WWE's Tentative Taping Schedule Through SummerSlam PPV

-- Postwrestling.com is reporting the following taping schedule for WWE through August's SummerSlam PPV. That PPV, which was originally scheduled for Boston, now has a TBD location with WWE hoping to move the event to a venue that would allow fans in attendance, however, it is looking more and more like it will also air from Performance Center.

July 15th: NXT episodes to air July 15th and July 22nd

July 17th: SmackDown episode to air July 17th

July 19th: Extreme Rules

July 20th: Raw episodes to air July 20th and July 27th

July 21st: SmackDown episodes to air July 24th and July 31st

July 29th: NXT episodes to air July 29th and August 5th

August 3rd: Raw episodes to air August 3rd and August 10th

August 4th: SmackDown episodes to air August 7th and August 14th

August 12th: NXT episodes to air August 12th and August 19th

August 17th: Raw episode to air August 17th, SmackDown episode to air August 21st, along with 205 Live/Main Event/Raw Talk

August 22nd: NXT TakeOver

August 23rd: SummerSlam