The Young Bucks On Getting Attention For AEW, Kenny Omega Signing?, More

The Young Bucks -- Nick and Matt Jackson -- recently spoke with Chuck Carroll for an interview CBS Miami. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On plans to get new eyeballs on the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) product:

Nick Jackson: "I still like getting back to the old-school elements of what worked in pro wrestling years ago. I feel like one thing we will focus on more than anyone is not to insult the audience’s intelligence, and we want to do long-term storytelling, which is very rare these days. And Matt likes to say it like this, a lot of people are into binge-watching Netflix series, and they like the storytelling element. So, why can’t we put that into the wrestling world and make it work? So, we’re going to look into things like that."

Matt Jackson: "[Eventually] we have to get on TV, on a network that supports us. That’s how you get eyeballs on your show. Everybody still watches television, I don’t care what anybody says. It’s very important. Also, you’ll hear wrestling fans [complain about storylines]. Sometimes there’s plot holes… I want to do bits on the show that carry over week, to week, to week, and I want to pay off every single thing. I want to tie up every loose end. I want to really pay off the viewer. I want them to watch and then to feel rewarded by the end of the storyline."

On the chances of Kenny Omega coming to AEW:

Matt: "It’s really one of these things that it’s an ongoing thing, and I can’t really comment much more on it. But we’re excited, and we’re expecting something big."

Nick: "I can say this, we’re looking into all possibilities of trying to get it somewhere. If we don’t get a TV deal, why can’t we be the first wrestling promotion to successively do something streaming or something like that? We’re looking at all the outlets that are given to us. So, we’re excited about the possibilities of things that we could get. So, it should be something good."


Nick: "For a company of their size, I guess you could consider it aggressive. But Matt and I felt like we had peaked at that company money wise. And, let’s be honest. If we would stay there, we would never be able to retire and help our families out. So, we were looking at this window we have, which is not long in pro wrestling. And we were like, “I think we need to make a change because we want to retire one day.” Staying there, we honestly wouldn’t be able to."

Matt: "And I think that before it could really get really aggressive, we had already made the decision that we were leaving no matter what. We didn’t know where we would end up. We just knew that it was time to leave. I didn’t know if that meant going to WWE. I didn’t know if that meant going and just being competitors again or with this possible new project, that could happen hypothetically. There was just too many choices and we just told them that we have to get to next year so we can at least look and see what the landscape truly looks like. Also, we wanted to gauge our street value, because we had never really even looked before. We just didn’t know what we were worth. We knew in our hearts what we were worth, but until someone actually tells you this is the number that I think you are worth, you just don’t know."

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