WWE's Next TV Deals for Raw & Smackdown Likely to be Worth Substantially Less

-- Many analysts feel that WWE’s future negotiations for the television rights fees for Raw and Smackdown will be substantially lower than the figures they signed with FOX and USA on the current deal. WWE has already had to renew some international TV deals at significantly less money and the belief is that FOX vastly overpaid for Smackdown and went hard at Raw, forcing USA to also overpay.

-- Analysts have questioned Vince McMahon on the falling ratings, especially in the 18-49 demographic, and his reasons have gone from injuries to staying patient while the company builds new stars and now to the pandemic. Many are said to be “growing weary” of his excuses, according to the Observer Newsletter and one analyst has predicted that the television networks will pick up on the free-falling ratings and negotiate much lower rates in 2024 when the current deals expire, which will then result in a lower company value.