covering the venue as we hear Caruso set up our next video package, which is for the WWE Championship showdown scheduled for tonight's show. On that note, the McIntyre-Styles video package airs.

Mr. Money In The Bank Miz & Morrison Join Panel

When we return from the video package focusing on the Reigns-Styles showdown this evening, we re-arrive at the pre-show panel where the foursome are joined by Mr. Money In The Bank himself, The Miz, who is accompanied by John Morrison.

Miz and Morrison hype up themselves, as always, and then make it clear that all four men involved in both of the two WWE Championship and Universal Championship combined matches this evening better watch their collective backs. The panelists ask them to clarify what they just teased, and they say it's obvious what they're saying. Coooorrect.

Once the Miz and Morrison segment wraps up, they head off and the panel switches gears to focus on the women's tag-team match with the mystery partner. They name this their "One to Watch" match for their sponsor for tonight's Kickoff Show. They send things to the video package and when we return, they speculate on who Asuka's mystery partner will be.

R-Truth Offers To Be Asuka's Mystery Partner

As the panel begins guessing as to who it could be, up walks the WWE 24/7 Champion himself -- R-Truth. He talks about Asuka needing a partner and he says when he heard of this, he had a What Would J.C. Do? moment.

He clarifies to inform us that this means "What Would John Cena Do" moment. He then makes it official -- he is offering his services for Asuka tonight. He talks about being able to speak Japanese.

Jarrett asks Truth point blank to tell them who he feels will be Asuka's mystery partner tonight. He reiterates that it will be him and then he sprints off to end the segment. On that note, the panel sends things to a commercial, which plugs the return of The Broken Skull Sessions with Drew McIntyre on the WWE Network.

Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable, Otis & Big E. vs. Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

We are introduced to Corey Graves and Michael Cole at ringside, as it's time for our eight-man tag-team match here on the Kickoff Show.

After Graves and Cole briefly introduce themselves, we hear the familiar theme of Daniel Bryan. He makes his way out first as our lone bout on tonight's TLC pre-show is about to get underway momentarily.

Out next are two of Bryan's partners for tonight -- Chad Gable and Otis -- who make their way down to the ring together. Finally, the fourth member of the babyface side of this match, Big E., makes his way down to the squared circle.

As Big E. comes down to the ring, Graves plugs his social media account as he and Cole joke about getting (or not getting) tweets from hip-hop star and noted lifelong WWE fan, Wale.

Finally, the heel team beginning making their way out. First to come to the ring is King Corbin. He comes out with his new associates and as he makes his way down to the ringside area, we are treated to the ring entrance of Cesaro, who comes out by himself. He waits at the top of the ramp and then is joined by Shinsuke Nakamura, who comes out separately to his own theme song. Finally, the fourth member of the heel team, WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn's music hits and he comes down to the ring with two of his Sami Award trophies.

The bell sounds and our only advertised bout here on the WWE TLC 2020 Kickoff Show is about to get underway. Zayn and Gable are in to start things off for their respective teams, however Zayn points to Big E., so Gable tags him in. Zayn then leans back and tags Corbin in, refusing to start things off with Big E. After he settles on the apron. Zayn points at Big E. and laughs.

Now we see Corbin and Big E. lock up to start off our pre-show contest. Big E. muscles Corbin into the corner and gives him a clean break. The camera pans to Zayn still talking trash from the apron. Big E. with a nice leap-frog as Corbin charges at him. He then delivers a nice back-elbow and takes Corbin down with a clothesline. Corbin slides out of the ring and when he comes back in, Big E. greets him with a spinebuster.

Big E. tags in Gable and Corbin tags in Cesaro. Gable takes Cesaro down but Cesaro pops back up and blasts Gable with a European uppercut to the chin. Gable with a deep arm-drag to shift the momentum back on his side. He rings the arm of Cesaro and then tags in Daniel Bryan. Bryan leaps up to the middle rope and comes flying off with a double ax-handle. Bryan yanks the arm of Cesaro over his own shoulder, continuing to soften up the limb that Gable was just focusing on. Bryan with a running elbow off the ropes that catches Cesaro right between the eyes. Cesaro gets up on his knees and Bryan blasts him with some kicks to the chest.

Cesaro catches one of the kicks and picks Bryan up, but Bryan counters and tries a pin attempt. Cesaro kicks out at two and then shifts the offensive momentum in his favor before tagging in Nakamura. He and Cesaro hit some double-team spots on Bryan and then Nakamura settles into the ring as the legal man, working over Bryan on the mat with a head lock. He keeps a hold of the head lock and backs into his team's corner. Zayn tags himself in. Zayn comes in and gets in some easy shots on the weakened Bryan before turning to taunt Big E. and the other members of the babyface foursome. Zayn backs into his corner and Corbin tags himself in. Zayn holds Bryan, allowing Corbin to get a nice free shot in before starting his offensive run against the leader of the "Yes!" movement.

Corbin works over Bryan while choking him with the middle of the ropes while the announcers talk about Corbin's "Knights of the Lone Wolf" that accompany him to the ring and help him handle his business. Zayn tags in briefly, gets in some shots on Bryan, and then tags Corbin right back in. Corbin blasts Bryan with a nice shot and then sits him on the top-rope. He follows him up for a super plex, however Bryan blocks it. He knocks Corbin off and then climbs up to his feet on the top. He comes flying off with a missile dropkick that floors the big man. The crowd comes alive as Bryan is looking to make it to his corner to make a much-needed tag. Instead we watch as Zayn hits a cheap shot on Big E. and the camera focuses on the action outside the ring.

Meanwhile, Bryan does finally make the tag in the ring to Otis, who makes his first appearance inside the squared circle as the crowd comes even more alive. Otis takes the hot tag and is taking it to anyone and everyone in sight. Otis splashes Corbin in the corner. Nakamura tags in. Otis hits him in the corner with a splash as well. Gable yells from the apron that this is Otis' moment. Otis drops down and does the catapillar/worm-style dance. He then follows Gable's orders and tags him in. Gable goes to steal the win, however it doesn't fly and after some double-team offense from Nakamura and Cesaro, we see Gable struggling. Bryan hits the ring but in all of the distraction, Gable latches onto Cesaro from behind with a nice suplex. Zayn sees an opening, after he is shown hiding at the announce table. He gets the tag and comes into the ring. Gable goes for the Blue Thunder Bomb but Zayn avoids it.

Zayn looks to tag out, but no one is on the apron in his corner, as they've all been taken out. Big E. now tags in and Zayn has nowhere to hide. Big E. hits a couple powerhouse moves on the I-C champ and then finishes him off with his Big Ending finisher for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable, Otis & Big E.

We return to the panel after our lone pre-show bout of the evening and the crew quickly react to the match that just took place before Charly Caruso turns their attention to the only match they haven't broken down or shown a video package for yet.

On that note, the broadcast is sent to an elaborate video package to tell the story leading up to tonight's first-ever Firefly Inferno Match pitting "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt one-on-one against "The Viper" Randy Orton.

The video package for the Firefly Inferno Match wraps up and then we head back to the pre-show panel where Caruso asks Peter Rosenberg, Booker T and Jeff Jarrett to give their thoughts and predictions on the Bray Wyatt versus Randy Orton showdown at tonight's year-end TLC 2020 PPV.

After the pre-show panel finish up their respective breakdowns on tonight's Wyatt-Orton bout, they wrap up the WWE TLC 2020 Kickoff Show. The official WWE TLC 2020 theme song plays as the camera pans around the venue and Charly Caruso informs us that Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles will kick off the final WWE PPV of the year.

On that note, the pre-show wraps up with one final video commercial for tonight's WWE TLC 2020 PPV, and then the WWE logo flashes across the screen. From there, we switch over to the pay-per-view portion of the show. Get ready folks, WWE TLC 2020 is up ... NEXT!


WWE "Then .. Now .. Forever" is shown and then we get things going as the always bad-ass, elaborate intro video package airs to officially kick off the final WWE pay-per-view event of what has been an absolutely insane 2020 calendar year for the world leader in sports entertainment.

The WWE TLC 2020 main show video package airs now, focusing on the carnage that can and usually does take place in TLC matches, or in Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches in general (all three separate matches). From there, the music kicks in as the video switches to tell some of the stories behind some of the top matches on tap for tonight's show, including the Owens-Reigns bout, the Styles-McIntyre match and a few others on tonight's card, such as Banks and Carmella, the women's tag bout with Asuka and her mystery partner, as well as the first-ever Firefly Inferno Match between Wyatt and Orton.

After that, we enter the WWE ThunderDome II inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL., as tables, ladders and chairs are set up all over the venue for the final WWE PPV of the year. The commentators welcome us to the show and as the camera pans around the building, we finally hear the theme of none other than "The Phenomenal One."

WWE Championship
AJ Styles (with Omos) vs. Drew McIntyre (c)

As the theme song of AJ Styles plays, finally the contender in our opening contest here at WWE TLC 2020 emerges, accompanied by Omos. As the duo make their way down to the ring, we get our first on-camera glimpse at the commentary trio of Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe.

While Styles and Omos settle inside the ring, the broadcast switches to show the video package for Drew McIntyre, telling his story from his Royal Rumble victory, through his WWE Championship victory at WrestleMania 36 and finally concluding with the story being told between himself and AJ Styles leading up to tonight's bout.

We return from what was a pretty lengthy video package to air between ring entrances to see Styles in the ring with a big smile on his face as his music still plays. Finally, the camera shot moves to the entrance area again and we hear the bagpipes sounding as the big sword toting WWE Champion emerges.

"The Scottish Warrior" makes his way out with his giant sword, but not his WWE Championship, as it is presumably hanging above the ring already. He spikes the sword down, the fire and pyro erupts, and the reigning, defending WWE Champion begins his walk down to the squared circle for the first PPV bout of the evening here at the year-end WWE TLC 2020 PPV show.

As McIntyre enters the ring, more fire and pyro explodes around the screens of the ThunderDome II. McIntyre's music fades down and off and then the ring announcer handles the formal ring introductions for this WWE Championship showdown. He introduces first the challenger, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles. The crowd boos as he poses to the hard camera. Now the ring announcer introduces his opponent, the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. The fans cheer as he takes his kilt off and kicks it in Styles' face. Styles throws it out of the ring as the WWE Championship graphic flashes across the screen.

Tom Phillips points out that for the first-time ever, it's AJ Styles one-on-one against Drew McIntyre for the WWE title. On that note, the bell sounds and Styles immediately runs and baseball slides, catching McIntyre as he pops back to his feet with the first shot of the match. Styles backs McIntyre into the corner and is using his quick, ferocious offense to jump off to an early lead. McIntyre uses his strength to even things up, scooping Styles up and slamming him down with authority. He backs him into the corner and blasts him with a chop before tossing Styles from one end of the ring to the other like a rag doll.

McIntyre chops Styles in the corner and drops him with it. He yells at him, "Get up!" after Styles bounces off the mat. McIntyre whips Styles into the opposing corner of the ring so hard that he went down himself. Styles bounced off the turnbuckles in the corner and went flying with the power he was thrown. McIntyre does the same thing to the other side of the ring, this time charging in after him with some follow-up shots. We see an immediate replay of that spot. McIntyre blasts Styles but the challenger responds back with a big punch of his own. McIntyre notices Styles coming at him and executes a well-timed back body-drop as Byron Saxton praises McIntyre for setting the pace in this match so far.

We see the WWE Champion thinking about a Claymore Kick as he waits for Styles to get up. He charges at him, but Styles avoids it and hops up to the top rope, seated on his butt. McIntyre runs over and chops Styles so hard that he flies over the top and out to the floor. We see some replays of that and when we return live, McIntyre has joined Styles on the floor. He bounces Styles' head off the announce table and throws some chairs in the ring. He then grabs a table that is already unfolded and he moves it over a bit. He picks up Styles and bounces his head off of that table. He climbs up the announce table to move around the table he just set up. He picks up Styles and goes to suplex him through the table, but Styles blocks it in mid-air and gets back down to his feet.

The two exchange some punches with Styles getting knocked into another table set up a few feet away, knocking off some steel chairs that were unfolded and sitting on top of it. He slams Styles off the barricade and then picks him up, points at Omos, and whips Styles over, knocking him into some more steel chairs set up on the other side of the ringside area. McIntyre picks up Styles and this time launches him before he comes crashing down face-first on the ringside barricade. McIntyre is standing next to a ladder, so he folds it up and throws it in the ring. He follows in after it and picks it up. He unfolds it and sets it up directly underneath the WWE Championship hanging above the middle of the ring. He begins climbing, but after making it a couple of steps up the ladder, Styles runs in behind him and blasts him across the back with a steel chair.

As McIntyre sells in the ring, rolling around in pain, Styles adjusts the ladder a bit before looking over at the chair he just used. He notices McIntyre recovering so he grabs it and smashes it across McIntyre's back again. Styles now looks over at the ladder. He begins his climb, but now McIntyre has recovered. He walks over and scoops Styles off in the power-bomb position. He walks across the ring with him and ends up launching him face-first into a steel chair that Styles just wedged between the top and middle ropes in the corner. We see McIntyre grabbing his left leg in pain. It even seems to be visibly banged up a bit. As McIntyre gets up he starts climbing the ladder, however Styles throws a chair at him and it smashes into him, knocking him off the ladder. He hits McIntyre with another chair shot for good measure now, targeting the knee of "The Scottish Warrior," as a smart strategic move knowing that the champion must climb the ladder just like he would have to, to win this match.

Styles pushes the ladder over and it crashes down on McIntyre. With the ladder folded back up and laying on the mat, he drags it a few feet in his direction and then walks over to the champ. He hits him with an enzugiri as he is moving at a methodical pace now, slowly shuffling around the ring, stalking the champ. Styles picks McIntyre up and calls for a Styles Clash on the ladder. McIntyre blocks it and hits a Future Shock DDT. On the landing, however, McIntyre clutches his knee, as he apparently banged it up a bit on that spot.

AJ yells and taunts Drew now as he continues to stalk him, walking slowly around him as he lays on the mat in pain. He grabs a steel chair and begins whacking him across the back with it, over and over again. Now he switches to focus his chair swings to the softened up knee and leg of the champ. He blasts McIntyre with the chair to the knee over and over again. Now he pulls McIntyre's leg through the unfolded steel chair and folds it back up. Now he puts McIntyre in a Calf Crusher with his leg in the steel chair. The champ screams and yells in pain, but eventually he grabs onto the ladder and uses it to pull he and Styles closer to it.

Once they are close enough, McIntyre slams AJ face-first into the ladder while still in the hold. This allows McIntyre to free his leg from the chair. Both he and Styles are slow to move now, but finally they do, as Styles grabs the ladder and uses it to help himself to his feet. Now he picks the ladder up but before he can unfold it and set it up, he realizes McIntyre has grabbed the other end of it. McIntyre pushes Styles with the ladder, but Styles lets go of it and grabs McIntyre. The action spills out to the floor where Styles slams McIntyre into the post. Now he blasts him with some right hands and picks up another ladder set up at ringside. He takes the folded ladder and blasts McIntyre with it long-ways right between the eyes. The ref checks on McIntyre as he is completely laid out.

Styles is setting up some steel chairs and tables now. He grabs one chair and unfolds it. He sits down in it. He gets back up and blasts McIntyre with a right hand as the champ was crawling to him. He lays McIntyre across the table set up at the end of the entrance way. He rolls back into the ring as the commentators try and guess what "The Phenomenal" one has planned. Styles climbs up a ladder that was leaning diagnally against the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring like a ramp. He climbs up the ramp-set-up but before he can launch himself off the ropes or ladder to the floor, he notices Drew has recovered on the floor and looks at him just in time to see him launch a steel chair directly into his face. The chair whacks Styles and knocks him off the ropes and ladder back into the ring.

Drew grabs a table and throws it in the ring. He follows in after the table and unfolds it, setting it up near the ropes on the end of the ring where the commentators sit. On the other side of the ring, Styles hits a drop toe-hold that results in Drew's face bouncing off the ladder ramp leaning on the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring. Drew whips Styles but he baseball slides under the set up table and on the other side leap frogs off of it, but right into the hands of the champ. McIntyre then launches Styles onto the ladder ramp leaning on the turnbuckle in the corner of the ring with a belly-to-belly release suplex. We see some immediate replays from multiple camera angles of that spot. Super cool stuff there from these two.

Back live, Styles is on the ring apron outside the ropes. He blasts McIntyre with some punches to back him off and then leapfrogs and blasts McIntyre with a Phenomenal Forearm. We see a slow-motion replay of that spot as Styles connected with it 100-percent. Styles grabs a ladder now and slides it over to himself. He stands up and picks the ladder up. He unfolds it and sets it up under the WWE Championship hanging above the middle of the ring. He begins making his climb up the ladder as McIntyre begins stirring in the ring on the mat behind him. He's back up now as Styles is just a few rungs from the top. McIntyre picks Styles up off the ladder in a military press position. He military presses him over the top-rope, crashing through the table set up at the end of the entrance aisle on the floor. We see some immediate replays of that spot.

We return live and we see McIntyre beginning his climb up the ladder as Styles is still completely out of it at ringside laying in what is left of the table. As McIntyre gets close to the title, we see The Miz charge down to the ring with his Money In The Bank briefcase in hand.

WWE Championship Triple-Threat Match
AJ Styles vs. Drew McIntyre (c) vs. The Miz

Morrison follows in behind him and we see Miz yank McIntyre off the ladder and take him out. Miz hands his briefcase out of the ring to the ring announcer, who officially announces that Miz has cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase, which officially makes this a triple-threat TLC match for the WWE title.

With that said, Miz smiles big as he climbs to the top of the ladder, however, as he gets his hands on the title, before he can unhook it, Styles bodyguard Omos hits the ring apron and enters the squared circle. He slams Miz off the ladder outside of the ring through a table. Morrison enters the ring and tries blasting Omos from behind with a steel chair.

Omos no sells it and turns around. He begins stalking his way towards Morrison, who looks spooked. He exits the ring and retreats to the backstage area, as Omos follows him. The camera angle switches back to the ring and ringside area, where we see McIntyre recovering in the ring, Styles recovering from the table he was put through on one side of the ring, and Miz slowly trying to recover in what is left of the table he was put through on the other side of the ring.

McIntyre is having trouble even standing, as he keeps slapping and punching his injured knee in anger. He finally makes it over to the ladder and starts climbing. Styles is in the ring now, as well. He begins climbing. They're each climbing the ladder on opposing sides. Styles grabs McIntyre's leg and smashes it into the ladder. McIntyre hangs on and keeps climbing. Styles does as well. Finally we see Miz re-enter the ring. He sets up an additional ladder next to the one Styles and McIntyre are both on.

The two are still duking things out on the ladder they are both on. Miz finally begins climbing up the ladder he set up directly next to it. Miz gets a hand on the title so McIntyre and Styles turn their attention to him. Styles is knocked off the ladder. Now we see McIntyre and Miz duking it out from opposing ladders on the same side. McIntyre is now up there by himself. He grabs the title but before he can unhook it, Styles leaps from the ropes and lands on the ladder. He eventually knocks Drew off his ladder. Now Miz climbs back up the other side of the same ladder Styles is on. McIntyre is up and he pushes the other ladder next to the one they are on so hard that both ladders get turned over. Styles flies out to the floor. Miz lands in the ring but turns right into a Claymore Kick from Drew. From there, McIntyre begins climbing up the ladder. He makes it to the top and pulls down his WWE Championship. He withstands the odds here at TLC and manages to retain his WWE Championship in an absolutely incredible opening bout here at the year-end WWE PPV of 2020.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

Backstage: Paul Heyman Checks In With Some "Spoilers"

After a brief backstage segment with Paul Heyman, who provided some "spoilers" for the outcome of the WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship showdown scheduled for later in the show between "The Head of the Table" Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens, we head back to the ringside area for our second match of the evening. Oh yeah, you can probably guess who the spoiler winner of the Reigns-Owens bout is, according to "The Tribal Chief's" special counsel, by the way. The big samoan fella.

SmackDown Women's Championship
Carmella vs. Sasha Banks (c)

Back inside the ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field where we hear the official ring introductions for our second bout of the show, which will again be contested with a championship on-the-line.

On that note, we hear the familiar sounds of the theme song of Carmella. She makes her way down to the ring and as she does, we see the story of their rivalry heading into tonight's WWE year-end PPV event.

When we return, "The Boss'" theme plays and out walks the blue-haired blue brand queen of the women's division, SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks. She settles into the ring, the ref holds the title up in the air to show these two what they are fighting for, and the bell sounds.

This one is officially underway and immediately Banks charges at Carmella, who takes a low bridge and ducks under the bottom rope, scooting out to the floor where she tries to take a second to regroup before being overwhelmed straight out of the gate by the reigning champion.

Back in the ring, Banks goes at Carmella, she goes to launch her through the ropes and out to the floor viciously, however Carmella's new assistant, Reginald, as Corey Graves informs us (Akeem Young), catches her and breaks what would've been a very uncomfortable fall. Now he helps her gain the upper hand, as Carmella turns the offensive momentum in her favor once she re-enters the ring.

Carmella locks Banks in a choke on the mat and slows down the action. We hear the crowd rallying behind Banks, which helps her make it back to her feet. She charges backwards, slamming Carmella into the corner of the ring and breaking herself free from the choke Carmella had applied. Now Banks blasts Carmella with a big knee. She hits her semi-finisher on her but we get a kick out at two.

Banks attempts to follow-up, but Carmella shifts things once again and is now enjoying another run in the offensive driver's seat. Finally, Banks shows signs of life and she hits the Three Amigos suplexes tribute to her favorite wrestler, Eddie Guerrero. Now she pays even further homage to the one formerly known as Latino Heat, as she climbs to the top-rope and hits a picture-perfect frogsplash for a very close near fall. Carmella kicks out, however, and after she does, we see some replays of Banks' frogsplash.

Carmella now gets Banks in the corner and she blasts her in the grill with some back elbows. Banks kicks her and climbs to the top. Banks comes flying off but misses. Carmella face-plants Banks down and tries covering her for the win, but somehow Banks manages to kick out. Frustrated, Carmella tries covering her again and again with back-to-back pin attempts that she kicks out of on both occasions. We see some replays of the near finish for Carmella. When we return live, we see Carmella use her legs to choke Banks as she leaps over the top-rope but holds onto Banks' with her legs wrapped around her throat.

From the floor, Carmella grabs Banks by the hair, so she slaps her. Carmella slaps her right back. Now she grabs a hold of the champ's blue locks again and starts firing away with shots. She backs up and charges at Banks with a boot to the face. She re-enters the ring and covers Banks, however Sasha uses her veteran ring experience to get her foot on the ropes just in time to avoid being finished off. We see some replays of that as Carmella looks around in frustration. Banks now fires away at Carmella with a shot. She hits her again and sits on the top-rope. She pulls Carmella up with her but Carmella starts firing away with punches of her own.

Carmella climbs all the way to the top-rope while Banks remains seated on the top. She jumps and leans back, snatching Banks with her legs on the way down for a crazy top-rope hurricanrana that they both rolled through for a near fall attempt that doesn't seal the deal. As they try some more pin attempts, Carmella ends up rolling right into the Code of Silence submission. Banks screams in pain but doesn't tap. She eventually escapes but ends up stuck in another submission hold by Carmella. Banks rolls into a pin attempt on Carmella, but Carmella kicks out.

Regardless, this frees Banks from the potential match-ending submission. Carmella launches herself at Banks in the corner, but Banks moves just in time. Now Banks snatches Carmella up in her Bank Statement submission finisher. Carmella screams in agony and as it seemed she was about to tap, Reginald reaches in and pulls Carmella out. Banks runs through the ropes and hits a Meteora on him. Carmella runs over and blasts Banks with a big super kick. She rolls Banks into the ring and covers her, but Sasha manages to kick out at two-and-a-half to hang in there.

"You are not better than me, Sasha!" Carmella screams, before she loses her cool and slaps the hell out of Banks as she continues screaming in her face. She goes to pick Banks up by her hair, but Banks breaks free and grabs Carmella, dropping down to the mat and applying her Bank Statement submission finisher again. This time, with no Reginald around to help her, Carmella is forced to tap out. Sasha Banks retains her title with another hard-fought victory over a very game, ready challenger in Carmella.

Winner and STILL SmackDown Women's Champion: Sasha Banks

Raw Tag-Team Championships
The Hurt Business vs. The New Day (c)

After a quick backstage segment with Asuka and Billie Kay where they continue to tease her mystery partner for tonight's women's tag bout, we head back into the ThunderDome as we watch The Hurt Business make their way down to the ring.

The duo of Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin make their way down to the squared circle accompanied by fellow Hurt Business member MVP. As they make their entrance, we are shown a recent clip of The Hurt Business on Instagram Live.

Back live, the challengers for this tag-team title bout settle into the ring as we briefly cut backstage live to a pre-match interview with the champions -- The New Day -- Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Woods brings up Lil Wayne's mixtapes and Kingston wraps things up by leading himself, Woods and the backstage interviewer in the hip-swivvle dance.

They do the New Day Rocks chant, noting it's still weird to do without Big E., and then we hear their music playing in the arena. From there, the champs walk off and the camera angle switches to catch them making their way out. They head down to the ring and slide into it, where Woods plays the trombone on the ropes. They hand the titles over to the ref and begin taking off the ring entrance gear.

The Raw tag-team title graphic flashes across the screen as Kingston remains in the ring and Woods exits to the ring apron. On the other side of the ring, Alexander remains in and Benjamin stays on the apron. It will be Kingston and Alexander kicking things off for their respective teams. The bell sounds to kick this one off.

Alexander charges at Kingston right at the bell, but runs right into a well-timed shot from the veteran Superstar that almost ended this one as soon as it got started. Now we see Woods tag in and nearly finish off Alexander. He tags Kingston back in and after Kofi gets in some offense, he tags Woods, blasts Alexander with a kick and then bounces off the ropes for a splash on Alexander. He exits the ring and Woods puts his power on display with a big scoop slam for a pin attempt that Benjamin runs in to break up.

We see Cedric crawling to his corner. He finally makes it there and makes the tag. Benjamin comes in as the fresher man, taking it to Woods as the offensive momentum shifts into the favor of The Hurt Business. As Benjamin hits a big spinebuster for a near fall on Woods, we see MVP helping Alexander recover with some bottled water and words of encouragement on the floor.

All hell breaks loose with all four men fighting in the ring. Kingston knocks Alexander out to the floor and then hits a big dive splashing onto him from the ring. Meanwhile, Woods hits a tornado DDT on Benjamin in the ring for a close near fall. After the pin attempt he backs Benjamin in a corner and chops the piss out of him over and over again. He whips him into the opposite corner of the ring. He goes to follow in with a big shot, but Benjamin side-steps it and takes over the spot in the offensive driver's seat. He establishes the upper-hand over Woods and then tags in Alexander.

Alexander comes in, picking up where Benjamin left off, taking it to one-half of the tag champs in the ring with some mat wrestling work. He leans back while holding onto Woods and tags in Benjamin. All hell breaks loose again with all four men brawling in the ring, culminating with Kingston hitting the S.O.S. on Alexander for a very close near fall. He leads the fans in a New Day Rocks chant as he stalks Alexander, waiting for a Trouble in Paradise kick. He doesn't get it as Alexander avoids it. He hits a leaping knee strike on Kingston and follows it up with a brainbuster for a near fall that Woods breaks up.

Woods is hit from behind by Benjamin. He and Alexander take turns hitting Pay Dirt on Woods to knock him out of the ring and the equation overall in general. Now MVP shouts directions from ringside. We see Alexander tag in Benjamin. Benjamin goes for the Olympic Slam on Kofi, but Kofi fights his way out. He lands a kick to Alexander on the ring apron and then he climbs to the top-rope. Benjamin hits him with a shot and climbs up with him. Now both men trade punches on the top-rope. Kingston headbutts Benjamin to knock him off the ropes. Benjamin climbs back up and hits a modified superplex off the top-rope on Kofi.

Benjamin is now stalking Kingston, waiting for him to get up. As he does, Alexander tags himself in. Alexander runs over and hits a LumBar Check on Kofi. 1-2-3. The Hurt Business are your new Raw Tag-Team Champions, ladies and gentlemen. The crowd boos as MVP grab the titles and heads into the ring, handing them to Alexander and Benjamin. As they make their way to the back, we see United States Champion Bobby Lashley emerge at the top of the entrance way with a suit and his U.S. title on clapping. They join him and celebrate together as the commentators talk us through some highlights of action during the match.

Winners and NEW Raw Tag-Team Champions: The Hurt Business

WWE Royal Rumble 2021

The official trailer airs for the first pay-per-view event of the new year, as WWE Royal Rumble goes down on Sunday, January 31, 2021 live via pay-per-view and streaming live for members of the WWE Network.

Slammy Awards 2020

After the promotion for the WWE Royal Rumble 2021 pay-per-view on Jan. 31, we see a graphic flash across the screen advertising this year's WWE Slammy Awards special.

The WWE Slammy Awards 2020 special is scheduled to take place this coming Wednesday with WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth hosting the show.

Backstage: Sami Zayn Reacts To Leaked Audio

We are then shown some highlights from the first-annual Sami Awards with WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn. Then the footage is shown of the leaked audio.

When we return live, we head backstage where we see the I-C champ approaching the woman who leaked his audio from behind-the-scenes. He asks that she reveal who gave her the audio. She says she doesn't ever reveal her sources, noting it's the first rule in journalism. She walks off as Zayn throws a fit.

WWE Women's Tag-Team Championships
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Asuka & Charlotte Flair

The video package for our WWE Women's Tag-Team Championship bout of the evening airs, as it's time to find out who the mystery partner Asuka will have this evening.

As the pre-match video wraps up, we return live inside the ThunderDome in Tropicana Field where Nia Jax makes her way out and stops at the top of the stage. Shayna Baszler's music hits and she comes out and joins Jax, as the two make their way down to the ring for their defense of the WWE Women's Tag-Team Championships.

The ring announcer does the formal pre-match ring introductions for the champions for this featured tag-team bout. The two pose with their belts in the ring as the commentators plug WWE 2K BattleGrounds as a graphic flashes across the screen.

They then provide a medical update on Lana. They claim she has a MCL injury in her left knee and an injury to her elbow.

From there, the Raw Women's Champion Asuka is introduced. Her music plays as she begins making her way down to the ring. As she settles into the ring, she poses on the top turnbuckle while pyro explodes around the building.

She points at the entrance way and then the video titan tron and music of "The Queen" Charlotte Flair plays. The fans deliver a nice "WOOO!" that we hear on the broadcast. She opens up her robe and spins before beginning her walk to the ring.

That's right, folks, The Queen is back, and she will be joining The Empress as they challenge for the WWE Women's Tag-Team Championships in tonight's featured women's tag-team showdown. The women's tag-team title graphic flashes across the screen as the ref holds both title belts up high in the air to show both teams what they are fighting for this evening.

The bell sounds and we're off-and-running. Asuka and Shayna Baszler kick things off for their respective teams here in the beginning of this one. Asuka runs behind Baszler and drags her down to the mat. Baszler hits a reversal and stands back up. Asuka does as well. Asuka lands some kicks and then snatches up Baszler out of nowhere with a flying armbar attempt. Baszler gets her arm free and stands up. She goes to jump and stomp on the hand of Asuka, but The Empress avoids it and responds to a request from Charlotte to tag her in by doing exactly that.

The Queen takes the hot tag and comes into the ring like a woman possessed. She takes Baszler down by her leg. Baszler stands up and smiles. Charlotte tells her to tag out, saying she doesn't want none. Shayna tags out. Nia Jax comes in and the announcers talk about her being the one who put Charlotte on the sidelines with an injury. Charlotte takes it to Nia early on, but can't get the big foe off her feet. She hits the ropes and slams into her, barely budging her. She snatches up a head lock and backs into her corner, tagging in The Empress.

The Raw Women's Champion re-enters the ring and lands some kicks on Nia before dropping down with double knees to the face of Jax in somewhat of a modified Codebreaker. Asuka goes for a sunset flip over Nia off the top, but Nia holds onto her and uses her power to take over the offensive momentum in the match. She then tags in Baszler. The Queen of Spades picks up where Jax left off, stomping on Asuka's arm and then focusing her offensive attack on the limb of the challenger in this women's tag-title bout. Baszler locks up a submission on the arm of Asuka. Samoa Joe talks about the technical aspect of the hold Baszler has Asuka locked in.

Asuka gets her arm free and rolls Baszler up, however Baszler kicks out and goes right back to work on her. She then tags in Jax. From the floor, Jax grabs the arm of a grounded Asuka and yanks it around the steel ring post. She pulls Asuka out to the floor and then slams her arm-first into the barricade. She rolls Asuka back into the ring and follows in after her, tagging Baszler once she entered the ring. She holds Asuka as Baszler enters and delivers her first shot to an undefended Asuka. Now she locks of Asuka's arm and cranks on the elbow. Asuka hits a reversal and holds onto Baszler's arm while she peppers her with leg kicks. Baszler ends up slamming Asuka down to kill any momentum she was looking to build.

Now we see Baszler throw Asuka out to the floor, essentially tossing her out to the wolves, as Jax was out there waiting on her. She delivers some additional punishment before throwing her back in the ring and tagging in. We see Baszler on the floor looking to hit a cheap shot on Charlotte on the ring apron, however as she does, we see Asuka tag Charlotte in. Charlotte immediately jumps off the apron and decks Baszler before re-entering the ring and going right to work on Jax.

As she does, we are shown her father, the legendary "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, watching on with an ear-to-ear smile on his face from a monitor backstage. Back live in the ring, Charlotte blasts Baszler as she attempted to interfere, and then turns her attention right back to Jax. She knocks both out to the floor and then climbs to the top, flying off with a trademark Charlotte Flair top-rope moonsault to the floor spot. She rolls Jax into the ring and grabs her leg, looking for the figure-four. Unfortunately for her, however, Jax pushes her with her foot into the corner. Charlotte tags Asuka as that was going on, but Jax didn't notice. Jax picks up Charlotte but puts her down when she sees Asuka climbing to the top. Just as she does, Asuka leaps off and hits a missile drop kick.

Charlotte Flair now tags herself in as she watches Baszler, who just tagged in. She then charges over to kick Jax from the ring while spotting her on the floor about to jump on the ring apron. She turns around to see Baszler, but ends up getting her grounded and applying the Figure-8 submission finisher. Some interference leads to Baszler escaping and locking Charlotte in her submission finisher. Charlotte escapes and hits Baszler with the Natural Selection. She covers her and scores the 1-2-3. We have NEW WWE Women's Tag-Team Champions. Asuka runs into the ring and jumps in Charlotte's arms to celebrate. The camera cuts to a beat red Ric Flair smiling proudly as he watches his returning daughter capture WWE gold in her first match back here at WWE TLC 2020.

Winners and NEW WWE Women's Tag-Team Champions: Asuka & Charlotte Flair

Backstage: R-Truth, Big E. & Sami Zayn

We return from a quick commercial break to see R-Truth and Big E. standing together backstage laughing at something they are watching on a phone.

Up walks Sami Zayn, who continues his rampage about the leaked audio. He says these two laughing is proof that they're watching and listening to it now and they know, or are guilty of it themselves.

They claim they aren't. R-Truth says some goofy crap, but Big E. takes it serious and gets in Zayn's face. That's where this segment wraps up.

WWE Universal Championship TLC Match
Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns (c)

The video package for our WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship match airs now, as up next, "The Head of the Table" puts his title on-the-line, as Roman Reigns meets Kevin Owens in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) match in our co-main event of the evening here at the year-end WWE TLC 2020 PPV.

Once the pre-match video for tonight's co-main event wraps up, we return inside the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL., where Michael Cole talks about what's at stake and how a TLC match works from a rules standpoint, while the camera pans around the building to show the various tables, ladders and chairs set up all over the place.

Finally, we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme song of "The Tribal Chief" and "The Head of the Table" himself, as the WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns emerges alongside his special counsel, Paul Heyman. He stops and poses with the WWE Universal title as pyro explodes. Meanwhile, Cole tells more facts and notes about the Reigns and Owens rivalry as the reigning and defending champion takes his time making his way down to the squared circle for our co-main event of the night. He enters the ring and poses again with the title as fire and pyro explodes around the ring.

Reigns hands over the title belt to the referee of the match. The ref takes it and begins strapping it to the rung that will be lifted above the center of the ring where it will remain hanging from the ceiling until Reigns or Owens retrieves it with the use of a ladder. As Reigns stares at the title being raised up in the building, with his eyes fully upwards, out of nowhere, we see Kevin Owens run into the camera frame from the opposite side of the building than the Superstars have been walking to the ring from all night long. He catches Reigns, and the viewers at home, and the commentators, completely off guard, and it was a smart tactic as he is off to a very impressive early offensive lead in this bout.

Owens knocks Reigns into the corner and charges at him, blasting him with a running cannonball in the corner. Owens throws Reigns out to the floor and follows him out, whipping him with a vengeance into the barricade. With Reigns laid out on the floor now, Owens gets up on the ring apron. He charges and runs from the ring apron, crashing onto Reigns with a frogsplash. He re-enters the ring with a ladder and is apparently looking to finish this one early.

Unfortunately for Owens, however, he has another obstacle to deal with despite his opponent still being completely laid out on the floor outside of the ring, as Jey Uso has run down to the ringside area. He tries attacking Owens, but Owens sees him coming and now he turns his attention to him. Owens knocks Uso down and grabs a steel chair. He blasts Uso with it. And again. Now he grabs Uso's leg while he's laid out on the floor and pulls it through an unfolded steel chair. He folds the chair up and then jumps and stomps on it, likely injuring Uso's ankle or leg in the process. We see some replays of that spot and when we return live, Owens tears the top of the announce table off while several refs and officials check on Uso.

As Uso is helped up and heading off to the back with the help of several officials, Reigns returns to the camera frame and he has recovered. He charges at Owens and knocks him down. He hits him again and walks over to take off the top-half of the steel ring steps. He walks back over to Owens on the outside of the ring area near the commentators. He blasts Owens right between the eyes with the steel steps and then continues bashing him with them while he was turtled up in the fetal position on the floor. The commentators point out how "pissed" Reigns is at how Owens ambushed him to start this match, and that he injured his cousin Uso. Now they talk about what the camera is showing, which is Paul Heyman looking totally shocked at what Roman Reigns is doing.

Reigns takes Owens into the ring and grabs another ladder, heading in after him. He blasts Owens with the ladder and then puts the top of the ladder on his throat, pushing down on it with force to choke the challenger with it. He stops and stomps on Owens a few times before heading out to the floor. He grabs a steel chair and puts it in the ring. He grabs a second chair and slides into the ring with it. He stands up and blasts Owens across the spine with the chair. Owens grabs a chair from his back and tries swinging it from his back, but misses, so he tries using it to block Reigns from chair shots as the champion wildly swings downwards with the steel chair he is holding as Owens lays and writhes around in pain, getting blasted with chair shots every couple of seconds.

Now Regns unfolds two chairs and sets them up facing each other. He goes over to pick up Owens, whose face is extremely red, and possibly bleeding somewhere, but Owens is showing signs of life. He trades punches with Reigns briefly, but he quickly turns the tables and hits a back body-drop on Owens, with the challenger landing spine-first across the two set up steel chairs. Now Reigns leans over the top-rope as the camera pulls in for a close-up shot of the champion. We audibly hear on the broadcast as Reigns contemplates destroying Owens or not. He decides to do so. He goes over and launches Owens to the floor. He sets up the ladder and begins climbing. Before he makes it past the first or second rung, Owens reemerges in the ring with another chair. He blasts Reigns with it.

Reigns is knocked off the ladder and Owens follows up with more chair shots over and over again. We see Heyman looking shocked now as he watches on at the brutality that Owens is showcasing at this point. Owens is overheard on the broadcast audibly saying, "You're making me do this!" He sets up the ladder and climbs to the top, getting his fingers on the belt before we see Jey Uso hop back down to the ring on one leg to stop Owens from getting the title. As Owens and Uso duke it out next to the ladder in the ring, Reigns recovers and charges over, blasting Owens with a Superman Punch. Now both he and Owens are down and recovering, while Uso is hopping around on the floor on one leg grabbing a table and bringing it to the ring. He grabs a second table and brings it over and puts it in the ring as well.

The Tribal Chief sets up a table leaning in the corner of the ring. He leans on the top-rope and talks to himself again. He decides something and turns as he sees Uso still in the ring waiting and Owens recovering. He begins heading over to Owens, who pops up and super kicks Uso and turns and blasts Reigns. Now he grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Before he can begin climbing, however, Uso yanks Owens out to the floor. Owens comes out and and hits a pop-up powerbomb on Uso through the announce table. We see some immediate replays of that spot and when we return, Michael Cole points out that Reigns is down and out on one side of the ring near the entrance way, while Uso is down and out right in front of him. Owens buries Uso under a bunch of tables and chairs and crap over at the commentary section.

Now Owens leaves him there and heads back into the ring. He climbs up the ladder and just as he gets his fingers on the title, Reigns hits the ring and scales the ladder on the opposite side. Owens and Reigns exchange shots on top of opposing sides of the ladder until Reigns finally gets down and brings Owens down with him. Owens goes for a super kick on Reigns, however Reigns caught Owens foot and hits a spinebuster on Owens, putting him through the table leaning against the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring. Now Reigns picks Owens back up and while we see replays of the spinebuster through the table, we nearly miss an even more violent spinebuster on Owens where he landed back-first on an unfolded, but sitting on the mat ladder. Ouch! We see replays of that. When we return live, Reigns pulls Owens out to the floor and puts him through another table with a modified chokeslam.

Reigns goes over and clears the chairs and tables and crap off of Uso. He uses much of it to slam down onto the head of a knocked out Owens. He picks Owens up and punches him before a lifeless Owens almost fell before he had a chance to. Despite him already being completely out of it, Reigns hoists Owens up and executes a powerful samoan drop putting him through yet another table. Reigns taunts him and talks trash now as we see some replays of that table spot. Now Reigns slowly walks over to the ring steps. He walks up them and re-enters the ring, taking his sweet time. He looks up at the title and then slowly begins making his climb up the ladder. Graves talks like this is already a given. Cole does, too. Reigns stops at the top and looks down. He sees a still semi-lifeless Owens barely grabbing his boot from a crawling position at the bottom of the ladder. Reigns stops and laughs to himself before descending back down the ladder to apparently deliver even more punishment.

Roman Reigns shakes his head and can be audibly heard on the broadcast saying, "You're embarassing your family now!" He smacks and slaps Owens disrespectfully. This enrages Reigns, who charges at Owens and spears him through another table leaning up against the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring. Reigns immediately grabs his shoulder afterwards, while Owens rolls and crashes onto the floor. We see some replays of this spot and then return live as Cole points out that Owens is still moving around on the floor and showing signs of life. Reigns is shown in a close-up shaking his hand in disbelief / disgust. We hear Owens shout, "You'll have to kill me! Do it! Come on!" Reigns exits the ring and roars, charging at Owens, who side steps him at the last second, and The Tribal Chief explodes through the ring barricade. We see replays of that as Graves speculates that Reigns has injured his shoulder.

We return live and Owens is back in the ring. He gets over to the ladder and begins climbing. He gets to the top of the ladder and gets one hand on the title. He reaches up with his other and starts to grab the belt, however just as he does, Reigns is shown standing at the bottom of the ladder grabbing Owens' leg. He yanks Owens down and slams him off the ladder. Reigns again shakes his head in disgust as he looks down and sees Owens still crawling around. He walks over to him, but is met with a super kick out of nowhere from the challenger. And another one. Owens whips Reigns into the ropes looking for a pop-up power bomb, but instead he ate a pop-up super man punch from Reigns.

Reigns goes to follow-up but walks right into a pop-up power bomb from Owens, who puts him through a table. Reigns crashes through the table and rolls through the bottom rope to the floor on the bump. Owens sets the ladder up and climbs. He gets one hand on the title and it swings away from him. He gets it and goes to unhook it, but now Uso is back in the ring and is on the same side of the ladder as Owens, holding onto him. Owens gets him to his side and headbutts him over and over again. He comes off the ladder with Uso and hits him with a Stunner. He begins re-ascending the ladder and again makes it to the top and again gets a hand on the title, but again, is stopped. This time, by Reigns who made it back in the ring and delivered a low-blow on Owens while he was on the top of the ladder.

Reigns puts a guillotine choke onto Owens from the other side of the ladder. Owens eventually goes limp, passes out, and just falls down backwards off the ladder. Reigns looks down and smiles and Cole points out he just has to take one more step and pull down the title. He does exactly that. The crowd boos as his music plays. Roman Reigns is still your WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

Intercontinental Championship Match Set For SmackDown

After a quick commercial break, with ads showing for the new episode of The Broken Skull Sessions tonight with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and special guest, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, as well as one for a limited-time holiday special going on at WWE Shop and the WWE Royal Rumble 2021 PPV on Jan. 31, we return live.

We watch on as the camera shows the aftermath of the WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship Tables, Ladders and Chairs match that just went down between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens, while the commentary trio of Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips and Samoa Joe prepare us for the main event of the evening. We see broken tables and pieces of the announce table that are remaining around at ringside.

Now they mention the WWE Royal Rumble 2021 PPV next month and then shift gears to announce a championship match for next week's blue brand program, as Sami Zayn will defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Big E. at the post-TLC episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

Firefly Inferno Match
"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

On that note, the announce trio send things to our final pre-match video package of the evening, as it's almost time for our main event of the year-end WWE TLC 2020 PPV.

The pre-match video airs telling the story leading up to tonight's first-ever Firefly Inferno Match pitting "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt one-on-one against "The Viper" Randy Orton.

Once the video wraps up, "I hear voices in my head, they talk to me, they understand" is sung over the house speakers, as "The Viper" emerges. Orton makes his way down to the ring wearing an RKO hoodie and some black jeans or black pants of some kind.

The commentators speculate what is going through the mind of Orton ahead of this first-ever Firefly Inferno Match. As he settles into the ring, his music fades down, as do the lights.

Now we hear the familiar tune of "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. Finally, Wyatt slowly emerges holding his latern that looks like the face of his old character, and making his bad-ass ring entrance as everyone watches in awe.

"The Fiend" is wearing his ring gear along with a leather jacket, which he keeps on after entering the ring. The bell sounds and both guys are still in street clothes and there isn't an Inferno of any kind yet.

Regardless, the match is underway and Orton is doing well early on, however it doesn't take long before "The Fiend" starts taking over. Now as "The Fiend" looks for his Sister Abigail finisher, Orton runs away and exits the ring to regroup, but as he does, "The Fiend" throws his hands in the air. When he does, an enormous fire explosion happens and after it settles down, flames continue shooting up throughout the ThunderDome.

The Firefly Inferno Match is now in full affect, as flames are all over the place. Wyatt goes out of the ring after Orton, who is looking around in shock as we hear Wyatt let out a loud, sickening and sinister laugh. He finally goes to work on Orton, whom he takes over to one of the flames shooting out of the ThunderDome, and he tries forcing his face into it to burn him. Orton avoids it.

Now Wyatt grabs a belt and begins whipping Orton with it. As Orton retreats away from "The Fiend" we watch as Wyatt holds the belt over one of the flames, letting it catch on fire. Now he's got a belt on fire. He spins it around and goes to swing and hit Orton with the flaming belt, but Orton moves out of the way and instead, Wyatt sets part of the ThunderDome screens on fire. The flames for the Firefly Inferno Match are shooting throughout the screens anyways, but that was still cool.

Wyatt grabs a can of gasoline and begins pouring it all over the place in a path leading up to something. We see the Sister Abigail rocking chair as well now near the announcers tables outside of the ring. Wyatt goes back over to Orton and decks him. Now he punches him again and Orton lands in a seated position in the Sister Abigail rocking chair. Now Wyatt pulls out a lighter and lights it. He drops it on the line of gasoline he just poured and the flame lights up and spreads all the way down to the chair Orton was sitting in, but not before he jumped up and backed away from it.

We over-hear "The Fiend" letting out another truly sinister laugh as he watches Orton scurry around the ring. "The Fiend" goes after him but walks right into a big shot from a pipe that Orton was holding. Now it's "The Viper's" turn to get in some offense and deliver some punishment.

Orton blasts Wyatt with a section of the steel ring steps. He grabs a steel chain now and wraps it around his fist. He blasts "The Fiend" in the grill with it. Now he whips him with it. He grabs Wyatt by the face and tries shoving it into some of the flames shooting out of the ThunderDome set. Wyatt fights him off and rolls back in the ring.

"The Viper" wraps the chain around his hand again and rolls in after him, but Wyatt was waiting for him and catches him with a big shot coming in. He grabs Orton's head and snaps his neck sideways. He throws Orton out of the ring out to the floor. He exits the ring ropes and takes a seat on the ring apron. He looks down at Orton crawling up the entrance aisle. Wyatt hops down and grabs an axe handle.

Wyatt hits Orton with the ax handle and then leans over and holds it in the flames, letting it catch on fire. He goes to hit Orton with the now-flaming ax handle, however Orton avoids it. He gets Wyatt up on the ring apron and hits his trademark draping DDT. He then turns into "Viper" mode, pounding the mat around Wyatt as he slithers around waiting for him to get up so he can blast him with an RKO.

"The Fiend" finally pops up, but instead of Orton delivering his planned RKO, we see Wyatt reach up and apply the mandible claw. Orton backs Wyatt into the flames coming out of the ThunderDome and "The Fiend's" entire back completely catches on fire. Orton heads back in the ring, and Wyatt is completely on fire but still walking like nothing is wrong. That's why he left that jacket on! He hits the ring while still on fire but Orton hits him with an RKO -- while he was still on fire!

Orton quickly hits the RKO and scoots away from Fiend, who is still on fire and finally the flames on Wyatt's back go out. Orton looks down in shock / disbelief, stunned at what just transpired. After looking this way for a minute or two, Orton's facial expression changes to one that the commentators describe as "smug."

On that note, "The Viper" rolls out of the ring and grabs a can of gasoline sitting at ringside. He re-enters the ring with a sadistic look on his face now and makes his way over to "The Fiend" and begins pouring gasoline all over him. We hear the fans booing as the commentators yell that Orton has already made his point.

Despite that, Orton doesn't seem to agree, as he looks to make another point. He rolls out of the ring again and grabs a box of strike matches. He re-enters the ring and pulls out a single match. He strikes it and it lights up. He holds it above Wyatt and taunts everyone watching by pausing. Finally after waiting a few more seconds, he drops the lit match on Wyatt and he completely catches on fire head-to-toe, laying there fully on fire as the flames shoot out of the ThunderDome screens and Orton exits the ring, hitting his "Viper" hands out-reached pose on the floor at ringside as the year-end WWE TLC 2020 pay-per-view wraps up on that note.

Winner: Randy Orton


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