Young Bucks Reveal Who They Think Will Be Biggest AEW Star, Whether They'd Return To Japan, Marty Scurll Angle

AEW superstars Matt and Nick Jackson, better known as the Young Bucks, recently held a Q&A on their Instagram stories. Topics that came up were Marty Scurll's potential role in AEW had he signed, whether they'd ever return to NJPW, what tag team they want to face, and whether or not they'll be running an AEW event in Canada. Highlights are below.

Whether they'll go back to NJPW:

NJPW helped put us on the map and I'm incredibly proud of our body of work there over six plus years. We will not be returning any time soon though.

AEW having a future event at Toyota Arena in Ontario:

We booked a date. Hopefully I can share when soon.

A tag team they've never wrestled that they'd like to face:


The most difficult part of being Executive VPs:

Very little time to prepare for my own matches.

Whether Marty Scurll was supposed to be the head of the Dark Order:


Who they foresee becoming the biggest star in AEW in the next year:


What they would consider their greatest accomplishment is:

Being at the forefront of a major boom in the economy of wrestling. Helping all of the boys get paid a proper living wage.

If they'll ever air episodes of Being The Elite on Dynamite:

I'm okay with BTE being the black sheep of even a company that I help run. It's my favorite limitless place to express myself with no risks. Afraid to try something new, fresh, or crazy? Try it here first.

While the stories have since expired, you can check out Matt Jackon's Instagram here.