The Young Bucks Say That WWE Offered Them Insane Money Back In 2018

The AEW tag team champion Young Bucks recently appeared on the Talk 'N' Shop podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including how much money WWE offered the brothers Jackson back in 2018 prior to AEW launching. Highlights are below.

Says that they were offered $500,000 by WWE as a starting point to sign:

I knew [Good Brothers] money. Everyone else was getting [$150,000] to start. He's already offering us $500,000 each guaranteed. I'm going, 'what!' Right then, we knew our street value. That was the first offer. Basically, he said, 'by the end of your trip, I would love an answer.' The whole trip, I'm [stressed]. I kept dragging it out.

Whether ROH could have made them the same type of financial offer:

They couldn't afford it. We told them, 'we know we can make a million and that's our goal, to make seven digits this year.' They knew they couldn't come close to that.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)